Why you Do Not Need A Squeeze Page

If you have spent any time trying to make money online then you probably have heard the saying “the money is in the list.” Now for years I heard it but did not understand it. Then eventually somebody was nice enough to clue me in on just what a sales list was, and why it got so darn critical. You see your list, if you do not know yet, is the folks that give you their email address for a free product. Now, with that list of names you can continue to sell products to them time after time.

You may think they wouldn't continue to purchase from you, but they do! That's why you need to start building a huge list, and do it instantly. Now for most of us, we aren't technical magicians, and have no clue on the right way to go about collecting names, and then emailing them. Well essentially you would have to go to a website that gives away free products for you to turn around and give it to your clients. Then you would have to open up an email automobile responder account with some company like Aweber or Mailchimp, then learn the way to setup e-mail campaign that will blast out messages to your potential leads.

Then you would have to hire a computer programmer/web site designer to form an email squeeze page for you that connects to your e-mail account. Do not forget you'll also need to do keyphrase analysis, and get a domain name, and website hosting! Need lass to claim it's a silly amount of work for some thing as easy as building up a niche targeted list. I've found the best, speediest and cheapest way to do it. Twitter! Yes the giant blue bird. Twitter has over three hundred 70 five million accounts, and is getting bigger by powerful leaps every day.

Think about what Twitter is. It's an account where you collect a listing of names of people that are interested in what your talking about and also, hint hint, what you could be selling. Yes that right you can build a big list of proponents who will really like to see what you have to sell. And, you can blast out messages all day long on autopilot using certain programs. No longer will have you to try to write some lengthy e-mail to an inventory of folk who may or may not even open your e-mail.

With a free Twitter account you can absolutely customize the site with backgrounds pictures, messages, tweets and even videos and other advertisements now. Plus, there isn't any limit on the number of proponents, or accounts you can build up as well , not like Facebook who cuts you off at five thousand, and one account per cell phone number. I have personally seen Twitter tallies of 10K and higher. Now that is one heck of a sales list! By creating a free sales list in the thousands using Twitter I have gone up my associate sales treble fold. So stop pointlessly wasting time trying to get together some difficult email capture site which could take weeks to make. Start a Twitter account which takes 5 minutes, and get tweeting to that sales list today!

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