Zombie Halloween Costumes: The Walking Dead

Images of the walking dead in zombie Halloween costumes cause thrills and laughter every Halloween season. Even in daylight, the walking dead is a fun costume. Creativity is always an option for zombies as you can do as little or as much with this character as you choose. Always a favorite, zombies are fun to have around.

To keep costs down look through your own closet for basic clothing to use for your zombie character. Guidelines don’t exist for what you must wear or how you should look. There is no standard uniform associated with zombies so you can go any direction that suits your fancy. You can use your regular clothing and find some old shirts that you are willing to slice and dice for that graveyard appearance and layer those items over your daily wear. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/halloween-costume/Ghoul–Skeleton-Costumes-title0-p-2-c-335.html

You might choose a popular historic figure or legendary musician and zombify him. Anyone is eligible to become a zombie and it’s an easy and entertaining holiday corpse. Choose from a deceased figure or pick someone still alive if you choose. Whether making a zombie Halloween costumes for a real personality or creating your own imaginary character is your choice.

There is no lack of movies that portray zombie-skills and you can learn to walk and moan and mumble as a true member of the undead. Swaying from side to side you lumber along, arms raised, eyes fixed on the far distance, mumbling an grumbling and intent on destruction. That is the most recognizable and popular version of zombie Halloween costumes and the people who wear them. http://www.costumecauldron.com/shop/halloween-costume/Ghoul–Skeleton-Costumes-title0-p-1-c-335.html

Accessories can be added to enhance your zombie Halloween costumes. What you use can vary. For example, if you transform yourself into an undead Hendrix, a guitar or microphone may be good choices, aside from your afro wig and bell bottoms. Fake body parts are a must for casual gnawing as you mingle at holiday get togethers.

If carrying props around proves too cumbersome, you can go empty handed and leave your look to do all the work. Every year, costume stores and retailers all over offer a variety of zombie makeup and special effects for sale. These include fake wounds and flesh tears. Some are very realistic, while others may depend on your creative abilities. Find something that works for you.

If one zombie is good, a group is even more entertaining. Recruit some friends and take over the party as a roaming hoard of the walking dead. Encourage friends to take photos as you may never look this good again.

If a party invitation is the reason for your zombie Halloween costume please your host or hostess by taking some food along as your contribution. A quick search for Halloween recipes will provide some mind boggling menu items. While you are adding your undead decorated cupcakes to the table quietly add your other specialty to the food platters there. This may your special recipe for pickled fingers or deviled eggs that look like red veined eyeballs. Food that looks like organs or body parts can be quite entertaining though appetizing may not be the word that comes to mind.

Use zombie makeup and add your own personal twist with items from your closet or carried in your hands. Master the walk and try to appear as undead as you can. This is not the costume of a sparkling personality. Zombies appear for trick or treat every Halloween so make your zombie Halloween costume memorable. Edited by Hetsil Protage

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