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Is there a way to prevent hgv catalytic converter theft?

Catalytic converter theft is an issue for all vehicle owners with a suggestion that there has been a statistic as much as four times the amount of vehicles targeted over the last two years. The industry has demanded a viable solution to the problem. One such solution us an anti-theft device known as CATLOC.

Catalytic converters are not an obvious part to be cautious of unless you know why but the reason why they are targeted so much is that they contain precious jewels. Thieves want to platinum, rhodium, and palladium contained within the converter so that they can sell it to a scrap metal dealer. The effect on the vehicle owner is that they then need to make costly repairs to the exhaust pipe as well as having to replace the converter. Some vehicles are especially targeted such as estates, 4x4s, and LCVs. The reason for their susceptibility is the fact they they come with a high ground clearance, meaning that they are easier for thieves to access.

Catalytic converters are being targeted due to the precious metals contained within them. Thieves are taking advantage of the palladium, rhodium, platinum, and other metals, by removing the catalytic converter from the exhaust pipe when a vehicle is parked. They then proceed to sell them to scrap metal dealers. This leads to costly repairs needed in order to repair the damaged exhaust as well as replacing the catalytic converter. Vehicles such as LCVs, 4x4s, and estates are particularly susceptible due to their high ground clearance meaning that it is easier to access the converters.

It is obviously then, a huge issue, and this is is where CATLOC can make a difference. It is an anti-theft device particularly designed to prevent the theft of catalytic converters. It is very secure and as its design is universal, it enables a secure fitment to 99 per cent of vehicles as risk, whilst at the same time, enabling full operation of the converter.

The CATLOC uses quality components and during installation, the underbody has two security cables attached to it. It also comes with ISR protection. The ISR marking will generally put off thieves but if that isn’t the case, the registration kit etches a unique code and the ISR can immediately identify it. CATLOC is ready to be installed twenty four hours a day and nationwide. It ensures that vehicles, when most needed, stay on the road. It also has centres should fitment be preferred.

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How To Use A Shop Press To Perform Common Jobs In The Garage

A shop press is an essential component of any self respecting Do-it-Yourself enthusiast or commercial mechanic. The device is essential in performance of home projects that require two objects pressed together or separated under great amounts of pressure. Mostly, shop presses work on the principle of pneumatics. In other words, they work by means of compressed air to attain the high pressures that are necessary for the applications they are put to work on.

When you require to straighten tools and parts that have become bent in the cause of strenuous application, the device is adequate. Caution must be paid proper heed to in carrying out such a project though as you do not want to break up the object rather than having it straightened out. A gentle but firm application of the press’ forceful ram will deliver the desired result.

Shop presses are also effectively used in projects that require that two objects joined together under high pressure. For this sort of project, you need to ensure that the arbor plate on which the receiving object is secured in properly held on the table. After setting the lower object in place, secure the upper one in place in a fitting aperture that will hold it.

To ensure that the joining process will bear the results that you need, it is of import to ensure that the aperture in the lower object is perfectly aligned. To prevent any of the two objects getting damaged, it is necessary to have a sacrificial wood in place to ensure that the the pressure of the ram does not bear too much on the objects.

If what you need to do is separate two metallic objects, the process is a bit different. For instance, you will require a couple of arbor plates to secure the objects. Typically, these plates have half-circles cut off from each side. When two corresponding sides are aligned, the plates form a perfect circle around which the objects should be secured. Give enough allowance to let the newly separated object to fall off the table.

Just like when you are joining objects, caution must be heeded to guarantee that you do not end up with damaged objects. Again, this will be effectively assured by the use of a firmly secured piece of sacrificial wood. In this way, despite the battering forcefulness of the ram arm, the objects will separate perfectly as the wood will act as adequate buffer to prevent any damage occurring.

For automotive repair enthusiasts, an effective and well maintained shop press is an indispensable piece of equipment to have in your garage. This is because jobs such as separating and pressing together wheel bearings, piston wrist pins and valve guides are virtually impossible to carry out without it. To ensure that these and other heavy duty projects that are characteristic of automotive work are done perfectly, it is important to have a shop press with a high power rating.

