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Development of the Telephone

With over six out of every seven people on the planet using it in one form or another, the telephone surely must be the most commonly used technological device of today’s world.

The invention of the telephone is often attributed to Alexander Graham Bell, who in 1876 was the first to obtain a patent on a sound transmitting “apparatus.” But truth be told, many other inventors had been working on similar technologies ever since the 1830’s.

An essential complement to the telephone, the switchboard, was also invented in 1876 by Hungarian engineer Tivadar Pusks. In spite of its crucial importance to future of telephone networks, it would still be many years before switchboards became commonplace.

The earliest telephones from the 1870’s until the mid-1890’s were sold in pairs that would be connected together over a distance to facilitate communication between, say, a residence and a workshop.

The creation of a telephone network through the use of switchboards began in Lexington, Massachusetts, in 1894. The operators were almost exclusively women, and for the next half-century, this was how all long-distance phone calls in the United States were relayed.

In 1951, “area codes” were introduced for eleven cities across the United States, creating the ability to make automatic long-distance phone calls that bypassed the switchboards. Still in use today in or close to the same location, except for the one in San Francisco, these area codes were: 215 (Philadelphia), 216 (Cleveland), 312 (Chicago), 313 (Detroit), 318 (San Francisco), 401 (Providence), 412 (Pittsburgh), 414 (Milwaukee), 415 (Oakland), 617 (Boston), and 916 (Sacramento).

For decades to follow, things then remained pretty much unchanged until the popularization of Mobile Phones and VoIP telephony.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The latest majorly different way to transmit phone calls is known as VoIP, short for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” It was invented by Alon Cohen and Lior Haramaty in 1994, and introduced to the market in 1995 with the release of the first VoIP software by VocalTec.

Today, there are dozens of companies such as Skype or Vonage offering VoIP telephone services at rates that are usually much less than traditional landlines or mobile phone rates.

While extraordinarily price competitive, three disadvantages commonly mentioned with VoIP phone services are, 1) You cannot make emergency calls (911) through your VoIP service, 2) Your number will be unlisted, which may make you more difficult to find, 3) Your phone will not function when there’s a power outage.

Mobile Telephones

Mobile phones experienced an explosion in popularity in the 1990’s, driven by lower cost and expanded networks. However, it may surprise you to know that the first successful mobile phone took place in 1946, from a car in St Louis, Missouri.

Ten years later, the first automatic car phone was introduced in Sweden. That contraption, constructed with vacuum tubes and relays, weighed close to 90 lbs.

Even though the technology transmit phone calls wirelessly is old, the use of cell phones did not take off in earnest until the 1990’s. At the end of the 1980’s, only one in seventy Americans use some kind of mobile phone, and many of those were the kind installed into automobiles. Ten years later, the number of American mobile phone users had jumped to one in three. Take another leap to the year 2011, and the number of cell phone subscriptions surpassed the population; which means that on average, every American now uses a mobile phone.

Across the globe today, in world of 7 billion people, there are 5.9 billion cell phone subscribers. Put that in contrast to 1.26 billion landline telephone services. The mobile phone revolution is over in a mere two decades.

With a background as a translator, writer and publisher, Kent J Davidsson currently works in the utilities and communications industry. For quotes on communication services, including phone, Internet and television, please write to him and his team via e-mail write to@lower-utility-bills.us.

Offering Inmate Telephone Services with Prepaid Accounts

Inmate communication services are provided by Securus Technologies, which is one of the largest phone solutions for prisoners. They are presently servicing more than 2300 jails in the United State with their inmate telephone services. They provided excellent services to the inmates and their families. Simultaneously, they are also able to comply with the stipulations of such prisons and provide the service to county and state jails in the country.

A centralized platform for communication is offered by Secure tech Inmate, which is a pioneer in such forms of communication serving the families and friends of inmates. The system of communication has evolved to accommodate all the security features required in such communications. This is important in order to fulfill the criteria of investigative features and other legalities that are a part of the law. Their solutions also help in protecting the general public and for solving crimes.

