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How to Use Twitter for Business

Twitter PR is one of those critical things that a lot of people have heard about, but a big in the dark on the details. So, the real question here is, would you like to use Twitter for business? A good marketing firm has got a good handle on how to use Facebook to make money, but Twitter is a extremely tough nut to crack.

Using twitter for business should always start out with you trying to acquire a large twitter following. Now, you may be wondering, how do you do that? Well, do you have a great deal of Facebook followers? If so, ask them to follow you on Twitter! It’s that easy. Most social media users make use more than one type of social media, so leverage both.

Next, you should ensure that you observe what’s being talked about on Twitter. Are people asking questions about your company or product? Answer them! If you love what you post, they’ll probably follow you back. This may seem like a tedious and time-consuming process, but if the person who follows you have a large twitter following themselves, there’s a great chance that their followers will follow you as well!

No conversation on Twitter for business would be all it should be without mention of the actual business of Twitter: their ads. Although Twitter has had ads from the onset, it hasn’t really caught fire like Facebook ads have. If you feel like they would be worthwhile, I would give it a shot, but I haven’t met anyone who could vouch for their effectiveness.

Most importantly, you have to ensure that your Twitter feed is something that people would like to read every day. Make it fun and exciting. Don’t just constantly say “buy this product,” but rather give the followers value. Try running contests, offer deals, ask questions, and reach out to people. If they retweet what you have to tell them, then you’ll get even more followers!

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The Negative of Twitter for Business and Twitter PR

Since the inception of Twitter we have all heard how Twitter can fundamentally boost your online presence because of free Twitter PR and advertisements. With that said there are disadvantages that come with using a Twitter for business. What people do not comprehend outside of a marketing firm is that when you set up a Twitter for business tweeting is only half of the work that goes along with it. You must go above and beyond in order to make your Twitter for business account potent. If you’re creating a Twitter for business it would be a good idea to follow a few of these tips.

As alluded to earlier when you think Twitter for business you probably will think all have you to do is tweet a few times and thats it. That would be silly to even think that. Your Twitter for business account needs to have some substance to it to attract new followers. This can be done by modestly just tweeting current events or even tweeting prize give away to attract people to your company page. Keep this in mind, by being virtually inactive on your Twitter for business page will clearly show that your Twitter followers or possible customers are not important to you.

In addition you must also make sure your company page is not one of those pages that follows too many people but only has 6 followers. This shows that your company is not attracting anybody but at the same time your looking desperate following anything that has a page. The rule of thumb when it comes to following from a business page stand point is your following list should be 10% less than your followers list. This is important because you want to show a potential follower that your a licit company and not some spam profile. Thats the problem people do not comprehend that just because it is free advertising doesn’t mean you don’t have to work on the profile.

Aside from over following you must also make sure you hold back from from over tweeting from your Twitter for Business page. Over-Tweeting will only lead to your Twitter for business losing followers even before you get some. You must begin slowly and steadily; make sure you are tweeting what is really beneficial. Keep track of tweets which get answers and from your re-tweets. Slowly increase the volume over time but avoid bombarding people’s timelines.

Lastly you should also make sure you tweet on a everyday basis when it comes to your Twitter for business. In other words try to tweet at or around the same time each and every day. Your Twitter for business should be a part of your daily routine. You must check your twitter account more than once a day for it to become an fundamental part of your business. As you can see when used effectively, Twitter can be a great stage for your business.

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Twitter For Business: Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Twitter for business is a free and dominant tool to make the public aware of your business and the products or services offered. Many small businesses use Twitter, but some use it in a way that is not beneficial to their online reputation. By avoiding some common mistakes, a businesses’ Twitter account can do what it originally set out to do: use a Twitter PR approach to forward information to the public and make them aware of why they are a good company to do business with.

The first big mistake many businesses make is by over-tweeting. Although a Twitter account should be updated frequently to produce interest, too much information (especially information that is too often not closely related to the company) will turn followers off. Twitter is based on 140 character tweets, so by nature its objective is to get information succinctly out to a public who expects little reading. If there are too may tweets, followers will be overloaded with information and will not wish to follow the Twitter account and using Twitter for business will not be effective.

Pointing to other social media sites or other places too recurrently is also a mistake and can be a pain to your followers. If you tweet repeatedly about what is happening on your Facebook page or website, your followers will think that your Twitter account is a useless place to go to find information. Also, if followers go to accounts to read up about what is happening on the Twitter page; chances are that they are social media savvy and read the Facebook page too. Usually, there is no need to point to both, unless a contest or some other event is occurring. Twitter PR and Twitter for business means that you use them successfully for Twitter-not always for other social media sites to be linked to each other.

