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Why web users do not want another social network

You’ve probably been using the Net for a considerable number of years now. You experimented with MySpace and LinkedIn and then Facebook came along and you tried that out. Then Twitter took off and you thought you would try and try that social network too.

And then in the past half a year or so Google decided to go into the arena with their new social network called Google Plus. The issue is that people have no need for another social network. It is too much to learn and absorb. With technology growing at an ever increasing rate it is almost impossible to lead our real lives as well as consume a 4th social media platform. Quite simply the human brain can’t stay alongside of technology.

And this is the difficulty Google has. They entered the arena too late when the early adopters of social media learned and shared all they could about the 1st 3 platforms.

Another fact that has been overlooked is that Google are above all a technology company. With their target technology they have not managed to educate the user on the best way to use their system. They have left the marketing and education up to the early adopters which is like leaving the responsibility of corporate web design to your kids.

Another thing is that Google Plus isn’t simplistic. With Twitter the idea of sharing 140 characters of what you do is not tough to embrace. Folks are typically stumped as to how to exploit the Google system.

The biggest gripe for me is that I can’t synchronise my updates from Twitter onto Google Plus or my updates from LinkedIn or Facebook. If Google wishes users to take on and migrate over to their system then they need to lower the hurdles which make adoption quicker and faster.

Let this be a warning for technology firms. You don’t always have to be first in the market but you also don’t really wish to be in fourth place either.

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Taking Your Twitter Follower Count to the Next Level

Twitter has been around for a long time now, and it’s proven to be one of the most effective direct marketing tools available today on the Internet. However, the fact remains that you can’t really use Twitter to promote something blatantly. If you want to do this right, then you will forget about business and focus on making friends and good acquaintances. And in order to achieve that you have to work your way up by adding more followers to your Twitter on a consistent basis. You can find a lot of content about getting more followers, but we will talk about three effective methods.

If you are not comfortable with Renegade Millionaire and executing quick and important decisions, then it is critical that you know that ability is indispensable with online marketing and business. It is a fact that a very high percentage of new businesses fail in the first few years.

Most IM marketers fail at Twitter because they do not tweet enough and they tweet the wrong messages. If you tweet on a regular basis, you’ll automatically boost the retweets you get, and thus gets you more followers. Besides that, people that visit your Twitter profile will see if you’re active. You have to build your reputation at Twitter, and one way to do that is paying a visit during the week – each day – and rubbing elbows with your followers. Retweeting is super hot these days and the reason for this is pretty basic: Twitter users love to retweet things they think are interesting. In order to get your followers to retweet them more often, you have to ask them. Here’s the truth: you don’t just need to offer good content, you need to ask them for retweets too. By including a simple call to action such as "please RT" you can boost the number of retweets you get. This will obviously help you get seen by more people who aren’t your followers already. And if they like what you tweet, they will obviously want to follow you and stay updated.

Not all of your social marketing efforts for attracting followers have to be at their main site. If you want to get a better handle on things in your niche and boost follower numbers, then get some feelers out there. Software can be a huge help with automating this process, and you can set it up and forget about it. So then you can just see what it is and then proceed in the best way you think is appropriate. What this technique does is give you a reason to reach out and then get another follower. You have to pay attention to everything as it concerns your business, and that is why you should do this.

While this will take some time to accomplish, it is worth it in the very end.

A huge part of success with Twitter is working to get the followers going. You know you must find people in your niche otherwise there is no point in doing it. But keep in mind that Twitter marketing means an investment of your time, but it can pay off if you approach it with the right methods. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is to treat your followers well and avoid spamming them, so that they keep on increasing.

If you are not comfortable with Renegade Millionaire and executing quick and important decisions, then it is critical that you know that ability is indispensable with online marketing and business. It is a fact that a very high percentage of new businesses fail in the first few years.

Acquiring More Retweets for Your Efforts

Twitter is a great way to drive targeted traffic to your website. It is worth your time to work toward making people retweet your posts at that site. That is why content is so important because it can spread like wildfire if all the planets line up for you. As you know, it is tough to make something go viral which is really what this is about, but you can do the right things to help it along.

You need to do all you can to encourage people to retweet for you, so use these methods and be proactive.

