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Best Web Hosting Company of 2011

Wanting to find the best web hosting company that is ideal for a consumer, searching the top 10 web hosting companies for services that include the best blog hosting or domain hosting reseller web results would undoubtedly be a sensible starting point. Investigating the best reseller web hosting services available on the world wide web is an extremely popular activity as an increasing amount of individuals looks to find out more about the services. There has been a large amount of demand to find the cheapest reseller hosting facilities on the internet as many individuals try to obtain the cheapest services, however, a small price is not always the same sort of value for money which makes examining the web host rating to be of vital importance for any consumer looking to decide what to buy.

The opportunities and information afforded by domain hosting review sites and web hosting reseller review will hopefully reduce the number of bad firms operating in the industry. With good reviews, the best reseller hosting firms and best web hosting reviews will be easier to find and compare and then find the best web hosting companies or the best web hosting company.

Whilst there may not be consensus over who the best web hosting provider is, a list of the 10 best web hosting sites would be a better place to consider than accepting the word of a site that claims to be the best web hosting site. Finding the best web hosting site shouldn’t be that hard a task, likewise the best webhost reseller but a webhost review detailing reseller host information and even a host rating could make a huge difference to the final decision that someone makes.

An example of this would be a provision of an ixwebhosting review or a host excellence review allowing a comparison to be made alongside ixwebhosting reviews. This service of the best web hosting services should make it a whole lot easier to find the best web host or the best web hosting offers. Of course, regardless of the web host offers available, a lot will depend on the budget and needs of the individual client so a great review would provide a list of different criteria which would enable consumers to make a decision based upon god information.

Consumer choice is one of the best things that have come with the advance of the internet and there is no doubt that this is helping many consumers make the right choice for them. Given that people looking for web hoist information will likely have a level of knowledge about the internet, they are likely to be the consumer group who would really benefit from reading these reviews and making an informed choice.

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What is Virtual Hosting?

Shared hosting does have its advantages over the other forms of web hosting out there. But the one thing to take into consideration first before weighing the different types of hosting services able is this. What is the type of web hosting that you require the most and why? This is the thing you need to decide before you go further and review the three different kinds of web hosting packages that are available.

If you know what you need specifically in a web hosting service and what you require that service for specifically. You can then go forward and decide which web hosting service will serve your overall needs the best.

Is shared hosting right for me? Only you can answer this question for yourself by weighing all of the advantages that this form of web hosting does offer in its own way to an individual or what not. You also need to ascertain what your specific needs are as far as web hosting does go and work from there. You will never be able to arrive at a type of web hosting service decision until you define what your requirements are in essence. Will shared hosting suit your needs or not? This is the first question you should ask yourself before anything else.

The types of virtual web hosting do include web hosting choices that are based on name, IP address based, and port-based in nature. Web hosting service that is based on name has numerous different names that point back to just one web server IP address and connects using a web browser that does support the network protocol called HTTP/1.1.

Once you have begun setting up the type of website you have always wanted for yourself. The next step is to choose the right kind of web hosting to go along with it side by side. This is not an easy task to take on sometimes.

Shared hosting is not only an extremely popular form of web hosting in its own right. It is also a very cheap alternative way to go if a web host is not looking to spend a whole lot of money where his or her website hosting service is the focus. This form of web hosting will only cost a few dollars a month to use.

Shared web hosting is not only extremely popular. It is also something that can be done privately in some cases and this is called cooperative hosting. Cooperative hosting is done by sharing the whole cost of the shared web hosting. Cooperative hosting is cooperation plain and simple by a group of people.

However, if the number is being used by another program on the same server, it will be inaccessible. The downside to using this form of web hosting is that many people have trouble remembering other port numbers that are not the default number and do not know where to look for the non-standard numbers on a web site.

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Hosting Windows Style

Windows web hosting is one of the more famous solutions offered to individuals and organizations who want their presence felt in the worldwide web. A good number of web hosts or companies are using Windows-based web hosting in view of the many benefits that using a windows hosting service can offer.

