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Eleven – Teach Creativity By Making A Kids Halloween Costume

For children, Halloween is a magical time because they get to take what may be their favorite pastime of fantasy and turn it into an all-day event. What comes before the Halloween night is just as much fun as trick-or-treating itself. For children who would like to be scary creatures, this is one time when they can be encouraged to do so. You might not know that research has shown that children who pretend to be the scariest of Halloween creatures are far less likely to be afraid of imaginary monsters they encounter. So find that perfect Halloween costume for your child and start the night off with a magical tone.

Halloween is the one night of year when you can see Frankenstein lumbering along the sidewalk alongside Cinderella, hand-in-hand. Perhaps more than any other holiday besides Christmas, Halloween is the perfect holiday for children. In addition, Halloween can be rewarding for parents, too. After all, this is the one night of year when parents, too, can break out of their mold and become whomever they wish for just one night.

Children love make-believe and dress-up. What better time to enjoy this than at Halloween? Even though some have misgivings about the holiday, celebrate it for what it is; a time to pretend. If your child’s Halloween costume choice is Count Dracula don’t worry. Ignoring the notion of monsters or ghosts does not do your child any favors. Teach them that it’s ok to face a monster. That monster could be either a kids Halloween costume or a personal fear. Addressing a fear is one thing, and celebrating it is another. It’s widely debated whether participating with Halloween costumes is considered “celebrating.” That decision is up to you. Regardless of your position, you have to admit that dress up is fun for children and that is exactly the purpose of a childs Halloween costume.

I saw a ghoulish princess last year, all dapper and primped in her little dress and her tiara. From the back she looked like just another princess in the sea of little girl dreams. When she turned around, her hallowed out eyes and the fake blood that ran from her lips was quite convincing. The stuffed animal she carried with her had its guts sewn to the outside, to make it look like the little princess had a snack before her treats. Creepy? Yes. Imaginative? Absolutely. Harmful? Not a chance.

Many towns no longer participate in trick-or-treat for their children, in large part because of safety concerns, what with child abductions and the like making news every day. In these cases, festivities have often simply moved indoors, where costumes can still be outrageous and you can have fun, even if you can’t go door-to-door.

Trick or Treat is a tradition that for a number of years has fallen to the wayside. Accusations about its immorality have haunted even the most active Halloween towns. Despite these attacks, bloody bats and buzzing bumble bees still parade down the street every October 31st in celebration of the day that has been modified from three other religious beliefs.

After you and Johnny and little Suzy decide on a theme, search online together for child’s costume ideas. Just go for it! The crazier the better! The kids will zigzag back and forth between costume ideas, but gently keep them headed in a direction. Allow plenty of time to create the kids Halloween costumes and this will be an activity everyone will always remember. Edited by Glinda Zuladra

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Twenty Four – Renaissance Halloween Costumes: Realistic Costumes for Lady Or Pauper

A strong selling point of Renaissance Halloween costumes is that they are more versatile than other character personas. Renaissance Fairs are popular throughout the country and to be part of the fun, this historic celebration requires a costume. Lovely maidens in stylish gowns and veils and bawdy village wenches in peasant clothing abound. You can choose a character that is lower class, of royalty, good or evil – the wide variety of options for Renaissance Halloween costumes of part of the appeal.

It will be to your benefit to create a quality costume. Wear it for Halloween and re-use it during Renaissance fairs held during Spring and Summer months. Identifying clothing worn during that period is easy due to the vast amount of information that exists for the period. Whether researching on Google or through a visit to your local Library you will be able to find apparel that signifies that time period. http://www.costumecauldron.com/Adult-Renaissance-Medieval-Costumes.html

You will be assuming a specific role in the society with Renaissance Halloween costumes. You may be of common stock such as a peasant with a bare subsistence income. Or would you prefer the part of a king, queen, prince or princess? You might be Robin Hood or one of his merry men or choose the dark side as a common thief

More research will add greater historical detail to your costume. High society would wear rich colors with women flaunting sweeping dresses and tall hats adorned with floating veils of various lengths. Fabrics used might be light and airy for the ladies and heavy and dark in color for the men of the time. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/halloween-costume/Medieval–Renaissance-Costumes-title0-p-1-c-341.html

Peasant clothing for a woman could consist of a plain colored work dress, usually in grey or brown. Add props by carrying baskets or water jugs at your side. Face paint can be used to create the appearance of a long day working the field or time spent in the barn, tending the animals.

