Freeware Poker Card Games – Get All American Poker Games

Vikram kuamr asked:

Freeware poker card games are available when you go online. If you like to play poker, you can find a lot of good all American poker games such as video poker games to play by going online and downloading free games. It is just like playing in a casino except that it does not cost you any money. You can play as often as you want when you look for these games online. 


Playing poker is a great way to relax, especially if it is not costing you any money.  If you are like other people today, you most likely do not get enough time to relax for yourself. This is true of many people today. A great many people today do not get enough relaxation. This causes stress to build up in a person and can make everything they do difficult. When you get freeware poker card games for free online, you can take the time to play all of the great all American poker games that you want to play. 


Some of the all American poker games that you can play are five card draw video poker. This is a game that is well like among poker enthusiasts. There are two basic types of poker games – stud and draw. Draw poker games allow you to toss back three cards from your hand and get three additional cards from the deck. Five card draw is the poker game that is often depicted on Wild West shows and is considered to be one of the all American poker games. Stud games do not allow you to draw from the deck. There are many variations of stud poker games and seven card stud is one of the most popular. Texas Holdem is a variation of seven card stud. If you want to learn how to play Texas Holdem, you can do so by learning how to play seven card stud from freeware poker card games that you get online. 


There are a lot of all American poker games that you can download and play for free. If you enjoy a good game of poker and want to play for fun, as well as improve your skills, you can do so by getting freeware poker card games online.  Poker requires skills that can be improved by playing the game more often. If you are looking to enter a tournament or play cards in a casino, it does not hurt to brush up on all of the all American poker games that you can find. This will give you an edge when you are playing poker online or anywhere else. There are poker tournaments going on all of the time for big money, but you have to know how to play. You can get the skills that you need and have fun at the same time by getting freeware poker card games that you download to your own computer from the internet. This is easy to do and will provide you with hours of entertainment as well as skill improving. 


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Working With Graphics – Popular Software Packages Vs. Freeware Alternatives

Libigo asked:

The need for graphics software is something that has grown exponentially along with the development of modern day computers, the internet, and of course, the digital camera. The exact use for it varies not only among the different users, but from the different tasks one single user want to finish – it being photo retouching of the private family album, creating elements for your blog or website, or making a brochure for your private business. And we expect to finish up all these tasks in one program – two at tops. It goes without saying that we expect a lot from the graphics software we choose to utilize. Now, for many users, both professional and the semi-professional home users, Adobe Photoshop is the obvious choice. Some love and swear to Paint Shop Pro, the cheaper alternative from Corel, while millions of pc users are satisfied with what Microsoft and Apple ship with their operating systems. Now, those who fall into the last category, may not find this article as useful as those who belong in the first two, as the simple photo retouching tools they already have installed with their OS serves their needs. For the rest of you however, read on to see what other free software options you have, and why you should, or should not, choose to utilize them instead. I am going to split the article into categories, to help you draw your own conclusion as to what software will do the job, hopefully without costing you a buck.

1 Support

Many users of commercial software find this point very important when they’re deciding which package to use. Will the software support my printer/wacom tablet/camera import/scanner/OS – and if it doesn’t, will they offer me help to solve the problem? The answer with commercial packages is – yes and no. All major software developers offer support, usually over email, phone or chat, and as long as they have the answer to your question in their database, they’ll give it to you. For more complex problems however, the poor, underpaid technician may not be able to help you – and this is, contrary to popular belief, one of the big advantages of Open Source Software (OSS). OSS has the advantage of being followed by a strong community – not only with graphics artists that take use of the software, but also the programmers that actually helped develop the code itself. In other words, you may be able to get your answer directly from the source, and even have someone help you create a patch especially for you. That’s something Adobe, Corel and Microsoft would never offer you. On the other hand, getting those answers may be a bit more complicated than picking up the phone. It may take some forum browsing, a few emails, and some waiting before the problem is solved. Now, the last kind of software release, which is also free, is from professional software developers that release their software for free. They may have different reasons for doing this. Some release their older versions for free while the newer versions cost money – like a demo solution, only better (remember, that version was the newest just a year ago). Some do it just for the advertising – perhaps they have some other software that they’re selling at a higher price, and just want to get your attention. The backside of downloading these alternatives is that most of them offer none or very limited support – in other words, if you’re having problems, you’re on your own.

