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How to boost sales- squeeze video

Landing page design can increase sales. Many firms realize the importance that a first impression can create on clients and prospective customers. This is an excellent method to create a valuable return on investment. Many realize this importance, and they appreciate the innovation and other things that many designers make available when they create these pages.

The first thing that people see on any sight should be geared so that they see the value and quality that you want them to associate with any product or service. This is the first impression, and sometimes it’s only possible to create one. For this reason, a quality page is essential.

Many firms are concerned about the return on investment that they will receive before any expenses are paid. This is probably the best way to ensure the satisfaction of prospective clients to your page. They can see your sight, but it is imperative that time is spent, and a quality site will ensure that this happens.

Many organizations also choose to have a Squeeze video included with their sight. This is a great way to allure consumers and captivate all of their senses. Many people appreciate a high quality item, and they will readily spend more time shopping around on areas that provide for this type of stimulation. This can ensure that plenty of time is spent on all of your pages.

Quality and innovation are usually the hallmarks of these pages, and this is a great way to attract and retain customers. Many consumers choose to return to sites that they like for many times. A great design will enable that your pages are the best that they can be, and your clients will know and appreciate this.

Many firms are experts in this field, and they can help design customer pages as well as stock ones. This is a great way to provide for an excellent return on investment, and sight traffic can be easily increased. Return users are another important focus, and for this reason alone it is essential to have a wonderfully designed opening area of any sight.

Your web site can benefit fromLanding page design. It is essential that this opening area can be the best possible. This will ensure return users, as the sight is full service, and meets their needs. Squeeze videos are another thing that can be included as an attention grabber and a way to showcase goods and services. This is an excellent way to quickly show what your firm can provide. A full sensory advertising system, these videos are a great way to captivate users and hopeful customers.

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Why You Should Put A Squeeze Video Into Your Landing Page Design

Lots of entrepreneurs desire information on why they should put a Squeeze videointo their Landing Page Designefforts. A show like that should be used to grab the attention of a consumer. When you make your call to action into a flick, more people will be likely to respond favorably. Your video will encourage people and search engines to frequent your site.

Many people do not know what Squeeze video is. This moving picture must be truthful and quick. Its reason for existence to is to tell the shopper precisely what she or he must do now that she or he has found your material. You should construct your initiative to action in a way that is very explicit.

It is a truth that more folks would like to view a flick than glance at a set of characters. Studying involves a person putting forth energy and hours that he would like to spend on other occupations. When you make a flick instead of scribbling a large collection of symbols, you will encourage more viewers to transform into buyers. That is a good use of bandwidth on a site.

Flicks help a lot in an effort to help a page climb to the top of web crawler findings. They normally have a lot of visual impact and draw the curiosity of consumers. These features are very helpful. This is the reason why many landing pages highlight one or more movies.

When you produce content for the Internet, you want a large number of people to find and interact with it. In order to do that, you must educate and entertain them. A squeeze video can do both of those things while instructing them on the next step you want them to take. This will make your site popular with human beings.

As you construct pages that will sound good to individuals, you can be making spaces that will also be liked by engines. A web crawler may inspect a site as it picks up on the fact that more people are finding it on their own. The more attention an engine gives to your online spaces, the more inclined it will be to display them in search results for viewers.

Many company heads long for truths on why they should insert a squeeze video into their landing page design codes. That sort of show should be put in place to draw the notice of a customer. When you stick your opt in information in a show, more individuals will take favorable actions. Your motion picture will assist people and search engines in their attempts to locate your online home.

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The Chessboard Of Conversions

When you first show up on a website’s Landing Page Design, do you know what the first things to alter your disposition are?

According to consumer psychology, an advertisement with three or more colors is almost 50% more effective than one in black and white.

What does this tell you?

That even a glimpse of the aesthetics can mean the difference between an intrigued consumer and a lost one.

Each subtle difference of design will positively or negatively effect your websites performance.

The performance of your sales video, landing page design, etc., all rely on the effectiveness of the image that you put forth with the different design variables that you feature.

That said, it’s crucial that each element on your landing page design has a specific function in correlating with the rest of your website’s image.

Inconsistency and lack of value is the epidemic of the internet. In order to rise above the masses, it is your job as professional to be picky with what it is that you are publishing.

Which brings us to the main point, how does this all tie into landing page design?

Most non-corporate, “john everyman” type of websites need landing page designs, and the race to the top means that you have to do everything possible to stand out of the crowd.