Of course we hope you realize the importance of making your content written to the right people in your niche. See to it that every tweet that you send out is something that can be passed on. Work toward creating a buzz and forward moving energy with your audience and tweets. Even if your content is spectacular all the time, that will not guarantee that you will get the retweet. All of this does require some time is will not happen right away, but when it begins to happen you will be glad.

Just get in the habit of giving first, and then one day they may return the favor for you. When you get in the habit of helping people, then in time you will develop a positive image and impression on all you come in contact with. There are not a lot of people who are willing to do this, first, but who cares about that as what matters is the good you are willing to do. So this is really just people helping people, and there are a lot of good people around who will respond.

People are not used to others being professional and polite, and you can and should send a quick thank you note for a retweet. Always do more than the next person, and that is what this basic idea is about. You never know who you will be contacting, and they may turn out to be a good ally or network contact. As you know, your online reputation is really all you have, and this is how you can begin building it up. Remember that as you continue to show your qualities through your actions, then people will begin to respond to that in a positive manner.

Retweeting is something that is really not talked about a lot in terms of being a strong strategy, but it really can be very effective. But nothing will ever happen unless you take these methods and put them to work for you. It is well known how people tend to behave, so that is why you cannot just accumulate followers without ever networking with them and building a bond, etc. Avoid letting your impatience get the best of you, and then just make it a daily task to go to Twitter and build some goodwill. All your hard efforts and dedication to the process will pay off for you, but just be sure you move forward with this.

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Tips And Guidelines For Hiring A Freelance Programmer

The overall approach to hire a software programmer is not difficult to execute, and there are measures you need to take so you get what you are looking for. The pool of talent waiting for your project is quite large, and it would take you a long time just to read about all of them. But you have to discover where to look and what to do so you can properly assess those who respond to your offers. Whether it’s long term or short term, if you want to get quality results then you will have to take the necessary steps to hire the best talent. What follows next is a very short compilation of the process we urge you to follow.

It is always in your potential best interests to keep a professional demeanor with any contractor you engage. When you are in business, you really can never have too many people in your professional network. If you’re running an online business that has requirements every now and then, it’s good to be in touch with the top talent in the industry so that you don’t have to go out searching for freelancers again and again. Regardless of your future projects, you should always make a habit of cultivating positive business relationships. The give and take that occurs with accurate and timely information will be instrumental to your product being as good as it can be. Any pieces of the puzzle you feel may be of good service will be appreciated by your programmer. One thing you do not want to do is communicate so much that it starts to interfere with anything. But of course anything you can provide in the way of helpful feedback cannot hurt. You will want to maintain this kind of positive exchange of ideas and thoughts as the project continues. So this is how you lay the foundations for a long and positive working relationship with any freelancer you hire.

Don’t expect your hired programmer to be expert at everything, because they’re human too and their knowledge will be limited to what they do. So in the event your hired programmer cannot easily accomplish a task, you will have to find someone else or a way to get that task done. If you want to have your freelancer perform tasks outside of his or her knowledge, then be sure to make it worth their time. If you do not completely know or understand areas of knowledge, then you have to find someone who does know. No matter what you want done, you have to balance that with the primary reason you hired the programmer.

But if you are not afraid to see what happens, then you may decide to relax the verifications.

There has never been a better time to locate so many potential freelance candidates. This is not necessarily a huge and difficult task, but you really do have to be careful with who you hire online.

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Small Business Social Media Blunders

Social media is the craze and Twitter is at the top of list. Without a doubt using Twitter as a component to your advertising strategy is smart and you shouldn’t be afraid to jump in and make splash, however here are some tips to help you avoid failure.

Keep a pro distance. You do not want to be sharing all of the details in your life. Too frequently people who join Twitter become baffled about the term “social” and finish up creating more havoc than good. Keep it pro, provide handy tips or perhaps guidance but try to keep it subject related.

Do not be too proud. Often times folk will become a tiny too self focused. Your objective is to build up trust and in doing so talking about “YOU” all day and your successes, to be honest, is quite uninteresting. Concentrate on what your clients wants are, not yours.

Try to not be dead seriousdead serious all the time, some days make the subject lite and/or even go off subject once in a while and chat about your fave sport, traveller's destination (no private stuff) or your favorite dish.

Have a little characterpersonality in how you talk to your followers and don't be a troll. Trolls are people who bad-mouth everything and anything. Regardless of how you're feeling about a topic contain yourself and do not come off sounding like your an expert or try pushing your values. Folks do not like being told what to do…do you?

