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Website Builders and Hosting-Who Should You Use?

Deciding on which website builders to use creates confusion and havoc for some people who are just starting out. They are often allured by companies who set you up with their builder options and then once you have created your site you realize that for you to do the things you need on your site, you need to upgrade to their other services and higher cost hosting. There are some things you should look for before starting your site and comparing.

What To Do First:

Do a little research before building your site. There really is only 2 things necessary for you to have a web presence. I know it sounds simple, but all you need is a site and a location to put it, or quite simply, a host. The real issue that people struggle with is whether they should get the web builder first and then host it, or subscribe to a host who has a builder.

Unless you are looking for something real specific, I suggest finding a good shared hosting plan and reputable hosting company that offers a free web building option. I have found way too many times that if you select the web building options first, your hosting option may not be want you want it to be.

Template Designs:

Make sure that you have a good amount of template options to choose from. To give you a few examples, let’s look at Hostgator. With their low-cost monthly plan you can choose from 4,500 free templates that goes along with their free web building. Nice! And with the great designers out there today, you can look like an absolute pro with the exceptional templates that are being offered. It’s a great way to have a good web presence.

Monthly Costs:

As far as a shared hosting plan versus a dedicated plan, for the majority of us, the shared hosting plan is what you want. If you are committed to having a separate I.P. address and S.S.L. for more security then go for the dedicated plan, otherwise, stick to the shared hosting plan. With all the choices in todays market, you can have all the bells and whistles you need to build your site with the template you need. They are easy to use and the choices are abundant.

Making Your Decision:

Look at everything that is out there and compare. The first item of business for you should be to find a good hosting company that has excelled at customer service and 24/7 technical support. There is a good list of them out there. In addition to a low monthly hosting expense, your options to build a great site are part of the package. You can look like a pro web designer for around $3.50 per month. Don’t be stressed out or lose any sleep when it comes to your options, just select a good hosting company that brings the whole package.

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What is the Best Website Hosting for Personal Use?

If you are thinking of your own personal website, then shared website hosting is the way to go. You can’t beat the hosting alternatives when it comes to hosting for your own use. Even though you are going to share the same I.P. address with other sites, the amount of alternatives and choices along with price is unbeatable. The costs are much lower then dedicated plans simply because you are sharing the costs with other consumers.

What is shared hosting and why should I use that option? Simply put, your website will be placed on the same server with many other sites, this can be thousands. But don’t be alarmed. You usually are sharing resources but usually you will have a lot of options with this type of hosting plan. And the shared hosting companies out there are really good.

You can’t beat dedicated plans if you are doing business online such as eCommerce or plan on growing larger for numerous reasons. Security is at the top of the list of advantages and why people choose this route. With having your own unique I.P. address you can add your own S.S.L. certificate for heightened security along with making spam go away. Another advantage to this list is having an anonymous F.T.P. access so you can share important information securely online. Another great asset. Even though it will cost you more in your pocket, at least you can close your eyes at night and feel good.

Even though you will not own the web server, you will have your own web server dedicated to you and your site. The greatest asset about this setup is you have entire control over it. On the other side of the coin with shared hosting, you retain a lot of great choices and options, you are just sharing the same I.P. address which many folks prefer not to do.

The disadvantages to sharing the same I.P. address with a shared hosting plan is many people believe that if one website gets banned then you have a chance of getting banned as well since you are sharing the same I.P. address. In addition to this, many feel that if you go the dedicated route, Google will like you better in the search engine results because you have secured your own internet protocol. This is questionable by some folks and they believe if you do get higher recognition by Google, it doesn’t amount to much.

So if you are just starting out or are simply wanting to build a site that has a lot of functionality, don’t be scared away by the shared hosting plans. You are sharing the same I.P. address but a good portion of all websites are using shared hosting plans with reputable companies like Hostgator or Justhost or Fatcow to name a few.

Dependability and functionality on a shared server does represent some of the great options for your best website hosting options if you are using it for personal or small business. However, if you are staying up at night worrying and want added security and your own I.P. address which can utilize a personal S.S.L. certificate for your eCommerce or large business, then paying extra and going with a dedicated server is your better option.

