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How to Increase Confidence the Fun Way

People constantly wonder how they can increase their confidence. People look for sites on the internet that they hope can provided them a solution on how to increase confidence. Fortunately, a number of suggestions are available that can help you build on confidence and ensure that it stays that way.

Unfortunately, most of us have tried to improve ourselves in the past with little results. Some of us even tried unfamiliar exercises or strange techniques in desperation of finding a solution, but were left feeling discouraged when they failed us. Doing things outside of your comfort zone is not only scary; it’s not enjoyable either. While improving yourself will always take a commitment and a personal time investment, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and enjoyable. The following 3 tips are a must if you want to learn how to increase confidence and feel better about yourself. Do not neglect them.

3 Tips: How to Increase Confidence the Fun Way

#1: The Good. What you’ve Got.

Our culture is fascinated with focusing on the weaknesses and failures of others. The newspapers, nightly news and local gossip all revolve around someone who messed up, gave up, or fell short in some way. Perhaps it makes other people feel better about themselves if they focus on someone who is worse off. But this cultural attitude pervades our own thinking about ourselves. If you want to know how to increase confidence, start thinking about the good qualities you have. This might sound superficial or trite, but this new mindset will begin to shift your focus toward your good instead of your bad. When you continually build awareness around the good qualities you have, you’ll accomplish the first step in how to increase confidence. So practice focusing on your good, that is, what already works for you.

#2: The Better. Building on your strengths

While comparable to the first step, this is about action, not thoughts. Again, society repeatedly teaches you to build your weak areas until they equal your strengths. This is false thinking. It will not help you. If you spend all of your time working on your weaknesses, you never will gain the confidence from accomplishing those things you do well. When a fish spends its entire life trying to get better at flying, it will miss all the great things that lie beneath the ocean’s surface. When a bird suddenly needs a special plant brought to the surface, from under the water, the fish will have forgotten what he does best … how to swim.

The good news here is you are allowed to build on your strengths. You should never completely neglect weak areas, but you can quit belittling yourself over this outdated theory of society. You were not made to (or should even want to) overlook your strengths. Simply put, be who you are meant to be.

#3. Increase Confidence Now

Hopefully you noticed the intentional order of these steps. You likely arrived here by searching how to increase confidence. In order to increase confidence, it has to first be present. Confidence is like a muscle. Most people are unsuccessful for this reason. They begin by trying to get confidence where none exists, that is, in their area of weakness. Here’s why the sequence is important. After you have identified your areas of strengths, and can begin to focus your energy to build up you’re a chosen weak area. Then, you will be utterly shocked when your confidence starts skyrocketing up. Now is the time to transfer some of this confidence and faith in your progress into some of the areas that you desperately want to change. Picture it like money. Once you have some savings, you are free to spend it on anything you want. The same principle is true in how to increase confidence. As your foundation provides you with confidence in strong areas of your life, you can apply this to an area you would like to improve. Now you have more information than most, and have a huge jump start. But, there’s more to uncover.

Caution: This method works extremely well, but there are some common mistakes that most people overlook when they are starting out that are vitally important to your success.

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Creating a Belief that you can Overcome Anxiety

Possessing a strong and unyielding belief is vital to accomplishing anything of importance in this world. Beliefs are very real and very powerful motivators for people. In order to reach a goal or accomplish your dreams, an underlying belief that you can and will achieve your goals and dreams is essential.

For example, an individual who believes that attending Sunday mass will increase their odds of getting into Heaven, will consistently attend Sunday mass. Thus in order for this person to continually show up at church each Sunday, a powerful and unyielding belief that attendance will benefit them in the afterlife is an absolute necessity.

An overweight person, who strongly believes they can become physically fit, will change their eating habits and begin to exercise. In order for an overweight person to begin exercising and eating right, a belief that they can become physically fit is required.

For me to begin recovering from my anxiety, I had to first believe that it was possible for me to recover. For years I believed that something was wrong with me, I believed that I was destined to a life of dissatisfaction and worry. I believed that I may never find a way to feel wonderful and happy.

My negative beliefs had prevented me from making any progress or improvement in the past. Therefore my negative thought processes had to gradually be shifted towards the positive end of the spectrum.

Thus an important first step in overcoming anxiety (and anything else for that matter) will be to create a belief that you can overcome. Once this belief is present within you, you will naturally and gradually begin to make strides towards your chosen goals. Happiness and ease will fall upon you more and more with each step you make.

