The Pleasures Of Toys At Christmas

Everybody likes to be given presents, but adults also derive pleasure from giving and seeing the pleasure on the faces of their children whilst they open them. Presents are given by people all around the world, naturally. Nearly everybody in each country gives a birthday gift and many countries give a New Year’s gift, but the biggest gift-giving culture is Christian and Christmas is their biggest gift-giving time of the year.

It is such a robust instinct for Christians to give gifts at Christmas, that numerous adults will forego presents for themselves only to buy their children what they would like within the bounds of their finances. Actually, lots go even further than that and put themselves under financial stress for several months just so that their children will get pleasure from Christmas.

In fact, Christmas has got outrageously out of hand The idea of giving a present at Christmas was to reproduce the giving of gifts by the Three Wise Men to Jesus shortly after his birth. It is a fact that the presents of gold, frankincense and myrrh were very expensive, but the givers of the presents were very wealthy men, even so they merely gave one gift each.

These days parents spend hundreds on dozens of presents per child. There were five children in our family and we used to get a sack of toys per person and communal toys for all of us to play together like Monopoly. My parents were not well-off and my mother did not have time to work outside the home, so my father must have worked like a dog to buy it all.

I did not realize that then, but I have since seen my brothers struggling to pay to do the same for their offspring. Still, the pleasure of seeing your children’s glad smiling faces as they open their presents at Christmas appears to be worth it for most parents.

Some of the most popular toys with children might be dolls prams or train sets or bicycles all of which fall into the bracket of ‘expensive’, whereas popular suggestions for fitting toys for children are more like to be educational, such as Scrabble, Lego and books which are a lot less expensive.

Kids’ ideas for toys for themselves tend to feed the imagination, whereas parents’ ideas for toys for kids tend to feed the brain. Kids want to feed the right hand side of their brain while their parents instinctively would like to feed the left hand side.

As children grow up into teenagers, music and computers play major roles in most of their lives, again reflecting the left and right sides of the brain. now the roles are more evenly balanced. This is a topsy-turvy time for young adults. All kinds of things are happening within and without them. Will the balance remain even or will it tip one way or the other? Only time will tell.

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