Basically, without regard to the provider chosen, hosting services are meant to give you and your website the ubiquitous presence that you need in making your service, your product or your business known. It is supposed also to give you that needed storage space for the pictures, music and videos in your website. The measure of storage space given depends upon the value of the package taken, which ranges from a gigabyte to hundreds or more.

Customer support for websites created with FrontPage is guaranteed due to its no-nonsense approach to hosting. On others hosts that are Unix/Linux-based, there is still the need to verify if the FrontPage extensions used by the company’s site is supported. In practice, Unix/Linux-based web hosts do not at all support other Microsoft applications, which scenario can indeed pose serious problems for customers.

Another benefit is bandwidth which is defined as the measure of the quantity of data exchange that occurs between all other internet sites and your beloved website. The shorter the time that elapses in loading media, the greater pleasure it delivers to consumers.

Another advantage is customized email addresses which most packages include. Having an email address that is custom-built for your company’s needs is more professional than having an email address made with a Google account. An address which is domain specific is more appealing, attractive and makes your business look good and credible before customers. It also gives them a feeling that the business means business and is stable and strong.

Another great perk that is included is bandwidth. Defined, bandwidth refers to the extent of the quantity of traffic of data that happens between and among all other sites in the internet and your website. The quicker that the pictures, sounds and videos load, the more satisfaction it brings to customers.

On the other hand, low bandwidth can pose problems in loading, and the slower the pages load, the more frustrated are those who are viewing your website. Providing one’s website with a sufficient amount of bandwidth is pivotal and it is also one of the main considerations in choosing, or changing your web host.

As to Security, some will suggest that Windows servers, compared to Linux ones are more at risk, but the same is misleading. Strictly speaking, both Windows and Linux web hosting are not exempted from security issues. More importantly, security is a concern that is addressed at the administration level of the host. In the event that problems arise, however, it is more widely believed that the Windows platform is more adept in providing support, compared with hosting using Linux. In sum, that is the advantage that Windows based hosting can give over its competitor.

Macintosh on the other hand is very uncommon. Unix services, on the other hand is akin to Linux but is uncommon due to the fact it is more expensive. Finally, the Windows platform is the more popular and the most reliable OS for hosting because unlike the above, it offers a lot of support, and in running a website, you need all the help you can get when you need it.

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What Is Reseller Web Hosting?

Many people would think that with the current developments in technology the most in demand business today is web hosting business. It is true that many companies would want to have websites to promote their products and services but it doesn’t mean that it is a sure thing and will guarantee income. With the current developments in the industry, many companies built their own hosting business resulting to too many companies doing this thing. They competed to have the best possible offer for companies thus prices for web hosting dropped.

If you are planning to have your own hosting business, then you must be aware that the income is not that big. Don’t be disillusioned that if you are able to sell most of your hard disk space then you will earn a lot. You must know the basic concepts about web servers and how it is done. You will understand that it is not proper to count the number of customers you can divide the hard disk space with. The bandwidth more than affects your number of customers. Your server comes with a limited bandwidth and each customer you have will already consume a 1 GB bandwidth. So the number of clients you can have will depend on your bandwidth which all of it should not be consumed and a safe margin about 50-100 GB must be maintained. Having many websites in your server will overload it and thus resulting to poor performance and more complaints from your clients. You can’t oversell your hard disk space as it will result to poor service and more problems for you.

If you have this kind of business are you willing to sacrifice a lot of your time? The web server will operate for 24 hours a day and any delays or downtime will lead to complaints by your customers. Are you technically equipped to do the maintenance yourself or you should hire experts who can do the services for your clients. Having a customer service for your web service is a basic thing in the industry so you must add this to your costs and find someone who can do this if you can’t be the one to do it.

A good service and uptime of the website is always required by clients so the reseller must always communicate with the web host to give the best service possible. Any delays and problems not solved by the web host will be reflected also to the reseller and a bad service from the web host can mean losing clients. So before you plan on buying a web space from a web host, you must choose a trusted name in web hosting already so that you can have a very good web service which in turn will be passed to your clients and they will enjoy it too.

