Usability Methods Explained

Computers must support the way in which people naturally and comfortably work. This is needed both for personal job satisfaction and for corporate survival. I care about whether the team is thriving, and whether the software is being delivered. Keeping the people trained and the process light are key to both.” Alastair Cockburn

What are scenarios of use?

Scenarios of use, also known as use cases, are a usability method used in user interface design. They describe a particular use or scenario of users performing specific tasks on your web site or application to achieve specific functional requirement aims. The term use case was coined in the mid-80s by Ivar Jacobson and contributed to by others such as Alistair Cockburn. These user-oriented and task-oriented scenarios of use are brief, semi-formal ‘stories’ that include steps a user, also referred to as an actor, would take trying to accomplish a goal as well as the way your software program or website and its respective user interface responds to the user’s actions. Scenarios of use are written in plain language so that a large number of stakeholders can all understand and benefit from this usability method in order to achieve a buy-in to important interface design( or other decisions.

What are the benefits of scenarios of use?

Scenarios of use hold many benefits when it comes to software or website user interface design and GUI prototyping. Scenarios of use are similar in application to a black box in an airplane with the main difference here being that you get to learn what irregularities caused the crash before the plane even takes off (i.e. before your code has been written and the program or website has been launched to the public)! Scenarios of use are thus useful in exploring usability or user experience issues early on in the development process enabling you to identify usability targets as well as in gleaming other information such as probable task completion times. Scenarios of use are very useful in establishing what your program or website does – or rather will have to allow the user to do – and should be done even before embarking on interface design through the use of interface design or wireframe software or other GUI prototyping tools( tools such as pidoco. As a usability method that can be used not only by individual interface designers but within a group of people, it is possible to create better team cohesion and stimulate teamwork or foster buy-in by team members. Another advantage of scenarios of use is that they require minimal resources to be generated and they keep the focus on users, usability and user experience. This ultimately leads to happy customers – which should be the goal in user interface design since it means that your product is successful.

How do you generate scenarios of use?

Creating scenarios of use is often a group effort. As with many group tasks, the direction of a good facilitator with inter-personal aptitude can be crucial when generating scenarios of use. As a general rule, try to generate a number of scenarios that cover a wide range of situations and be sure to include some negative scenarios, also known as misuse cases, to also investigate other non-functional requirements (such as security and accessibility) of your systems and interface design. Go through all the scenarios by yourself first before including other stakeholders.

What are the 8 steps to developing scenarios of use?

According to Edward Kenworthy’s 1997 book Use Case Modeling: Capturing User Requirements the eight steps to developing scenarios of use for a new website are:

1. Identify who is going to be using the website (or other piece of software). 2. Pick one of those actors. 3. Define what that actor wants to do on the website. Each thing the actor does on the website becomes a scenario of use. 4. For each scenario of use, decide on the normal course of events when that actor is using the site. 5. Describe the basic course in the description for the scenario of use. Describe it in terms of what the actor does and what the system does in response that the actor should be aware of. 6. When the basic course is described, consider alternate courses of events and add those to “extend” the scenario of use. 7. Look for commonalities among the scenarios of use. Extract these and note them as common course scenarios of use. 8. Repeat the steps 2 through 7 for all other actors.

The results will give you a basis for deciding what the user interface design should be like and what needs it will have to satisfy.

What are the limitations of scenarios of use? According to Alistair Cockburn, scenarios of use are indispensable but they do not “take care of system design, user interface design, feature lists, or testing”. Instead they give you valuable information for how to craft a good user interface design. Scenarios of use should focus on what the user wants to do with your program or website but not yet what the interface design should look like. It is easy to edit a list of requirements but changing a design is a more taxing process. Scenarios of use can be a great input into subsequent testing processes but actual test cases have to be created to match the scenarios of use.

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Free Reverse Phone Number Tracer

Have you experienced calls from an unidentified caller with no messages to refer to. You don’t recognize the number the person is calling from so you don’t answer, but the calls keep coming. As days pass by, you would surely be curious for finding out, who the caller is. How can you find it out. You use the Internet to do a reverse search, called a reverse phone trace, on the telephone number.

You enter the number into the search parameter field, click enter and miraculously the owner’s name and address are returned. Once you are aware of the caller, you could now decide whether to accept his calls or not. You can apply the same mechanism if your son or daughter is receiving continuous calls from a particular number.