Men’s Renaissance Halloween costumes will also very. Common peasants wore mostly the same neutral colors, brown tones and grays. A straw hat could be worn to block excessive sunlight. The dirtier your clothing appears, the more realistic it will be. Hygiene back then was not anywhere near what it is today, many only bathed a few times a year. This look can be recreated through the use of paints and clothing wear. Please, for the courtesy of those who will come in close proximity of you, do not go for the real thing and forgo regular bathing. While we can appreciate historical accuracy, that’s just downright nasty!

For royalty, whether male or female characters, costume colors are deep and rich. Royalty was adorned in the richest hues and jewels and may wear the associated crown. Ladies of the court wore slightly paler colors, tall pointed head wear that was often tied on for stability. Jewelry was gaudy and showy rather than delicate or understated. Cheap costume jewelry is perfect for Renaissance Halloween costumes for both men and women of the moneyed classes.

Fans of Renaissance Fairs will get their money’s worth of wear from a period correct costume. It’s worth spending the money to create a costume that fits well and suits the character you’ve chosen to play. Your personality will be the most convincing element of your Renaissance Halloween costume so choose a character that suits you. Edited by Hetsil Protage

Find Halloween costumes online and chose to be a queen or a king in Renaissance Halloween costumes

Fourty Seven – Play Pretend Clown In A Mime Halloween Costume

If you want to have a quiet party, ask guests to wear Mime Halloween costumes. Charade artists perform silent antics with not a word spoken. Comfortable to wear and easy to make mime costumes require nothing fancy or expensive. The clothing itself is simple and usually consists of black leggings and a black long sleeved snug knit shirt. The telltale facial makeup of mime Halloween costumes is what exposes your character to others.

The mime facial makeup is simpler than that used for clown costumes. There is one traditional style used and only a few minor variations are common in the genre. White theatrical greasepaint is applied to entirely cover the face. The mouth and eyes are outlined with a black grease makeup pencil and the eyebrows are arched and defined clearly in the same way. Little touches of personality may be used such as a tear or two drawn below one eye or a star or flower (small) painted near the outside corner of an eye. http://www.costumecauldron.com/Adult-Scary-Evil-Clown-Costumes.html

To be traditional the black shirt would be replaced with a tight knit shirt with black and white horizontal stripes. You might add a black French beret, suspenders and white gloves to look totally professional. Some mime costumes use red as the color for the striped shirt or wear a read kerchief tied around their neck with a black and white shirt.

You can throw tradition out the window and wear what clothing you want as the face paint by itself tells your audience you are a mime. However, the complete lack of communication will make it difficult for you to explain why you are dressed in such a way. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/halloween-costume/Clown–Mime-Costumes-title0-p-1-c-356.html

If you have sensitive skin or allergies you might opt to wear a mime mask rather than face paint. The problem with masks for this depiction is that facial expressions are so much a part of being a mime. Behind a mask you can grimace or smile all you like – and never be understood! Masks also limit your visibility and can become a safety issue.

Unlike clowns, scary mimes are a rarity. The mime is such a clearly drawn character that there is not much opportunity for different expressions of the costume design. It’s hard to imagine how you would convey “terrifying” when wearing a mime Halloween costume. With the limited range of color and style associated with the persona of this charade artist there isn’t much to do that will denote “scary”.

If you want to convince, learn to play the part! Though the movements of a mime look simple and easy when done by an expert they are in fact carefully controlled use of the body in an expressive way. A search on Google will reveal a number of sources that will help you learn to act the part in your mime Halloween costume. You don’t need to become a master of the art but with a bit of knowledge and practice you can reproduce a few of the smooth movements of the professional mime.

I’m not suggesting you spend hours learning to be a mime or days practicing your routines. Who want to make a career out of their Halloween character? Just a quick view of how mimes move and a few minutes of practice here and there are all you need to be convincing.