Whatever the application you have in mind for your press shop, it is important to pay proper attention to caution. Health experts are expressing increasing concern about the rise in the number of injuries occurring because of improper use of heavy equipment at home and work place. A well maintained shop press should however prove good for the job if used with requisite caution.

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5 Points To Remember When Using A Grease Gun For The First Time

Anytime someone first gets a grease gun and simply adds the item with their bag of air equipment, they will likely naturally want to use it as soon as possible. Just like by using almost any device, it is vital that you originally understand the security precautions to implement in avoiding damage. Down the page are among the tips to benefit from if you end up first starting out with a grease gun to prevent your body including your device protected.

Explore the Manual

Every time a boy or girl gets a completely new toy they will forever choose to play with it quick as they can despite the fact that they don’t know the way in which it truly works. Often the same thing can probably be said of the majority of air tools. Just about all folks do not make time to adequately browse the guidance manual. Viewing each of the manuals is a crucial part for grease gun safety. Pay attention and give your full awareness to all manufacturer warnings, mainly because that can highlight virtually any potential dangers of the gadget.

Buy Safety Glasses That Cover The Entire Eye

More important than analyzing all the directions is dressing in eye protective cover consistently. Having on eyeball safety equipment is certainly of utmost importance towards grease gun safety precautions. Considering the eyes are quite fragile, obviously any tiny drop of grease can result in extreme problems for your membrane layer of your eye. Grease guns many times work under tremendous pressures and so incorrect use might subject your eyes to being sprayed.

Seek the Advice of an established

If you buy your primary grease gun at the home improvement center, perhaps you might have a professional a professional on staff to point out for your requirements guidelines on how to effectively make use of tool. Following several years of experiences, these people would certainly additionally realize many of the suggestions to allow your greasing project proceed extremely well. They can needs to be looking for your actual essential safety in addition just as show you recommended maneuvering strategies.

Communicate with the Manufacture

Whenever you are continue to possessing worries methods to carefully keep control a grease gun in a very safe strategy, phone call this manufacture. Some of the manufacture definitely will have a very good client care or technical support establishment that are able to address many thoughts. They will should be knowledgeable for the suitable use of the grease gun you simply obtained.

You’ll want to follow the tips and techniques in this article remain secure and sound during your subsequent grease project. Getting bad with each of your devices as well as taking a part of machinery for granted is not a good option. Be dressed in visual safeguards, look at the instruction manuals, and simply consult a professional to hold both you and your tools in excellent working situation.

Before you start your next fleet maintenance program, consider upgrading to a more powerful grease gun and using the best silicone grease.

Recognize Symptoms of a Blown Head Gasket Sooner To stay away from Major Car or truck Problems

A head gasket malfunction lead to a number of car or truck issues and figuring out signs and symptoms of failure can assist you to stop pretty much any serious vehicle tragedy. Overheating troubles are oftentimes experienced as a result of number of factors and the major reason is usually complications with your gaskets. Almost any leak or fracture within the gasket may lead to the boiling from the cooling system which can lead to radiator malfunction. Unless you look after the gasket problems in time, it might perhaps lead to an outburst from the tank because of combining from water as well as oil. To stop failing of your engines, you really should find out how to recognize gasket complications and also failure signals.

The most effective precautionary maintenance is usually to make certain that the head gasket is positioning good which is done by testing the pressure from the cylinder. Also, there are numerous things that could be detected to make certain that there’s no issue with your automobile head gasket. If you feel that gasket has minimal leakages and also fractures, it’s best to approach your vehicle repair shop to get the inner components inspected and also examined.

As soon as engine is actually cold, open up your vehicle hood and check the actual coolant levels and even colour. Dependant upon the kind of coolant you have, it is usually possibly blue or maybe green then when anyone add antifreeze, it has to be the colour of your antifreeze. Typically the coolant solution ought to be clear along with thoroughly clean. Whenever it looks dirty, there is without doubt some issue with the gasket. A radiator also provide a sign regarding the troubles with the head gasket. A soapy, thick together with creamy deposit will certainly point out oil and also water pollution which is mostly a strong symptom associated with head gasket disaster.

