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Leading Bead Bracelet Company Offers Amazing Variety In Unique Bead Styles

Novobeads, a leading name in jewelry sales, has come up with a collection of bead bracelets, that are expected to rule the market in the coming fashion season. The American made collection spotlights a glamorous range of beads with unique designs and vibrant colors. These bead bracelets are a popular gift for any female of any age group.

Bead bracelets always keep buyers as they never go out of fashion. If you’re looking for the perfect bead to complete your look, or even something amazing to give a loved one for an upcoming occasion, Novobeads has just what you need. The collection is very captivating, and has people all over talking about it. Keeping track of market trends and coming up with the most eye popping designs is what makes Novobeads a leading fashion jewelry manufacturer.

Whether you’re a fashionista looking to keep up with the latest trends, or you’re searching for that perfect give, can help you. When I am trying to find something for my mothers birthday, a holiday gift for my grandmother, or even a little something for myself, I always check out the latest beads available with Novobeads before I visit anywhere else. They never cease to amaze me and I always find something within the first 5 minutes of shopping with them!

Know someone looking for a little something for their Pandora bead bracelet? No problem! Novobeads are compatible with all popular interchangeable bead bracelets which makes them that much cooler. With over 300 different bead fashions to add to your own personal style, you really can’t go wrong.

Whether you’re into gold beads, amber beads, or beads with hobbies, Novobeads has what you’re looking for at amazing prices. Looking for something besides a bead bracelet? Novobeads also has bead necklaces in their collection, which will keep me going on and on about the numerous possibilities Novo offers!

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The Meaning And Origin Of Mala Beads

The backbone of Mala beads traces its roots back to the Hindu religion. It is thought that those who converted from the Hindu faith to Buddhism converted this devotional practice with beads and bead bracelets and it soon became a huge part of the Buddhist faith.

Ordinarily, there are 108 beads on a strand of Mala prayer beads. The significance of this number is that it is the number of mental conditions or sinful longings that one must overcome to get to enlightenment or nirvana. Monks commonly have Mala beads with 108 beads; where as a lay person might have a strand with 30 to 40 beads. It is suggested that someone just beginning this prayer ritual starts with a shorter strand of beads.

Just as there is an array of beads, there is also a huge variety when it comes to the color and material composition of each bead. Commonly, the Mala beads that monks use are fashioned with wood from the Bodhi tree. In Tibet, Mala strands usually have pieces of semi-precious stones. In this culture, the most treasured strands are made with bones of holy men or lamas.

The Mala can be used in two ways. It’s commonly held in the right hand and beads are moved towards the user one by one synchronized with each mantra recital. In one approach, the Mala is dangling between the thumb and the ring finger. The middle (second) finger is used to rotate the Mala. The other way to use the Mala is to let it hang on the middle finger with the thumb used to move the beads. The index finger is not used to touch the beads.

The basic intention of all Mala beads is to establish a sense of tranquility and inner-peace for the person and for those who surround them. In reciting a mantra, a sense of peace will be created making that person much closer to nirvana.

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Two Top Prosecutors Go After Debt Collection Agencies

In recent news it was discovered that powerful prosecutors in Louisiana and Washington made announcements of actions they had obtained against debt collection agencies and their owners and managers.

Louisiana’s attorney general James Caldwell announced on Friday that his office had gotten a hold of injunctions against two collection agencies and their owners. On the same day, Rob McKenna, Washington’s Attorney General said that his office had settled charges with a collection agency that had consented to stay on the straightened arrow. In a press release, Caldwell’s office said that in late December they had gotten a hold of an injunction against Bush and Kennedy, Inc, a Baton Rouge based collection company. The order he won placed constraints on the business, banning them from operating further, and specifically, ordered that two of the firm’s principals, Quay W. Pattott Jr, and William S. Fesguson were banned from conducting business together.

Late last week, a judge hammered Ferguson and Parrott with added injunctions as per the request of Caldwell’s office. Ferguson is blocked from using deceptive and unfair acts and practices at his current place of business, Franklin, Grant and Associates Incorporated, a collection agency based out of Metairie Louisiana. Parrott is totally restricted against conducting any new business at his new place of work, Metairie based Halsey and Associates, LLC.

McKenna’s Washington office said that Topco Financial Services Inc, a Washington based collection agency promised not to threaten, harass or curse out debtors as part of a settlement. The collection agency has been commanded to pay around $38,000 in legal fees and penalties. An extra $82,000 in fees and penalties were suspended provided that the company agrees with the settlement terms.

In accordance with their agreement, Topco is restricted from harassing, intimidating, threatening and embarrassing debtors, including using profanity. They are restricted from implying that failure to pay a late bill will result in suspension, a revocation, or impairment of the debtor’s driver’s license. They are prohibited from threatening debtors with impairment of their credit rating. However, the company is allowed to legally publish debts to credit reporting agencies.

