16 thoughts on “What Cross-Platform Freeware Games Can You Download?”

  1. any programmer that plays this game can you check out my teewars change color video . And give me any ideas on what im doing wrong.

  2. Well, if you just want to check them out… But remember, they are od and would be mega slow by today’s standard.

    It’s possible to install Tiger on a lombard powermac g3.

    h t t p : / / snipurl. c o m/ hhzbd

  3. no i dont care much about dvd i would get another pc one better for cheaper but i want it to be very fast like the mac stuff even though it has mot much ram in g3

  4. “is there any apple laptops with a cd drive for $200?”

    You could look on ebay I suppose. But you’re heading into really-old land there because older Macs are collector items. Pismo (G3) powerbooks still go for over $400 in some cases.

    I bought a lombard once for $60 tho. But that just has a cd tray, I suspect you want DVD to watch movies on.

    The lowest that I see resale is $430

  5. is there any apple laptops with a cd drive for $200? not on the mac trade place thing do you know any

  6. The ones that Boot Camp works on are the intel ones. like the intel imac.

    I still have the exact same model as their cheapest intel iMac, it still works great. A good starter machine.

  7. Well, if you want a Mac just to see what it is like. Buy used first. There are sites like Mac of All trades,

    just stay away from emacs. I don’t care how little they cost

  8. wat kind of mac? cuz ive never had a problem with ALL my other macs…all 3 of my windows were destroyed by viruses…never had that happen to me on mac…
    Final Cut i agree is one of its best program…
    but i can tell u never used a Mac to its full potential…just cuz u had a Mac dont mean u no wat the hell u where doing…and DUH SCHOOL COMPUTER SUCK NO MATTER WAT THEY ARE!!! just like the food!…Windows or Mac…the school has no idea wat they are doing when they buy them..

  9. its 7-8 seconds now because i have lots of cluter in my start up, because I use alot of programs, when i disable everything through msconfig. boot will be 4 seconds. but watch this watch?v=sts3ZqYdObM This is a video of windows xp installed on it. Extremely fast, destroys anything in the competition, and only for a measly 140 bucks…

  10. You cant automatically assume that I never had a mac, obviously I had a mac, I still have an iphone, my school uses macs. And everytime I used the mac it would do stupid crashes, especially over final cut pro 2 and firefox. Its stupid. Theres no point of me buying a mac, my pc does more then a mac does, except run one of my very fav programs, Final Cut, as far as I know. Other then that it will do absolutely anything

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