Concentrate on your community. Twitter is a two-way street. If you need your followers to pay attention to you, it's important that you reciprocate. You never can say, you simply might find folk in your follower’s list that you like and it may turn out to be a real friendship.

Regardless of what you learn in terms of “your method”, what's vital is that you “learn” from it and create your own one-off style which will build supporters and grab their attention each time you post a tweet. It's always and experiment and you will never make everybody pleased or turn all follower’s into private mates, but you can take no risks and keep yourself out of trouble simply by following some basic rules.

Stephen Willis writes about different social advertising strategies you will learn to uncover the rest of his ideas that are directly about Twitter marketing and how to add Twitter followers as well as new tricks with Twitter software such as TweetAdder.

Using Twitter to drive traffic to your web site “A guide for retailers

This short piece tries to supply a step by step guide for firms to have interaction with existing and future customers using the amazing open platform, Twitter. Follow these simple steps and see your online social presence grow and more traffic to your web site.

1. Set Up A Twitter Account

This might seem obvious but it’s very important to select a correct user name to represent your company. Choose your company name. As an example, our twitter name is BusyBeeCandles. This is the twitter name for our company Busy Bee Candles. We supply scented candles and home fragrance products as well as wholesale candles.

2. Choose a great profile image

This is often overlooked and we see no end of personal photographs representing corporations. Remember, your company Twitter account represents a brand not you personally. If you want a private account, great, get one of those. For companies, choose your logo, your product or something relating to your business.

3. Write a short synopsis of your company and use this as your profile

We so often see a poor profile on company twitter accounts. This is an immediate put off for potential followers. Write something catchy and concise which will get folks enthusiastic about following you.

4. Attach your web site address to your profile

This is a complete must do. Supporters can click your profile and click straight on this link to visit your company site. Make it easy to connect.

5. Follow your existing contacts list

Begin by following folks you know, company contacts, suppliers and those you supply. Make a list and use the search section of Twitter to find these contacts. Also visit your contacts websites, you will be pleasantly surprised how many will publicise their twitter details to the buyers and contacts

6. Join the conversation

Read your contacts tweets and reply to them. Keep it friendly, professional and informed. You are a professional in your field and make sure everybody knows it.

7. Write publicity tweets

Include an occasional publicity tweet in your twitter stream. Something similar to “Visit our site for good quality goods at an amazing price” and attach the link to your internet shop. Again, make it straightforward. Keep the tweet straightforward and focused on a single subject.

8. Engage with folks

Twitter is all about conversation, interaction and sharing. Tell people about your company. Awards won, famous patrons and whatever else that you have in your armory that makes you special. Folk on twitter want to know more about your company.

9. Get a little personal

It is very important that you appear like a genuine person. Nobody wants to follow a stream of attention seeking tweets. We sometimes include tweets or an amusing photograph about our pets. Be individual yet restrained. It’s a complicated talent to master but read other tweets from established twitter company accounts and you will soon get into the swing of it.

10. Run a contest

Twitter folk love a competition. It’s a superb opportunity for you to raise your profile, offer a sampling of your product and gain feedback. The prize hasn’t got to be big, your own products are the absolute best. We do this a lot and receive fantastic reviews that everyone on twitter can read. Fabulous cheap promoting.

Follow these easy guiding principles, get yourself social and join the media revolution. If you need to see an account in action, follow our Scented Candles twitter account and tweet us if you have got a question.

Authored by Nathan Hooper at Busy Bee Candles, an active social marketing pro, gigantic twitter fan and compulsive tweeter. Visit Busy Bee Candles for wonderful Scented Candles and great Wholesale Candles

The Twitter List Trick – An Under Applied


Now that the people you are following get up there in quantity it can be challenging, if not impossible to follow them and cut through all of that noise. I’m a bit late to the party (what else is new) but I just took the time to create a few lists on my Twitter account to organize the people who truly provide value into lists that make sense to me. Here are the basics:

To make a new list, follow these instructions:

– Visit the profile of the first user you would like to add to your list – Push the list drop-down, which looks like the icon above
– At the base of the drop-down menu, click “Create list”
– Enter the certifications of your list, and select whether others can see it or whether it is private
– Check to verify if the user you wanted to add was successfully included in that list: to do that, click the list drop-down. A blue check will be added next to lists in which that user is included (shown below under “Adding or Removing People”)