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After Using Beads For Counting, There Was The Abacus

It’s almost impossible to think of a time that there was counting without numbers, but there was a time when written numbers didn’t exist. The earliest counting device was a persons handsand fingers. Then, as bigger numbers (bigger than ten human-fingers could represent) were counted, various natural items like pebbles and twigs were used to help count. Merchants who traded goods such as beads and bead bracelets, not only required a way to count goods they purchased and sold, but also to calculate the price of those goods.

Until numbers were created, counting devices were used to make everyday calculations. The abacus is one of many counting devices made to help count large numbers.

Both the abacus and the counting board were mechanical aids used for counting; they aren’t calculators in a sense of the word we use now. The person using the abacus develops calculations in their head and uses the abacus as a physical aid to keep track of the sums, the carry’s, etc.

The earliest counting boards are lost forever because of the perishable materials used in their construction. However, educated guesses can be made about their construction, based on early writings.

In outdoor shops of those times, the simplest counting board involved drawing lines in the sand with ones finger or with a stylus, and placing pebbles between those lines as place-holders that represented numbers (the spaces between 2 lines would represent the units 10s, 100s, etc.). The more affluent people, could afford little wooden tables having raised borders that were filled with sand. A benefit of these counting boards on tables was that they could be lifted without disturbing the calculation.

With the need for portable devices, wooden boards with grooves carved into the surface were then developed and wooden markers were used as place-holders. The wooden boards then led the way to even more sturdy materials like marble and metal (bronze) used with stone or metal markers.

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African Beads: A History

Egypt was the first country to generate a big variety of beads from a bunch of different materials. Their beads weren’t only used for necklaces or bead bracelets, but were also attached to papyrus and linen backings to make belts, aprons, and sandals. Beadwork originated in Egypt around 2200 B.C. Egyptian beadwork was made by a special technique that strung single beads together, instead of using a bead loom. Beadwork bands and figures were the main products created using this method.

Africans wore beads to communicate cultural values in a symbolic language that signified rank, religion, politics, and artistic views. Cowrie shells were cherished for their durability and their shape (symbolizing female fertility), also have an ancient history in Africa. Over ten thousand years ago, cowries were used in burial offerings. One of the earlier known African beads are disk-shaped forms made of ostrich eggshells recovered from Upper Paleolithic (10,000 B.C.) sites in Libya and somewhat later Neolithic sites in the Sudan.

In Kenya, where locally made iron was abundant, large faceted iron beads have been developed by the Turkana for generations. European pioneers and traders landing in West Africa in the early 15th century saw an abundance of gold jewelry, including beaded necklaces and bead bracelets. Glass beads were bought by Africans for incense, ivory, tortoiseshell, rhinoceros horn, palm and coconut oils, timer, pig iron, and gold. Between the 1500s and 1867, it is believed that fifteen million slaves were shipped from Africa to the Americas for the exchange of European glass beads.

Beads are still used in Africa to produce objects that represent spiritual values based on the survival of the community. These objects play a huge role in rituals insuring continuity of the group: birth, circumcision, marriage, kingship, warriorhood and death.

Beadworkers still make crowns for Yoruba kings and beaded regalia and clothing for Bamum and Kuba Kings. Artist from the Kuba Kingdom in Democratic Republic of Congo are well known for the elaboration and beauty of their two-dimensional patterns. Along with their most breath-taking creations there are ceremonial clothing, chairs, and adornment for the Kuba King and high-ranking officials of the Kuba court. They embroider costumes and objects with distinctive patterns by alternating colorful beads and white cowrie shell with few empty spaces on the custom.

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The Influence Of Far East Beads In History

Unlike European and African cultures, Far East beads wasn’t always used as jewelry. Beads were mostly used in decoration such as hair clips, belt hooks, bead bracelets, buckles and plaques. Beads were typically strung to headdresses and hats.

Beads were not usually used in worship in early Far Eastern history. In fact, Chinese culture was instrumental in establishing both Korean and Japanese culture, through Confucianism, which was based on a system of ethics and morality, and which shunned the practice of getting worldly possessions. Beads were however, consistently manufactured for export as well as limited use in Far Eastern culture. Some of the most exquisite craftsmanship found is in Chinese eye beads, which are some of the most breathe taking and complex beads ever created.

It wasn’t until Buddhism became a part of Far East beads culture that beads in the form of prayer beads became part of religious ritual. Buddhism also in time permitted the relaxation of strict class distinctions, allowing those in Far East beads cultures to put together less rigid views on jewelry. This resulted in a greater access to luxury goods and beads for all classes of people.

Beads from Korea were commonly made with jade, lapis lazuli, carnelian and glass. Korean culture unlike Chinese culture used gold and silver quite a bit in their bead work. These beads were used to lavish crowns and other jewelry in royal tombs.

The most valued bead from ancient Japanese culture is the carved ojime bead, which was created in Japan and expresses the concept of adornment, as useful as well as amazing. The ojime bead was a carved figurine used to act as a closure for a compartmentalized box called an inro, which served as a type of wallet, since kimonos worn by men and women didn’t have any pockets.

