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Dripable – A SEO Force

Like all active webmasters I have spent considerable time searching online, and testing various backlinking solutions. Last week I found one of the best tools I have ever seen, and they even offer a great fully functional trial.

The tool is called Dripable. It is a set and forget backlinking solution. All you have to do is setup a project in their easy to use interface, add some links, schedule when you want the project to run and push the start button. That’s it, nothing else to do. No 100 accounts to setup, no nonsense, just a very straightforward easy to follow interface.

You have a couple of options with the links you add, you can just submit a list of keywords to be used as anchor text, plus a list of links and let Dripable assign anchor/url pairings, or you can enter your specific anchor text with every link yourself.

The links Dripable gain for you are profile and blog comment links, and each link gained is reported back to you in an easy to download text file. It just could not be easier.

They have three packages available 1000 links per day, 2000 links per day or 4000 links per day, so there is a package there for every webmaster.

I’ve been using it for a week now, and are seeing great results. The links are all submitted as reported, and my backlinks are increasing and I am seeing more traffic on the pages that I have submitted to the service. I’d rate this as a 10 out of 10 for ease of use and effectiveness.

Essential Freeware Applications

mobilephone2003 asked:

Have a problem? Ask in the forum: or the live chat: Here I show you some popular freeware applications that I think are extremely useful. I posted a thread a while back here: Foxit Reader: Pidgin: Firefox: CCleaner: TweakUI: FeedReader: K-Lite Codec Pack: Irfanview AntiVir: Filezilla …

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Freeware Antivirus Software

Gen Wright asked:

AVG Free Edition has been one of the most used antivirus software ever by users who need basic protection and convenience but are under a strict or nonexistent budget. The software is rather easy to use and is not resource-intensive, which makes it perfect for older computers that don’t have enough power to run the more complex TSR antiviruses in the market. It supports the following operating systems:

– Windows XP;

– Windows 2000;

– Windows NT;

– Windows ME; and

– Windows 98

– Windows 95 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and as such, will not be supported by AVG Free Edition

There are lot of free antivirus programs available on the net and out of all of them, only a few proved to be helpfull to users. The AVG Free Edition has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which is a definite advantage for non-techies and novice users. It does not take long to download and install the whole package. With the estimated download and setup time being estimated to clock in at less than 10 mins (slower depending on the Internet connection speed) While AVG Free Edition has always been one of the top competitors when it comes to freeware antivirus software, it’s performance is still good enough to allow it to go toe to toe with the most expensive PC Security suites. However, support is limited when it comes to free antivirus software and there are certain features that will not be available compared to the paid version.

Free updates are also available for AVG Free Edition, which can be set to allow the software to automatically update itself through the Internet at regular intervals. This helps the computer stay protected from new kinds of viruses and other malicious programs, even 0 day threats that become more and more prevalent these days. Aside from being able to scan the computer in normal mode, it is also available for use in safe mode. This would be a great help when accessing the computer in normal mode is impossible, which can be the case with some of the more advanced malware and viruses.

Here are the main features of AVG Free Edition:

1. Resident Shield: This is responsible for monitoring incoming or present threats on the computer. In case there are threats found in the computer then a notification will be displayed for the user. Though, it just merely notifies the user about the threats and does not remove it.

2. Email Scanner: As the term implies, it checks every incoming and outgoing emails for viruses that might be attached to it. The E-mail scanner works with most popular E-mail software such as outlook and Thunderbird.

3. LinkScanner: This feature will check if the link directs you to a malicious site and if it does it blocks the website and notifies you about it.

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Free Internet Games To Play – Freeware Poker Card Games

Vikram kuamr asked:

If you are looking for free internet games to play, you will find that you can download freeware poker card games that you can play at your leisure, right from your home computer. You do not have to worry about risking any money as you hone in your poker skills by playing these free games. If you are considering a trip to Vegas, or going to an online casino, you should start out by playing freeware poker games. 


There are many free internet games to play that are casino games. You can find slot games, blackjack, table games and even poker games online. You can download the free software and start playing right away. While you do not win any real money playing these games, you do not risk any money, either. Free internet games to play such as freeware poker games, are solely for the purpose of enjoyment. 


Everyone needs time to relax now and then. If you enjoy playing poker games, or want to learn how to play them, then the best way to do so is on your own computer. Freeware poker games are totally legal in the United States and can give you the feel of being in a real casino and playing cards. 