Not participating in Twitter and the follower’s tweets is also a big mistake in the Twitter for business and Twitter PR marketing world. If a follower takes the time to reply to a tweet, ask a question, or start a conversation, ignoring the tweet is a definite way to have followers shun a Twitter account. Participation is essential for not only current followers, but budding followers as well. Nothing is more aggravating to a follower than to have their voice fall on deaf ears.

Using Twitter for business and Twitter PR as a marketing tool efficiently means evading major mistakes. Listening to your followers and what they want is key, but also following a few uncomplicated steps goes a long way to make certain that Twitter is used in a way that is the most valuable. The steps to avoid a mistake seem like a no-brainer, but so much can be done with Twitter for business that even the simplest of intentions need to be supervised.

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Twitter For Business and Twitter PR and How it Benefits Your Company

Twitter can be an effective tool mainly if used for business. If you use Twitter you can take profit of having free Twitter PR. When you use Twitter your basically getting free promotions which is what any company wants. Social networks like Twitter you can get swift responses from your customers. Which can help you in the configuration of your products in timely manner.

Coupons and promotions are a reason to utilize Twitter for business. Since Twitter is a permission based communication medium, it is ideal for means of giving out offers. This is beneficial for companies in the restaurant industry because over Twitter they can put forward deals and coupons by tweeting. Aside from providing coupons Twitter is good for a company to convey with its employees. Instead of crowding email servers and wasting peoples time in meeting rooms, Twitter now can take the place of annoying emails with tweets.

In addition besides communicating with employees thanks to Twitter you can now receive customer complaints also. Although companies tremble at the fact of their dirty laundry being aired out to the public. By gaining company complaints in the open, other consumers can see what kind of company you really are. Besides managing criticism using Twitter for business also helps recruiters when it comes to hiring. Thanks to Twitter recruiters and seekers are make use of Twitter to post about jobs desired or jobs opening.

In addition Twitter for business aids with information seeking and sharing. Twitter is starting to become a little bit like Google in the sense that you can start using Twitter for research. Also Twitter can also be used for improving business, which means providing a human touch to your company. If your business is scrambling with supplying human interaction and are resource starved. Twitter can be the solution to that problem.

Besides humanizing businesses Twitter for business can also aid with your personal branding. By building a personal brand can lead to many things that can merit your company on the long run. Lastly Twitter can also be a means of powerful networking thanks to Twitter PR. Networking can help create many effective relationships that can in the end benefit your company. As you can see there are a lot of good reason to go with Twitter for business and Twitter PR.

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How The Red Sox Should Use Twitter PR To Improve Their Ranks, And Twitter For Business To Appear Less Miserable

How do you use Twitter PR appropriately? Twitter for business is a good idea, eminently if your the Boston Red Sox. Though they’re one of the most acclaimed teams in professional sports, it’s like Coke versus Pepsi. There’s always going to be one clear winner, one clear loser. Their evil empire campaign in 2004 might have helped advance their cause against the Yankees when they came back to win the AL championship game when down three games to none, a feat few teams have ever accomplished, but come on, really?

The Boston Red Sox are one of the most news worthy teams out there. News worthy of being epic failures. Seriously, until 2004 the last time they won it all was 1918, a chant Yankees fans loved screaming during games in the 1980’s, and 1990’s until 1996 when one of the most considerable teams in baseball history took the field. To Yankees fans everywhere 2004, and 2007 were flukes, strange instances in time when the Universe just simply didn’t align properly.

This past September the world was reminded why the Red Sox are, well, honestly, the Red Sox. One of the most wavering catastrophes in professional sports history was only over shadowed by the Atlanta Braves crashing at the same time. The Red Sox had blown an eleven game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays, who were in third place, to lose everything to them in a moment of Baseball brilliance. Down seven runs going into the seventh inning, one home run sealed the deal, and saved the Rays season, ending the Red Sox hopes of ever playing in the world series last year.

It was one of the most rememberable months in Baseball for Yankees fans, we witnessed our lead in the AL East amplified, rising ahead to win 97 games, and appearing pretty promising. While at the same time, the Red Sox simply fell apart, falling behind dramatically, blowing second place to the Rays, falling into third place. What else is amazing is it all game down to the Red Sox closer to finish up the game against Baltimore. If they beat Baltimore at Fenway, and the Rays won in Tampa, they would essentially go to a one game playoff series, winner take all. Thanks to Papelbon, also known passionately to Yankees fans as Papelblown, the Red Sox season had ended.

Truth be told it’s almost in the Red Sox nature to suck. Many people say “well at least they’re not the Chicago Cubs,” True, but look at the Cubs. Though they’ve never really won much since 1904, they still grasp something the Red Sox never will, and that is Dynasty status. Face facts Red Sox fans, your team just sucks, they should use Twitter PR more effectively, maybe that can save another season for them.

