Taking a Second Look At Zaga Studios in Doyelestown

Hollywood Reporting on the Zaga Studios dudes or giant blunders. Look, it’s no mystery making a dime in this business is far from a cake walk, pay the writers, then the light crew, sound crew, don’t forget those makup artists oh and the wigs. Now take into consideration the pre Madonna actors and actresses who live it up in mansion trailers complete with gyms and theaters and you’ll see that to make any money in this industry is almost unbearable unless you get your hands on that one pie in the sky script attached to the right actor, director, producer and distribution house and then you’re in like flint, well only if people watch it.

The chances of failing are so great that the chance to flourish out way any hopes of a mansion in the Hollywood hills with the swank of silk, furs and diamond bling. Perfect case, Zaga Studios, a Doylestown, black owned and operated production studio had all the pieces in order; talent, script, placement and even the perfect site scouts but the crowds just never came to see their film. They’ve been posted on everything from rip off report to various rotten tomatoes step child sites.

In the end, can you blame the men and women trying to entertain the masses with a few lines, a soundtrack and some suggestive shoulder exposing gender scenes? It’s the market and the psychology of the marketplace that delivers the failure or success of a motion picture.

The script supervisor making sure all runs according to plan, the sound man working his magic against the wind slamming the microphones and the moody actors that believe that the world is meant to be their own private spa.

“I just don’t understand it” says Jamie Brown, producer, “we planned for everything but never planned for people to never show up to watch our films or documentaries”. “It makes me sick, this industry is so foul and evil (says half laughing and half in tears), there is no such thing as a friend and loyalty only goes as far as how much money you made investors on the last gig”. Don’t blame the Zaga Studios of the world, they are doing what they can. It brands me sad to hear them get bashed because I know these guys and they are one of the few black firms that are out there that try to make film for all races, ages and sexes. They are the last of a dying breed of artists. Don’t consider the hype.

Check them out, support them and other production companies that take a personal approach to pounding the pavement to fund their projects and kiss butt to get the right people involved in their pictures. Judge less, inspire more and our industry will see the light at the end of the tunnel that we have always wanted!

Can this really happen, find out more about Zaga Studios