Unwinding by playing free internet games to play is an ideal way to end your day or just take a break from what you are normally doing. Studies indicate that playing games on the computer is one way to relieve stress. Most people today seem to have too much stress in their lives. When you play freeware poker card games, you do not have to worry about losing actual money, which can add to your stress. You can enjoy a poker game without risking anything and can just relax 


Those who are unfamiliar with poker will enjoy playing free internet games to play as they can not only explore the world of poker, but also the world of other games that are played at casinos. This can teach you a thing or two about how to play poker. If you are planning on playing poker for money, even if you have played before, it is a good idea to get the feel of playing poker online. When you download free poker card games, you can get an idea of how an internet casino operates and the pace of the game. 


Whether you are planning on gambling money and want to brush up on your skills, or if you just want to have some fun and relieve boredom and tension in your life, you can do so by downloading free internet games to play. Anyone who has stress in their lives will find that they feel less stressed when they concentrate on something fun for them to do. Your internet game time can be time that you set aside for yourself to relax and take a breather from the busy day. You do not have to pay money for these games as they are all free to download. 


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Freeware Sites: the Best Place to Download Games Online

Atomsri Sukpo asked:

Hardcore gamers are always in the hunt for new challenges. For them, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the graphics and soundtrack are (although most of them would admit that these elements all ad up to the fun and excitement) or which console/platform to use as long as there are game stages to conquer. So how do they keep their game plan active even if there are no new games for release? The answer is games download. And the key is to know where to find the best place to download games online.

It’s more likely that you have chanced upon game sites that have flash based games that you can play online. While it can help you quench your gaming thirst, nothing still beats a downloaded game. Freeware sites are probably the best place to download games online. If the term freeware is new to you, it is actually any program or software that are not commercially released (hence the name). You can get it for free online-although there are some sites who ask for a one-time fee for all the freeware games you want to download. You’ll be surprised to find a lot of great freeware games online: from action adventure, platform based, role-playing, and strategy to online first person shooting, 3D racing, fighting games and flight simulation. Now here’s a treat. Some of the best loved games in the past have been revived and modified a bit by amateur game developers. You can play Street Fighter games, Mario Brothers, Pacman. Mortal Kombat-the list goes on. And if you still doubt whether freeware sites are the best place to download games online, you can also get demos of soon-to-be released commercial games. Game developers release game demos if only to see how the gamers take on their new game. By doing this, they can still put some adjustments and other fine-tuning or put some hype before they release the games officially.

The very reason why freeware sites are the best place to download games online is because they are free. Despite all the hardwork these game developers put on one game alone, they only earn by sponsorships (sometimes, they don’t earn at all). But don’t think that because these games are free that they are worthless. In fact, these sites house a lot of underrated games that could give commercially released games a run for their money. Have you seen such great 3D games like Airstrike 3? Were you able to see the sequel to the successful Castle Wolfenstein franchise, the Enemy Territory? These are just some of the games you can download and play. If you happen to download a demo that requires a password to unlock the full version, you can go to the game’s official site and register and pay a certain fee. But you can also look for cracks or game key generators for these demo versions if you don’t want to spend a single penny.

Good Games need not be expensive. So if you are tight on a budget, you can always download games for free.

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About Freeware

Mark Williamson asked:

Everyone has their own opinion on what freeware actually is, although in a nutshell freeware is simply software which is created and given away for no charge at all. This often means that to get freeware software you shouldn’t have to jump through hoops, such as by being forced to pay a registration fee on a site such as ours, or in our opinion you shouldn’t have to register at all!.

Freeware exists because people use it. Obviously it has to be created in the first place, though if there was no demand there would be no supply!!. It is, unfortunately, a common misconception that freeware is no good, or at least isn’t AS good as commercially available software although I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that this just isn’t true. I have used freeware in a personal and business capacity for many years and the beauty of freeware is that it can be as simple or as complicated as you wish. For example, if you only want a word processor and not a complete office suite then freeware can offer this. Similarly, if you want a replacement to Microsoft Office but don’t want to pay for it, freeware can offer this also!. Freeware will offer a solution for almost any task, regardless of how trivial it may be to others but crucially important to you.

Freeware isn’t trial-ware, shareware, demo or time limited, it is completely functional software. There are times when authors may release a freeware version of their software and call it “lite” which will have a few features disabled or taken out altogether but we would still consider this freeware as if the “lite” version does what you need it to do then it has a purpose. Some freeware authors launch their products as freeware to begin with until the product has gained sufficient exposure and then re-release it as commercial software. Until they ask for payment it is freeware and even when they release a paid version you almost always are able to continue using the freeware version without breaking any rules.

