The Negative of Twitter for Business and Twitter PR

Since the inception of Twitter we have all heard how Twitter can fundamentally boost your online presence because of free Twitter PR and advertisements. With that said there are disadvantages that come with using a Twitter for business. What people do not comprehend outside of a marketing firm is that when you set up a Twitter for business tweeting is only half of the work that goes along with it. You must go above and beyond in order to make your Twitter for business account potent. If you’re creating a Twitter for business it would be a good idea to follow a few of these tips.

As alluded to earlier when you think Twitter for business you probably will think all have you to do is tweet a few times and thats it. That would be silly to even think that. Your Twitter for business account needs to have some substance to it to attract new followers. This can be done by modestly just tweeting current events or even tweeting prize give away to attract people to your company page. Keep this in mind, by being virtually inactive on your Twitter for business page will clearly show that your Twitter followers or possible customers are not important to you.

In addition you must also make sure your company page is not one of those pages that follows too many people but only has 6 followers. This shows that your company is not attracting anybody but at the same time your looking desperate following anything that has a page. The rule of thumb when it comes to following from a business page stand point is your following list should be 10% less than your followers list. This is important because you want to show a potential follower that your a licit company and not some spam profile. Thats the problem people do not comprehend that just because it is free advertising doesn’t mean you don’t have to work on the profile.

Aside from over following you must also make sure you hold back from from over tweeting from your Twitter for Business page. Over-Tweeting will only lead to your Twitter for business losing followers even before you get some. You must begin slowly and steadily; make sure you are tweeting what is really beneficial. Keep track of tweets which get answers and from your re-tweets. Slowly increase the volume over time but avoid bombarding people’s timelines.

Lastly you should also make sure you tweet on a everyday basis when it comes to your Twitter for business. In other words try to tweet at or around the same time each and every day. Your Twitter for business should be a part of your daily routine. You must check your twitter account more than once a day for it to become an fundamental part of your business. As you can see when used effectively, Twitter can be a great stage for your business.

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