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Why Social Media Agencies Are The Best Choice For Your Business

When contemplating the best way to use marketing togenerate more attention and thus more business, one of the best answers is a social media agency. But the real question remains: why social media? If a business wants to circulate a positive image for their brand, the perfect way to deal with that is to reach the largest amount of people possible. We live in a time where billions of people are dependent upon social media and social networking through the internet and even pre-teens seem physically dependent on their mobile devices. Undoubtedly, the world is swiftly changing and if any business is going to keep up, social media is the way to do it.

The expressions, “Friend me on Facebook” and “Tweet me” have replaced the more general concept of merely keeping in touch. People are more comfortable sharing information and depending on the Internet, that it has become a primary means of research and communication. To be honest, we live in a world where many people are now more comfortable talking to someone on Facebook than face-to face and more trusting of a Google search result than the word of their own neighbor. These are only a few of the reasons why social media is the optimal way for a business promote more business.

So you may be asking: if anyone can log onto Facebook or Twitter, why do is a social media agency necessary? The answer is actually already wrapped in the question. Anyone can log on to Facebook, Twitter or a number of different social networking sites or use social media. But a social media agency can help a business to not only target their main audience, but expand it with all of the right techniques. After all, summing anything up in 140 characters or less isn’t easy – especially if you want someone to notice it.

The trend of social media and social networking has taken the world by storm. The ability to spread a message instantaneously is a phenomenon. As everyone knows and has been warned, once someone writes something on the Internet, it’s in cyberspace forever – the good, the bad, and the ugly. That’s another reason why social media for a business is best assisted by a social media agency that can assist in public relations. Strong use of public relations can strengthen any business and in keeping with the societal trends, one way to approach that is through the World Wide Web.

Today, businesses are confronted with a dilemma: to embrace social media and the new technological age we live in or not. A tipping point for the argument on why social media is the way to go is the many ways to manage a brand, reach a demographic. Most importantly, one of the best advantages that a social media agency can help you utilize is that social media can be customized to be the best fit not only for the business, but for the customer.

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Why Your Company Needs To Use A Social Media Agency To Help Market Products And Services

The world has advanced swifter than most people can keep up with. Since about 2005 social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter have expanded to become gigantic businesses. So why social media? Why should your company consider using a social media agency? Well just take into account one fact, Facebook has over seven hundred million users. That’s more users than the population of most countries with the exception of China and India.

There are businesses already taking authority of Facebook and Twitter, but the majority of these businesses are on the fortune 500 list. They’re huge corporations with a loyal consumer base already, so what can a small business do against a massive behemoth such as say Sears, or Home Depot? It’s simple really, marketing helps to get your message out there, and there really isn’t a better way to market than on Facebook or Twitter.

The future is in technology, and other mediums for markers to use are just a waste of time and cash. Mediums such as newspaper ads, and television ads are traveling by the way side. The momentum in the country has moved to the internet, not back towards old technology. With the amount of users that social media agencies have today, it’s really a no brainer why the trend has shifted.

It’s true that if Facebook were to become it’s own country sanctioned by the United Nations and everything it would become the third largest country. That says something right there, sincerely, and if your a small business, or any business for that matter that’s not on Facebook your passing up on a golden opportunity to market to a solid population base of buyers. So don’t just pass up on this solid opportunity.

The future is now, it’s here, and it’s moving forward all at the same time. The future is in social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. These are the new channels for marketing, these are the new mediums for communicating and meeting new people. It’s amazing what the internet has done for Humanity in such a short period of time.

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What is SOPA? Why Social Media is Buzzing About The Proposed Legislation

It’s nearly impossible to go online without noticing something about the Stop Online Piracy Act – or SOPA. The proposed bill has outraged many people and it’s why social media sites have been buzzing about the proposed legislation since it was first introduced. But just what is the proposed Act and what impact would it have on America and American’s lives? As an employee of a social media agency, the proposed legislation has me concerned about the future of my industry.

The Stop Online Piracy Act (HR 3261) was proposed by the Republican Congressional representative from Texas Lamar Smith on October 26, 2011. The stated purpose of the bill is “To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property, and for other purposes.” Proponents of the bill are claiming that they are aiming to protect copyrighted material from piracy. Detractors of the bill are claiming that the bill would violate First Amendment rights, and would be the start of an Internet censorship usually only seen in countries like China.

One of the major factors in SOPA’s creation was due to concern over cross-border online pharmaceutical drug sales. International pharmacies, particularly in Canada, don’t always indicate where they are based. Google lost a $500 million judgment vs. the US Department of Justice due to this, as it was judged that Google, in permitting ads to placed for Canadian pharmacies, helped to American consumers to illegally obtain and import prescription drugs, whose quality could not be certified.