Now beliefs do not just pop into existence. There are certain things that are required in order to create a belief. Beliefs always have strong emotions tied into them. Nobody will ever act upon a belief unless they possess strong sentiments and feelings urging them to do so.

Developing repeated and habitual positive thought patterns is essential to creating a beneficial and healthy powerful belief.

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Astrology on the year ahead 2012

During the second three months of 2012 expect things to get more exciting. First comes Mercury retrograde on 3.12.12 then most states switch to daylight savings time, and last but not least the Equinox of Spring. The burst of spring with all of the other things happening is sure to bring on intensity in the weeks following.

From the public’s perspective, our government officials in Congress will seem like fighting teens. This may go on until at least April and maybe even further.

Pluto goes into retrograde the 10th day of April, 2012 in the sign of Capricorn. Expect things to heat up because Capricorn will be dealing with power and structures of things while Pluto will be highlighting a strong weakness.

Expect more revelations about how hollow the current system is that could cause a major crisis involving a government official sometime between April 10th and the 19th. This scandal/issue could lead to a conflict either of arms or of money. Either one will leave us shaken and looking for answers.

Conflict is the main theme during the first several months in the year ahead. Venus turns retrograde in the middle of May causing conflict in relationships of all types. This is exacerbated by the strong destructive yet transformative power of Pluto. This is a time of conflict and destruction of all types.

The total lunar eclipse of June 4th will occur in Sagittarius. The Archer’s influence will add to the frustration and discontent. The possible fall of a prominent person, either through scandal or some physical calamity, will add to the chaos of the landscape. Italy, North Africa, and yes, us too, are likely spots. The chance for unpredictable weather could also make the run-up to summer a challenge.

Once again, Neptune will go into retrograde. This will be heightened in a negative way due to the fact that the Lunar eclipse happens on the same day. Anything to do with water or liquids such as gas, may indeed be impacted. It would not be a far stretch to say that a severe hurricane, oil or gas leak could take place.

The summer months will be more intense than spring time. Toward the end of spring, Uranus and Mercury will be going into retrograde within a day of each other in the middle of July. This cannot be good as Uranus brings on the unexpected in an instant while Mercury will be causing all sorts of communication and travel issues.

This Mercury Retrograde is going to be especially troublesome in that not only will communications suffer, as usual, but ghosts from past and infamous behavior, for those in power, as well as, the rest of us, are going to rise from the collective grave of memory to totally distort our reality.

Expect Uranus to be as unpredictable as ever as August approaches. Crisis’ big and small will cover the news and stranger things will appear in the news much more often than usual. Around the end of September, things may come to a head in our personal lives and those of nations in turmoil.

Some balance will be restored as Pluto, the Dark Lord and Mercury the Messenger ease up tensions by going direct once again. As they begin to chug forward, Pluto will still be in the sun sign Capricorn tearing down the old ways that are no longer serving us. We may begin to see a little more clearly during this time frame.

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Get A Girl To Like You – How To Become A Great Storyteller

It is a scary world out there: many women yap on about wanting a guy built like Achilles with Matthew McConaughey’s face.

But there is something that trumps a great body, a beautiful face, social status, and money: Being a master Storyteller. Every ladies man I’ve ever met was a great storyteller.

If you aren’t a great storyteller, you’re missing out – big time.

Becoming a great storyteller may seem like a daunting task but it is actually easy. In fact, you already are a great storyteller yet don’t know it. Do you have stories you share with close friends, family, and women you know well? I bet you do.

Here’s what I want you to do: think about all the stories and experiences you share with friends and family. Write them out and make them a little more succinct.

Then share them with women when first meeting them. You’ll be shocked at how well they work.

Here’s a question you might be thinking: How do I transition into my stories during a conversation with a woman?

Here’s what to do: figure out the premise of your story. Then turn the premise into a juicy headline. Let’s pretend you had a one-legged uncle who won a marathon. The premise is this: people can still be successful athletes despite having serious setbacks.

Let’s come up with a juicy headline. How about: “People are always complaining about how hard it is to accomplish things. That’s a bunch of hogwash. I know cripples who outperform perfectly normal and healthy people. It’s all about sheer determination.” This is going to pique her interest. Now you can go into your story.

For each of your stories, try to come with a headline. Then go out and use them within the first few seconds of meeting a girl. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

This will work whether you make your money from marketing, advertising, the finance world, selling autos, or something else.

Whether you’re into blogs, gardening, sports, spirituality, religion, traveling the world, being a family man, or health and fitness, this advice will help you.