Most software released as freeware will remain free throughout its lifetime and the above are mere examples of how a few may progress their products. Freeware authors generally enjoy what they do and enjoy the feedback and praise they receive, and most are extremely talented individuals or a group whose only desire is to show the world their software development abilities for a little recognition.


Freeware Data Recovery

Abul Kashem asked:

Freeware (free software available on the internet) data recovery is very effective in a data loss situation. A data loss situation may rise any time and is common in everyone’s life. But don’t get panic stricken in a data loss situation, as most of the lost data is recoverable with data recovery software.

The freeware is the best option to start with in a data loss situation. When the data loss situation arises not out of the physical damage of you system then you can use the freeware. So, data recovery freeware is an excellent option under such situations such as the data loss due to accidental deletion or because of programming issues.

So, in the event of a sudden and unexpected computer or hard drive malfunction or failure and similar data loss situations data recovery freeware can help you restore your lost files.

Some important tips on freeware data recovery

A data loss situation requires that you must investigate the cause of your data loss. If it is not caused by the physical damage of your hard drive then you can very easily proceed towards the freeware.

Data loss because of human error or virus

As per as your hard drive is not physically damaged, freeware is able to restore files that have been accidentally deleted or damaged during a virus outbreak on a machine. But before using the freeware you must be sure that the problem is caused by above mentioned factors.

Where to find and how to use

The best place to find the good data recovery freeware is obviously the Internet. As soon as you find a highly appreciated and recognized freeware save it to a flash drive and run it directly from there.

You should not use try freeware data recovery in the following situations

In a hardware failure situation

Freeware is usually designed to address software-based problems. If the data loss is caused by the mechanical crash then you should not try freeware.

When the installation is required

Avoid the freeware that requires installation. For a freeware that requires installation, you must have a second drive or the process of installing a program might damage all chances of recovering lost information.

Avoid the unknown or unrecognized program

Be sure about the authenticity of the freeware you are going to use. You should avoid the freeware, if the maker of the program is unknown. Use data recovery freeware that is highly recommended by others.

Last but not least

If your data is very valuable and critical then you shouldn’t try the freeware. There are many good data recovery services out there.

So, in a data loss situation, at first, opt for freeware and have your job done free.

Freeware will cost you nothing. You can have your job done by selecting a good program. Using freeware will not make you suffer from your pocket. On the other hand paid programs and professional services will cost you a great deal of money. So, just start with freeware and if your work is not done then work up to paid-for options.


Download Freeware Registry Cleaner for Free

A Sachdeva asked:

Are you sceptical about the freeware that are available over the internet? Be absolutely sure of the fact that a freeware registry cleaner can only do you good without causing any harm to your computer. Registry cleaner is an effective tool for the Windows PC users as it can better the performance of your computer and save you from threats of malicious programs.

Registry is used by the Windows operating system to store hardware and software configurations and system setting information. Microsoft adopted this technique of storing the system configuration through a registry from the Windows 95 version. Earlier these details were stored through the INI files were stored throughout the hard disc in a scattered way, making the system inefficient and slow. Windows registry generates an entry for every change that you make to your hardware or software configuration. That means whenever you install or uninstall a program or hardware device or make any changes to the system settings an entry is added to the Windows registry. All these entries are not required by the system to run smoothly. Moreover, outdated entries make the registry cluttered that result in slower performance of the system. A freeware registry cleaner can remove these outdated entries and give you hassle-free and better computing experience that you can never expect with pc filled with spyware.

You can download a freeware registry cleaner from internet as it is widely available. But before you do that you need to be sure about the compatibility of the freeware with your system. As different versions of Windows operating system have different methods of keeping the registry, it is important that you download the exact software. Moreover, certain registry clean freeware need specific RAM and hard disc space. So you need to be very sure about your system resources before you choose to download the registry cleaning freeware.

Once you have downloaded the right freeware registry cleaner that is perfectly compatible with your system, install and run the software. The registry cleaning tools scans the registry and deletes the outdated entries leaving the valid entries intact. It also removes empty spaces and fragments within the registry, deletes traces of incomplete uninstall processes and even cleans the embedded keys used by malware. With the latest registry cleaning tools you can also back up the registry. It lets you to restore the registry file if you encounter any problem after you clean up the registry.