Mime Halloween costumes are fun, easy and comfortable. Go traditional with a basic clothing style and face paints or instead find a mime mask and forgo the painting headaches. Learning the basics of the trade can really add life to your look, although it is not required. Just remember, as you enjoy a few beverages and party the evening away, you may forget that you have no idea what you are doing and regret not practicing at least a little! Choose from the many existing looks that have already been done, or personalize yours so it stands out amid the vast number of mime Halloween costumes worn each year. Be the life of the party, or annoy your fellow partygoers, while you have a good time! Edited by Hetsil Protage

Choose mime Halloween costumes on the internet and tell a story with your face and hands in clown Halloween costume

Fifteen – Nurse Halloween Costumes: Bumbling or Giggly

Along with the doctor, nurse Halloween costumes are very popular and can be created to take on a variety of different tones. These can be fun and entertaining at any Halloween get together, especially when partnered with a “doctor”. Be as detailed or simple as you like with your look. What goes into the most basic nurse Halloween costumes?

The only choice to make is what type of sexy nurse Halloween costumes you want to wear. Comfortable surgical scrubs are one possibility while the standard white uniform dress is another standard choice. With a surgical mask or little nursing cap and some rubber gloves you have a costume with little effort expended. You can add other props as you want from tongue depressors to syringes and none of these accessories are expensive or hard to find. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/halloween-costume/Doctor–Nurse-Costumes-title0-p-2-c-349.html

Choose your character and then look into the wide range of accessories available to build on the character. Tongue depressors can be used in a provocative way or you might carry a large candy thermometer. Surgical nurses might have fake blood on their clothing and tote a severed limb. You might want a clipboard but what you write on it will depend on what character you are playing.

A short and form-fitting lab coat is a must for the sexy nurse. How short is up to you. High heels are needed for this costume and a blond wig adds a nice touch. For this nurse Halloween costume you want to use a heavy hand with makeup. Bright lipstick, long polished nails and a significant layer of eye makeup bring the sexy nurse to life. http://www.costumecauldron.com/Adult-Naughty-Nurse-Costumes.html

A terrifying nurse does not have to be a sexy nurse, although the two can be combined. A set of scrubs works just fine for this style, and they are far more comfortable as you move around at Halloween parties or trick or treating! Add some fake blood on your uniform and hands, maybe even a few smears on your face to look as though you have been a very busy nurse. The more twisted and terrible looking your tools, the more scary you will appear. Go for the Silent Hill look by adding a bit of rust on those metal pieces (this can be done with spray paint, if you do not mind painting on your props).

The nurse look can be altered in a number of different ways. You can combine the sexy nurse with the scary one. The look can also be “zombified” by giving your costume a few undead touches. Deep shadowing around the eyes and cheekbones and pale flesh tones will work. Many costume stores and retailers sell special effects kits that can be added to create three dimensional wounds or rotting effects as well.

Maybe you just want to be a normal nurse. This is an easy costume when time is short. It’s easily recognized, always respected and cost effective if you have a nurse friend willing to loan you a uniform or lab coat for the day.

No matter how you personalize the character a nurse is an easy part to play. You can vary the look, be a naughty and sexy tease or an evil nurse out to cause as much pain as possible. With or without a partner you will be easy to recognize in your uniform and can fit into any group or party. Except perhaps for the most naughty nurse Halloween costumes your costume will not offend or shock anyone. If you love Halloween but don’t have the time to spend on elaborate costume preparations, just be a nurse and have a great evening. Edited by Hetsil Protage

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Sixty Two – Choose Roman Halloween Costumes – Life And Togas Of Times Past

Perhaps the strongest civilization in history was the powerful society recreated with Roman Halloween costumes. Widely available in costume stores, by mail order or as rental costumes, these may be historically correct or you can add your own personality to the design with accessories. Dress as a famous ruler of the time, be a brutish and brave gladiator or a spoiled and demanding lady of the era. The Roman Halloween costumes provide an opportunity for expression and for learning.

Information is available to help you create a totally realistic and historically accurate design. You may choose to spend a significant amount or choose replicated accessories that mimic the real thing while keeping the cost at a reasonable level. Many props can be constructed from inexpensive items yet appear historically accurate to the period.

Inspiration can be found in history books and other texts as well as in films. Many people have seen Russell Crowe in the film Gladiator, released in 2000. This top rated Ridley Scott film provides a wealth of visuals from Roman times. A quick internet search will produce a number of sites dedicated to the history and specific aspects of ancient Rome, including the culture’s attire!