The communication provided by Secure tech inmate is very clear and efficient, as they have several data centers placed throughout the country. The family can opt for direct account or a prepaid one. Calling cards, such as prepaid or debit cards can also be availed. They can also send emails to the inmate. They can also set up multiple numbers which the inmate can call.

The new website www.offender connect.com has been created by Inmate Financial Solutions for helping families of inmates to connect better. Families having accounts at the present service of inmatetelephone or at inmatebanker websites will need to shift over to the new website and create an account there. This account can then be merged with the existing account. You can access the website of www.offender connect.com in both the English and the Spanish version, in order that the benefits can accrue to several more families.

Many types of customer services are offered through www.offender connect.com. The customer can select the category, such as payment or deposit support or regarding the account management support and then submit his customer service request online. They can also add money to the commissary account of the inmate and stay connected easily with a 24 hour access provided. The prisoner can also make use of kiosks of Offender Connect placed in the prison lobby.

Be sure to stop by our website, www.inmate-telephone-service.com, and learn more about telephone service services such as www.offender connect.com and secure tech inmate.

Offering Prepaid Telephone Account for inmates

There are several ways in which families of inmates can receive calls from them from the state or federal prisons. You can call up the institution and ask them the kind of inmate telephone service that they provide and the options available. It is also possible to call the local phone company and ask them to set up your phone for receiving calls. You will receive the bills along with the monthly telephone bill.

A very simple way of providing a telephone solution for inmates is through wwwoffenderconnect.com. This inmate telephone service allows you to set up a prepaid phone account for your relative who is serving term in the prison. You can create a prepaid account for your number. The inmate is also allowed to purchase such prepaid cards from the facility lobby itself or another option is that the family can do a money transfer, so that the inmate receives the money. The account is created easily at the wwwoffenderconnect.com site.

Once the family has set up such a prepaid account for the inmate, it is very easy for the inmate to call them and the family is also able to keep an eye on the amount that is being spent on the calls. The payment is allowed in the form of credit cards. While signing up for the service, you can provide your credit card expiry details along with its number. There are phone accounts that you can select or there is also money transfer facilities provided.

The wwwoffenderconnect.com portal allows the users to create a phone account, deposit funds for the inmates and also check their balances on the telephone accounts and view statements and payment histories. The money deposited for telephone accounts can also be moved to participating facilities in case of a transfer of the inmate or you can even close the account online through their website.

Many people find this inmate telephone service very useful, as they are able to access it at all times throughout the day or night. Most of the services are self-service ones. Another advantage is that the website can be accessed in both English and Spanish, in order to be useful to more number of families of inmates in the United States.

Visit our websitesite, www.inmate-telephone-service.com to learn more about inmate telecom service providers and services such as wwwoffenderconnect.com and inmate telephone service.

Is Google Voice for me?

Is that what you’re asking your self? Should I use Google Voice? Google Voice protects your real number from others. It particularly helps with online dating and blocking phone numbers.

How usually ought to I use Google Voice? However frequently you’d like. It is unlimited with both your calls and texts.

In a nutshell the Google Voice number forwards to your cell or home phone number. So when somebody calls the GV number(or vice versa), they’ll not know what your real phone number is.

In a sense, Google Voice is like the middle man between you and other people, whether or not it be by way of calls or texts.

To call a person, it is possible to use a Google Voice App (shown in image) that immediately asks if you want to make use of the GV number, or you’ll be able to call directly to the GV number, of which GV will recognize your number and ask if you’d like to produce a telephone call or check your voice mail.