Reseller hosting allows a person to earn from the band width and hard disk space bought from a web host. Pricing will be different because it should be divided into several parts to accommodate more clients. A good web designer will include this to his service and will earn more from the creativity of the web design made. Just make sure that the service from the web host is better to assure good service to clients.

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Small Business Web Hosting

The internet provides a wonderful new vista for small companies to make the most of their products and services. Using websites and other world wide web products gives mom and pop shops the ability to reach out globally and expand their markets. Small businesses are eager to take advantage of this technology, but often find themselves lost in a web of companies designed for big businesses and corporate websites. Small businesses need reasonable investment for their dollars, and often look for free or cheap services to provide their website needs. With the limitations of cash available to them, then need to choose wisely to be sure they are getting the best services for the price they can afford.

The rise in demand for small business web hosting has made big host companies take notice and expand their resources to allow for this growing market. Most mom and pop shops have little to no technical staff so detailed installations and technical requirements are beyond their scope. Hosting services designed for small scale users have adapted to include technical service and installation to aide in the otherwise complicated process.

Tips for small business web hosting

Select a company:

When starting out it is best to look for companies that are smaller and less established. The big, famous, award winning companies are attractive, but there is a high price for that attraction. When it comes down to it, they can’t get you any more traffic than a small company can. That part is up to you no matter who you use. So look for a company that offers you great benefits at lower prices. Check carefully for some of the big business that even offer separate plans for the small business. This can be a great benefit for the mom and pop shop just starting out.

Using shared web host servers:

The high cost of a dedicated service is impossible for most mom and pop shops to handle. Making use of the shared server option makes web hosting affordable for mom and pop shops. These servers allow a website to be built and loaded quickly-often as fast as 24 hours even with limited, or no knowledge of the process required. The benefits of shared servers are:

* You can get a green check of software health.

* Ensure network health

* Data and file loss prevention

* A data manager to store files and information

* Diminished costs

* The ability to connect to customer base

Your technical requirements:

Web hosts offer disc space at certain levels for the individual price plans. Most mom and pop shops can make do with about 200Mb of storage space. A small business site does not usually need space for video storage, chat, or multiple emails. The normal space allowance for a small-scale site is 25Mb of disc space and 1 email account. 800Mb of traffic per month usually suffices the traffic and transfer needs of a small company.

The attraction of free services:

There is a huge appeal in free services for the small business owner. These services offered by the web host companies in exchange for allowing them to put ads on your website to gain income from your traffic are a great deal. These services usually come with sub domain and directories. It is a basic package at a low cost. The functions of these free sites are often limited. Doing some research can find better deals with more ability. Some hosting companies that are just starting out use these free deals to attract a customer base. This is a terrific opportunity for a small business. You get in on the ground floor without the massive investment such companies usually charge.

Web Hosting coupon codes:

Since the competition between the hosting companies has increased to a large extent, each one is trying to find out some ways for attracting customers. Web hosting companies is one such offer that is luring customers profusely. Types of coupon codes are:

* Free trail: Some companies provide complete trial or a 1 cent trial to customers. Such offers can be beneficial for the small business especially when they are starting a new website. At least a favorable rank can be achieved in the website.

* Discounts: Flat discounts are attractive and often offer from $10 to $30 off the price of the hosting service. This is a temporary savings but it can help small companies achieve a web presence quickly at a reduced initial cost. This is very attractive to mom and pop shops as it allows them to save a considerable amount in startup cost.

* Percentage Coupons: Instead of a flat discount some hosts offer a percentage off the starting cost. These coupons range from 10% to 50% and can mean a considerable savings. The more you desire in a plan, the more that coupon can be worth.

* Free time: Some coupons offer additional services by the month. This can help off-set costs considerably.

* Free domain name registration- Some companies offer free domain name registration service. These services will helps in saving about $10 per annum.

Web hosting package deals:

Whatever comes in package is always reasonable priced and the complemented with additional services. At times, the internet connectivity service providers also offer server space and these services are usually priced low.

These companies are reliable and have special services and have exclusive offers for the small business companies. There are several companies which offer such services but companies offering exclusively for small businesses are limited. If the budget is small, companies can plan their websites accordingly and can effectively implement each aspects of web hosting to obtain maximum benefit. Later, when the companies grow along with the website costs, the hosting services can be upgraded accordingly.