To sum it up, Open Source projects may actually offer the best support in the long run, even if it takes some research to find your answers, but professional software are tested for months before release, usually have support for most drivers and hardware built in, and may therefore remove the need for the support in the first place. If you need new software for a project quickly, to reach a deadline, you may be safer off going for a commercial package. If, on the other hand, you want to learn some graphics editing, perhaps do some retouching on your private photos, I would not let this stop me.

2 What does the program actually offer?

This is another important point for many – how far can you stretch the programs technical abilities before it snaps? This is actually kind of a tricky question, because most major software packages – both free and commercial – give you the option to install third party plug-ins. (for those who do not know what this is, it is a piece of code that is loaded along with the software to serve one particular need – in most cases to use a filter on an image that the application did not offer in the first place). The number of plug-ins available for OSS is big – the number for Photoshop is vast. However, more does not necessarily mean better, and you should not let the number of plug-ins available guide you when purchasing software. Also, again in the commercial vs free packages, it is a question of price; most major Photoshop plug-ins are not free – all OSS plug-ins are.

Having mentioned the plug-ins, let’s see now what the programs offer themselves. Photoshop has set the standard for image manipulation software for 15 years, and it’s as far as the author can see, impossible to design a program in this genre without being inspired by it. That being said, it does not mean that freeware alternatives cannot stand up to its standards, but it does mean that you’ll rarely find something in a free package that Photoshop did not already offer. Having tested most of the major freeware pretty thoroughly, what I have discovered is that they offer pretty much the same abilities as Photoshop does – but with 85% the usability. In other words, it can get most of the work done, but not all, and what it can do, it won’t do as streamlined as Photoshop. It’s worth mentioning though, that I am talking about advanced editing here – not simple retouching and drawing. For the photo editor – the free ones will undoubtedly to the job for you. For the internet graphics editor – it will undoubtedly also get the job done. For the advanced graphics/photo editor, the last 15% can make you raise an eyebrow and wonder why you ever considered free software. The conclusion is that the major freeware packages will cover the needs for 90% of the users.

3 Hardware Issues

Will the program work with my printer? How about my Wacom? My digital camera? Actually most of the hardware compability is dependent on your operating system. For example, some versions of Mac OSX did not support tablets, and a wacom would therefore be treated like a regular mouse – thus removing the pressure sensitivity. The same thing is true if you do not install the correct drivers in Windows.

As for the printer – most software that includes support for printing, relies on the drivers you installed when you first connected the printer. In other words, if printing works in other programs, there’s no reason it won’t work when you’re working on the graphics. There are some other printing issues that are worth thinking about though, I will cover these in the next section.

4 More printing issues

Apart from driver support, there are some issues you should think about if you are going to print your artwork. Color management, for example, can be tricky, and not even Photoshop had a good enough printing dialogue until CS3 was released. Again, this depends on your use of the software – professional users may need total control of how their documents are rendered for print. If you’re using it to print your family photos on the other hand, you may not need these settings (and you probably won’t understand them either). Photoshop does give you better control over your printing profiles – but it’s only necessary for the advanced user.

Having read this article, I hope you are able to reach a conclusion. There is no doubt that free open-source projects have reached a point where they are nearly as advanced as expensive, commercial software, and can cover most of your needs. As much as I love photoshop, I also love the open-source community, and nothing would make me happier than if I could save you a few hundred bucks! My website contains some links and reviews if you are ready to try out some of the Photoshop alternatives. You may be surprised that even Illustrator, 3D studio, Adobe Premiere, After Effects and Microsoft Office all have freeware alternatives that are rich in functionality!


More on Dress Up Games and Freeware Games

Lea Smith asked:

There are a thousand and one ways to bring fun to an otherwise bland afternoon, or weekend morning. Most young people solve such a problem with online or non-network gaming. Some of the games can indeed leave your wallets way too empty. But lets try to know more about two types of games out there that are not too costly, and which kids are naturally going after.

“Dress up” or “Fashion” games have become popular among girls around the world. An example of this is Bratz dress up games. These players admit that these virtual toys have become very effective replacements of their former paper dolls.