You’ve asked her about the caller, but she is being evasive. Do a reverse phone trace for exposing the identity of the stranger who has been talking to him or her, on a regular basis. Once the identity is exposed, you will be sure whether she is developing contacts with the right person or not.

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The Colorful Magic Of Dressup Games Online

You must be aware of what girls online games are. It is now totally ubiquitous . If you are not aware of it, there is no need to stress yourself . Dressup flash games are regularly played by children . They wear clothes and use other props to imitate animals, people or characters such as those in fairy tales. The dressup can vary from plain looks to much more imaginative and complex looks.

Also dress up sometimes involves girls playing with their dolls. They dress their dolls in imaginatively designed clothes or sometimes clothes that their favorite celebrity is usually seen wearing. A good imagination and a sound aesthetic sense are keys to playing dress up flash games .

One might ask, are dress up flash titles only for girls or small kids ? The reply to this question is in the negative. In this contemporary age, dress up is just not limited to playing with dolls or dressing up yourself or your associates . The activity has entered the realm of the web in a big way. Browser based flash free games are available which offers you much more from the conventional concept of dress up. Due to various improvements that have been made everyone from little children to teenagers and also adults are hooked on to dress up flash games .

Now if you are a guy, it may happen that some people might tell you that these flash games are for girls and for sissies. Well all these are false perceptions. Today, many of the world’s best fashion designers are men. You will agree that no one in the right frame of mind will call them sissy. As fashion designers have already been mentioned now, fashion should not be left behind. You might find it interesting to note that dress up helps improve your fashion sense. You may ask how. Here is the answer. Since these free games allow you to choose different body types, you get to know what kind of clothes compliment a specific body structure.

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Acer Laptops – Meet Everybodys Needs

Computers are a highly sought after gadget among people, as they have the potential to perform various high end tasks within few minutes. With these gadgets a person can efficiently perform various tasks without any hassles.

The Extensa series is one group of Acer laptops. The 9 different models of this series are comparable to the ones in the Travelmate series. They were made for business people and professionals.

Acer has been in some lawsuits recently and has come out on top. First, the company suing Acer claimed they were copying patents including the power management in notebooks. Acer turned around and filed a counter claim against the company for patent infringements. The other company settled out of court with Acer. This meant that the Acer laptops would begin to dominate the market.

Another advantage of using Acer laptop is its portability with platforms. Most of their laptops are independent of the platform. You can run other operating systems to it beside the one the manufacturer shipped. But this may require some little work around on the users end.

You should always search for the best options and never compromise with the quality and service. As the laptops are the latest craze of the people these days, it is also very important at the same time to purchase the best and a branded gadget. The Acer laptops are ruling the market with its varied high tech features.

The series supports LINUX operating system and is endowed with Intel Core2 Duo mobile processor T5500 and amazing hard disk drive of 160 GB. These gadgets can be availed at very reasonable rates without any hassles.

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Google Earth And Beyond

Google Earth has become the convenient and powerful tool that dethroned the conventional map and globe. The virtual view of the earth’s surface: terrains, cities, landmarks etc makes geographic information gathering easy and accessible to everyone.

Since man has innate thirst for knowledge, this trait paved the way for more enhancements to the already “cool” Google Earth. Hence, Google Sky was born, opening the door towards further discovery of space and the cosmos.

Google sky is released on August 2007 as the sky viewer version. It provides virtual image of the sky and outer space made possible by the efforts of the Hubble Telescope.

It does not only provide all of these great outer space images but also it provides informative notes about the outer space. Just choose and highlight a celestial body that you want, for example a star, planet or galaxy, it will display information such as its classification, location, history and more. You can also connect to NASA’s database for additional inputs and other images.

Aside from providing information Google Sky also provides virtual tours and visual applications. These are: Life of a Star tour – shows the life cycle of a star. User’s guide to the galaxy – trip to the sights and sounds of the galaxy. Moon in motion – displays moon’s motion path at a certain variable time duration which users can specify. Planets in motion – shows planetary paths at certain variable time duration which users can also specify.

It’s not just the earth that we can now view on a much better perspective but also the universe with the help of Google Sky. Now, it’s not eye focusing on the surface but also beyond the unreachable sky. Virtual travelling around the earth and the universe is possible through Google Earth and Google Sky. Now all the best images and information from the most credible and reliable sources are available with simple mouse click.

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Points In Creating Websites

These days it is very common for people to do their shopping online. This is a good reason why some people think that once they start a website, people will automatically start buying for them. This is a good idea to have in mind but you still have to consider whether or not your site is attractive to online shoppers. Would these people be willing to go to your website and pay for what they see there?