A large percentage, if not all the work is outsourced. There is no possible way that you can productively work on several websites while doing all the work yourself. Not to mention the finding the time to overcome the learning curve that comes with landing page design and sales video creation.

The most common problem that I spot on low converting websites these days does not have to do with any specific elements, but how they are pieced together in the overall design.

One of the key traits of a websites functionality is balance, and when it is upset with disproportionate quality, you are hurting your website more than helping.

Always make sure that every product you purchase for your landing page (landing page design,Sales Video, copy-written script) all correlate with the overall quality of the rest of the items your website features.

If you are looking for the best, then don’t cut back on any single element.

You need to ask yourself, how long can you keep up at the pace you’ve set? Managing a website properly requires strategy and co-ordination, you must progress in a fashion that maintains the integrity of your image.

When you see a site that has one thing done very well, and the rest not so well, you immediately notice the difference and it raises doubts about the real quality of the service.

In the game of chess, it is unwise to progress your most valuable pieces, without placing your pawns defensively to co-ordinate your attacks.

This can be applied to the world of landing page design as well, if the rest of your site is not set up so that each element compliments the rest, you are fueling the prospects scrutinizing of your website.

Internalize that. Don’t apply any drastic changes to your website’s design, before it can support those changes.

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Are you killing your conversions

Do you put your prospects through too much?

If you wish for the best interaction with your demographic, your Landing Page Design needs to be crafted with a clear route to success.

In order to do this, you need to restrict the amount of requirements to appease to get to the finish line.

Here is a list of things that you should never have on your landing page design:

Where did you find us?

Asking this is pointless. You are able to use a great software called Google analytics to find this out. This question may have been more useful in the past, but now it is just superfluous.

Asking for the details:

When it comes to your visitors, always assume that they know as little as possible. Don’t ask them what kind of package suits them better, as they are most likely waiting for you to answer that question.

Phone number:

This is one of the most personal pieces of information to a person. It is better to ask them personally, rather than on your website, and only if it absolutely necessary.

Superfluous questionnaires:

Be honest about how much time they will spend on your forms. Try to make them as short as possible, avoid details such as the province and city if you asked for their zip code on your Landing Page Design.

Forms and visuals:

You don’t want to distract your audience from completing your forms, especially since they have already gotten that far. Tone down the contrast that your form features, this will keep their eyes on the prize.


These can cause difficulty if the person has trouble with them. A good tip is to make them invisible and not required. If you host a “reference” landing page design, this will help you sort out the bots for they will be the only ones who submit information with the captchas filled out.

Data fields:

When you pre-fill your data fields with the requirement inside them, they tend to go unnoticed by the viewer. Keep you data fields blank so they can easily be spotted by those who a skimming over your landing page design.


Instead of reading “submit”, replace it with something they are eagerly awaiting, such as “Get your Free quote” at the bottom of your landing page design.

Social proof:

In one case study, it was shown that conversions increased to as much as double without social proof. The less information you ask; the less time wasted, the more people get through start to finish.


Take a nice long look at your landing page design, is there anything that you really don’t need?

If you can’t help but feature long forms, then divide them up into sections. This will make it seem as if everything takes a little less time.

The less work you make your audience do, the better reception you get. You should always design with that in mind, never stop searching for faster, easier ways to deal with your audience.

If you are unsure of how well your optimized for user friendliness, analyze your competition. See what they are doing right and what they could be doing better, and make it your goal to out-simplify them.

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how to Double your moneys worth- Landing page design

When setting on the mission of creating a landing page design, it can be hard to get a hold of some consistent facts to use as a mold for your design.

This is a common problem when using the internet as your reference.

So, in order to make things easier on you, I have gathered some solid info that should serve as a checklist to tap into your full potential of interacting with your market.

Much like a house, constructing a landing page design with the basics is like building without a foundation, it’s just not going to hold.

Here are the key elements:

– Each element on your page need to be snappy and to-the-point

– Ideally, you should only be using 1-2 sentences to explain a point.

– Call-to-Action should be direct and clear

– Do you make your product’ value clear?

– You need to add authority and build a trust-able image

All the points above are the primary keys to landing page design. It is important that you feature all these elements to hit the mark.

Today, i am going to into depth on the last point,

Adding value:

You have your set price. You don’t want to go any higher, you can’t go any lower. How do you make it sound good?

The primary misconception when calculating value is that it has something to do with the price, the only time when that is applicable is when you are reselling things. The value of a product is subjective to each person, and has to do with how useful something is.

– Does it cut back on time?

– Will it give them information that will take them on a different level of performance?

– Does it makes your life easier?

– Is it going to help you earn your living?

