Using Video in Marketing – Useful Advice From Videographers

Video use in your marketing is an essential part of getting to the masses. If you aren’t using it, you should be. Video is a powerful medium and one of the fastest growing forms of marketing. There has been massive growth in traffic to sites like YouTube, especially now that video can be downloaded to mobile devices. With careful choice of headlines and keywords, videos can be targeted to a particular market segment allowing the people who are most likely to buy from you to see your videos. Why is it that video is so powerful? It’s a simple way to build rapport with your prospect. People are familiar with the power of television and love to watch videos. Nothing replaces face to face contact, the sound of your voice, and your expression. It’s not easy to get out and meet with everyone that we’d like to, especially when now much of our business comes from the internet and not just our local community. Video gives your prospects the opportunity to hear the excitement and passion in your voice and to build a relationship with you. Here are some different ways to use video in your marketing:

Use video on a home, landing or sales page.

Video email – your job in the email is to get your prospect/client to click on a link which gets them to a micro site with your video.

Video syndication sites such as YouTube. Create your own channel.

Walk-on videos. When someone comes to your site they see you walking onto the screen talking.

Videocasting/Podcasting on blogging sites.


Training DVD’s.

Recorded seminars and presentations.

There are several options in creating your videos. It can be as simple as doing it yourself or you can hire a videographer. If you are going to do the video yourself, make sure that you look presentable and give off the image you would like your prospects to have of you. Ensure that your background is not distracting. Even the smallest thing can distract someone from the message you are trying to get across. Keep the video short, no more than 5 minutes (unless of course you’re creating training videos or doing a presentation) and packed with benefits for the potential user. Give your prospects an easy way to email and share the video with others. This will help to increase your traffic. Giving your prospects a still picture and a few bullet points to read while the video is loading is a good way to keep them engaged. Usually you would hire a videographer to shoot items such as training sessions, presentations, seminars, etc. When you hire a videographer you should ask the following questions:

Will they shoot the video in high definition? Do they have experience in both online and offline video? Ask about things like sound quality, lighting etc. Do they have experience in direct response marketing?

Your videographer should understand what you’re trying to accomplish with the video and should be effective at helping you get your message across. If you really don’t feel comfortable being the face in the video there is plenty of talent you can hire to do a professional job for you. One last thought to leave you with. As always in marketing it is important to track to see what is working best for your business. Video marketing is no different. Tracking your video stats is an essential part of your marketing. Generally there is the ability to track through accounts such as Tube Mogul. You can track stats for comments, ratings and cumulative views. You can track for specific days and set a schedule to have the stats emailed to you at certain periods. Always explore your opportunities for visibility. There are several avenues and a variety of websites in the business of distributing videos to search engines. For more information and a free report and tips visit

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