Some notes about Lists. You can have 20 lists per user; List names cannot begin with a numerical character, and there’s a maximum of 500 accounts on each list

And below are five tips that might be helpful:

– Decide what classes or subjects are truly of relevance for you and begin a listing for each and every one. Keep in mind here is your playground therefore you can determine exactly what important means and exactly how everyone matches to that particular description. No rules here.
– Don’t make it hard. Add folks as you come across them either as new followers, or while reading a Tweet you particularly like.
– Decide if each list should be public or private. Family could be personal; most others public would be my guess. Remember, for the main part, you are using Twitter to be “findable” by search sites and others. So public is the way to go.
– Peruse other Tweeps lists to find people you would like to follow. Like Groups, it’s a good way to fish where the fish are.
– In placing someone in one of your lists you are giving them visibility and findability. It adds to the engagement factor that is so critical to social media success.

I’m a secret organizational nut. I have just found a new toy with Twitter lists, and can’t bear to wait to play more. Get started, if you have not already. You may even realize that you are reading more Tweets than ever seen before, AND gaining more value.

Stephen Willis writes about different social marketing ideas you will learn to uncover the rest of his suggestions that are directly about Twitter marketing and how to add Twitter followers as well as new tricks with Twitter software such as TweetAdder.

“Old-Fashioned” Retweeting versus “New” Retweeting

Who knew there were multiple paths to retweet somebody? Before Twitter modified the Retweet to be a reposting of the primary poster’s tweet (“New” Retweet), the only possible way you could quote a Twitter user was thru duplicating their post and putting RT username in front of the message. Now, with both the “old-fashioned” retweet and “new” retweet options, you can retweet in alternate ways to fit your purpose.

When to Use the “New” Retweet

If you’re directly quoting someone, you need to use the “New” Retweet. In order to use the “New” Retweet, there is a link below the tweet you can click on for it to be posted on your profile.

Here is the best thing about this feature: tweets can’t be misquoted or used in the wrong context. This is especially good for celebrities and people of interest whose tweets are often misquoted or edited. Also, Klout is only measured by “New” Retweets. “Old-Fashioned” Retweets will count as mentions.

Here is the tough thing about this feature: you cannot comment on somebody’s tweet. You simply have to repost it on your profile.

When to Use the “Old-Fashioned” Retweet

The “Old-Fashioned” Retweet is ideal for the individual that is looking to comment on other individual’s tweets, but still give context and credit to the original poster. Twitter does not provide an option to tweet old skool vs. new, but there are methods around this.

1. Copy/Paste the original tweet and put it in the correct format. In front of the pasted tweet, put RT user-name. In front of the RT you are able to add your comment. Afterall, that is why you’d wish to old school retweet this person in the first place, right?
2. Get a 3rd Party Twitter application. I know HootSuite lets you select the type of RT you would like to perform. Click Retweet on the tweet, and for new retweeting format, click “Yes,” and for old-fashioned retweeting format, click “Edit.” This is a wonderful tool that allows you to retweet they way you need.

The bad thing about old fashioned retweets is that they count as mentions, not retweets, when people are attempting to measure your web influence, or klout. Try and keep a mixture of new and old fashioned retweets so as to mix it up. Only use old-fashioned retweets if you are looking to comment.

Amy Turman writes about social media for Experts123.com.

Top 3 Facebook Post Submission Suggestions

Facebook has turned into one of the most rapidly developing social network platforms, plus they are also turning into the center of attention for Internet marketers who are making the most out of the fan pages on that site so they can reach their intended audience. By forming an attractive post with Facebook, you should be able to triumph with the fan pages. Out of the following article we will be sharing some simple suggestions that you can make use of without delay for coming up with influential posts for Facebook and maximize them.

Never talk negatively about your competitor because your intention should be to get your fans to see your products in a good light. Bad mouthing another company or a product won’t get you anywhere in the eyes of your fans. You should be positive in every sense of the word and not allow your fans to think wrong. The subject that you decide to talk about must always be useful to your fans.

You have to inject your personality into the posts you create because this will give you an edge over the competition. Your fans are real people with real emotions that often dictate what they do so it is to those emotions that you need to appeal if you want them to take the actions you set out.