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Destiny or fate 11-11-11

Psychics, astrologers and numerologists have long had an interest in dates with repeating numbers. The palendri-cal situation happens only 14 times in any given 100 years. When a repeated numbers occur in a date, like 11.11.11 and the number can be read both ways and the meaning is the same, it is also call a Palendromic date.

The most recent palendromic date was 10/10/10 and also 11/11/11 and most of us are aware that times are changing. These were very important dates in by-gone days and were thought to be the pre-cursor to changing events and markers in history world-wide.

The number 11 in numerology signifies a master number which occur in pairs; 11, 22 and 33. Numerologists consider the number 11 as a pre-cursor to major events or changes. It also should be noted that the number 11 – 1+1=2 which is a very important number and is associated with phases of the moon and the Sun sign of Cancer.

When we experience a repeat number like 10/10/10 or 11/11/11, how do we interpret this? The number 11 if often viewed as a number associated with an intuitive individual. People who are intuitive or psychic are said to have extra ordinary power when they are blessed with these numbers in their birth dates. Light/dark and yin/yang energies are very powerfully associated with these numbers, when they are repeated.

A major shift is at hand when the 11.11.11 passes. Note that it is repeated 3 times which makes it extra-ordinarily powerful. The balance is at a fulcrum where the teeter totter can swing in either direction. Around the world, things are clearly at a tipping point.

Personal security issues may come to the surface at this time. Now is the time to set your goals and plan your own future to give you a feeling of safety and security. As governments around the world unravel and nations lose patience with each other, plan your own future so that you feel at peace with your environment. Regeneration or destruction will be the theme in the coming months and through 2012.

For those who are non-believers of the 11.11.11 date, this day marked records highs and lows across the mid-western US for that one particular day. November 11, 1911 has come to be known as the great blue norther because of these extreme weather records in a single day. This year, we have also had some extreme weather and November 11th this year will set the tone for the entire year through 2012.

We have all heard about ”the 11th hour’ which this number suggests because it has a sense of urgency in it. Just when we think something will never happen, it does, at the 11th hour. Hence, it also implies a completion of a cycle.

Numerology tells us that there is both excitement for forward motion and also a sense of risk associated with the number 11. Depending on your circumstances, the number 11 can be good or not so good. Choosing your path wisely is at hand here when this number shows up.

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Find The Entire Intention of Jewish Jewelry

The red string bracelet is a piece of jewelry that has significance in several cultures. It is a long ring of red wool. They can be worn by children and adults. The bracelets for children are usually more decorative.

This ornament is usually slipped on the left appendage. This results from the belief that it has an affiliation with the spirit. The left half of the anatomy is regarded as the open section in the heart. It is believed that negative energy gets expelled from the body by wearing the circle on the left.

Hindu, Chinese and Jewish people all attach special meaning to the ornament. In Chinese culture it represents the crimson ring of destiny or fate. Japanese legends also mention it. The thread connects the fates of two people. Hindus wear red twine on their wrist to signify protection of their siblings.

In Jewish culture and Kabbalah the hoop has the power of protection. It guards the wearer against the evil eye of jealousy. The fiber is wrapped around the tomb of Rachel, in Israel. In Jewish tradition, a crimson thread was put in the head of the bed whenever a newborn baby was placed there. Pregnant mothers also wear them to guard their unborn children. Most Kabbalists regard them as an essential part of their attire.

It often is decorated with a metallic hand or a golden heart. The golden appendage is also called known as the Hamesh, Hamsa or Miriam hand. They are really old talismans and are supposed to give extraordinary protection from a sinful eye. Hamsa equals five and relates to the digits. An ornate eye is built into the center of the design at times.

Some people choose the simpler items that do not have charms affixed to them. It is believed that they are more effective. A red string bracelet can be constructed by the wearer, who says an individual prayer over it.

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Life-Changing Quotes In ONE Book: Discover The Joy Of Giving

Part Two of Three This collection of beautiful quotes that will inspire you to discover and embrace the joy of giving is extracted from Masami Sato’s second book – “ONE”. Masami is the founder of a global giving movement called Buy1GIVE1. The quotes in this edition include topics that are related to our everyday lives, such charity, giving, receiving, joy, making a difference and rich-poor separation. This article is the second part of three “ONE Book Life-Changing Quotes Series”.

On giving (and receiving)

“When we give more and communicate wholeheartedly, we have less insecurity-both emotionally and physically.”

