WordPress Web Designers

WordPress is causing a lot of buzz these days because it is a platform that gives its users the ease of use of a web-hosting panel, while delivering professional looking blogging websites that used to cost hundreds of dollars to develop. WordPress does all this absolutely free. All you need is the latest version of PHP along with Apache and MySQL and you’re good to go.

Creating professional looking blogging websites in WordPress is an extremely easy task and no PHP programming skill is needed to do so. The appearance of each WordPress website can be changed keeping the content constant and the themes are freely available on the internet. People with HTML and CSS knowledge can even alter the themes of WordPress and use it themselves or distribute it on the net.

The appearance of websites created in WordPress can be changed by simply downloading, selecting and activating freely available WordPress themes on the internet. There is no effect on the content as the appearance is being changed; in fact, web designers who know CSS and HTML can easily alter WordPress themes according their own requirements. The themes of the WordPress platform can also be converted into individual websites as a matter of simply altering some PHP programming in the backend of the theme files.

However, by changing the correct kind of coding in a WordPress theme, it can be made independent and can be used as a separate website. This definitely requires some PHP skill but it’s nothing a programming novice cannot handle.

There are even some companies that don’t want to hire people who have started their web designing career with WordPress, because they think these designers never take the time to actually learn CSS, HTML or JavaScript, and instead just end up using only libraries for their professional work.

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