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An Oldie But A Goodie – Fake Debt Collector Scheme

Even though it’s an oldie, it appears that it’s still a goodie. Enjoying a recent increase in popularity, the bogus debt collector scam still fools unknowing victims.

First, you will get a phone call from a number that will not be identifiable. Sometimes, it will seem valid, but ultimately, not familiar. When you get the call, the person calling will let you know that they are a debt collector with so and so debt collection agency, and that this is an attempt to collect money. Sometimes, the phonies have been known to assert that they are working with a local attorney to get your delinquent account settled. The conman will tell you that you have amassed a large amount of debt from a former account. Typically, the crooks will tell you that you could owe them thousands, but if you are ready to settle, they will “settle for, oh say, five hundred dollars. And will you wire the money via Western Union?”

An interesting hint of resourcefulness on the part of the scam artists is that many times these calls will arrive on a late Friday evening, or afternoon. When they call at these times, any government offices that you can report this to will be closed.

On frequent incidents the phony debt collectors will be calling from outside of the United States. An example of this was a scam that made recent news regarding a call center in India. Utilizing services in order to disguise their numbers, call centers located outside of the country may even use a number from an area code nearby to where you live.

If you have gotten a call from a bill collector that you feel might be a scheme, it is imperative to be vigilant. Ask your debt collector for a written statement of your debt. If they won’t provide you with written proof, don’t fork out any money to this suspicious agency. If you feel as though you may have been victimized by a phony bill collector scam, it is necessary to file a report with the Attorney General’s office in your state. It is important to collect as much information as you can to provide more facts in your complaint.

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Hand Moisturizer and Skincare This Week

Two recent university studies have produced interesting findings in relation to hand moisturizer and skincare. Both of these studies are exciting because they show the valuable impact of substances from rather odd sources.

The first study, conducted by researchers at the University of Barcelona and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) discovered that some substances taken from grapes lowered the formation of “reactive oxygen species” in skin cells exposed to UVA and UVB radiation. In the second study, at Rutgers, further support was given to caffeine’s ability to act as a sunscreen and cancer preventer, which would be great in a hand moisturizer.

In the first study, researchers found that the higher the degree of a grape’s flavonoids’ polymerization and formation of compounds containing Gallic acid, the greater the protective capacity against solar radiation. Thus, the study suggests an increased use of plant-based extracts to create new photo protection in skin products. This could have important applications because UV rays are the leading environmental cause of skin cancer and sunburn, as well as premature aging.

In the Rutgers study, the researchers pondered on the theory that caffeine secures against cancer by inhibiting a protein in the skin (ATR) at the molecular level. In the study the scientists applied the caffeine directly to the skin of mice. It looked like that this application helped prevent the process that triggers skin cancer once it is exposed to UVA rays.

Previous research at Rutgers had already shown that mice that drank caffeinated water were able to rid a greater percentage of damaged skin cells, lowering the risk of developing skin cancer later on. So this latest research was focused instead on diminishing the levels of the skin protein ATR and or inhibiting its activity. The scientists found the group with lower levels of ATR had minimal tumors compared to regular mice and four times fewer invasive tumors. In addition, for mice with the normal level of ATR, when the caffeine was applied directly to their skin to inhibit ATR they experienced 72 percent fewer squamous cell carcinomas.

This suggests that caffeine could be developed into an extract for future sun care formulations, to directly reduce the chances of skin cancer. There may be increased interest because a caffeine extract has already gained success as an anti-aging agent because of its high anti-oxidant properties.

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Social Media Today

Where does social media stand today? Do you know how to use Twitter for business? Have you mastered the art of social media marketing? How can the recent state of social media help businesses? This is what various companies are wondering. Companies tend to make the mistake of thinking only about what they are getting in return from social media when sometimes it’s more important to think about what you are giving in social media.

Social media is built around sharing. People do not go on Facebook because it gives them a chance to announce their thoughts; they go on Facebook because they want others to be exposed to their thoughts. If people wanted a place to write their beliefs they’d buy a diary, Facebook and social media give them a forum to communicate themselves openly and that is the appeal of social media.

Businesses and social media agencies need to look at social media in a identical way. Facebook and Twitter are online marketing firms who allow companies the chance to be transparent and share with their consumers. Sure, you also want to drive up sales and rise profits, but social media lets you grow relationships that can carry your company for years to come. This trust is formed by remaining open with your followers,supporters and providing them with content that they want to consume and share.

Share the newest developments of your industry on social media. Get consumers talking, create a dialogue with your consumers, make them eager to respond and cooperate with your company. The ROI will come if you let these relationships form and put time and care into your social media plan. Don’t just push your products on your Facebook page; create exciting competitions and polls that get consumers involved with your products and your brand.

Social media marketing today is the future. The future is upon us and if you do not jump on now there is a very good chance your company could get left behind. While you are lagging in utilizing social media there are other companies that are making lifelong connections with consumers that you won’t be able to get back on your side. Take advantage of social media marketing today before it is too late and you become a residue of yesterday.

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