The websites that are frequented by a lot of people are those that have special traits that other sites do not. You need to consider these things so that you can turn your website into a real money maker. If you are not able to use these elements the right way, you will lose out on sales and maybe end up using your time and resources for nothing.

You could be designing the site yourself or hiring a professional to do it for you; you still have to consider the various elements that will make it look good and professional.

For your website to be successful, you have to make it look appealing and professional. There are so many designers who only focus on how the website looks visually. More than this, you also have to make sure that it reflects professionalism. How will your market trust you if they do not think that you are professional in handling your affairs? This can be done by using the right colors and a good but simple layout.

The website would have to be congruent with your business model. People will not automatically know what you are selling on your website. Once they get there, you have to be able to tell them what you are offering within 10 seconds. Website visitors do not always have all the time in the world. If it takes too long for you to communicate, they will end up just choosing to go somewhere else. This is not something you can afford to happen because you will end up losing on potential sales. Get your site to communicate your business plan well.

Also, the site would have to match the tone of your business. If you are selling fashion or something novelty, you can go with the bright colors. But if you are selling medical products then a serious theme would probably fit more. Your audience should be able to take you seriously. If the theme is not relevant you risk looking unprofessional.

Finally, remember that the site should be easy to navigate so that your visitors can find what they are looking for. These may seem like really basic techniques but they are the ones that can really impact your business website.

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Seven Good Reasons A Person Really Should Download Motion Pictures

The keyword phrase movie downloads is a special term sometimes employed by people that search for things online. Web marketers (IM’ers) in related niche markets try to get their websites to rank highly for movie downloads. Every single time that it is typed into the various search engines search window, that event is carefully counted, tabulated and noted. Apart from that, there are lots of those who are not even aware that the capability of downloading movies right from your own home exists, let alone is very important in certain sectors.

So just what is the genuine truth here? Precisely what are movie downloads and why is it even important for an individual?

Let’s check out 7 factors about why you ought to know more about downloading movies at your own house, just to find out if any of them fit you or any person you recognize.

First, imagine the convenience and ease of never having to visit the video store to get your movie entertainment. Fine, I comprehend your objection that you might not know exactly how this works And I agree, you might have a really valid point. But take a look at it thus, it’s very easy to learn and for those who have a good computer and a fast Internet connection, it is probably the best way to get movies ever.

Second, you will have access to the largest selection of movies that you could even imagine. The reason for that is that websites do not require actual physical space so that you can store movies, so you will be able to choose from millions of movies, from all time periods, instead of just a hundred or so from just the newest times.

Third, you never need to bother about damaging a DVD so you have to pay for it or even worry about having to return it to the store on time to avoid late fees. You have no deposit, no return on all the movies that you download from home.

Fourth, most sites operate on a membership basis where you pay a membership fee and then you have the opportunity for unlimited downloads for the rest of your membership period. You can download as many movies as you would like to with no additional fees or charges.

Fifth, your own film assortment will grow quickly and affordably. As soon as you download a movie you can keep it, then you can either store it on your pc or transfer it to a DVD but once you download a movie it is yours to keep forever.

Sixth, you can take the movie with you anywhere you go. You can transfer the downloaded movies to your ipod, iphone, ipad or any type of portable movie player. That means you can view the movie anywhere you want,anytime you want.

Seventh, You are able to download a movie whenever you desire, any time of the night or day, any day of the week and even on holidays when the typical neighborhood store is closed. When a movie has been previously a video release it is available for download and you can access it whenever you want. It’s convenient and simple to do!

After you have evaluated all the factors and had an opportunity to consider them, you can decide whether downloading movies right at home may be beneficial for you or not.

Just keep a balanced view and look at the reasons. Maybe you really ought to know more about downloading all your movie entertainment right at your own home.

Do you realize buying a movie these days has alternatives. Take a look at download the film additionally consider watch movies trailer. Anyone can get the same entertainment advantages of a regular movie.

Desktop Computers – Is There One That Will Fit Your Needs

There is a huge demand for computers today and there are also numerous computer makes and models to choose from. The first thing that you should do before selecting a desktop computer is to identify a particular brand that you think has a good reputation and whose products are known to be reliable and good.

While looking at these brands, you can then start to identify a brand that offers computers that work very fast which is especially useful if you need to handle certain software that would not work properly unless the computer has an exceptionally fast processor.