Last, analyze your post over time and see how they are performing. If your submissions have very few comments or likes, then there is something that should be addressed and you need to make a few changes. It might be that your posts are not very appealing to others. Or, it could be that your fans are searching for something else? Or, it could be that your fans want to see something else? Or, your fans were looking for a different kind of method. Possibly you posts were not interesting because they lacked a fresh insight. Whatever problem you are experiencing, when you go through your posts, you will be able to find a solution. This will give you a huge boost in the long run when you’re writing your posts. You will have to change up your posts for the better if you intend to get good results in the end.

There are many times you notice that fan pages make the mistake of not utilizing their updates correctly, which means in the long run they’ll end up losing a good number of fans. To cut a long story short, if you would like to get all the actual gains of utilizing a fan page and actually moving the traffic you are aiming for toward your site then begin using the hints that we have shared here.


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How Do You Produce Value Using Twitter?

If you are going to pass some time on Twitter, it is as vital to see why folk use Twitter as it is to understand how to use Twitter. What makes folks need to be followed and to follow you? Precisely what makes Twitter tick?

Here are a couple of reasons why folk (and firms) Tweet:

Keeping in touch. Twitter is great for networking with mates, purchasers, prospects even the media. A single tweet can let everyone know what you are up to. This will include fresh product releases, blog articles, sales, or simply offering value back to your followers with pointers and tips.

Making new contacts. During the last month I have connect with an accountant in California, an SEO expert in Denver, and others who have helped me to grow my business. These are individuals that I might never have”met” outside of this environment.

Event Planning. Tweetups have actually been forming from coast to coast in which a bunch of folks keen on meeting face-to-face gather at a particular time and place. Many times these are linked with an event that is already happening. Have you got a facility that would accommodate such a meeting? Set the time and place and start sending out Tweets. You will be shocked at who shows up.

Activism. It is simple to find people on Twitter that are prepared to support your cause. The best illustration of this was Barack Obama’s campaign managers used the barackobama Twitter account as a tool to find and organize support for their candidate. Twitter has even been utilized by seriously ill folk to find donors or get medical assistance.

Marketing and business development. Twitter is a tool that may be employed by businesses of any size. Due to the level playing field, Twitter can give small businesses an edge they could not afford otherwise. Let you customers get to know the face behind the business. Use Twitter as a tool to build your brand. Let proponents know what you stand for and what makes you different.

Monitoring your brand and reputation. Most Tweeps (a term used to refer to people posting on Twitter) aren’t shy about talking their minds. This is particularly true when it comes to things they like or detest. You can monitor and measure what they are saying about your service or product in real time. On a recent webinar, I selected a product represented by one of the participators. We did a search and there was a Tweet where someone had a poor experience with one of their franchisees. The participator was ready to respond to the person in near real-time and resolve the issue. Where else could this have occurred? Monitter.com allows you to set up three search phrases and monitor Tweets. You can set this up in the morning and keep it running in the background of your computer to check occasionally. You can respond to the Tweets right in the program.

Keeping right up with the newest stories. Not very long ago I was at a meeting in Las Vegas. There had been a power blackout that covered a significant slice of the town. Folk around the globe heard about this outage within a couple of seconds of it happening. Long before the media had enough time to report the incident. When a US Airways plane crash-landed in the Hudson Brook, the first photograph was submitted by a Twitter who tweeted”There’s an aircraft in the Hudson and I am on the ferry to pick up the people.”

Simplicity. Twitter was made from the idea of allowing folk to post standing updates and that’s what it still does. It has developed way beyond the basic”What are you doing?” Nevertheless it still assists in keeping things quick. Twitters limitation of 140 characters is its greatest strength. It requires practice to get your message across in 140 characters or less, but it is an art worth developing.

If you’re new to Twitter, Business Coaching Team has a training program that may help you to get happy with this powerful tool in a short period of time. Make Twitter Work is a series of short videos that may guide you through the method of creating your account, finding local proponents and making your tweets effective. This course combines coaching from several sources to give you a good begin with Twitter.

Stephen Willis writes about different social advertising strategies you will learn to uncover the rest of his recommendations that are directly about Twitter marketing and how to add Twitter followers as well as new tricks with Twitter software such as TweetAdder.