Identical principle applies to texts. You can text, or get a text from, a person via GV and all they will see is your GV number although you’re making use of your true telephone. Why should I use Google Voice? The benefits:

You can block individual numbers and anonymous/private callers Save for long distance family/friends and have them call you making use of a nearby number in their location. Saves them cash if they use a land line Texts through GV are unlimited so it helps in case you have text limits on your actual number You can set it as much as have men and women state their names 1st, to cut down on “robo calls” You are able to have GV number ring other phone numbers within your home at the same time Text messages might be forwarded not just for your telephone, but in addition for your email You are able to set up a personalized greeting for every specific phone number of friends/family A great privacy tool for posting GV number on a website or for online dating Also a fantastic tool to have by getting the number forwarded to any phone, no matter what location you are at in case you’re expecting an emergency or important call

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Paltalk for android promotional coupon

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Conversing with other people can be more exiting if you are relying on the service of the company. There is the coupon that provides you a free access your account using the additional rewards for video and voice chatting. There is also the free promotional trial that offer at no cost video viewing in different chat room categories. Another good thing is you don’t need to close the other chat rooms just open another one.

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Get connected in site through creating a new account for regular usage. Once you have your own account, you can use the promo code in order to avail more free trials and also get substantial discounts on your membership registration. You can also use the software during online chats with your friends using other online services like Yahoo, ICQ messengers, and AOL. You will surely find it cool and astounding since you can chat all of them at the same time. Also, you can enjoy the audio and video because you can open it and view you by all your chat mates.

Your chat mates will amaze the cool webcam animations and emoticons. You can show your feelings that represents by these smileys and other graphical photos. In addition to that, they will motivate to chat with you spontaneously. In order to use these emoticons and other unique webcam animations, you should avail promo code! With this, you don’t just enjoy chatting with your friends unlimitedly but you can also get free video chat. So, if you want to extend your chatting activity, you should also encourage your chat mates to get Paltalk coupon 2012 and let them experience the long lasting online communication with other people.

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Cisco CIUS is a Game Changer for Business Apps

When first looking at the Cisco CIUS, it’s easy to be underwhelmed. Contrasted with the lightweight Samsung Galaxy Tab, the CIUS is small, chunky, and heavy. But after getting connected to our back end systems and operating it for a week, I am very impressed.

The email, calendar, and contact applications are exceptional. I have mine hooked into our Exchange server, and everything works perfectly. Emails are simple to review, and the interface layout is superior. All the meetings on my calendar appear exactly like they do on my Outlook client, with no additional meetings, no deleted meetings, and no confusing design.

Contacts are excellent. There is a high speed search function and all my Google contacts are sitting right there next to my Exchange contacts. What is really cool is that the contacts are incorporated into the phone application, which is where the Cisco CIUS really starts to differentiate itself from other Android devices.

The Cisco CIUS is a complete Cisco phone. I have mine hooked into a Plantronics bluetooth headset, and have been operating it from home. I just validated the integrated Cisco AnyConnect client to our VPN service, and it pulled its profile from the Cisco Communications Manager server. The voice quality is also great – Cisco must have programmed some kind of processing precedence on the phone application.

It is of course a full 720p HD video conferencing endpoint as well. External callers, EX90 users, and Movi client users can reach me by dialing either my internal extension, or my URI, which is just my telephone number at my domain. I have also tested the video calls over a 4G Verizon mifi connection. When using that, the video codec switches to the lesser bandwidth Standard Definition automatically. Even when the video pixellates faintly, the voice stream on the video call is clear with no alteration.

The Jabber and Webex clients come installed on the Cisco CIUS. They pulled up my accounts without any problem. The Jabber client is great for Instant Messaging and Presence now, and since everyone at my workplace uses Webex Connect, it is enjoyable to have this alternate communications path. Both clients are pretty basic for now, and I am excited for the improvements that are coming that will integrate voice and video into them.

The VMware View virtual desktop client is surprisingly good. I anticipated that it would be difficult to use on a 7″ tablet, but it’s as easy to use as the same client on the Samsung Galaxy Tab. I believe the touchscreen is more sensitive or precise on the CIUS, but I was able to simply review a couple different applications for information that I needed.

I have not used any games on this tablet yet, merely because this tablet is all about business. The Cisco design team clearly put some time and effort into programming the business applications to work well. I know there is a bunch of infosec stuff and app store control as well, but that has no bearing on usability.

