The Benefits of Video Sales Letters

Are you still using those simple and over-used sales pages? While there was a time when those were the big thing in affiliate marketing, things have changed and the Video Sales Letter revolutionized the way people present and sell their products.

And all good change comes from the necessity of making things better and easier for the visitor. And using a sales video instead of a text sales copy is a very logical decision because it’s been shown that people are very attracted to videos (more than 50% of searches on the Internet were for videos).

You can perform all types of SEO tricks for your page to get it at the top spot of Google, but if you don’t have the proper tools of impressing your visitors once they cross your website, your whole work was in vain. The answer to this question, “what impresses a visitor the most?” is a quality sales video. The main attraction behind it for a marketer is that it can do a lot of things, including convincing your visitor that the site they’re currently on is a trustworthy one and to successfully capture his attention for the whole time he’s on the page.

People won’t just settle and buy things from the first site they visit. No, they usually compare the webpages that sell the product or service they’re after. And while the actual price of the product is something almost everyone considers, what happens when the prices are the same? That’s when the visitor will start weighing other options and one of them is the design of the site and how trustworthy does it look.

A relatively short presentation of your product and yourself in a Video Sales Letter will do a lot more to impress and convince your visitor than just a simple sales text copy. People are lazy and they rarely go through a big block of text. But once a video starts, and the sound and picture quality are good, he will watch it. And if he watches it, the chances are that he will seriously consider buying it.

What’s the best way to create a Video Sales Letter?

While there are companies who would be more than glad to make you a Video Sales Letter according to your own specifications, you can also take things into your own hands. For example, if you want to prove something to the visitor in your video, a great way to do this is to record your desktop activity, while you demonstrate whatever you want to demonstrate to him. All you need is a microphone and a cohesive presentation.

The biggest attraction of a video for people is that things can be explained in a whole superior level than just with some boring text and this is why a Video Sales Letter is exactly what you need on your webpage!

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