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Add a Revenue Stream to Your Business This Year Using Virtual Retreat Days

You know you need to add another revenue stream to increase your cash flow, but which one? There are so many directions you can go in, how do you know which is right for you?

You could do a telesummit; start a membership site; create a Platinum, high-ticket coaching program… the ideas are limitless.

Since my theme song is Simple and Elegant, my first choice right now is a VIP day, also called a Virtual Retreat Day.

I have done all of mine on the phone, virtually. It’s so much easier to just pick up the phone and dial into a bridge line than hoping on a plane, getting a hotel, and having to look nice to boot!

Virtual VIP days are the easiest way to do this.

In a nutshell, VIP days can be done privately or in a group setting. I have been involved in many, group and private, with my own coaches and have run many of them myself in my own business.

Let me give you some quick tips so you will see how easy they can be to attend and set up as your own.

How to Structure Your Day

I generally schedule 5 – 6 hour days. We are on an off the phone all day, with generally no call lasting more than 45 minutes. You give your client(s) their homework for that break while you can just hang, check email, whatever you wish.

1. Pace Yourself and Your Information

I know how easy it is to share everything you know about a particular subject. I know you like to ‘over deliver’ and I do too. But, please don’t. It would be so easy to overwhelm your client(s) with too much information.

Break your information down into bite size pieces, step-by-step systems to help them digest what you are teaching and sharing. Pick one topic, one primary challenge your client has and address that one only.

2. Offer Bonus Handouts

Clients love handouts, checklists, and tips. Offer at least one or two to increase the value of your day.

3. What is your upsell?

This is the perfect opportunity at the end of your call to offer another program or service you have. You want them to stay in action and hiring you will keep them moving forward. Accountability is what coaching is about, right? I also suggest you give them a great discount if they decide to continue with you either that day or in 24-48 hours.

Are you ready to add Virtual Retreat’s to your business? I suggest you sign up for one yourself so you can ‘live’ the experience of how powerful they are and how much forward action you can take in your business.

Are you ready to step up and helping your client(s) with their challenges? This is a win win for you and your clients.

Action Step: My suggestion is you sign up for a VIP day experience, mine or someone else’s, but I want you to see how beautifully they work. Once you have done that I encourage you to design your own first Virtual Retreat Day experience.

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Making A Successful eBay Business

The economic slowdown in many nations has led many people to find new ways of earning income. It became clear that many people are searching for ways to increase their income. Many of these individuals found a good source of steady income through eBay. Anyone that has a computer and an internet connection can start listing items on eBay.

Fundamentally, once you started selling your own stuffs and you found the potential of eBay in providing a good source of earnings. You’ll start looking around for different sources of products and this can be the most difficult part. Nonetheless, it’s a good move for every eBay seller to conduct a consumer analysis. It is important to know the best products in a specific niche market and this data can only be obtained through market research.

You can make a significant amount of money by selling different types of items on eBay. However , your success will considerably rely on your activities and the time you invested into it. It’s a good opportunity to start your very own internet business or simply make a little income on the side. But it is really important to understand the best items on eBay and to include these types of items on your auction listings.

On the eBay website you can view what past items have been sold and what kinds of items are in high demand. In the event you have an idea of the sorts of items that is going to be in high demand then you can exploit that trend and jump on that market.

You need to continually check eBay and ensure that the products you want to sell are really selling and they are selling for a a fair price. It’s possible to know the best items on eBay by utilizing online tools like Terapeak review that automate the method of finding the best items on eBay.

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