The improvements I would like to see involve charging and battery life. The battery life is insufficient, but part of that is because the tablet seems to be running all the time! If I don’t manually push the power button it will happily chug away and exhaust the battery in several hours. I would also like to see some little LED light up when the tablet is being charged.

The Cisco CIUS tablet is a really nice device. Although the specs are simple, those don’t represent the true story about this tablet. What really sets this device head and shoulders above any other tablet in the marketplace is the rock solid implementation of the Cisco phone and the Cisco TelePresence video. All those applications put together have made this my preferred choice for the device that I reach for in my briefcase when I need to take care of business.

Specifications and Cisco CIUS price available from Cisco Gold Partners.

Network Solutions that Promote Business Growth

It is vital for network solutions to be able to provide your business with growth and flexibility so a switch to VoIP services could ensure greater connectivity and help communications efficiency. VoIP will also reduce telephony costs with improved bandwidth efficiency and cost effectiveness. The malleability of your business will be improved by routing phone calls over existing networks as opposed to separate ones.

Configuration changes to the system can be achieved with ease allowing simple maintenance to be carried out without the need for technical expertise. One of the many advantages to VoIP devices is the user-friendly interface. The dual-mode phones make moving between conversations and the internal Wi-Fi network without carrying a mobile and desktop phone, simple.

VoIP switches run on standard interfaces, like PCs and Linux systems rather than closed architectures. You don’t need to worry about a difficult migration because of the system’s rapid deployment and call routing plans for users can be set up in minutes through web portal.

Allowing for high-speed access run over fibre is an ethernet network. With applications moving over a single high-speed network, ethernet based LAN networks provide secure and reliable usage. Ranging from 10Mbps, 100Mbps or even 1Gpb, a multitude of speeds are available. As well as connecting multiple locations, ethernet is best utilised in connecting sites that are up to 25KM apart.

Providing your business with the peace of mind it needs in order to grow is of huge importance. The solution for this is network management and allows an external agent to monitor your network infrastructure, improving productivity and reduce costs. The improvement in productivity is achieved by easing or totally removing pressure from your IT and internal resources. Expert advice from your network management company will ensure business continuity, and help you to maintain focus on the areas of your business that matter most.

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Inmates Prepaid Service

Inmates who are serving their sentence in jails and correctional institutes can avail of inmate calling service to contact their family. There are many services and one among them is the Securus inmate telephone service. The families of inmates can avail different types of services, such as prepaid, direct, debit or even voice mail messaging and prepaid cards for inmates to call them.

The family can give a list of the number options to Securus Technologies. This provides the company with an identification number, so that the inmate can call you at any registered phone, even if it is located at some other destination. This will enable you to take the calls at all the provided numbers. The First Call Connect is another feature offered by Securus inmate telephone service. If a person gets incarcerated, he can inform his relatives or friends through this service and with a brief conversation ask them to open any type of account for them to remain in contact.

The Securus inmate telephone service can also help in the form of prepaid calling cards, in various amounts if the particular facility allows the service from this company. Another prepaid account is in the form of an Advance Connect method, where the family can provide multiple phone numbers in order that the prisoner can contact them wherever they are. They can also be contacted on cell phones and through the internet. The family can also access details of the account at the official website of the company.

It is also possible to avail the direct account service with the help of T-Netix or Evercom, wherein you can obtain a separate bill for each month’s charges for the calls received from the inmate, but there are also limits for these calls and you will be warned before these limits are reached.

The debit accounts are another way of contacting families for inmates, where he can pay the amount to the company directly from the institution through his funds. The inmate can also opt for the voicemail service from Securus inmate telephone service, so that the inmate can leave a voice message to his family or friend and they can access it when they get back to their location.

Be sure not to miss our inmate phone site, inmate-telephone-service.com and learn to understand more about jail phone service like securus inmate telephone service and inmate calling service.

What Do I Need to Know About Voip Service Providers?