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Tips for Effective use of Twitter for Business

Everyone can benefit from tips that will help them tweet successfully, especially a firm that uses Twitter for business purposes. Some people are unsure of how to use Twitter and how use it effectively. While individuals will use Twitter for their own entertainment, businesses use Twitter to boost their marketing and public relations efforts.

Twitter is a great tool for expanding your network. You can find people on Twitter that have similar interests as you and follow their page. If you start following someone’s Twitter page they receive a report that you have done so. After seeing this notification their interest may be sparked and they could possibly look at your Twitter profile. Businesses can use this to multiply their network by finding followers of companies that are similar to them and follow those users. If they have an attractive profile then that individual may start following them or their products.

One useful tool on Twitter is the use of hashtags. Hashtags are a great way of linking similar tweets. A company could send out questions or topics that their followers are to comment on by entering a specific hashtag with their tweet. They could set up contests or competitions around these topics. An example of how this works can be seen in ESPN’s use of Twitter. During their broadcasts they urge Twitter users to reply to questions or comments made on air with certain hashtags. These comments have a chance of being featured in later broadcasts of Sports Center or games if ESPN enjoys the tweet.

Making the consumer feel important is essential to good public relations. The more interactive you make your Twitter presence the more success you should have. If you also Retweet comments that your followers tweet they will appreciate that you are paying attention to them; this is another way to keep them satisfied.

Keeping tweets relevant and fun will help improve your Twitter PR. You want to generate tweets stand out and engage the audience. Keeping them fun and appropriate may be a hard task, but overall you have to understand that at the end of the day you are part of an organization. Upholding the firm’s brand reputation is very important.

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The Dollar Amount Behind Using Twitter For Business

In today’s social media driven age, using Twitter for business makes a lot of sense. It’s a great way to make new connections, build relationships with current clients, and promote your company to of millions of Twitter users. It is for these exact reasons that Noah Kravitz tweeted for his company Phonedog.com, a mobile phone website, for 4 years under the handle “Phonedog_Noah”. Yet what happened at the end of 4 years is what could redefine the value behind Twitter PR and followers.

Over those years, Kravitz had built up a collection of 17,000+ followers for Phonedog.com. When he decided to leave the company, PhoneDog allowed him to keep the Twitter account, so long as he continued to tweet occasionally about the company. Since Kravitz was leaving the company on good terms, he agreed to still promote them through Twitter PR. He changed his handle to NoahKravitz, which eliminated his former employer’s name from the account. While he still did tweet occasionally about Phonedog.com, there was no way for his followers to know for certain that he had any association with the mobile phone business, and Phonedog was not too pleased about this.

Back in July, PhoneDog sued Kravitz for what they describe as stealing a customer list. They view those 17,000 followers as potential clients that the company spent time and money in order to get them interested enough to follow the account, along with using the account itself to spread brand awareness across Twitter. As a result, they are suing for $2.50 a month per follower since Kravitz turned the handle into his private account, adding up to a immense $340,000 in damages. It is an ongoing case, where they are trying to determine the reasons why the account was created in order to rule who is in the wrong.

Now, I am not a lawyer, so I can’t determine who is right and wrong in this lawsuit. But what can be done is take a look at the impact it’s going to have on Twitter PR and using Twitter for business. Regardless of who wins, the idea of putting a dollar amount to a follower is revolutionary. While sending a tweet costs nothing except a few seconds of your time and some bits of data, talking to with a follower can make or break a business deal. If a follower really likes what you have to offer through your Twitter page, then they’ll be sure to re-tweet you to their own followers. The appeal to Twitter is how quickly a tweet can spread across the internet, promoting the account and what they stand for to all who see that tweet.

Many companies have cited that they use Twitter for business. According to the New York Times, JetBlue uses their Twitter account to answer customer inquiries. Samsung hired Philip Berne, a well known blogger, to occasionally tweet about their product. Twitter PR’s value has always been fluid, with no real dollar amount associated to it. But with this lawsuit may come a change in how companies view using Twitter as more than a social media tool than as an asset to include with their spreadsheets.

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Twitter PR Rings True: Using Twitter for Business Marketing Strategies

Incorporating social media into a company’s PR program has become a prominent tactic. PR is the image a company portrays on a day to day basis and is visible to the public. Using Twitter PR to maintain a positive image and attract more customers can be beneficial to a company’s marketing strategy. Twitter for business marketing strategies is an amazing tool that should be invested in immediately.

Using Twitter for business can improve your PR in multiple ways. Twitter PR can attract more followers to spread the word of your company’s success. When using Twitter for business, you can reach all of your clients immediately. Twitter PR that is routinely maintained will keep your clientele in the loop, allowing them to add information or include feedback to your constant Twitter feed.

