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Recovering Your Windows Registry

We have become way too dependent on computers for the functioning of our daily lives to allow them to crash with ease or plague us with slow downloading and slow operating systems. Just one bad entry into your Windows registry can cause your computer major problems relative to installations just like too many features on your Windows registry can be a major speed bump. This is why it is vitally important to have a clean and clear registry. Many people find that the easiest way to keep their registry clean is by employing registry cleaning software, but doing so is not always as helpful as you might think, especially if the software is free of charge.

However, registry cleaners can sometimes backfire on you, especially if you are using the free software versions. Sometimes, registry cleaner can delete essentials that make it impossible for your computer to run properly. If this happens, you need to start thinking about registry recovery. Here is how to recover a corrupted Windows XP registry, whether due to cleaning software or other causes.

The majority of registry cleaning software will back up your original Windows registry as a protective measure and you will want to ensure that any registry cleaning software you have does this. But to be on the safe side, you can also learn to do this yourself and it is important that you understand how this process works to become a smarter more successful computer user in the rapidly changing world of technology. If you have Windows XP, here is how you manually back up your registry:

* Go to Start, then All Programs, then System Tools, and finally System Restore. This will take you to the System Restore Wizard. You can then back up your registry by clicking on Create a restore point. If you need to restore your original registry in the future, you can follow the aforementioned steps and in addition select Restore my computer to an earlier time.

Following these tips above will keep your registry, and computer by extension, safe. Protecting your computers gives you the ability to exercise a little more control yo to your system’s operation and will put your mind at a little more ease. If you are interested in getting more info about backing up your Windows registry, take the time to look at blogs and help desks related to this issue like those by PC World or Microsoft.

Learn more about windows registry recovery. Stop by Mehmet Onatli’s site where you can read a Regcure Review and find out all about what it can do for you.

Make Your PC Perform Better by Getting Rid of Spyware

If you want to know how to fix a slow PC then you have to look at the various settings that you tweaked during the course of your PCs lifetime. It is not unheard of that Windows machines will usually slow down as you use it. During its lifetime, Windows just tend to break if not maintained like a vintage sports car.

If you want to fix a slow PC you need to carefully consider your PCs registry. The registry is a very complicated database of all things important and delicate in your Windows install. A lot of computer experts consider the Windows registry to be a hodgepodge of spaghetti code that cannot be untangled.

To make the PC run faster, it is lucky that we don’t need to manually hack the registry. There are a lot of registry cleaners out there that can help maintain your Windows registry. These registry cleaners can bump off a lot of invalid registry entries as well as erase orphaned registry entries that accumulate in your Windows system over time.

Malicious code can target even your Windows registry. These spyware programs attach themselves to the registry so that they can launch during start up and to protect themselves from being deleted by the user easily. This kind of malicious code in the registry cannot be removed by registry cleaners nine times out of ten.

Let me present to you some of the way you can remove spyware from your system.

Manual registry hacking to remove invalid entries from the computer is easy for advance Windows users. I don’t advocate this method for newbies or even expert Windows users. The reason this method is not recommended is the fact that the registry is such a delicate beast. I look at the registry like operating on a beehive – one false move and you’ll let out an army of killer bees after your butt.

Here are ways to remove spyware automatically from your system. Search the Internet for malware scanners. Most malware and Trojan scanners are free to use. Take for example McAfee’s Stinger, this anti-malware program is free to use. It can find different types of malware and clean your system thoroughly without without damaging important files.

Another popular how to remove spyware tip is to use industrial strength malware scanners. There is a software called Malwarebytes that is very popular and widely used by both novice PC users and advanced PC users alike. This scanner has advanced heuristic and very high malware detection rate.

Aside from Malwarebytes, you can also use Spybot and Adaware. These programs are free for personal use, however, I must say that you get what you pay for. I’m not saying that they are no good. What I’m saying is that the best spyware cleaner out there is not free for obvious reasons. Just look at it this way, the risk versus the reward factor regarding this decision is very clear. 9.If you need your Windows PC protected properly then you have to pay for premium spyware software solutions.

