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Planning A Wedding To Perfection Takes Forethought

Planning a wedding to perfection requires a broad perspective. If you want everything to go perfectly, you must schedule the weeks before the event and the days immediately after.

It is vital to have a budget. Whether it is unlimited or it is tight, the important thing is to know what you can afford. Weddings require a lot of money or a lot of thought, but they can always be wonderful. If money is no object, fine. Hire the Astrodome, invite everyone you ever met, book the hottest band, and turn all the details over to a planner. If you do have to pinch pennies, you might be surprised how far they can go.

The theme of your special day is important, since it should express your dreams and delight you and your guests. Go ahead and enjoy creating a vision. You can tailor it to reality later if necessary. It is hard to beat the traditional drama of bride in white, maids in colors, guys in tuxes, and hot house flowers. However, unconventional ceremonies are trendy and fun, too.

Can’t afford the dream? You might be surprised. Wedding dresses off the rack can be just as gorgeous as ones with designer labels, and it’s astonishing what you can find on consignment. Perhaps a vintage dress can make you the most unusual bride of the year as well as the most beautiful. Got friends with rose gardens? They would probably love to see their beauties in your bouquet and on your tables.

Going off-beat? Well, in that case, think out of the box. Cowboy weddings can use bandannas as unusual decorations all over the place. A motorcycle gang theme can feature leather-look vinyl rather than the real thing, and you might be able to borrow or rent a Harley.

Do everything you can in advance, so the week leading up to the event is peaceful. This will be your gift to yourself. You can order or make invitations, plan the music, book the band or the DJ, fit the dresses, and pack for the honeymoon. Everything you do ahead of time means one less chore at the last minute.

The last thing you want is to be tired, stressed, or unhappy on your special day. You need to be able to relax and enjoy every detail. You also need to be able to concentrate on your spouse-to-be, who is about to become the most important person in your life – for ever. Remember to schedule private time before the big day arrives, and plan to step gracefully into your new life after planning a wedding to perfection has really been accomplished.

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Shop till You Drop

My girlfriends all know that despite my best efforts I’m a tightwad that practices severe money management skills. I’d much rather put forty bucks towards my mutual funds than towards an overpriced shirt that I can only wear for one season. My friends say that makes me cheap, but I prefer to call myself “frugal.”

But on the other hand, I’m still a girl, I still secretly love shopping and I’m still vain enough to care how I look and what I wear and so you can only imagine that my frugality and my misplaced vanity are at constant odds with each other. I can’t begin to even count the number of times I’ve admired my (sadly, very fat) ass while trying on the cutest pair of Vera Wang jeans in the Kohl’s dressing room, only to look at the price tag and be severely disappointed.

God help me, if I could only stop secretly loving accessories, clothing and fashion and so on and instead only relish saving dough and exercising thrifty budgeting techniques then I feel I’d be much more at peace with myself. Then I remember that if there’s one thing I learned in college earning my useless liberal arts degree, is that Prof. Williams taught us that academic success is not only measured in grades but in the knowledge we gained in learning our given majors.

Okay, yeah, so that doesn’t seem to relate at all to my shopping/money management problems, I guess. But they are connected, at least to me they are. I’ve come to realize that I’ll never change either side of my personality that like many young mommies my age, I both love shopping online and conserving as much money as I can. While each side of myself may seem to be at odds with the other, they both fill me with joy and hell, isn’t that what life is about? Being happy? And I am… very much so.

So, I’ve learned that for me to be able to both shop and save takes lots of work and tons of bargain hunting skills. I, endlessly comparison shop before buying anything. Before heading to the grocery store I ruthlessly track down Proctor and Gamble, Johnson and Johnson coupons or what have you, so that I can spend as little cash as I have to. And if I make a purchase only to discover that blouse if .50 cents cheaper the next day, I will drive my butt back to the store to return it and repurchase it. I’m vain, but I’m not stupid.

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Gone With The Coupons

The diaper bag hangs from your shoulder, the car key firmly in your grip, you stand at the doorway along with your teens and toddler… all of you eagerly excited about the impending shopping trip you’re about to embark on. Just then a thought hits you and you rush to the nearby kitchen and search the counter unable to find that folder filled with money saving coupons that you so diligently save for times such as this.

In full search mode, you send the teens to the car to hunt for the missing coupons, but not before your son reminds you that you did some shopping online last night and maybe you moved the coupons to the office. Woo-hoo! He’s right. You snatch up the toddler and rush into the office and quickly you laser in on the clothing and fashion magazines sitting atop the desk. Beneath it something is sticking out… But could it be? Dare you hope? You pull the object from beneath the magazines causing the magazines to tumble to the floor. Darn. This isn’t the coupons but that womens interest piece that your sibling lent you. Dejected and discouraged, you eyes fall to the stack of magazines on the floor and there it lays, like a diamond in the rough – a folder etched with “coupons.”

Your family reconvenes at the entryway once again ready to depart for your first planned stop, Burlington Coat Factory. The teens fight over who can hold the coupon envelope, the younger of the two wins this quick dual. She rips open the envelope and her face deflates. Aside from expired Chuckie Cheese birthday party coupon and an Edible Arrangements coupon for truffles, this folder is barren.

A lesser person might feel hopeless and give up, but not you! No, because you understand the value of the Internet. “Give me two more minutes and we’ll go,” you tell the kids as your run back into the office. “Gosh,” you think to yourself, “I am so diligent with conserving cash.”

Once again you have returned to the computer. Glorious coupons fill the computer screen. You hit print and sit back waiting for the printer to do it’s money-saving thing. Instead the computer informs you that you’re out of ink. Out of ink! Before you can even let the news soak in, messy little fingers streak your forearm and new church shirt. You toddler giggles as you look her direction. Apparently more types of chocolate exist than you were aware of and each one currently resides on your little one’s face. “I see someone got into the sweets.” She giggles some more. “It’s time to go, Mom!” For a moment you consider fighting the good fight and trying to download one of those coupon apps that you’ve heard about but never used. “Mom, please, can we go?” What’s a good Christian family to do? Head off to the store for a day of fun or continue the hunt for coupons? “Mommy, please.” Just then, you scoop up the little girl and offer a wide grin. “And off we go.” The kids all rejoice and finally everyone heads for the car.

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