Twitter PR is a continuous feed of information to followers of your Twitter page. Clients that are familiar with your page and its constant updating are likely to mention your page to other Twitter accounts. Your company’s image is everything and it is essential that it is kept in good standings. If your Twitter PR is not in good shape then chances are your PR overall is negative. The cleaner the Twitter PR, the more clientele you are going to attract, making Twitter for business use a fantastic attribute.

The speed of the internet is incredible. Within moments of something happening, it is accessible for the world to see on the internet. The speed of the internet is what makes Twitter for business use so powerful. At the speed of a text message, the world, which includes your clients and potential clients, can be dispatched updates and news instantly. Using Twitter for business reasons brings one concern to the table; watch what you type! If your Tweets are not monitored, the likelihood of your business being negatively affected is more prominent. Twitter PR should be maintained regularly to avoid this tragedy.

Twitter PR maintenance is quick and simple to use. Twitter PR if regularly maintained and updated will express your company’s power in the social media market. Twitter for business reasons should always be positive and show off the growth of your company as well. Using Twitter for business can bring your company more clients and control in the social media market.

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Twitter For Business: How Twitter PR Is Beneficial To Company Success

When using Twitter for business certain views should be considered as followers read your posts. Such aspects as PR can gyrate around the image that your company can portray from your Twitter posts. PR is weighty with any business. Twitter PR is a dangerous typology of PR that is always streaming and always available on the internet. The more available your Twitter PR is the more fragile your image can become.

The image of your company relies on a positive foundation and should not be compromised by poor PR. Twitter PR is a social media tool that will provide for your business a positive image foundation bringing consequently more business. If Twitter PR is tainted while using Twitter for business then the image of your company can be stained an irreversible color of red. Though Twitter for business purposes can negatively influence your business there is more positive weight to Twitter PR.

Twitter for business is beneficial in two ways. Firstly is the party of people on the social media site. The more people you have following your Twitter for business reasons the more possible clients you have that could branch from existing clients. The branching of clients from your Twitter for business purposes will grow exponentially over time and adding more clients is good for Twitter PR. Positive Twitter PR is very comforting.

The second is letting Twitter followers be aware of what is going on with your company. The more your followers know about your business the more they are disposed to pass your company name along. The maintenance of your Twitter PR is necessary for business. Twitter for business reasons is a positive move because your image is available for loyal followers to recommend your company and new followers to be added on to your synopsis.

Twitter PR is very high profile but low preservation. The more effort that is put into your Twitter for business reasons the more likely your company will achieve something. A company that shows positive Twitter PR reflects sound business strategy. Twitter for business is a wise choice in social media improvement and anyone that invests in social media will see immediate results in their company’s progression.

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Abusing Twitter for Business: How Twitter PR can Defeat Big Business

A former employee of a cell phone review company is being sued for taking his Twitter followers with him when he transferred jobs. Noah Kravitz, a writer from Oakland, California, accumulated 17,000 followers on the social networking site when he worked for PhoneDog, a website that provides news and reviews about mobile phones. Twitter for business proves in this situation to be an essential tool to social media marketing. The consequence of PhoneDog’s case is that the negative Twitter PR they will receive for this will be immense.

PhoneDog has launched legal proceedings seeking damages of $2.50 a month per follower for eight months, for a total of $340,000. The company is arguing that Kravitz’s list of followers constitutes a customer database and the appraisal is an estimate of how much each follower is worth to the company. Regardless of the company’s value of the Twitter followers the Twitter PR that is erupting from this story is negatively viewing PhoneDog as a greedy company that uses Twitter for business motives. Should followers on Twitter for business purposes be treated like patrons?

The case against Kravitz raises questions about the value of Twitter to companies. Companies that are increasingly using the website to converse with customers and promote their products use social media sites more and more. Legal observers believe that if damages are honored against Kravitz, it could set a precedent for assigning a commercial value to Twitter followers acquired in a business context. If followers are using Twitter for business rather than pleasure than there might be an selection to the Twitter site that may have to be charged for. Uses for the social media that were free, like Twitter PR, could be put at risk and charged for all users of Twitter for business.

Twitter for business reasons are not set with rules in its use. The real debate is that the social media site is being abused by companies rather than rightfully being charged for certain services. The more a Twitter follower does on the social media site to benefit their business, the more Twitter will do to stop this misuse. To fight the abuse of Twitter for business there should be a Twitter PR page created against this foolishness.

I believe in free trade and capitalism but there has to be a curb put on those that think they can take advantage of the little guy. Big businesses should not use Twitter for business if they are not paying for it. Supporting a cause or establishing a Twitter PR page to fight the mass of criminal businesses that abuse Twitter for business.

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