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Remove Registry Errors from Your PC

The registry of your computer contains different entries and values that create the whole system of your computer. It is the repository of all values and entries that create the different programs and applications found in your computer. Once these values and entries are attacked by other malicious entries, your computer will experience different program and application errors and breakdowns. How can you remove these errors then? What solution can you apply to restore your computer to its efficient and effective function?

The answer to that is to fix registry errors. How can you fix registry errors? You might ask. A lot of security experts will suggest different solutions. You can fix your registry errors or you can reformat and reinstall your Windows. Reformatting is an extreme measure to fixing your PC. When your PC is deeply infected with spyware and viruses, extreme measures seem to be an easy decision to make. Sometimes even the most effective registry cleaners can’t seem to do the job.

You can try to use registry cleaners first if your registry problem is not that bad yet. How will you know then that the registry cleaner is one of the best if not the best in the market|How can you know if your registry scanner is the best|How will you know if your registry sweeper is the best|How can you know that your registry scanner is the best? You can find a lot of registry fix software reviews on the Internet right now. The fix registry review softwarewill basically be your electronic guidebook in choosing the best registry error cleaner in the electronic market. You will know what to look for in a registry cleaner if you read software reviews.

What do these fix registry reviewsoftware usually contain? A lot of questions will be answered when you read these software reviews.Why is it worth your money, why do you have to choose that registry cleaner, why is it the best in the market?

This is how reviewers will come up with the reviews of software. Most of the time, the reviewer will acquire registry apps available in the market. The reviewer will create errors in the registry. Using the same error created, the registry cleaner will be tested against this. The outcome will be limited to that error the reviewer made. This is the start of our measurement.

The registry cleaner will then be gauged on how it reacts and how fast it reacts. Ordinary scanners will not be able to detect anything. Others would detect them in a matter of seconds.

The benchmark is how efficient the registry cleaner worked and whether it detected malicious entries in the process.

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How to Remove Spyware and Repair XP Registry

I will tell you two things about Windows XP. One, spyware infection is dominant in XP. Two, your Windows XP registry needs constant maintenance to keep it in top shape. So basically, you should have spyware removal software and you should also have xp registry repair software.

How can you find spyware cleaners and registry scanners?

First, you have to avoid adware and spyware downloads so you better download from a safe place. I suggest that you go to Download.com or Snapfiles to download any software you need. Here you can download a lot of spyware cleaners and registry scanners.

Your system can be maintained using spyware tools and repair programs. You get what you pay for if you opt for free spyware and registry scanners. For example, you can get a spyware scanner called Malwarebytes for free. For example, you don’t get auto updates for the free version of Malwarebytes. You can opt to try free registry scanners but they can be gimped because it is free.

You can try all the features of a paid program for a nominal fee. Just imagine opening your PC and auto updating will commence right away. You don’t need to worry about auto updating anymore.

A good registry cleaner not just maintain Windows XP it also helps get rid of trojans and other malicious entries. You will have a one button maintenance system included in your paid registry cleaners that are so easy to use.

At the end of the day, we PC users should be very careful of what we click on when surfing the net. It is all very dangerous to be on the Internet. The World Wide Web is like the Wild West. Malware coders want to attack your browser most of the time. Hence, you need to beef up security and get spyware and adware scanners in your Windows PC. Make sure that you update your system to the latest service pack. Avoid clicking suspicious links. If you are not using it then turn off active x right away.

It is hard to protect yourself from malware. It was not meant to be that easy. You must make yourself aware about these things. Awareness that you can be attacked by malicious hackers or software if you do not carefully surf the web. The Internet has a lot of information but you can be mined for data by malware. At all times you have to protect yourself. It is not yet hopeless. There are ways you can protect yourself. Just follow the advice given here and you are way ahead of other people.

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Spyware Removal to Fix Registry Problems

Do you sometimes notice that your computer applications do not launch or that some applications would behave erratically or unpredictably? Do you also notice that sometimes applications would just close without you doing anything about it or when you open other applications? When this happens, a Windows error pop-up would appear. When you have registry errors in your computer, Windows will show a pop-up to warn you.