You can easily take out the oil dipstick plus check it without any help with naked eyes. Typically the oil connected to the dipstick really needs to be black as well as clear. Any creamy structure as well as color shows that water plus oil has got mixed. You can even run the engine for only a few minutes and allow the coolant system as well as cooling fan to complete its work for some time to learn more about your gasket problem. Soon after switching off the engine, you can easily once again look into the coolant level, radiator as well as expansion tank to see indications of mixing of oil along with water.

A great number of vehicle owners who notice that their particular temperature gauge is definitely presenting unnatural readings really don’t really are aware that head gasket issue is the main cause. Particular sorts of leakages as well as fractures could be repaired together with your gasket, however , in some cases, substitution would be the best way. Even though head gasket repair pricing is on the higher side, you mustn’t get the job done exclusively by yourself to try and save some money. A good auto technician with plenty of experience with handing gaskets can certainly tackle the situation. Your repair shop make use of cylinder head bolts plus gasket sets to fix your gasket. Increased heat as a result of failure of gasket probably have caused a few warps inside the cylinder and thus, it ought to be examined correctly for pressure testing and even skimming.

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A Brief Introduction To The Brake Lathe

Primarily when you think about what a brake lathe is you will find that it is a unique lathe that has been constructed out of metal and its purpose is to help in automatically turning on brake drums and motors as well as different items. When you look at the traditional style metal unit, you will find that it works on a piece after it has been suspended in a horizontal manner between a rotating spindle and the tailstock.

The brake lathe is not the same because of the fact that it makes use of a spindle and the item to be worked on is suspended in a vertical position instead of horizontally. Even so, both types will still be using cutting bits that will be mounted on tool posts and the cutting bits can cut rotating metal stocks.

The operation of the brake lathe involves an arbor that will be inserted into a middle hole that lies inside the brake rotor. In addition, an arbor mounted rotor will be placed on the spindles shaft and is secured with a locking ring. The tool post and the bits can be maneuvered by using hand cranks and even through mechanics which will then make it easier to score the rotor as well as take out all dust, debris, rust and dirt.

Furthermore, the bits will be cutting minute sized grooves into the rotor and it is the grooves that will help to create sufficient friction between rotor and brake pads to provide proper amount of stopping power.

A vast majority of companies have come to realize that when drums or motors have to be replaced the costs involved can be pretty steep. This means that if you want to improve the braking system then you have to deal with very high costs. You can however reduce the costs involved by using a good brake lathe which will take care of resurfacing of the items and this will improve the functionality of the item.

There is a bench type unit that can be used whenever the need arises to take out the rotor and drum from a car. When these items are removed they can then be taken for repairs. The bench type is normally found being used in commercial as well as private settings.

The on car unit is another variant and is a good addition to the bench type as it can help you to perform the necessary repairs directly on a vehicle. This kind of unit will not wreck the hub or even the wheel of the vehicle and so is a good option.

The on car unit can be attached in either of two different ways. One way involves caliper mounting and the other method is the one that is called a hub mounted style.

These two methods are good but they will only work well after they have been properly set up. To get best results, the set up has to be perfect as then the quality of repairs performed will be very satisfactory. Both kinds of brake lathes are good at repairing motors and drums and the results achieved can be as good as or even better than an original item. This is what makes these units so very effective and useful.

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The Design Of An Air Compressor

Various fields in the manufacturing sector use the air compressor to achieve their purpose. Several processes call for the use of air at high pressure to drive certain machines or otherwise complete processes. In order to obtain high pressures the compression of air is necessary and this is where the air compressor comes in.

Compressors can be compared to the human lung. When one tries to blow off dust from a certain surface, you take in a lot of air into the lungs and release this pressurized air to blow the dust which then flies off as a result of the force applied. This analogy tries to bring out the basic principle of the machine which mainly involves trying to compact a large volume of air in a small space and forcefully releasing it in the end.