In the middle to late nineties, some youth-oriented websites started making these games which are often browser-based. A player only has to drag and drop different items of apparel onto a 2-dimensional doll to complete that game. Since then, these sites have put into effect some cool upgrades like better user interfaces and multi-media features. Even more exciting is that there is no more installation or registration required to enjoy most of these games. All you need is a desktop PC or a laptop, and a good Internet connection to enjoy the games, some of which are in the format of the “Flash” platform by Macromedia.

Most of the important game creators come from Asian countries, which in turn were mostly inspired by the wide-eyed, small-lipped characters of those Japanese anime. The loyal fans of anime worldwide prove that this style of representing toys can be a potential hit to young people. In the bid for a still more -realistic feel to the game, other game designers attempt to mirror today’s fashion world, thus opening up references for style makers and aficionados. It is said that anime was an inspiration behind the making of Bratz dress up games. Just the same, the concept of paper dolls are still very much around.

After skimming over dress up games, its time we discussed freeware games. Fortunately for gamers out there, freeware games are all over the Internet. Game developers have been able to transform a lot of the games into popular and much cheaper versions. Any kid with a little help and supervision can easily download the game and play with it with no other hefty costs to pay.

But are there really no strings attached? What happens to the people who made available for free these games? No worries actually, since the people who provided the freeware are only aiming to reach out to others who also have gaming know-how and interests like their’s. Still a deeper motive that gets mentioned often is that freeware games are the means of these groups of like-minded developers at ‘taking revenge’ at the owners of proprietary games.

There is no lack in terms of diversity in freeware games. Try naming a proprietary games, and its possible it has a counter-part among the freeware: from adventure online games to driving games, it is all covered. So imagine how hue popularity and the online aspect converge; it is said that hundreds of participants would sometimes join together for free these role-playing games.

Now, how do the owners of the freeware game sites keep the site running? This is where the pay-per-click ads come in. Freeware sites usually show only two to three ads and commercials, and the site owner earns a token amount of money when the ads are clicked.


Can’t Write Articles for Links? Write Code!

Tim Smith asked:

If you’ve subscribed to an seo newsletter for longer than a week, you’re well aware that writing articles with tips and advice pertaining to your website’s subject is a great way to generate links and traffic. But what if you can’t write or are afraid to write? Well, if you can write software, you’re still in luck! In this article I’ll show you a trick that can still garner you hundreds of links and won’t require you know the difference between adjectives and adverbs.

I’ll use my own little website as an example (I freely admit that I am neither a web designer nor a programmer). My wife and I own By Request DJ & Karaoke Company. Obviously, we specialize in weddings dances, school dances, company parties, and karaoke. We recently went through the process of converting all our CDs to compressed digital audio files which are played from a computer rather than hauling around thousands of CDs. In the process of ripping and encoding our music, I found many tasks were very repetitive and time consuming. Since I know a smattering of Visual Basic, it was simple to write a utility to automate these tasks. I figured that if it was helpful to me, some other DJ might find it helpful to, so I called my utility MP3G to ZIP and made it available for download from my website. I also decided to submit it to a few freeware sites just so it was easier to find.

What happened amazed me. Many of the links to my website from these freeware directories began showing up in Google. Given the name of my company and the descriptions of my freeware apps, this helped boost my site for some very competitive keywords. I decided to submit my software to a few more directories, and that’s when I found two very handy tools: PAD files and RoboSoft.

A PAD file is a "Portable Application Description, and it helps authors provide product descriptions and specifications to online sources in a standard way, using a standard data format that will allow webmasters and program librarians to automate program listings." It takes the tedium out of submitting your software to hundreds of sites by enabling you to enter the URL to your software information rather than retyping all the information for every submission. It was created by the Association of Shareware Professionals ( and is a free utility.

RoboSoft ( is a semi-automated software submission utility that contains a list of known freeware and shareware directories that accept submissions. It is only semi-autonomous because it won’t push the buttons for you, but it will fill in the blanks. This still allows you to quickly enter your software’s information to hundreds of websites. Websites who will all link back to your website and most often don’t require a reciprocal link. The RoboSoft database currently lists 420 freeware and shareware directories.