The basic item of your design will be a robe of some sort. This robe may be as simple as a draped sheet that bares both arms and perhaps one shoulder or you might have a bathrobe that will serve the purpose. You can get fancy with purchased fabrics and sew your own robe or gown or buy a ready made Toga available in a nearby college town. Purchasing a garment may be costly but will serve you well if you plan to use your Roman Halloween costumes for more than one occasion or for several years of trick or treat.

The Roman gladiators were highly regarded for their skills in the fighting arena. Even today, the lives of these deadly men are glorified. If you are seeking a hint of brutish strength and bloodthirsty violence in your Halloween look, consider the Roman gladiator.

The weapons used by gladiators ranged from Roman style swords and daggers to lances, harpoons and scimitars. They carried shields and are often shown with wide leather bands that crisscross their muscular bare chests. Many of the weapons can be made with simple items such as cardboard and painted to appear “”real””. Footwear most commonly shown are sandals with leather straps or ties wound up the leg and tied just below the knee.

If you plan to use an actual metal replica, remember to be careful. Swordplay is generally not recommended in someone’s home, even outside it can be dangerous with children and others running around. Always have a place to safely stow your weapon where young ones cannot get to it.

Relive ancient Roman times and be as historically correct as you wish with Roman Halloween costumes. The muscled gladiator, famous characters such as Caesar, sashaying nobles or simple slave of this time in history is a way to show off your knowledge of this famous society that fell into ruin so long ago. Edited by Hetsil Protage

Choose Halloween costumes online and don your historical toga as a gladiator in Roman Halloween costume

Everyone Can All Get A Kick Out Of Learning How To Make Hair Bows

Though many believe that it is tough and expensive to build up a collection of hair bows that one can be proud of, the truth is that today if a lover of hair bows puts in a little time and effort to learn the art of how to make hair bows, a fine of collection consisting of a wide range and styles of bows can be built in fairly short period of time.

When first starting out, a want-to-be bow making artist could possibly stumble across some of the bow making information and tutorials that can be found online. Unfortunately, the free information that most people are apt to find is mixed bag of stuff that may or may not serve a fledgling bow maker’s best interests. The reason that beginner bow makers need to stay with the higher quality how to make hair bows tutorials and lesson plans is that difficult to follow lessons can be both discouraging and teach the wrong steps. However, there is little reason for anyone to have to rely on these lower quality instructions, since highly effective how to make hair bows instructional can be found in book stores, in craft supply stores and on the Internet. To learn which lessons are the most suitable for you and your family, you could ask more advanced bow makers for their suggestions or check out the reviews of the various products you are considering purchasing.

Maybe you are a woman who crafted bows with her mother when you were a girl and now you would like to do the same with your daughter. If this is your situation, then you will probably happily discover that the skills you once had will quickly return once you start playing around with some ribbons as you are following one of the basic tutorials.

One of the neat things that new comers to the craft of bow making soon figure out as they are making their ways through a step-by-step how to make hair bows tutorial is that once they know the basics to bow making an entire world of bow making possibilities opens up to them. By knowing the basics, you can graduate to making shoestring bows, bow tie bows, flower bows, knotted bows and so many other types of bows.

Now making bows is a very simple skill to learn since you can order supplies and learning materials online or from book stores and craft suppliers. The present day is a fantastic time to slow your pace and enjoy learning how to make hair bows.

We offer the most complete and comprehensive course available today for learning the proper techniques for how to make hair bows or you can go along the link at how to make hair bows tutorial.

Ninety Seven – Simply Try These Spooky Halloween Costume Ideas When On A Budget

If you are looking for Halloween costumes and you aren’t sure which to go with then there many you can think about. There are most common costumes for kids and for adults. You can purchase a costume or you can make your own costume.

Throughout time, there have been costumes that both genders have chosen more often than any other, and for girls, it is the princess costume. This is not to say that witches, pumpkins and kitty cats are not favorites also however the princess costume is a time-tested favorite.

Among the favorite costumes for boys on Halloween are vampires, pirates, Superman and Power Rangers. These are all easy costumes to find or make yourself. Power Rangers and Superman costumes are both perennial favorite costumes for boys.