Three companies that provide cheap web hosting services to small business owners are:

* Host Monster: This popular web host allows a bandwidth of (15000GB), 1500GB of disc space. And unlimited domain options.

* Host Monster: This web host server offers Disk space (1500GB),bandwidth (15000GB), and the ability to host many domains.

* BlueHost; This company offers 15000 GB bandwidth, 500 GB disk space, free domain name, and modern equipments.

The offers featured by these companies are designed for the web hosting companies exclusively. For the medium and large companies they have separate plans. Along with the above mentioned offers they often provide discounts and coupons.

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How important is Uptime?

Websites are built for merely the reason of accessibility and availability. For whatever purpose you may have in building a website, every reason will boil down to being able to have a place in the web that can be accessed by you or other people and become available for any purpose it may serve. For websites created for marketing purposes, accessibility is very important. Being accessible at all-time should be the optimum goal of every website. Traffic is very essential; getting the most can be very helpful to your business.

As such, finding a very good web hosting company to host your website should be your primary concern. Hosting company plays a major role in ensuring that your website has a very desirable uptime percentage. Although it can be appropriate to ask web hosting companies to guarantee a one hundred percent uptime, this is not possible. Most hosting company can only guarantee up to 99.9% percent of an uninterrupted runtime, any more than this is not practical and definitely unachievable.

Most web hosting companies claim to have at least a runtime of 99.8% of uptime. This is industry high and can only be achieved by big hosting companies because this may require investing in a lot clustered servers that can be deployed individually when one or more is down.

As such, companies are taking advantage by creating websites that will get more consumers enter a transaction with them at all possible time and in any place that an internet is available.

Unless you are already a big name in your industry, your website’s traffic will generally depend on search engine. As consumers search for a certain product, service or keywords using search engines, search engines virtually scan the web to give the consumer what they most likely needed. This is done by scanning through every websites that may be offering the product, services or keywords that is being searched by the consumers.

Traffic is very important when you want to measure the effect of your website. The more traffic you have, the more you have reached your goal of getting through your market. If it is always apparent that your website is down, there is no traffic, thereby, no point anymore of having a website in the first place.

Part of having a good quality is being up whenever the search engine tries to explore it. So, when the search engine tries to access your site and it is down, the search engine will take note of it and will give you a low rating; the same will apply if it always up, then the website will be rewarded and will be given a high rating. Search engine ratings are very important because this will be the basis as to whether where you will be located when the results will appear for the users.

A good hosting team can make your website reach its full potential by providing an uninterrupted hosting in the highest possible percentage. Their goal must be to ensure your website’s availability and accessibility all the time.

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The 411 on SSL Certificates

What is Secure Web Hosting and SSL and what are their benefits:

The World Wide Web is not as safe as it used to be which is due to the amount of data and information online that can be read by other people. There are a large number of people called hackers who uncover secret and confidential data about the people who visit your site. It is even possible for them to obtain information such as credit card details or passwords. Many hackers are able to offer a version of your own website and use this to trick other web users. Their version of your site can be hosted on their own server. This is done to obtain details from them. It is possible to battle these people and this is why SSL or Secure Sockets Layer was created.

Since 1994 when it was developed by Netscape, the SSL has developed into a security technology that is now recognized as an standard across the world. It works in a way to ensure that a secure link between a server and a browser. All OF this adds up to making sure that any information that is passed between parties remains secure. The security can be seen the padlock emblem that appears on screen. Many e-Business companies appreciate this opportunity to safeguard the information of their customers as well as ensuring the confidentiality of any transactions that take place

The Certificate for SSL:

There is a need for the Certificates Authority (CA) to provide the SSL Certificates and this is what web servers need if they desire to use the Secure Sockets Layer protocol. A firm will be asked many different questions about their site and identity if they want to have the SSL present on their server. This is facilitated by the provision of two cryptographic keys which revolves around the Public and the Private keys. Of the two keys, the Public Key should not be a furtive. The key can be found contained in a CSR data file which hosts the date. After his, the user has to have their CSR submitted. Following this, the CA will validate the information that is contained in the CSR and the SSL certificate process. Another SSL certificate is provided with all the users details and this enables the user to use the SSL. The Private Key is then used to match the information of the SSL certificate. This process is offered to allow the web server to establish a secure link between the customer and your very own website.