The topic of intellectual property rights has been a hot button issue since the start of online file sharing. Due to the Napster era, and now the multitudes of torrent sites, the MPAA is throwing its support solidly behind SOPA. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act took aim at deleting illegal/pirated content from websites. Now SOPA is after the sites themselves that host the material.

There is no doubt at all that people’s livelihoods are at stake, in both the music and movie industry. The Global Intellectual Property Center states that 19 million Americans count on some sort of intellectual property-driven sector for their livelihood. This sector makes $7.7 trillion dollars a year. Struggling writers, garage bands, and indie filmmakers all stand to gain from this legislation.

The argument against SOPA isn’t concentrating on those people or what the better part of the legislation is trying to do. The argument against SOPA is over privacy rights, over the data packets which an internet service provider would have to scan to determine whether or not the information that is being accessed is in violation. The argument over SOPA is about censorship, over the government blocking websites, comparable to what China does with their Great Firewall of China. The piracy needs to stop but censorship isn’t the solution.

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The Great Debate: Why Social Media Can Be a Blessing and a Curse

From interacting on Facebook and Twitter on a personal level to businesses taking advantage a social media agency to reach a wider demographic, social networking has taken over the way that people live their life. I’ve heard both sides of the argument for why social media is good or bad for society. Many people still insist that interacting through the Internet is impersonal and the world’s reliance on technology is unhealthy. Admittedly, even I feel withdrawal symptoms when I don’t have my laptop for too long – but is it too much or because it’s so useful? Is social media and comparable technology a blessing or just a necessary evil?

When it comes to the great Internet debate, I have some contradicting philosophies pulling me in two directions. On one hand, I believe in moderation, for example there’s a time and a place for everything – updating your Facebook page to let your friends know that the local convenience store was all out of diet cola is superfluous. On the other hand, I believe in survival of the fittest, therefore I believe that a small business using a social media agency and social networking to broaden their reach and generate more business is smart. But is it getting out of hand?

After wrestling the issue of whether or not technology was consuming society too much, I opened my laptop still feeling uncertain of my answer. However, then I realized that my answer was right in front of me – I’d opened my laptop.

The reason I use my laptop so often isn’t just because I’m dependent on technology. I love to write, and being able to type on my laptop is part of my livelihood. My family lives all over the country and I can go months without seeing my three year old niece in person, but can video chat with her every weekend. The dependence isn’t necessarily on technology as much as it’s on being connected.

After all, what do people want more than connection with other people? While I don’t advocate the use of social networking in lieu of face-to-face conversation, I wholeheartedly believe that it’s wonderful when talking in-person isn’t a possibility. Businesses that understand why social media is such a powerful force in today’s society understand that it can bridge the gap between business and consumer. By skipping impersonal ads and commercial spots, a business can reach out and communicate with the community. Communicating through social media allows for a feeling of personal connection (because if it didn’t why else would so many celebrities satisfy their fans through Twitter updates?

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Search Engine Marketing Tips

Believe it or not, there once was a age before search engine marketing dominated the Internet. While people are starting to get excited about how marketing and social media is starting to take over, search engine marketing is still the best. These days, if you want to get people to come to your website, your Google position is the most vital component. If people can locate you among the first few results for a popular keyword, you could get thousands of visitors a week. Conversely, if you’re languishing on page four, nobody is going to find you.

How Google ranks its pages is actually a mystery. There’s an entire profession which spends their entire day just to get people ranked well on Google. They call this search engine optimization, and it’s done by persons who are, quite unoriginally, called search engine optimizers. You could certainly hire an outside SEO firm to help you rank well, here’s a little search engine optimization primer so you can learn how to do this on your own.

The first thing that folk who want to optimize their web site should is determine what keywords they should go after. “Keywords” refers to the terms you would use to describe your webpage in brief. If you owned a webpage about Japanese cars, “Toyota” and “Honda” could be two of your keywords. If you include these keywords in your content, URL, and headings, you would be taking a wonderful step toward higher in search engine rankings.

After you’re done with that, the next thing you should do for fantastic SEO is link building. When somebody links to you, this is seen as a “vote” to your webpage. If the anchor text is your keywords, this is exactly what you want. If a site on a similar, your ranking is going to go up as well.

Lastly, ensure that your webpage is written in simple HTML Visual extras don’t aid you in search engine rankings, and getting people to notice you using Flash and frames is terrible for your ranking.