For adults, the most common costumes are similar, for both men and women: vampires, clowns, pirates, cats, witches, ghosts, superheroes and fairies. Everyone, children and adults alike loves to dress up for Halloween. There are a lot of costumes for adults too, so you don’t have to scour the Earth to find a costume for yourself this Halloween.

When you are looking for Halloween costumes then you can go to a shop that specifically sells costumes, a department store, or you can make your own. Most department stores and even grocery stores sell costumes for Halloween. If you don’t care too much about what costume you are looking for then you can buy one here but you will be limited to a small selection of only what they are offering. You can purchase face paints and things at the department stores also.

The specialty costume shops do the bulk of their business around Halloween and as such are the best places to look. Nearly any costume you could want is to be found here. Say you are looking for a mummy costume – you’ll find one here, as well as ballerina costumes, animal costumes, the list goes on and on. A costume shop will offer you the widest selection. Cartoon and movie character costumes are especially popular and are likely to be stocked. Many of these shops will even help you put together a costume if they don’t have quite what you want on hand. Of course, some of the more elaborate costumes can become somewhat expensive, but can often be rented as well.

If you don’t have a lot of money and you are looking for costume ideas then the most common cheap costumes for boys and girls are witches and vampires. This is because all they need is black clothing, a cape, and a black witch hat, and then do their make-up. You will also need fangs for the vampire, but these costumes are the easiest and the cheapest to make when you don’t have a lot of money.

The most common Halloween costumes are common for a reason – they are classics. Sometimes the simplest ideas for Halloween costumes are the best – and easiest to find, all of these old standbys being widely available at costume shops, department stores, even your own crafty hands! edited by Hetsil Protage

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Zombie Halloween Costumes: The Walking Dead

Images of the walking dead in zombie Halloween costumes cause thrills and laughter every Halloween season. Even in daylight, the walking dead is a fun costume. Creativity is always an option for zombies as you can do as little or as much with this character as you choose. Always a favorite, zombies are fun to have around.

To keep costs down look through your own closet for basic clothing to use for your zombie character. Guidelines don’t exist for what you must wear or how you should look. There is no standard uniform associated with zombies so you can go any direction that suits your fancy. You can use your regular clothing and find some old shirts that you are willing to slice and dice for that graveyard appearance and layer those items over your daily wear. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/halloween-costume/Ghoul–Skeleton-Costumes-title0-p-2-c-335.html

You might choose a popular historic figure or legendary musician and zombify him. Anyone is eligible to become a zombie and it’s an easy and entertaining holiday corpse. Choose from a deceased figure or pick someone still alive if you choose. Whether making a zombie Halloween costumes for a real personality or creating your own imaginary character is your choice.

There is no lack of movies that portray zombie-skills and you can learn to walk and moan and mumble as a true member of the undead. Swaying from side to side you lumber along, arms raised, eyes fixed on the far distance, mumbling an grumbling and intent on destruction. That is the most recognizable and popular version of zombie Halloween costumes and the people who wear them. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/halloween-costume/Ghoul–Skeleton-Costumes-title0-p-1-c-335.html

Accessories can be added to enhance your zombie Halloween costumes. What you use can vary. For example, if you transform yourself into an undead Hendrix, a guitar or microphone may be good choices, aside from your afro wig and bell bottoms. Fake body parts are a must for casual gnawing as you mingle at holiday get togethers.

If carrying props around proves too cumbersome, you can go empty handed and leave your look to do all the work. Every year, costume stores and retailers all over offer a variety of zombie makeup and special effects for sale. These include fake wounds and flesh tears. Some are very realistic, while others may depend on your creative abilities. Find something that works for you.

If one zombie is good, a group is even more entertaining. Recruit some friends and take over the party as a roaming hoard of the walking dead. Encourage friends to take photos as you may never look this good again.

If a party invitation is the reason for your zombie Halloween costume please your host or hostess by taking some food along as your contribution. A quick search for Halloween recipes will provide some mind boggling menu items. While you are adding your undead decorated cupcakes to the table quietly add your other specialty to the food platters there. This may your special recipe for pickled fingers or deviled eggs that look like red veined eyeballs. Food that looks like organs or body parts can be quite entertaining though appetizing may not be the word that comes to mind.

