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Dripable – A SEO Force

Like all active webmasters I have spent considerable time searching online, and testing various backlinking solutions. Last week I found one of the best tools I have ever seen, and they even offer a great fully functional trial.

The tool is called Dripable. It is a set and forget backlinking solution. All you have to do is setup a project in their easy to use interface, add some links, schedule when you want the project to run and push the start button. That’s it, nothing else to do. No 100 accounts to setup, no nonsense, just a very straightforward easy to follow interface.

You have a couple of options with the links you add, you can just submit a list of keywords to be used as anchor text, plus a list of links and let Dripable assign anchor/url pairings, or you can enter your specific anchor text with every link yourself.

The links Dripable gain for you are profile and blog comment links, and each link gained is reported back to you in an easy to download text file. It just could not be easier.

They have three packages available 1000 links per day, 2000 links per day or 4000 links per day, so there is a package there for every webmaster.

I’ve been using it for a week now, and are seeing great results. The links are all submitted as reported, and my backlinks are increasing and I am seeing more traffic on the pages that I have submitted to the service. I’d rate this as a 10 out of 10 for ease of use and effectiveness.