Your computer’s configuration and settings can all be found in the registry. It contains all the values and keys in order for the program to function. It is basically a repository of all the programs and applications in your computer so that the whole system will work. And it is also the favorite of hackers and spammers to attack by sending malicious codes.

The common problem with registry errors is the fact that your PC will be erratic and unpredictable. It may also sometimes lead to the total breakdown of your computer. So what causes registry errors and what are the solutions to fix computer registry?

What Causes Registry Errors

In order to fix your computer registry, the first thing you need to know is the cause of the errors.

So what causes registry errors?

Major errors in your PC are caused by installing and uninstalling of applications, plus malware infections.

When you browse the web and download different games, videos, music, and other applications and programs, the links to their download sites often bring malicious programs and entries that are not visible to the naked eye and automatically install itself in the registry of your system.

Adware and spyware infection can be picked up when you are downloading and browsing from weird and untrustworthy sites. When this happens, the affected computer would experience a program or application malfunction, pop-ups from unknown sites, automatic installation of applications, and many other. Your registry has already been injected with malicious code once this happens.

Another common cause of registry error is improper installation and uninstallation of programs and applications.

There are programs that automatically install or uninstall itself once you put the installation cd/DVD on your cd/DVD drive. These cds or DVDs would contain installation manuals that you have to read and follow in order for you to properly install the program or application. This is actually the most neglected part of installing a program. More often than not, there are additional instructions in the cd/DVD that would point to copying and placing keys or values to a certain folder in order for the program or application to work or uninstall properly.

How to fix computer registry

Now that you know what causes registry errors, the next step is how you can fix computer registry. The major way you can fix registry errors is to have a registry scanner. The registry cleaner is a program which assesses the registry of your computer and fixes double entries and incompatible keys and values for a computer application or program.

But, the registry cleaner should be used along with anti-virus or anti-malware or anti-spyware for complete protection of your computer. Of course, you also have to choose carefully what kinds of programs are the best in the market so that you will be assured that your computer will be safe from any and all attacks from malicious entries.

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How to Repair Windows Registry Errors by Cleaning Up Your Registry

Windows has a lot of problems as an Operating System. With all the viruses, adware, and spyware out there in the wild right now, it feels like it’s just a matter of time before your Windows machine explodes. Even without malware, Windows machines are prone to sluggishness and slowdowns due to registry congestion. Your Windows machine will get clogged up by just adding and removing programs.

Manual registry hacking was necessary to fix registry problems in the past. Learning how to cleanup your registry like this can be very dangerous. Damaging the registry will cause your Windows PC to stop working. If you enter an invalid registry entry or if you delete important registry items, you can really screw up your Windows system. You will surely get something that is called a BSOD or the Blue Screen of Death. It is dangerous to fix registry problems by hand, so be warned.

So, is there a proper way on how to cleanup your registry? Using automated scanners, us less tech savvy users can fix registry problems. Some of these scanners are free and they are very easy to use. Here’s how to cleanup your registry using these registry scanners.

1. To be cautious, you need to create a restore point for your Windows PC before you start scanning. Most of these registry scanners have built in save and restore systems but it won’t hurt you to make your own restore point before you do anything else.

2. Now comes the easy part. You will learn how to repair your registry fast using a registry scanner. Just set it on auto and scan away. Do not set any manual controls because that is meant for advance users only.

3. Make sure to reboot your Windows after the scan.

You might think right now that the process is simple enough, so how can a registry scanner help your Windows machine perform better? Since the registry was congested before the clean up, all processes in your system will respond slower and will take up a lot of time before they launch or turn off. When the clean up finalizes you will notice that invalid and orphaned entries are now removed from your system. This frees up the registry.

A good analogy would be when someone has a cough. Once you take a mucolytic, a cough medicine, you will be able to clear the congestion in your chest. A chest without congestion can help the person breathe easier. This is how registry congestion acts in simplified terms. A congested registry looks like spaghetti. It slows down your Windows machine.