To select the appropriate business voip provider for your business, you need…listen up! 1)knowledge and 2) TIME to gain that knowledge. Just by reading this article you are getting more knowledge on the subject of business voip providers and one step closer to deciding which business voip provider is best for you. This decision should NOT be like shopping for groceries at your closest store. You need to set aside time to carefully assess different business voip providers. In your business voip provider evaluation, you may find it helpful to consult the following list of things included in voip services:

1) Expense of voip services: Obviously a business voip provider can save you lots of money! Especially compared to the regular phone service provider. Business voip providers can sometimes cut up to seventy percent of your costs on long distant calls. So, evaluate which business voip provider can give you the lowest monthly price for the highest voip service quality.

2) Voip Services Included: Assess the needs of your business and decide which voip features your business must have. Some features included in voip services are automated attendant, call forwarding, block calls, calls on hold, etc. Features should NOT cost extra, they should be included in your business voip provider’s services. Choose a business voip provider who can provide all the voip services your business needs and with little or no extra costs. You want to make sure you know what voip services your company needs and may need in the future and include all of these in your business voip provider contract.

3) Keep your phone number: Every business voip provider should have a way to transfer your current business phone number from the regular land-line to voip services. This way your business isn’t losing customers by changing phone numbers. This feature of keeping your phone number and just upgrading to voip services is often called “number-portability”. You may also want to test the voip services before switching over. Keep in mind that if you are using DSL this becomes a little more complicated. It is usually better to get cable-internet before switching to a business voip provider.

4) Enhanced 911 Feature: The E911 feature is that you can still dial 911 for emergencies even though you’re using a VoIP and/or wireless phone rather than a traditional phone. The E911 service includes that the 911 dispatcher would be able to see your location from the phone number you’re calling so that emergency help can be sent, just like it works with land-line phones. Often a business voip provider will say that this service is provided, but it isn’t actually functional. Either make sure this service is provided by the business voip provider you choose, or make sure your business still has a land-line phone or cell phone that can be used in emergencies.

5) Guaranteed Money-Back: If the business voip provider guarantees a money back then this usually means they have voip services that are reliable. Most business voip providers have a fifteen to thirty-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like their voip services within that time, your money can be refunded.

This list is not all-inclusive, rather some ideas to consider when choosing a business voip provider that’s right for you. Of course, you’re going to need to take some time to evaluate voip services and providers to make the best decision on a business voip provider. How to Choose a the Best Voip Provider?

Keep your phone number: Every business voip provider should have a way to transfer your current business phone number from the regular land-line to voip services. This way your business isn’t…. Learn more at business voip provider and phone

Overview of some inmate calling services

It is possible for inmates incarcerated in prisons to avail telephone services from Value Added Communications. This is a jail telephone service based in Plano in Texas and has been operating since 1989 to service prisons. The message systems and other features, such as call control are very useful for prisons. The software is also very advanced and excellent for the jails to easily manage their revenue from this service. The Focus 100 program of VAC provides excellent technical features, which can serve the needs of huge institutions as well.

The main features of this jail telephone service are that it is very easy to understand as there is a voice guide that prompts both the inmate and the called party, so that there is no need for any operators to intervene during the conversation. The name of the inmate is stored and it is played to the called party when the call is made as an initial greeting.

The called party gets all the information about the calls, such as the name of the inmate, the type of call and the institution from which the call is being made. The called party or the family of the inmate can then deny the call or refuse all future calls. The calls can also be monitored and recorded. The software of Value Added Communications provides the institutions with features such as unique reports and also capabilities for searching for specific information. This increases the safety feature of the institutions and the inmates are also facilitated due to the presence of automated control features.

Some other features are also incorporated in the Value Added Communications services as they can monitor good behavior and reward them and also penalize bad behavior of inmates. The inmates can access the calls through their passwords and calls can be recorded and searches can be made by replaying the conversation or parts of it.

An attorney privilege feature is also incorporated, whereby the inmate is protected in having a conversation with his legal advisor. Value Added Communications offers superior technological solutions for jail telephone service, so that the institutions can have the best facilities and provide them to the inmates.

Be sure not to miss our jail telephone website, www.inmate-telephone-service.com to understand more about jail phone service like value added communications and jail telephone service.