Constituents of this device are divided into three major parts. One is the power source which is actually the part that provides the initial power used in compression. Another part is the cylinder which is fitted with a pump coupled with the power source. The control unit forms the last part of the device and it consists of a pressure switch and specially designed valves that release excess pressures when the cylinder is filled to capacity. The strength of a compressor depends on its pump and cylinder size.

Bores in which the piston moves harbor a lot of friction. For this reason the area is properly lubricated to reduce friction effects. Although the area is oiled, friction is still capable of tearing such places and therefore it becomes necessary for checking to be done from time to time. Pistons are fitted with rings which should be replaced after a certain period. These rings are the items that enable compression to occur hence must be in good shape if the machine must function properly.

For cases that require certain gases to be pumped into specially designed containers, the gases to be compacted are sucked into this device via certain tubes which are airtight. These same tubes then direct the pressurized gas into the required container before they are safely sealed for transportation.

Safety while operating any gadget is an important factor to consider. Devices like compressors are known to cause very fatal injuries to their users. This fact therefore calls for persons who operate such devices to properly read and follow the safety manuals which come with the machines on purchase. Also the operation of this gadget calls for some specific dressing that is considered appropriate.

Uses of these machines vary according to the purpose intended. For example in the automotive industry its use is to fill up tires and in offices it may be used to provide limited pressure for driving pneumatic tools. Its usefulness can as well be seen in gas filling stations where cylinders for cooking gas are packed. These applications mainly depend on this gadget to achieve their purpose and hence view it as an important tool of trade.

Since the market today is flooded with different models the choice of a machine is dependent on the purpose intended. Manufacturing industries would prefer to go for a huge air compressor that is automatically controlled by various switches rather than the tiny versions which would not adequately cater for their demands.

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Three Types Of Bendpak Lifts To Think About

One of the car lift companies that has been in business since the 1960s is Bendpak. They have a variety of choices available which feature the state of the art technology and one of the best customer service departments in the industry. They can be found anywhere in the world although they were originally operating solely out of California.

There are a variety of different choices that you, as a professional, can choose from Bendpak to get the best choice for a lift. Out of the many choices that are offered there are three that are known to be better than others and should be considered if you are looking into for a car lift for your business. These are the XPR-9, HDS-14X, and XPR-10.

The XPR-9 has a nine thousand pound capacity, uses a direct drive and features a floor plate. It has a wider drive through clearance than the previous models with a shared name. The benefits of using this include that it has a special system to reduce the amount of pressure that is felt in the system and therefore there are less leaks.

One of the biggest considerations that is made in the building of this lift is that of safety features. There are some required standards of safety and instead of meeting them this model surpasses them. Additionally this is a great choice for those looking at accessories since they are easy to find.

The XPR-10 has a ten thousand pound load capacity and has a clear floor that is asymmetrical. It actually is able to be used in two different ways both asymmetrically and symmetrically. It is a great option for vehicles that are heavier as it offers a lot of specialized features that make lifting them easier.

Thanks to the specialized design this choice can be used easily with door opening clearance. This choice actually comes with some special accessories that can be helpful. Plus it is certified by ALI and is perfect for someone who owns a smaller shop since it is a very affordable choice.

With a load capacity of fourteen thousand pounds, an extended length on the car lift and much more the HDS-14X is another one of the best choices. Since this is a four post lift it is going to work with vehicles that other choices are not going to work for. In addition it has an included seven thousand pound capacity rolling jack, dip trays, and a roll thru ramp.

This is something that is made to last and is one of the most durable options that you can pick. It works well for small and large shops alike since it can allow larger vehicles to be serviced. There are even a number of features that will help it to last longer like heavy duty cables and its own system for lubrication.

Each of these lifts that are made by Bendpak Lifts have the capabilities that are needed for your shop. You can easily find the one that is going to best meet your needs when you consider the specific features that they have. Keep in mind that this is a great choice with the featured comparable warranties.