In the two months I have been using these tools I have seen my traffic jump from 800 unique visits per month to over 5000, and the link popularity of the page that has my two freeware apps has gone from 7 to 639 according to While these are small numbers for someone like,, or even, they are huge for a small site like mine. Plus, they are beginning to get me links from my fellow DJs who have used and appreciated my tools. I’m certain that they will eventually lead to good things.

So, while it isn’t a tactic that will make you number for "best website", it will get you a few more links. And it won’t require you to submit any articles with tips about marketing your website.

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Freeware Poker Card Games – Playing All American Poker Games

Vikram Kumar asked:

Playing all American poker games just got easier for anyone who downloads freeware poker games to their home computer. This can be a lot of fun for Americans who want to play American poker games, or even those from other countries who want to get familiar with all American poker games.


One card game that is taking the world by storm is Texas Holdem. This is just a variation of seven card stud, one of the most popular American poker games around. If you can learn to play seven card stud, then you can learn to play Texas Holdem. It is basically the same concept as each player has seven cards to choose their hand. A poker hand is always five cards. The only difference between Texas Holdem and traditional seven card stud is that five cards are up cards and are put in the center of the table. Players can incorporate any of the five cards into their hand, a can anyone else at the table, but they must use their two dealt cards, which are dealt face down and called pocket cards, as part of their hand. You can learn the concept of playing poker with all American poker games that are video poker machines. 


The same basic rules apply in most all American poker games when it comes to what makes a good hand. You can download freeware poker games and play against the computer to try your luck. Instead of risking your own money, as you would if you were playing at a casino, you are risking nothing. This is a great way to learn the skills you need to excel in poker. 


But that it not the only reason you should download all American poker games from freeware poker games online. Even if you are very familiar with playing cards, you should still always work on your skills and your strategies. You should always be looking for a way to improve you poker game. Good poker players will learn to let their poker game evolve. They may drop certain strategies and then play a different way if they find that they are losing. Really good poker players have several different strategies from which to choose when they are playing poker.


You can also download all American poker games from freeware poker games for fun. If you are looking for a game with a little bit more action than traditional free computer games, which can be dull after a while, you can play poker. And instead of having to pay for the free downloads, you can get them right to your computer without having to put any money down or having to pay for the games.


Poker is an exciting game and is played all across the world. If you want to play all American poker games, which are really derived from the French card game that was brought to the US in the 1800s, then you should take advantage of the freeware poker card games that are available to you right online and get started playing these fun and exciting card games.


The Perks of Web Design Freeware

Cliff Posey Jr asked:

Web design freeware is probably the best thing internet entrepreneurs use in making their business a success. Why? Because you don’t have to make a big investment just to build your own website; the tools are free for you to use.

This freeware comes in the form of free website templates, graphics and special effects which you can use in your site building strategies. We all know that audiences are easily captivated through eye candy, thus they would click on sites which have first grabbed their attention. You can do this by giving substantial content, and of course, using the right website design. You can check out Yahoo Answers for a good list of the free web tools you can use on your site.

Aside from being “free,” web design freeware are created by some of the most knowledgeable designers in the world of information technology. These people are professionals, thus expect quality designs from them. Chances are, their free web site tools are already tailor made to meet your search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) needs.

Free web design tools also enable amateur web designers to study the structures of design templates and special effects, both in terms of aesthetics and technicalities. These new designers learn more on how the codes are used to come up with new and innovative free website templates that cater to the needs of end users as well as how it optimizes the sites attuned to getting more traffic and profit.

If you are a website owner who cannot afford to hire a professional web designer due to low budget, then using free web site templates and other tools are your best option. There are a lot of guidelines found on the net which you can read up on so you could learn how to use the codes; some of them just have to be uploaded and need not be edited, as you would only use them as they are. If you have any questions on how to use these free web site tools, then you can post it at Yahoo Answers so people would be able to help you out.

Another benefit of web design freeware is that they are scattered all over the internet. You are free to change templates anytime you want to, without spending a single cent. There are times that your design no longer fits your site’s niche and topic, thus you would have to change themes.

Most of all, using free web design templates helps you meet more important people online. By subscribing to free web site tools, you get updated with the latest news in terms of design efficiency and effectiveness, thus you know who to go to when you have questions with regards to building and improving your own site. If you are looking for professional designers who can help you in using those free web tools, then you may also see what Yahoo Answers can provide.

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