Use zombie makeup and add your own personal twist with items from your closet or carried in your hands. Master the walk and try to appear as undead as you can. This is not the costume of a sparkling personality. Zombies appear for trick or treat every Halloween so make your zombie Halloween costume memorable. Edited by Hetsil Protage

Buy Halloween costumes and enjoy creepy fun as the living dead in ghost Halloween costumes

Kjoler- Tips About Wearing Better Dresses

Looking your best with a nice work uniform is important. If you work with any type of liquid material like paint or grease, or natural foundation like cement or dirt, purchasing two or three sets of coveralls for work uniforms would be the best protection for your underclothes.

This is especially true if you are a hard-working man and are sick and tired of washing your soiled shirts and pants and trying every technique to eliminate those stubborn stains! For the white-collared professional, looking neat and well kept is a career necessity. Whether you sell, buy, trade or distribute, the appearance of your work uniform is a reflection of your business philosophy. Keep it simple by purchasing solid color plain or pleated dress pants or slacks work uniforms, then make sure they are regularly laundered and pressed.

When choosing tops for work uniforms, a smart pick would be a long-sleeved button down light-colored collared shirt. A solid colored blouse or dress shirt would be appropriate or possibly one with thin, light-colored pin stripes. Make sure to choose a cotton or polyester button-down with a neutral color. Fortunately, women can opt for a professional-looking knee or ankle-length skirt to wear to work on those warmer days.

For men, a nice addition to your button-down work uniform shirt would be a necktie. If you aren’t adept at typing one, there are plenty of great clip-on styles available. At first glance, it’s difficult to distinguish between the two styles, so it probably doesn’t matter which you choose! For women, a neckerchief or scarf neatly secured under the collar with a bow showing in the front would be a classy move for a work uniform. If your company has a theme logo, try to coordinate colors with your choice of accessory. For a professional look, keep any accessories simple and small. Top off the work look by keeping your hair pinned away from the face and secured in a braid or low-hanging pony tail.

If your work environment is more casual, you still must maintain a professional appearing work uniform. Choices for a work uniform could include a polo shirt with your name hand-stitched on the chest or, for a fun look, a Hawaiian-style or brightly printed button-down shirt that is not faded and looks crisp and fresh. Check out beautiful dresses at kjoler and don’t forget to check out party dresses at festkjoler [youtube:8Bkwu-57kzo?version=3;[link:Kjoler ] i alle farger kjole-huset.no;http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Bkwu-57kzo?version=3&feature=related]

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Shop till You Drop

My girlfriends all know that despite my best efforts I’m a tightwad that practices severe money management skills. I’d much rather put forty bucks towards my mutual funds than towards an overpriced shirt that I can only wear for one season. My friends say that makes me cheap, but I prefer to call myself “frugal.”

But on the other hand, I’m still a girl, I still secretly love shopping and I’m still vain enough to care how I look and what I wear and so you can only imagine that my frugality and my misplaced vanity are at constant odds with each other. I can’t begin to even count the number of times I’ve admired my (sadly, very fat) ass while trying on the cutest pair of Vera Wang jeans in the Kohl’s dressing room, only to look at the price tag and be severely disappointed.

God help me, if I could only stop secretly loving accessories, clothing and fashion and so on and instead only relish saving dough and exercising thrifty budgeting techniques then I feel I’d be much more at peace with myself. Then I remember that if there’s one thing I learned in college earning my useless liberal arts degree, is that Prof. Williams taught us that academic success is not only measured in grades but in the knowledge we gained in learning our given majors.

Okay, yeah, so that doesn’t seem to relate at all to my shopping/money management problems, I guess. But they are connected, at least to me they are. I’ve come to realize that I’ll never change either side of my personality that like many young mommies my age, I both love shopping online and conserving as much money as I can. While each side of myself may seem to be at odds with the other, they both fill me with joy and hell, isn’t that what life is about? Being happy? And I am… very much so.

So, I’ve learned that for me to be able to both shop and save takes lots of work and tons of bargain hunting skills. I, endlessly comparison shop before buying anything. Before heading to the grocery store I ruthlessly track down Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson coupons or what have you, so that I can spend as little cash as I have to. And if I make a purchase only to discover that blouse if .50 cents cheaper the next day, I will drive my butt back to the store to return it and repurchase it. I’m vain, but I’m not stupid.

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