These are things that you cannot put a price on, and since each person is different, your products value will differ from person to person. The trick is encompassing as big a slice as you can in your market.

That is where you have to calculate an accurate medium on your demographics behavioral probabilities and create a landing page design that appeals to as many people as possible.

When someone is interested in your product, it is not because of what it does, it is because they understand the effects it will have on their lives.

These are the “benefits”, and though you may think this is general information,but many people seem to misunderstand the difference between features and benefits. Do you know the difference?

To explain is as simple as possible. The “features” have to do with your products operations, what it actually does. Whereas the benefits refer to the results of these operation in relation to the consumer.

Here’s an example of this relationship:

Product: ProfessionalSqueeze Video

Feature: Designed with Consumer Psychology In Mind

Benefit: Psychologically effective on Prospects

Feature: Hi quality graphics

Benefit: Public favor over competition

This concept is not too hard to understand, the problem people are have is efficiently explaining how their features lead to the benefits.

A good way to stay on the right track is by stating these in a question and answer format. Don’t keep your features and benefits separated, your goal is to connect the two for the audience. Don’t assume they will do this themselves.

The next to go over has to do with pricing.

Don’t keep one number your landing page design, if people know you have a good product, it will only make buying in more appealing if you drop their expectations of the price the deeper they get into your sales copy.

By doing this, your prospect feel like your putting money in their pockets.

You don’t have to price you product less than it already is, just start with a higher one, lower it, and then show some sort of statistic of how much less it is. People love to see the numbers on how much they are saving.

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Is your landing page counter-Productive

In order to reach the consumers, you need to create a professional image of your site.

Everyone has stumbled on landing page designs that are more insulting to look at than informative.

You need to strive to stay away from this type of thing, unless you are looking to drive your customers off your site, without them even considering your propositions.

Check out the tips below to get an idea of what people hate in a landing page design.


In a book by consumer psychologist Steve Krug called “Don’t Make Me Think”, he states that the more you leave to people to figure out by themselves, the less people will end up doing what you want.

It’s a known fact that the less you exert your readers mentally, the better your attempts to reach them prove to be.

In other words, tone it down with the verbiage.

Not being honest:

This is a big one. You’ve probably come across websites which tell you a process takes 5 minutes, but really ends up taking almost an hour. Don’t think that people don’t notice these things, because they do and they will.

Once they find out how much time the process actually takes, they will most likely start losing focus and get irritated, ultimately causing them to ditch the attempt.

Unpractical forms:

Conversions and forms don’t get along, so keep them as separate as possible. Although most of us can’t get away with eliminating forms, we can surely be Conservative. Don’t put in sections that you could do without.

Also, as stated above, be honest about how long they will take.


Among the worst things that you could put on your custom landing page design, are pop ups. Worst case scenario; just feature something that grabs their attention if they try to leave, not when they arrive.

Bad Audio:

If your video’s volume is not optimized, people will not want to watch from start to finish.

Your volume controls should be easily spotted should they need to turn it down immediately (such as in an office or other quiet places)

Ripped-off graphics

If you have photos on your landing page design, which you definitely should, then make sure that you get custom images that aren’t seen millions of times a day on other websites.

Unoriginal photos are a testament to how amateur your landing page design is. If want to set yourself apart, feature original content. Period.

Enter Email Here…

If aren’t selling anything on your landing page, then you are most likely asking for emails and trying to interest people in navigating the rest of your website with your “reference” landing page.

Make sure that they don’t hesitate to leave their email with you due to the fear of being spammed afterwards. Tell them how easy it is to discontinue the newsletters if they so choose too, if you don’t people will not want to sign up.


Take all of the steps above into account when finalizing your landing page design. The level at which you do this is what you will get as far as conversions go.

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How fast is your pitch?- Landing Page Design

Are you making your landing page design as easy to read as your can?

Read over the following 5 details to optimize your text for supreme readability, your prospects will finish without even notice what happened.


This basic tip is thrown around a lot, but the truth is that it is the most important. Although you may consider your Landing Page design to be optimized for this, how do you know for sure?

Lucky for you, there is a way to measure the simplicity of your text which you should use in all aspects of your internet business.

Dr.Rudolph Flesche’s “sure-fire” measurement of simplified writing:

1. Count the words

2.Count the syllables

3.Number the sentences

4. Find the ratio of syllables to words

5. Average out the words to sentence ratio

This is the math equation you will use:

RE = 206.835 – (1.015 x Average words per sentence) – (84.6 x Average syllables per word).