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Twitter For Business: Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Twitter for business is a free and dominant tool to make the public aware of your business and the products or services offered. Many small businesses use Twitter, but some use it in a way that is not beneficial to their online reputation. By avoiding some common mistakes, a businesses’ Twitter account can do what it originally set out to do: use a Twitter PR approach to forward information to the public and make them aware of why they are a good company to do business with.

The first big mistake many businesses make is by over-tweeting. Although a Twitter account should be updated frequently to produce interest, too much information (especially information that is too often not closely related to the company) will turn followers off. Twitter is based on 140 character tweets, so by nature its objective is to get information succinctly out to a public who expects little reading. If there are too may tweets, followers will be overloaded with information and will not wish to follow the Twitter account and using Twitter for business will not be effective.

Pointing to other social media sites or other places too recurrently is also a mistake and can be a pain to your followers. If you tweet repeatedly about what is happening on your Facebook page or website, your followers will think that your Twitter account is a useless place to go to find information. Also, if followers go to accounts to read up about what is happening on the Twitter page; chances are that they are social media savvy and read the Facebook page too. Usually, there is no need to point to both, unless a contest or some other event is occurring. Twitter PR and Twitter for business means that you use them successfully for Twitter-not always for other social media sites to be linked to each other.

Not participating in Twitter and the follower’s tweets is also a big mistake in the Twitter for business and Twitter PR marketing world. If a follower takes the time to reply to a tweet, ask a question, or start a conversation, ignoring the tweet is a definite way to have followers shun a Twitter account. Participation is essential for not only current followers, but budding followers as well. Nothing is more aggravating to a follower than to have their voice fall on deaf ears.

Using Twitter for business and Twitter PR as a marketing tool efficiently means evading major mistakes. Listening to your followers and what they want is key, but also following a few uncomplicated steps goes a long way to make certain that Twitter is used in a way that is the most valuable. The steps to avoid a mistake seem like a no-brainer, but so much can be done with Twitter for business that even the simplest of intentions need to be supervised.

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Why Social Media? And How Can The Atlanta Falcons Use A Social Media Agency To Look Better

Why social media? Why not implore the Atlanta Falcons. They wouldn’t have won a playoff game since their Superbowl run in 1998. What else is rather confounding to the world of sports, and Football, is that every team so far to beat them in the playoffs has gone on to play in the Superbowl. From the Eagles in 2004, to the Cardinals in 2009 and the Packers just last year. This is not a rumor, or a strange coincidence, but a fact. Maybe the Falcons should contact a social media agency to change the way the team looks right now.

Not since the Falcons drafted Michael Vick has the team ever won a playoff game. Hell the last time they won Jamal Anderson was performing the dirty bird in the end zone after every touchdown he ran for. Of course what the Falcons didn’t calculate was John Elway and the Broncos coming to destroy them and roast Falcon meat after the Superbowl. That was one of the most charged Superbowl’s in recent memory as well, as John Elway made mince meat out of the Falcons defense.

Let’s take a gaze at what arose to the Falcons this weekend at the Meadowlands, can’t we? Matt Ryan, who has all the statistics, and yardage to concede himself amongst the NFL Elite Quarterbacks has never won a playoff game. Give the guy credit, him along with Julio Jones did some damage to the Giants secondary, but came up short. No pun intended for Mr. Jones.

Mr. Turner was virtually non-existent during the game. The unreal running back who usually runs for over 100 yards easy was held by the Giants defense to just 41 yards. As well veteran wide receiver Rod White also decided not to show up for the game, receiving all of 7 catches from Ryan for a total of 64 yards, and was harassed by Giants CB Corey Webster, who’s making a case for his elite status amongst CB’s in the league right now. Actually the only player who came to play during the game was a rookie, Julio Jones was the only explosive offensive weapon the Falcons had. But the rookie wasn’t good enough.

The Falcons sure could need some social media agency assistance to make themselves look better than they really are, and to get their fans pumped up for next season. It’s will be be difficult, but they can still turn their image around as being playoff busts come next season if they get their weapons to actually show up to play. The defeat of the Falcons is a good omen for the Giants. Next stop, Green Bay!

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Why Social Media Is So Important For Customer Service

Three of the chief objectives that companies have for why social media is an important part of their business are to drive brand awareness, acquire new clientele, and retain existing clients. These three ideas can work together, but without quality customer service, the last two objectives become a lot more difficult. There are a myriad of positives why every business needs to apply social media to assist customer service.

Using social media internally or using a social media agency decreases costs while increasing profits. Many customers will say that they prefer their experience to be positive rather than everyday low prices. This means that investing more into customer service will allow you to discount less. Social media also informs more folk at once, which will shrink the number or recurring problems. This gives your customer service team better productivity.