However, all these complex procedures of the SSL protocol remain undetectable to the customers. What their browser provides to them is a key indicator that helps to let them know they are well protected by an SSL encrypted session. There is a lock icon in the lower right hand corner of your customer’s browser by clicking which, your SSL Certificate and all other details are displayed. Generally, all these SSL Certificates are allotted to registered companies and to legally accountable individuals.

Information contained within the SSL certificate includes company name, the name of your domain, the city, an actual address, pin code, state and country. There is also the addition of the expiration date when the Certificate cannot be used after. There are also other details pertaining to the Certification Authority, the firm that provides the Certificate. If you have a SSL certificate, when you attempt to connect to a secure site, this will find the SSL certificate which is used by the site. A verification process that the SSL certificate of the other site is a genuine one to be trusted and is being used by the site that it has been allocated to. Similarly, the expiration date of the other site will be examined. If at any point an error is returned, a warning message will be provided to the user.

There is no doubt that the golden padlock has been accepted by many customers. It is viewed as a symbol of trust for the site. There is little doubt that the e-Business company can use this as an ideal opportunity to encourage trust and additional expenditure from customers and also turn visitors into customers. There are numerous shopping carts or sites that take information from customers and a large percentage utilize the SLL certificates. Nevertheless, users should recall that if confidential information is sent by email, this information is not naturally secured.

The new functions:

There is an improved version of SSL v2 and it is called SSL v3. This version offers support for authenticating certificates and it now has SHA-1 based ciphers. It is true that some flaws were in SLL v2 such as when cryptographic keys were indistinguishable in addition to the authentication process for messages. There was also no provision in the previous version to secure the handshake process which meant that a downgrade attack from the “man in the middle” could occur with no one being any the wiser.

Another interesting progression has been TLS (Transport Layer Security) superseding SSL. There is no doubt that TLS has been heavily influenced by SSL and is viewed as a key player in Microsoft and Netscape browsers in addition to a whole host web serving products. Today, the SLL utilizes public as well as private keys to provide an encryption service from the RSA that allows users to have a digital certificate.

Do you require an SSL Certificate:

* If privacy of others and yourself as well as a need to have trust in your site is important, then the purchase of the SSL certificate is vital.

* Those who have online shopping facilities and accept credit cards require the SSL certificate to provide a level of security about customer information.

* SSL Certificates can be a useful tool in an office if confidential data is placed on an intranet system.

For businesses that have a number of partners who share and provide information on an extranet system, having an SSL certificate is able to offer more protection from hackers.

* If in case your business partners log in to private information on an extranet, an SSL Certificate helps you to protect them from hackers.

Some helpful information about purchasing SSL Certificates:

Although the Certificate Authority is an extremely wide one, there is a need to consider your requirements and budget before choosing who to buy from. There are a lot of SSL certificate firms that are able to meet many price ranges. There are 22 separate their parties who can be found from checking the Open Directory Project and there are also well over 20 root certificates that can be found in Internet Explorer and Firefox. The market however is dominated by a few firms and this is mainly down to pricing issues.

There was a survey undertaken by Netcraft in 2005 which set out to find the largest vendor that offers SSL certificates. This was followed in January 2007 when Security Space set out to undertake a similar project. This latter survey listed a few firms as being highly rated. These sites include Equifax represented by its GeoTrust subsidiary (www.equifax.com), VeriSign which was represented by the Thawte subsidiary (www.verisign.com), in addition to GoDaddy/Starfield (www.godaddy.com), Digicert (www.digicert.com) as well as Comodo (www.comodo.com).

Although some variance will exist due to the way that markets are measured, is is considered that these 6 companies share roughly 95% of the entire industry. The largest firm with a market share of 72% is Verisign and the next is Comodo which contains about 18% of the market share. This is followed by Geotrust that has just under 3.5% and then Entrust who have 2.5% of the market. The last company is GoDaddy which clocks in at around 1%. The remaining firms contain about 3 to 4% on average.