If you don’t like math, don’t stress. Microsoft word as well as a wide range of services online can do it.

The result will be a number, anywhere between 1 and 100. 100 being the best, meaning that your text can even be read by an eleven year old.

If you got something from one to ten, then your text is closer to a university level, and you need to tone it down.

2. The words “You” and “I”

Always try and use personal pronouns, most notably “You” and “I”.

This adds a different tone to your appeal to something more personal. Which is more effective to reaching your consumers.

3. Keep those eyes moving

To keep a good pace of eye movement, you can ask questions and immediately answer it in the sentence below it.

4. Do the thinking for them

Instead of phrasing things like this: “Do you want the best ways for getting more traffic straight to your Landing Page design ?”

Word it out using a little more specifics, like this: “Traffic delivered straight to your site using John does proven method”.

5. Trying to sound smart, is not smart at all..

If you show off and try to sound smart, some people will have a hard time following what you say. Dumb everything down to a level where anyone who visits your landing page design can understand your information.

By doing this, you are tapping into the most of your potential prospects, increasing sales as a result.


By now, most marketing know that you should always K.I.S.S (keep it simple stupid) on your landing page design, as well as everywhere else where you information is visible, But how true are you to this?

Use the formula and scan your landing page design, if you score below 80%, then go back and change it, you will definitely notice a difference.

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Creating the strongest landing page design you can

Unless you implement powerful consumer psychology in yourLanding Page Design, you will always have a hard time winning over your customers.

It is important that you design accordingly, taking into consideration each element of your layout so that it corresponds with your plan of seducing your prospects.

Setting the expectations

The initial thing that people will look at, which is what starts everything off, is your header. Your header is where your make your most powerful selling proposition clear. You will most likely want to have a second header below your first one as well.

This will keep your Introduction short and sweet, they will be intrigued and shall continue to read your secondary header, which will give them some information on what interested them in the introduction.

Features and Benefits

Do you know the difference?

Features are descriptions of the products functions. The difference is that features do not put into context why they actually need the product. The benefits are the breakdown of what the product will do for them.

After you make your strong intro, you need to feed them as much closure to their skepticism as possible. This is where you use your bullets to give them reasons to want the product. Keep the number of bullets you use to around five, don’t overdo it.

Like your headline, these need to be short and to-the-point. It’s important to make good time with how many good points you make in relation to how much text they read. The faster they understand each benefit, the better the service sounds.


Don’t just add anything to your landing page design as far as visuals go. These are supposed to be representative of the true value of your product. Picking the right graphics is like doubling your selling points.

According to consumer psychology, advertisement with 4+ colors work better than the same ad with less colors. Keep this in mind because, in essence your landing page design is one big advertisement.

Make them imagine

It is your job to help your prospects visualize the use of your product, and how beneficial it will be, BEFORE they buy it. The first place where they test your product is mentally.

To do this, you have to give them something pleasant to imagine. Be as descriptive as possible while staying on the conservative side with the amount of text you feature. The tools you will be using could range from squeeze video, to pictures to descriptive imagery.

So you got a great product eh…. prove it.

Now its time to show them that your not all smoke and mirrors with your most powerful credibility symbols, appraising testimonials, and any other association you can make between your product or service, and other people’s success. It is easy to overdue this step, so try to remain on the more conservative site. Don’t put too much emphasis on these things, they are only on your landing page design to compliment your product.

Only use the best of the best, if something looks questionable, it will look like that to everyone who sees it. That is how where websites lose the respect of the customer and ultimately kill their conversions.

Last stand:

You tried and failed, what now?

In the case that you don’t succeed in the first attempt, it is a good idea to feature something that will give the prospect a chance to return to your webpage. For example, ask them to follow you on twitter, Facebook or any other social network. Offer them something in exchange for their email if that is not already the purpose of your landing page design. This will keep you noted in their books should they decide to rethink your proposition.

Only be strategically following the step above will your landing page design be successful.

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Landing page design- Addressing your Audience

Bad Landing page designs stick out like sore thumbs on people’s websites.

when trying to creating a landing page, the first time can prove difficult if you have no experience.

Getting caught up in the technicalities is what causes people to lose grasp of what they should really be focusing on, especially if you do not know the founding principles.

If you want to maximize your conversions, follow these tips to-a-tee and you will be off to a good start.

1. Feature a variety of Advantages

You cannot expect to win them over with just your status. You need to satisfy your audience’s desires and answer their questions of “What will I gain?”.

Don’t do anything without first making clear what it is about your product that they want, how will you make their lives easier?