Using a social media agency or team will also assist your business to grasp audiences that it would have otherwise missed. This is a huge reason why social media is able to strengthen your competitive edge. Social media provides an outlet for your clientele to talk about you publicly and in real time. Though this may seem intimidating, it provides the opportunity for your company to address customer problems and create a positive experience.

A social media agency can facilitate you to up the credibility of your business. Consumers are looking more and more to reviews of their peers before making a purchase. Social media has provided the platform for people to voice their opinions of products for everyone to hear. If your company provides fantastic (and public) customer service, people will see that and be more inclined to choose your brand.

By now it should be clear why social media is so fundamental for every business in today’s market. Once the decision has been made to implement a social media plan to your current daily operations, there are some things to consider. You must realize that social media will require the addition of a new department to your company because of the planning and implementation that a successful operation requires. There are a variety of social media agencies that are great in this area and work for a fee that will be well below the profits that are possible.

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Why Social Media For Business Isn’t Very Popular

In our digitally driven world, you would think that every business would be trying to use social media, or at least hiring a social media agency. Social media is a relatively simple tool to use, with lots of potential to make contacts and drive sales. But why aren’t more companies hopping on the bandwagon? The real question is why social media is still viewed as an unnecessary feature of today’s market. Here we break down a few of the biggest obstacles, and how they can be easily averted.

Perhaps one of social media’s biggest hangups is how social it really is. When a social media agency tries to explain to why social media is important, the head of a company may only be thinking about all of the time that could be wasted on Facebook and Twitter. While these sites hold huge potential for business, they’re also great for viewing your best friend’s daughter’s baby pictures or playing Castleville for two hours. Also, with such features as group pages, employees can interact with one another, sharing both work and casual related material. If abused, employees could use Facebook to distract one another, something no boss wants to deal with. The best thing to do is hands- on moderation and restriction; by ensuring that social media is worked with correctly, then frivolous activities can be kept to a minimum.

Another holding back social media from the workplace is how overwhelming it can be at first. With all of the tools and features available, ranging from Facebook’s Analytics to the vocabulary of Twitter, it’s like stepping into a whole new world. However, to prevent such easy social media snafus such as multiple Facebook pages, the best thing to do is spend time on these social media sites. If your company doesn’t have the time to spend online in such capacity, then hiring a social media agency to both do the work for you, along with teaching you the tips of the trade, might be the smartest choice.

Finally, it’s often overcoming the resistance to social media that’s the most challenging. If your company adopts it, there’s no way to guarantee that your employees understand why social media is essential. In order to get everyone on the same page, most businesses force all employees to use Facebook or other sites. However, expecting your employees to use something they either don’t want anything to do with or are unfamiliar with will cause strife. An easy solution is consenting voluntary use of social media. If they want to use, let them; if not, then no consequences. Also, using a social media agency to train your employees could eliminate many prejudices they might have towards this new technology.

Social media is an incredibly innovative tool, and will only continue to advance into the future. However, resistance will also remain by companies unsure if it’s really worth using in the work place. By becoming familiar with the flaws and strengths of using social media at the professional level, either through use or by working with a social media agency, the sky’s the limit on the opportunities that await with new customers and great promotion.

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What You Can Expect From A Social Media Agency

A lot of people are asking themselves nowadays why social media? It’s a great question to be asking. Marketing through social media has become incredibly popular and every business out there would love to get some of it. The truth is, if you really want to do whatever you can, you really should hire a professional social media agency. However, you might then ask yourself, what exactly a social media agency can do for you. So, here’s a short little introduction to everything that a social media agency can do for you.

To start one skill that every social media agency should have in their arsenal is creating Facebook ads. To refresh your memory Facebook ads are found on the side of your wall or profile and usually ask you to “like” a company’s page. Ever see those ads always seem to be only about things you are interested? That’s because those advertisements are based on the things you’ve signaled you like, so they’re targeted towards you. That’s the main reason why Facebook ads are really worth your time; they’re targeted specifically toward people who are interested in what you’re selling.

Of course, you’ll probably also want your social media agency to engage in what is sometimes known as community management. Community management refers to monitoring your company’s Facebook page, answering to questions that clients make.

There’s a lot more on the internet than Facebook, as you know. A good social media agency should also work with other forms of social media, such as Twitter, YouTube, or LinkedIn. A social media agency should explore your social media goals and which tools would be best.

Finally, you should work with your social media agency to develop an online brand message for your business. As you already know having a unified brand message is extremely important, so you should definitely have one that carries through every aspect of your online communications.

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