Finally, before you buy your desktop computer be sure to ensure that it has sufficient hard disk storage so that you can store all your programs and data without needing to add additional auxiliary storage. At the very least, look for a computer that has forty GB of storage space though eighty GB and one hundred and twenty GB of space too is useful for those who are planning on running resource hungry software and who will be storing a lot of data as well.

If you are looking to play games with your computer, you are going to want very different features in your system than someone who is just looking to browse the Internet. On the other hand, if you are looking to design and edit pictures and movies, you are certainly going to want slightly different options included into your system. If you are looking to have the best computer for all of the different functions available, you are going to want a very special setup to meet your requirements.

If you buy a computer with advanced options, you may just be wasting your money on products that you don’t really need. If you do want to get make sure that your computer can handle everything that the Internet has to offer, you should make sure that your computer comes with a decent graphics card, about 2 GB of RAM, and a fairly fast processor.

If you are looking for a desktop computer that can handle any task there is, then you are going to want to spend the extra cash to make sure that you buy a product that can match the needs you may have.

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Denver Web Design Companies Develop SEO Friendly Websites

It is true that creating a website is not very difficult, as these days there are many types of tools available which can help the designers in creating an appealing website. There are different things which should be considered before moving ahead to create a website. Apart from designing, these days most of the designers also opt for writing code in the front end so the website become search friendly. It simply means that the Denver web design companies are considered an authority as compared to other companies.

Keywords describe the content, so it is worthwhile to put them tactically throughout the webpage such as heading tag, title tag and URL. It may be appealing to whip out flash files for navigation, but the fact is that search engines usually have problems going through reading such files. Giving same title for every page may adversely affect search engine’s ability to index the website, so it is recommended to place unique page title. Search engines give much importance to links, so one should be certain to utilize a keyword that best explains the content.

There is no need to depend upon the age old marketing methods like banner ads. The marketing via Denver video is really result oriented. The marketing via content is also an impressive way to convey message but videos on the website make the website quite interesting and thus people can easily acquire core information without wasting much time. This is the reason, these days almost every business owner is looking to insert attractive videos in the website in order to grab the attention of more visitors.

The website should be compliant to industry standards, and this is most imperative aspect of reliable Denver Web Design. If one wishes his website to perceive as reliable and professional, then, it must appear and run in all famous browsers. Browser including Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer occupy major area of market, so the website that one develops should be monitored in all major browsers so that compliance with standards can be assured. Aside from this, xHTML and CSS legalization is also necessary when developing a website to make it acquiescent to industry benchmark.

There are many Denver SEO firms which are well aware of the search engine optimization needs of their clients. They first learn about basic nature of ones business as well as individual needs, and then offer specially customized plans for companies to realize their goals rapidly. In addition, these plans ensure that a business firm can expand its brand online and entice new customers, thus helping to improve sales lead. An efficient Denver Web Design offers several benefits, including improved usability, better visibility and topmost position in listing of search engines.

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Get Cheaper Hosting As Its In Your Reach Now

In reseller hosting plan you can get the widest range of products from all the companies. Not only is a reseller program very convenient to use, it is one of those rare win-win business situations where it is beneficial to both the consumer and the seller. The buyer gets every service he needs in full hosting plans, while the seller gives all the services at fair prices.

There are many benefits of reseller hosting to the buyer and the main benefit behind any reseller plan is that it not only helps you to host your sites. You can sell any remaining space to other clients. Reseller hosting is one of the most commonly sold plans available on the internet. The only difference with this and other marketing products is that you will be selling your own product.

In all likelihood you would be able to start up a business with any reseller plan, but it will be much easier for you to do so if you start off with a basic plan so that it will be simple for you to start off with setting up a business that pays for itself. Once you begin to build a base of clients you can think about upgrading to a larger package so you can sell more space. It can be something you do on the side to your regular internet marketing, but which makes a steady profit. Once you have enough paying customers your own hosting will be paid for completely by your reselling opportunities.

The best part of this business is that there are no prerequisites of it. If you begin to feel that you are in over your head and that your business has grown too big you can always back off or close it down if needed. However, this is not really a productive way to think about it from the start. Getting into the reseller hosting business is an easy way to make a quick profit through providing affordable services to other clients.

The choice to purchase a reseller hosting plan is a very wide one indeed. You will certainly be able to encounter good companies that are offering reseller hosting services. Search around in the marketplace and figure out what is the correct set up for you to use.

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