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Web Hosting for Adult Websites

The rising popularity of the world of Internet simply goes without saying and Web hosting service, a part of this world, is of paramount significance. This service suggests an online system for any individual or organization for the purpose of storing information, images or any content reachable via the Web. A Web hosting company endows their clients with some space on a server and Internet connectivity characteristically in a data center. Interestingly enough, they also extend data center space and Internet connection to the servers they don’t possess to be located in their data center.

Scope of Service

File hosting is its most basic service that suggests a service where one can upload Web pages and other files via FTP or a Web interface like www.qualitylinkuilding.com. You, at times, find some ISPs offering free service and sometimes the files are delivered to the Web with a bit of inevitable processing. There is always the option to have Web page hosting from GeoCities or Yahoo and this is either free or advertisement sponsored, or not so expensive.

Hosting of Adult Websites

Well, I can prominently say one thing that for pictures and videos meant for the adults, Adult Website Hosting is truly perfect. An adult content site can have adult web servers from such companies. Moreover, media-guide and ecommerce solutions are there to help you. A huge circulation of money is responsible for the mounting popularity of Adult Website Hosting. You get to know the way to find the best adult Web hosting in order to earn money through this article. Its popularity gets clarified as the United States National Research Council declared in 2002 that by 2007 this industry is expected to grow up by nearly $7 billion.

With an increasing rate of 1800% annually, adult Web hosting had already occupied more than 260 million web pages on the net by 2003. This is earning popularity because people are giving birth to adult websites in order to contend with larger organizations being right there in home. This is quite encouraging.

Unsurprisingly, our email addresses are provided with a mixed bag of not demanded adult contents. USA Today (2003) says that around 34 million internet users or 1 in every 4 users of the net visit adult web sites further illuminates the sources. The web hosting requirements are usually farmed out by most of such websites. The best sites look for a web hosting option with 24-hour access to customer service staff, reliability and guaranteed uptime.

Once you choose a perfect hosting option, profitable marketing becomes your definite aim. Well, an uptime guarantee is of immense importance as a bad or free web hosting option might result in even an 88% drop in business.

A website full of adult contents is ideal to be a beneficial fee-based membership site for its rising popularity but one has to be careful about the factors that disobey laws. So, you are supposed to proceed bearing in mind the area-based laws because your adult site can face the music even being in its territory. Actually, notwithstanding the rapid progress of civilization, there are some people who consider any adult content, whatsoever, to be unlawful.

The aspect of law is truly very crucial here and it is more crucial because it simply changes according to the change in locality. There is a good solution as well. To keep yourself aloof from this problem, you can invariably stop the minors getting into the pornographic content. In order to do this, you have to show your expertise.

The conception of the word “obscene” is a broad one and different people view it from different points of view. So, on a general level, you should try to avoid things like incest, bestiality, child pornography and rape of any sort that are chiefly considered to be obscene. Having pointed out such obscene aspects, I need to inform you that there are many websites advertising them at random and earning a huge amount of money. This amount of risk is overlooked due to its profitability but only if you can fight shy of the strict world of law.

One has to know that in countries like U.S.A, there is the yardstick of a test in order to determine the obscenity rating of a website, or any other media. It goes without saying that it is very effective. As for an instance, we can mention “Miller Test,” which strictly denotes, as mentioned in Wikipedia, that the product or site can be said to be obscene if it is viewed without any artistic, literary, or cultural merit.

You can come to know about a large number and variety of laws reflected in many comments in the United Kingdom. A few of them signify that “Under the Sexual Offences Act 2003, child pornography and bestiality are illegal.” On the other hand, another comment that presently, various Obscene Publications Acts govern the obscenity law in England and Wales. Besides this, the fact that the government proposes to criminalize the hosting of extreme pornographic material was confirmed in August 2005.

You can make a page that states the site is restricted to a certain age-bar because of its adult content. This can be done for escaping or avoiding such a problem. In spite of this, you have to take your role as a Webmaster seriously by keeping the minors aloof from the site. Though slightly imperfect, yet the Age Verification System can help you out. By all means, risks are always present. Consequently, you need to have a helpful lawyer.

