What To Consider When Looking For An IR Extender

An IR extender is a small gadget meant to increase the range of remote controlled appliances so that you don’t have to go near them every time. Behind this seemingly simple task lies state of the art technology to expand the distance further and make it more reliable. When buying an IR extender you might read technical specifications that might be unfamiliar, causing some confusion as to which model it is that truly suits your needs. Here are some tips to make the purchase go smoother.

Elements of an IR Extender: You have to get an idea of the inner working of this device prior to the selection of a particular IR extender. First of all, IR stands for InfraRed. This refers to high frequency red light which is used as the signaling mechanism to relay commands from the remote controller to the TV, VCR, stereo, air conditioning unit, and other appliances.

Using a remote control, you can easily manipulate the electronic device that you want. For example, you can turn the volume up and down and change the channel in your television even if you are a few meters away from it.

A Reasonable Cost: You can purchase a high quality IR extender at a good price if you diligently scour the shops to find the best deals. Factors that affect the cost of the device are the time of the year, the store itself, and sales that are currently available. Brand new models, especially those with longer range, also fetch a higher price.

Installing the IR extender is easy. All you have to do is position the IR receiver block in such a way that it has a line of sight between the remote controlled appliance and the remote. Once you got the receiver block in place, all you need to do is attach all the cables and you are set to go.

Having an IR extender can drastically help you manage all of your remote controlled appliances and devices. It also helps eliminate the clutter in your home by having one IR block rather than having a couple of cables attached to your appliances. Two more things that you should look for on such a device are its design and size. Pick one that is small so it does not take up a lot of space in your home and find one that blends well with the interior of your home.

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