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Purchasing Wholesale Freightliner Truck At Auto Public Auction

If you happen to be searching for a new or used vehicle, look at all your choices, including dealers who sell wholesale freightliner truck prices. Keep in mind that your best option for really obtaining a wholesale freightliner truck price is with an auto auction that, depending on the auction house, the general public might be permitted to attend. If your aim is to save the most money possible, make sure you consider wholesale freightliner trucks.

Bank owned second-hand trucks specials are offered for sale with wholesale pricing through car dealerships, auction houses, banking institutions and other participating brokers. This unstable economy has given cash buyers an exceptional opportunity to get a good deal for bank-owned, off lease and second-hand trucks specials with wholesale freightliner truck pricing. Because of a contracting economy, a lot of loan providers have excess pre-owned truck inventories on their books that they have to put back on the street. These in-house second-hand truck stocks are non-income producing, therefore putting pressure on the loan provider to make a wholesale freightliner truck deal with the purchaser. These deals could be found in the price, the financing or a combination of both.

By definition, off lease used trucks has been returned to the loan provider as the lease has ended. The lessee has made a decision to return the item rather than exercising the buyout option. Repossession is different because it has occured because of a default of the lessee for non-payment terms and conditions or a breach of the terms and conditions of the lease. Either way the loan provider has taken these second-hand trucks back and now need to recondition all the items and either sell these items or re-lease them. The lender is going to either advertise their bank owned stock through their internal sales team or outside professionals such as agents to move their stocks as fast as possible. Occasionally as these inventories either sit or whatever explanation isn’t moving, the lender might put these items up for auction. The kind of bank owned inventory being identified here as pre-owned trucks for special sales will be the following: dump trucks, flatbed trucks, grapple and landscape trucks, fuel and lube trucks, bucket as well as boom trucks, over the road and day cabs, semi as well as big rig tractors, tractor trailers, water trucks, tow trucks, box vans and straight trucks, septic and sewer trucks, mechanic trucks.

Some of the loan providers in the market have advertised personal credit requirements as low as 550, prior bankruptcy rules revised or ignored as well as start-ups welcome. In addition, the front money in order to commence the lease can start as low as first payment to whatever you may be able to bargain for. Some of the loan providers have application only plans as much as $75,000. There are no financial records, income tax returns or bank records needed. In addition, easy financing is readily available where no credit is pulled for selected dealerships and clients for excellent might be entitled to special rates.

In conclusion, this is buyers industry for bank-owned, second-hand wholesale freightliner truck specials likewise include trailers, and construction equipment. Cash buyers enjoy the best opportunity to obtain wholesale freightliner truck at the lowest price. Consider all of the deals available in the market and ensure that you have a stable income base to presume whatever financial debt which you might incur.

An important aspect of an enterprise is the shipping of merchandise from one place to another and this is where getting a Wholesale Freightliner is going to come in. Searching online to be able to find a Wholesale Freightliner Truck is one of the best solutions to purchase one that is cheap as well as reliable.

Advice In Procuring Used Freightliner Truck

You are going to discover there are plenty of choices around in terms of buying a used freightliner truck. You could have your choice of colour, make, and model as well as different accessories. One of the best decisions you’ll need to make though is whether you ought to purchase a brand new one or a used freightliner truck. This is often a personal decision that’s affected by numerous variables.

Buying a freightliner truck in many ways is similar to purchasing any automobile. You have to be careful about your acquisition and take into consideration all of your needs. However, buying a used freightliner truck is also much more of a business decision and can be a lot more challenging compared to purchasing a personal automobile. Below are a few guidelines:

Create a business strategy plan. Large trucks are big business enterprise, or at least they could be. You have to plan your purchase around the idea that this is your first as well as most important business decision. You need to have your own business plan that would help you and the bank know the way you’ll be able to afford your rig. At the very least, you should have a number of jobs and/or contracts lined up in order to confirm a large enough income to afford your truck; chart out other expenses such as gasoline, insurance plan, repairs and taxations. Take your business strategy plan and a copy of your credit rating and shop around for an excellent bank loan. The companies which sell the big trucks could offer financing, yet they frequently charge a higher interest rate.