Freeware Anti-spyware Software

Gen Wright asked:

In these days of mass computer virus distribution by computer hackers and spammers, no educated internet user can think of using the internet without having an anti-spyware program installed. It used to be that one of the most off-putting aspects of Anti-Spyware programs is that the effectiveness of these types of security software is usually heavily dependent or reliant on the amount of cash you pay for their license. Fortunately, these past few years have seen the rise of fully functional and extremely secure freeware Anti-spyware programs. One of the most critically acclaimed is Ad-Aware 2008 Free.

Ad-Aware 2008 is able to scan the registry of your computer, RAM, external storage device and hard drives for tracking, advertising and data-mining activities. This helps you keep your privacy at a higher degree while you are surfing the Internet.

Ad-Aware 2008’s most recent iteration has been greatly improved when it comes to removing rootkits, which are known to cause some of the worst security compromises in modern desktop systems. Ad-Aware 2008’s automatic updates have been also made faster, which is a great boon for people with slower Internet connections. In tandem with Ad-aware 2008, Lavasoft’s ThreatWork will also enable the user to submit suspicious files for analysis. Not only will this allow users to take advantage of the extensive data collected amongst various Ad-Aware users all over the Internet, it will also help combat future threats. Additionally, the software is now compatible with Windows Vista 32- and 64-bit, an OS that has difficulties with other freeware security software.

The main features included in Ad-Aware 2008 Free are:

1. Greatly improved threat detection algorithms. Threats that are being detected by this software are:

– Adware, Spyware, Hijackers and Trojans

– Illegitimate applications and Fraud tools

– Key loggers and Password Stealers

– Drive-by downloads, hostile javascript, activex controls, and other malicious code that is prevalent on the Internet these days.

2. Improved rootkit removal system. The removal methods for rootkits have been greatly improved and enhanced to help combat highly advanced and complicated rootkits that are made regularly by malicious programmers.

3. Automatic updates are faster than usual and the scan is finished in several minutes. Alternatively, background scans are also unobtrusive and will not interfere with your current work.

4. CPU load and usage has been significantly reduced to allow the user to perform other cpu-dependent tasks without worrying or thinking of how fast the computer would go during system scans.

5. The download and installation time are optimized and only takes a few minutes to finish.

6. Malicious files can be sent to Lavasoft laboratory to be examined. After the file has been examined, a report will be uploaded to the users especially when it is about a new threat.

7. Multi-language support. Ad-aware 2008 supports a wide variety of languages, such as English, Dutch, French, Flemish, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

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3D Landscape Design Freeware Makes Landscaping Simple

Mark Simon asked:

Most landscape designers utilize similar design methods and tools; prior to the computer age architects designed on paper then to blueprints. Technology revolutionized every area of design including landscape designers making it possible for any amateur to make a professional design with 3D landscape design freeware. There are free and paid options for 3D landscape design software making hi-tech landscape design available to anyone with a computer, some patience and a desire to learn. Once you have the basics of the freeware or software down then it is time to let your creativity run wild. I have seen many people create professional looking patio landscape designs for their condos and apartments that would rival what you see in some design magazines.

Picking 3D Landscape Design Freeware or Software

If you’re a professional designer, or even if you’re just someone who wants to get started designing landscapes, you need to find a 3D landscape design freeware that is packed with quality features and easy to use. The 3D landscape design software should be able to do everything you need it to in a logical manner. Remember that most experts use the best software since it makes the design process that much more fun, easy and in a short time. One way to find out which design software is recommended by pros is to check consumer reports, review customer software ratings and even look for designer forums where likeminded people can share ideas as well as boast about which 3D landscape design freeware programs are in their arsenal.

Hobbyist 3D Landscape Design Freeware

If you’re not an expert, it’s crucial that the 3D landscape design freeware you pick is very logical plus easy to use. You don’t want to get a program that is so complicated you need hours of training just to do simple tasks. Inevitably you will be frustrated by all the lost time trying to figure out a complex software program built for trained experts; not to mention you probably paid for the expert software so that money is flushed away with no gain.

You may want to try Google SketchUp for a free solution or you can go with paid software. There are various price ranges for paid landscape design software including SmartDraw and IDEA Spectrum. Many professional landscapers draft their design as a draftsman then create a CAD 3D representation. You probably don’t need to go this far unless you are a landscaper or architect presenting to customers.

Do it yourself landscape designers will feel like a pro when they utilize quality software that is not very expensive or likely even free. If you use good 3D landscape design freeware you will find that creating a professional front yard, back yard or patio landscape design is only a few creative hours away. The easy & intuitive software might make you want to become a professional yourself but hold that thought until you have completed your landscaping project from the 3D landscape design freeware to a new garden landscape that fits your style perfectly.

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