Take notice of the fact that a good site never means that the cheap website hosting company is a good one and vice versa. A cheap website hosting company can be treated as a serious and reliable one only if it comprises all the information and has proper web hosting plans and other services. On the other hand, if the site exhibits inaccuracy and incomplete information, it proves to be a failure on its part.

How to choose the right web hosting site

Cheap web hosting sites are liable to be selected because of its payment methods, satisfactory discounts and promotions. It basically all boils down to comparison. For instance, company is more reliable if it deals in checks, credit card payments, wired bank transfers etc. rather than only in cash and credit cards.

With all you queries, you should decide to interact directly (a telephonic conversation or an email contact) with the web hosting service provider. As a result, the company can provide you with proper information about their services. You can also access their real promptness and professionalism by a direct interaction. Another option is for you to chat or make familiarize yourself with their priorities for pre-sales questions which are available on their website.

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A Web Hosting Guide

If you want to become a major player in the online business community and increase the size of your business, developing a website is a necessity. After you have thought of the idea, it is important to continue and consider a domain name and then give proper thought to where you should host your new website. There are many hosts out there so choosing the right one is important which is why you should consider the following advice about web hosting.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is far more than just a domain; it is a collection of files that are linked by means of HTML code that enables the text and graphics to come together on a computer to show what a website is truly about. Having a computer with special software will enable you the opportunity to save your made files and let others see, as long as they have internet access. In broad and basic terms, web hosting is when someone rents space that is found on a web server. The web server is where a computer makes the requests for files that have been previously stored there. The server is also able to pass on the files to the internet which enables them to be viewed on a computer that requests them. There are similarities to be drawn between a waiter in a restaurant and the term “server.”

There are many services that are provided by a web server. It has the ability to display files to other people surfing the internet and it can provide further uses. These may include offering the ability to generate email accounts and addresses that are relevant to the domain name which will allow the sending and receiving of emails. In addition to this provision, the ability to make and control databases, show moving images and a number of other options are provided to the user. It does not matter about the computer as the software is what is important in making a server.

I don’t need to say that the monthly payment you make after purchasing a web hosting is needed for the purpose of maintaining and upgrading the server’s hardware and software. It also includes the charge of keeping it online all the time in a secure data center with the aid of a fast Internet connection, and the payment of the people who are doing all these. One can surely roll his or her computer into a web server as soon as it is decided but the idea of entrusting a dedicated person (for this job) with this job is often a better and reasonable one. It requires you to pay that person but it is ideal if the person does it in a reliable manner.

Varieties of Web Hosting

Shared Hosting- Yahoo! may be meant for everyone to use the internet but not every website is like that meaning they are targeted at a particular niche which means there i no requirement for a large amount of pages. This means most websites do not need an infinite resource of the server. The majority of servers are extremely powerful which makes them able to handle a huge amount of sites. Just fewer than 100% of websites use the shared hosting method which sees more than one website placed on a particular server. This method is used because it is easily the cheaper option as it spreads the cost of resources of the server in addition to the resources, which makes it a popular choice. Another name for shared hosting is virtual hosting which enables clients to have access to a number of available resources. Depending on how much space or how many resources are being used, the price will vary. The more of a service such as email accounts, disk space or bandwidth being used, the higher the cost will be.

Dedicated Hosting- When you feel the need of having lots of visitors for your big website or you think about dominating resources or feel antipathy towards sharing the server with anyone else who might crash it, you need a web server that is entirely dedicated to you. So, dedicated hosting is all about renting the service of an entire server. Ownership of machine and responsibility for maintaining the hardware and the web hosting software still remains in the realm of the web hosting company but you gain control over the configuration and use of the server. Semi-dedicated hosting is another interesting term where a web server extends service to 2-4 clients with a strong line of demarcation between them. This is also treated as managed hosting for here hosting company maintains the server. Having clarified all the ins and outs, it goes without saying that dedicated hosting is more expensive than shared hosting.