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CSS Templates – Design Your Site With Ease

To understand what CSS templates are and what they are used for a short introduction to CSS is needed. CSS is an acronym for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is a style of formatting that’s normally used to make web pages. With that explained than version CSS templates is far easier. These templates are used to create different types of website. The cascading effect of the pages makes organizing information much easier and much easier to read and understand.

CSS templates are a way that HTML language is separated. These templates are used as a means to separate colors, backgrounds, language and pictures. CSS is a simple syntax that is not complex and it is just about universally understood by most operating systems.

These templates are designed by programmers, those folks that write programs for computer software. They are largely available as part of a package of software for sale or in some cases they come as a part of a subscription to a blog server. Normally they’re simply the look of some unknown author that is being shared via the internet.

Most CSS templates may be found for free. They are typically downloadable from a web site for absolutely no cost. Occasionally there’s a charge to purchase these templates but usually that only applies to business use. For personal use there is generally not a charge affiliated with the usage.

Many third party websites offer them free of charge. In some cases the developer has granted rights to the templates or has sold them off to a third party.

They are user friendly and most lay people can use these templates with out even understanding what they do. They make designing and implementing web sites extremely simple. Most folks that have web sites or blogs are already using CSS templates and don’t even know it. Which is fine with most people, they simply leave the tough stuff to the designers and programmers and are grateful for the results. Most end users are just thankful for the ease of use.

CSS templates have improved internet experiences for most folks. They’re an easy web building tool that puts information and graphics in an easy to understand order. They are user friendly, free most of the time and work with pretty much every operating system that understands HTML language.

Cascading style sheets can be a great help to getting the website you want. Visit my website to learn more about using CSS layouts to create the perfect site.

Make Your Website A Success Using Affordable Web Design

[youtube:4jDB_0hQGa8;[link:your keyword here];http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jDB_0hQGa8&feature=related] You may be starting up your own blog or website, thinking about hiring a designer or designing it yourself. There are tremendous benefits to hiring a professional, although it is an additional expense. For people who are serious about getting visitors and retaining them, affordable web design is available and can lead to great success ultimately.

Web designers can help you optimize visibility for your site. For instance, you want the site to be designed so that it’s easily viewed on as many different browsers as possible, including mobile phone browsers. Therefore, adhering to standard html code, rather than utilizing features provided by specific browsers, is advisable.

You will also want a fast transmission time for the website. Features such as Flash are problematic because not only can they render a site inaccessible to some browsers, they also slow down the loading time for websites. Visitors to your site may see that it is taking a while to load, and decide to try another site instead without even waiting for yours to finish loading. Unless you have specific reasons to do otherwise, it’s a good rule to use simple graphics and a design that loads quickly to many browsers.

It’s also great to have a domain name that’s easy to remember. Simple is best in this case, and it should be broad enough to capture the whole idea of the site. Interlinking pages is another must. You want to have a lot of interlinking between your site’s pages and other sites linking to yours. Having a good link popularity will help your website to be ranked higher with search engines, which will help people to find the site more easily.

One feature that is usually beneficial is a site map, which allows the user to glance at different categories of content, and choose which one they want to visit. This allows users to see all the different types of information on a site at a glance. If a website contains a lot of data, it is helpful to include a search function so users can search your site for specific topics and phrases.

A lot of companies are advertising online now, and it’s often good to include ads on a website. However, the number of ads should be modest and not overwhelming. Viewers shouldn’t feel inundated with spam. Accordingly, the advertisements should be relevant to the specific content of the website.

Broadly speaking, it’s good to look into SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Professional web designers can employ target keywords to optimum effect, improving a site’s position in rankings of search engines, and directing people to your website. There are many other elements that go into SEO, and hiring a professional can really be useful in this regard.

Last but not least, the content of a site needs to be clear, have an easy to follow flow, and it should be trustworthy. If your sources are bogus or you seem to be spreading erroneous information, discerning users will not return to your site. Keep the content original and specific, and you should be able to retain viewers. In addition to some of the advice listed here, professional web designers know more tricks of the trade and can help your blog or site grow into a major resource for users.

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