If you use a registry scanner, make sure that you use it in tandem with antivirus and anti-malware software. Remember that one of the main causes of registry congestion are adware and spyware writing invalid or malicious entries in the registry. Keep your PC in tip top shape by always scanning it with an antivirus. Avoid installing programs that you don’t really need so as to prevent installation and uninstallation traces from clogging up your registry.

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Vista Can be Infected with Spyware Too

From the very start, Vista has never been popular. Vista has a lot of faults to begin with. It seems that Vista has no advantages over Windows XP. It is just a clunky and insecure as Windows XP. Microsoft must have made a big mistake in Vista. Thank goodness, we now have Windows 7 as a sort of salvation from Vista hell.

Windows Vista has all the cons of XP like I mentioned above. Vista also have the windows registry and is prone to spyware infection. Getting spyware scanners and registry cleaners are a must if you use Vista.

One, let me tell you how to fix the Windows registry. Fixing your Windows Vista registry is easy. What you need to know is that a registry scanner can help fix invalid entries in your registry. Maintaining the registry is also a good feature for a registry cleaner so that you can avoid corruption.

Registry cleaners like CCleaner and Glary utilities can help you maintain your registry even if you install and uninstall applications constantly. You must know that there are free registry cleaners as well as paid applications.

In days of yore, people used to manually fuzz around with the registry. Fortunately, we do not need to do that anymore. There are safe and efficient registry cleaners that we can use.

Here’s how to remove spyware in Vista. Is it possible to remove spyware in Vista? The answer is yes! There are a lot of Vista specific security programs today. You can use freeware antispyware and antiadware programs. You can get some brand name antispyware out there. You get what you pay for if you choose a free product.

The free versions are not that bad. The paid ones are just much more feature filled than the free ones. For example, the anti-spyware applications I listed above don’t have any form of auto-updates. For the paid versions, you will get free auto updates and a whole lot more.

People perceive Vista as a disaster. A lot of people don’t want anything to do with Vista. I will not be judging that. I have neither love or hate for Vista. Windows Vista is a machine that needs to be maintained. There can be no magical OS. As a user, we have the responsibility to maintain our operating system no matter what our perception of it is.

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Fix Your ActiveX and Surf Freely

The softest spot in your Windows PC is the web browser. What I’m referring to is Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you are going to use Internet Explorer to surf the Internet than you need serious adware spy removal tools at your disposal. You will also encounter damaged active x controls when using IE. Read on and I will tell you how you can fix damaged active x in IE.

Repairing active x controls in IE will help you avoid malicious code from infecting your PC. You still need aggressive spyware scanners even if you have a clean registry and active x controls.

Active x is a Microsoft product that lets you have interactive elements of a website. As an example, cloud antivirus have active x so it can scan and clean your system. Active x in your browser can become corrupted when a website installs an active control in your browser. Your active x can get corrupted if the download fails to complete.

Here’s a good fix for your active x browser.

1. You can try to re-install any active x related to the program.

2. Please turn off your scanners and pop-up blockers before re-installing. This is because spyware scanners will tag active x as a pop-up or spyware.

3. Scan your registry with a registry scanner to determine if you have active x controls. A registry cleaner will also fix registry problems your PC may have. Active x problems may also be brought about by spyware infection. Determine if your regular browsing needs active x elements. Since it is very dangerous to allow active x downloads for every website you encounter, a lot of security experts suggest that everyone should just turn off active x controls.

If you want to use active x then you should be aware of the sites that you allow to download active x from. Do not activate your active x controls on weird sites. Doing so will expose your PC to data theft and identity theft.

Wise surfing is just not enough to go on anymore. You need to have strong spyware and adware scanners. A good firewall is important to prevent worms from getting into your system. To maintain the health of your registry, you need to have registry cleaners.

The computer has a lot of pros but they have cons in the security arena. You’ll never know what is left inside your system once your PC is compromised. The best way to be secure is to prevent a security breach as much as possible. You need to lock your PC with security tools in order to be secure.