The reader won’t add it all together by himself, You need to do it for him. State the relation between what the product does, and how it will simplify their lives.

The level at which you reach your audience and their current hardships, is ultimately what makes your landing page design more effective than a rival’s.

2. “Easy on the Eyes”

Whoever is viewing your landing page is most likely not there to read. They are vaguely searching for something without much intention on staying on one page for too long.

If you do not feature a format which makes it easy for them to analyze your page, they will find their way out quick.

Make sure that you organize your content so that everything is simple and to-the-point, and easily picked up on.

3. Scroll down

Think of your most compelling advantages.

Make sure that you keep everything compelling “above the fold”, this will be your introduction is the first step to winning over the consumer.

If your asking them to buy something, or leave their contact information, the battle is winning them over as quickly as you can, and interesting them in reading a more detailed elaboration of your claims.

4. Don’t let them escape

Your landing page design needs to be free of any distractions that could be counter-productive to your cause.

If you have too many things going on at once, this will draw attention away from your final goal and confuse the audiences as of what direction they should go.

Stick to one goal and limit their options so that everything points in the direction of you custom landing page’s ultimate mission.

5. Call-to-Action

This is what will make you your money. It all comes down to the CTA button to get them on-board. You’ve got a good product, you’ve established why it’s a good product, now its time to let them find their own way. Right?

This is the most important part of any landing page. The Call-to-action is the final step of the process. You’ve won them over, they want the product, now they are going to find a way to buy it, right?

You can’t leave it up to them. Your job is to hold their hand all the way through the entire process and tell them exactly what to do, while they are still inspired by your awesome sales copy.

People are not likely to buy on their own accord. You need to give them everything they need to get the process done and over with, while they are still day-dreaming about what you product could do for them.

Sooner or later, reasoning will kick in and they will find themselves out of the impulsive daze your landing page design catalyzed, that is why you need to feature a big, strong CTA button so that they can act while they are still in a spending mood.

Have you noticed the effects of smart phones on society. As smart phones progress, a growing percentage of people have no use for a computer these days.

This means that you need to adjust your landing page design to these people’s need, in order to maximize the amount of people you service.

You need to take this into account and make your landing page design easily maneuvered via smart phone.

Keep this in mind so that you can prepare and not miss out on these possibilities.

The time is now to adjust for these people’s needs, or else you risk losing out on a substantial amount of business to your competitors.

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Keys to An Effective Landing Page Design

In today’s business world, it is nearly critical for you to have a website due to market demand.

Not to mention, you will undoubtedly increase sales and business when you have a website, so it’s really a “no-brainer” as far as business necessities go.

The main goal of owning a website is to promote your products with your landing page design, and luring your audiences down a restrictive path, which finalizes in your product being sold.

Since your landing page design can make or break your internet success, there are a few things to consider during its creation.

The main thing to keep in mind when creating your landing page design is to maintain simplicity and a non-distractive format:

Stay on topic – Make a separate page for each thing your selling. This keeps your audience focused on one thing. If you clutter your page with too many distractions, it will confuse people and they will end up forgetting why they are there. Make sure that everything on your page leads the reader to the desired final results, nothing else.

Showcase your landing page design vertically – this layout has consistently proven results, keeping your customer scrolling from the top of the page to the bottom towards your objective (buy button).

Trim down and simplify you landing page design- Anything that is a potential distraction to your audience should be cut immediately. This could be anything from links to adverts, to unnecessarily contrasting elements. Anything that removes focus from your final objective. If it is to buy your product or service, or leave you with some information, Everything on your landing page should focus on these results and nothing else.

All visuals should guide your audience in the right direction- Your color layout and visual compositions with go through many different variables before you find one that converts at a adequate rate. Stick to your theme and make sure that nothing “sticks out’ in a way that is it distracting from the flow you are trying to create with your sales strategy.

Don’t let them escape, keep them on YOUR site – Don’t feature anything that could potentially lead your customers off of your page, and onto another. Remove any links your have as they will defeat the purpose of your landing page design in the first place.

Step up your game- Once you have already established a productive landing page, and your looking for ways to improve it. Then my suggestion to your is to put a custom squeeze video on your website. These make long sales copies obsolete since video engages and interacts with the user in a way that text could can’t compare.

Your landing page design can truly make your business explode when it’s done correctly. Following these simple steps provided and doing your research afterwards to follow which methods have the best success will give you maximum results.

Your final objective should be the purpose behind everything on your landing page. Once you have mastered the co-ordination of all these different elements, you will lure your customers straight to your goal, with them being non the wiser.

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