Server Co-Location- The best option for having everything of your web server in your own domain is to purchase one and then maintain it with the aid of your own knowledge about it. It might still not be enough to keep your server aloof from power outages, roof leaks, thieves, unwary employees and other problems. It might not be able to keep your server on the Internet on a fast connection as well but a data center endows you with all these services. One thing needs to be said here that the rental of physical security, uninterrupted electrical power and a high-speed Internet connection for a server is what we know as Co-location. It is very interesting that here you are responsible for the hardware or software maintenance of a co-located server. The data center has no part to play here. Having sufficient knowledge and time to maintain a web server, this option is better and cheaper than dedicated hosting.

UNIX Hosting- Different kinds of web hosting have already been discussed. But, to put it in the right way, one has to say that it is the variants of UNIX that the large share of web servers run on. Basically brought forth by the universities for servers and networking, The UNIX operating system has got many other versions designed by the programmers with the aid of ‘open-source protocol’ allowing them to have the code for the operating system and make any kind of amendments. Linux and BSD (the popular ones) of UNIX system provide varieties like Red Hat Linux, Debian, SuSE, and FreeBSD. If you are a web host, UNIX hosting is cheaper and better than other operating systems as you can get hold of most of its versions for free. It cuts down the cost and lets them tender lower prices. UNIX hosting platforms, which endow you with software to accomplish most web programming applications, are thought to be stable, powerful and secure. With the advancement of technology, the term ‘UNIX hosting’ now denotes any platform derived from the original UNIX.

Windows Hosting- Windows Server 2003 is a commercial product developed by Microsoft. As far as this product is concerned, an operator needs to purchase a license that raises the cost of entire process and gives birth to higher hosting prices. This special version of Windows operating system advanced by Microsoft is less powerful and secure than UNIX instead of Windows being deemed as perfect for users if you are to operate in a network environment. ASP, ASP.NET, and ColdFusion are well-liked for some web programming applications and these scripting languages can only run on a Windows server like the Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Access database programs. The idea of using all these requires you to have a Windows host.

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Cheap Web Hosting in a Recession

There is no doubt that having a presence on the internet is one of the most important things that people can do in the modern era. Whether it is through selling goods, creating a blog to offer their opinions on many matters or perhaps even just as a means of increasing communication between friends, being online is where it’s at. There are many social networking sites for people to communicate with others but many prefer to have their own website and invariably, these people need the assistance of web host providers. Any additional services rendered like having a forum or offering an abundance of photos is likely to make the site too big for the free web hosting sites. This means that being able to find the best value for money hosting sites can be invaluable for so many people.

This means that finding cheap multiple web hosting is big business all over the world. It makes no difference if the consumer aim is to find affordable web hosting Canada or perhaps choosing between a UK web hosting company and a cheap web site hosting UK based. All of these sites have an impact on the availability of affordable web hosting UK and although a cheap web site hosting provider may be effective for the budget, you have to be aware if the cheap web page hosting capabilities are right for your site. There are so many reseller hosting cheap sites available offering domain name registration and hosting with services like web hosting front page facilities. An offer for a free web hosting domain name will stand out, like the best cheap web hosting plans that are available but with so many options, customers need to know the best options for cheap web hosting domain services.

Help is at hand with cheap web hosting reviews which can guide consumers to the best cheap web hosting directory and inform them of the best cheap web hosting plans. Good cheap web hosting services are available from many webhost reseller firms and cheap webhosting, unix webhosting and front page webhosting are available in abundance.

Some people may believe that free means cheap and rubbish but that is certainly not the case with web hosting and many of the low price and even free site providers are more than capable of fulfilling the requirements of customers who sign up with them. The end wishes of the customer have to be considered and some people may not named a lot of storage space or a fancy title, some people just want to have a website. These people, and many more, can get a great benefit from many of these providers.

This is why a website like vodahost is able to provide cheap web hosting but their services are not going to in tune for every single consumer. This ensures that consumers need to have an awareness of their own needs and requirements before they look to find the right consumer choice for them but once they have made their decision, it will become so much easier to make the right choice with regards to web hosting, regardless of the recession.

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