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Remove Spyware in Your PC to fix Computer Errors

Do you know that Windows XP was the most popular platform attacked by Hackers? The number one explanation for that is the fact that Windows XP is entangled with Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer 6 is an ancient web browser based on mosaic technology back in the AOL days. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer 6 is the vector for which spyware gets into your Windows XP system. This, of course, causes a lot of computer errors since spyware integrates into the system in the screwiest way possible.

Windows XP needs some serious spyware cleaner in order to fix computer errors. During the olden days of DOS, the only way to fix computer errors was to reboot. And rebooting your PC then takes no time at all. The real cause of the errors is so hard to determine that’s why spyware removal for Windows XP is such a chore. You can’t fix computer errors just by rebooting. Not now and not ever again unfortunately.

What is spyware? Spyware is also known as a malware that collects and transmit data to and from your PC. Some spyware acts like a real program that you install, and this is very unfortunate because spyware authors are becoming very sophisticated in their gimmickry and attacks. A lot of spyware can be so difficult to remove that expert Windows users would rather reformat their system.

Reformatting is a good idea if you have a lot of time in your hands. Remember, once your system is compromised by spyware, you can never know if you are really spyware free for the remainder of your Windows install.

To fix computer errors, pull up your sleeves and get serious about spyware removal for Windows XP. You can do this even if you are a newbie to Windows computers. You just need a little help from someone like me who has a bit of an experience than you.So here goes – this is my fool proof spyware removal tip.

1. Boot into safe mode and run a full scan using your antivirus scanner.

2. Still in safe mode, run a full scan of your anti-spyware, anti-adware scanners. I have to tell you that using a lot of cleaners will really improve the chance of detection.

3. The features you need to look at when choosing an antivirus and anti-spyware scanner is the ability to scan for rootkits. Rootkits are like spyware but it is even more sinister. It installs itself deep within your Windows XP install and it can even prevent hardware functionality. For example, some rootkits can disable your ability to install antivirus software in your PC. This one is nasty and should be a point of concern. So choose an anti-spyware tool that can detect and remove this malware.

4. Don’t forget to back up your data before you do anything on your PC. I suggest that you do an online back up, like a Carbonite back up, and then a hard drive back up, then make a third off site back up. After your backup, save a restore point in your Windows XP just in case.

Online security basics should be focused on safe surfing. I suggest that you avoid using an outdated browser like Internet Explorer 6. Upgrade your browser to the latest version and make sure that you install the latest security updates for your Windows XP.

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Fix Your Active X Controls with a Registry Cleaner

Do you know what active x is? Active x is what makes some websites more interactive according to windows help system. Active x is a program that can communicate with components despite of other applications being programmed in a different language. It is very important to have active x when in a windows only environment.

If active x in windows get corrupted, there are programs that will not work properly. And in order for the programs to work harmoniously and properly there is a need to repair activexof the computer’s system. How can we repair active x then? The answer is very simple, all you need is to run a registry scanner and the program will find the errors and fix it.

How can we fix active controls in our browsers? If you want to access a lot of interactive elements in a site then repair your active x. Why turn on active x if you will not repair it at all? To tell you the truth, you don’t need most of the activex driven websites. I urge you to use alternative browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or even Apple’s Safari browser. Using active x with IE is much dangerous than using alternative browsers.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using active x:

One, you are going to be a vector for spyware attacks. These are malicious programs that can slow down your PC. More importantly, these programs can harm your privacy. Malicious code can be a tool for identity theft and credit card theft. These are very bad programs that can get you in trouble. These programs can activate a pop-up storm in your PC. Do you know how to block pop-up ads in your PC? Here are ways you can block adware pop-ups.

Using a pop-up blocker of a modern browser, you can block pop-up. In addition, you must have adware scanners to remove spyware infection. You can also get a registry cleaners to remove invalid entries from your Windows registry. Now you know how to block adware popups.

When surfing the web you should always be cautious. You should really avoid using activex and Internet Explorer. Just use the modern browsers I mentioned above. It is very convenient to use Internet Explorer but it is not worth the risk. Don’t be fooled! You deserve a better experience with your PC and the only way to do that is to practice safe surfing.

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