Find a dealership. After you have secured funding and also have a great business strategy plan, you must look for a freightliner truck which will work for you. Pay particular attention to hauling capability to ensure that the rig could do the sorts of jobs you plan to take. Look in a number of places. Go to different stores and discover what they have to offer. Think about visiting out-of-state dealers. Out-of-state dealers often cannot directly compete with each other but they can sell to anybody. You may find a better deal far away from home; be willing to search for used freightliner trucks. New or used, you have to get a specification sheet which lists everything the truck has. You might not manage to find or have the funds for a used freightliner truck which has all you want, so you will need to decide what is most important to you as well as what will best help you accomplish your business plan;

Pay special focus on the age and mileage on a used freightliner truck. Used freightliner trucks have worked hard, and you need to consider the repair costs that might be higher with a used freightliner truck. Take the used freightliner truck for a good test drive as well as examine the fuel proficiency. If you’re able to, you might likewise want to have the truck checked out as well as diagnosed by an independent auto mechanic. You will also want to make sure that your rig is comfortable. If you’re buying a rig with a sleeping or housing section you likely will be spending lots of time in the truck, and being comfortable is essential to doing well as well as driving well.

A significant aspect of a business enterprise will be the transportation of goods from place to place and this is where buying a Used Freightliner Truck will come in. Searching online to be able to find a Used Freightliner is among the best solutions to buy one which is affordable as well as reliable.

Suggestions About Where To Shop For Wholesale Freightliner Truck

Finding heavy wholesale freightliner truck sale isn’t as hard as it might seem to be. A wholesaler of trucks offers the trucks to retailers who then sell them to retail customers. Wholesale freightliner truck traders don’t target the general public so you will require a dealer’s license or know somebody who has one, to buy any heavy trucks or heavy construction equipment from them at wholesale prices.

There are many options in getting wholesale, used, off lease and repo dump trucks, quad, tri, tandem and single axles, available for sale with special dealer funding. Whether you happen to be a starting or a veteran business person, the very first practical place to investigate your funding will be at any nearby banking institution. The seasoned enterprise should have at the very least mid 600s in their credit ratings and be ready to go through a prolonged document process. Prior Year Tax Returns might be required, current personal financial records required as well as many other requirements. The start up enterprise must have a credit score properly 680 or greater and would have a much smaller rate of success in getting bank financing. The business start up is a risky factor and should adhere to higher lending criteria.

Most banks offer loan and/or lease programs. The main difference is that the loan program transfers title after the payment obligation, whereas the leasing aspect offers a rent type setting during the course of the lease which has a buy out choice at the conclusion of the lease period to take title. Typically, the money needed upfront in order to get a bank loan are higher as well as eliminates many candidates. The leasing arena calls for anywhere from typically first and last payment to approximately 20% down based on the type of industry financing is requested for.

On the loan as well as lease plans for a dump truck candidate, the applicant should check out whether the banking institution and/or financial institution views this a qualified asset which they will lend on. Several loan providers will only lend up to a decade depending on the age of the truck where others might extend beyond this parameter. Loans as well as leases normally run anywhere between 36-60 months based upon the age of the garbage dump truck. The front money to start the lending motor vehicle, the monthly payments and the buyout clauses at the conclusion of the lending instrument, if there is one, is vital in making a prudent business decision. The number of documents and hoops to jump through to arrive at end of the financing process are considered in the total evaluation process.

Just lately, a few of the loan providers have modified their computer qualification models as well as demand application only programs in getting wholesale freightliner truck. This simply means there are no income tax returns needed, time-consuming personal financial statements required, and other important paperwork either prepared and/or required. This program is normally geared for the seasoned business enterprise. These application lending programs run as high as $50,000. It is important for the garbage dump truck applicant to check out all the lending programs available. The collateral will be the garbage dump truck and often no additional collateral is needed. The minimum credit score required for all garbage dump truck applicants may run as low as 600 for conventional financing.

A major element of a business enterprise will be the transportation of goods from place to place and this is where buying a Wholesale Freightliner is going to come in. Browsing online in order to find a Wholesale Freightliner Truck is one of the best options to get one which is cheap and well-performing.