“Giving love is the only way to be generously loved.”

“The people who give more (time, money, kindness, love, ideas) have more of these things because that’s the balance. And balance is the natural law of life.”

“one key in the giving process is never to expect a return when we give.”

“We can feel the real joy of giving when we’re doing something for others knowing that we’re simply doing it for ourselves-we’re doing it for our own joy.”

“Giving something to others is so much easier than trying to get it first.”

“Giving is just a part of who we are.”

“Every single one of us prospers when we learn to give value to others first. We are rewarded naturally.”

“We’re not here to give in order ‘to get’. We’re here to have more to give more.”

“Because we can’t have scarcity when we are totally grateful.”

“Giving to others is actually giving to self.”

“What if giving actually was as important as brushing teeth?”

“Giving is not just about helping others. It is about sharing the joy. We do it for our own joy first and we pass it on.”

On joy

“So without denying the benefit of having more innovation (because it feels good), can we find the way to have more joy in our life? If we can, then we can go beyond the temporal gratification. We can create a sense of permanent certainty.”

On charity

“Charity organisations are like our out-sourcing agencies for the giving of our life.”

“Businesses and charities are actually the same thing. Someone started the organisation with the passion to do something-to make a difference.”

“The moment we start giving out of guilt, we appreciate charities far less.”

On having more or having less

“The moment we perceive someone as ‘poor’, our perception creates the poor feeling in the other person.”

“The moment we believe we have more, we’re saying others have less. And OUR attitude creates separation.”

On making a difference

“Big is nothing other than a whole lot of ‘smalls’. Small things can actually transform the world.”

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The Benefit Of Sunday School Lessons For Youth

Sunday school lessons for youth are very important in current society. The world is a difficult place to live in today, and it can be very challenging trying to cope for young people.

It is important that young people know that there is hope and there is something that they can believe in and count on. The mission of any young ministry should be to provide Biblical resources and sound doctrine so that the good news of the Gospel and salvation can be spread to youth around the world.

It has never been more important for the youth to be encouraged than in the present time. Young ministers are challenged to provide informative lessons, and still be able to keep the attention of young people. This is an important factor if the Gospel message is to continue for upcoming generations.

Having the responsibility of sharing the Word of God is not a job that should ever be taken lightly. Thousands of children all over the world can be reached when a solid Sunday school curriculum is incorporated. It is important that present youth know how special and loved that they are.

Sunday school lessons are designed to empower young person and offer them useful resources that can help them apply the Word of God at all stages of their journey of life. They can also be instructed as to how to live out their faith in present society and how they truly can live abundantly by staying connected to God.

The best gift that any good minister or concerned parent can give teens today is the gift of a spiritual background. It will better enable them to handle the tough issues that are bound to come their way along the rocky path of life.

Leading a Christian youth group can be a difficult task. You have to present the needed religious lessons but simultaneously keep all of the kids interested and engaged in the pertinent material, which is more easily said than done. If you are looking for youth Bible study ministry resources and references, visit CalledToYouthMinistry.com, a free ministry resource site.


Learn about the Chinese thoughts and values in regard to the firework use during Chinese New Year festival.

Who could speak about noise pollution in China during the New Year festivities? The traditional use of fireworks is amongst one of the primary activities during this time and it is done with a lot of enthusiasm to usher in the New Year.

In fact the firecrackers are the final touch to the whole festive season. Without them the Chinese New Year would be incomplete. There is no denying the fact that the Chinese New Year holds immense traditional value for the people of China. It is a time when friends and families get together and celebrate in various festive ways.

The New Year is the time when the people of China feel free to bring back some really old customs and make use of them for the purpose of celebration. The blowing of fireworks is one such exclusive tradition which has vast importance as far as Chinese society is concerned. The tradition of fireworks has been in use for centuries in China and it has a great significance in China during the coming of New Year.

The fireworks faith

There are quite a few stories that are embedded in Chinese society in regards to the tradition of the use of fireworks. While using the fireworks what they normally believe is that the dragon summons rain in summer so that the crops can grow. So it is of utmost importance to wake up the dragon which is still sleeping with all the noise.

Whenever a country is dependent on agriculture they also in turn become heavily dependant upon rain and good weather. The whole inspiration of making noise with firecrackers is related to this concept and the Chinese have great fun making big noise during New Year without anybody’s complain.

Warding off Evil Spirits

The other story which some people in Chinese society believe in is that by making all that noise will drive the evil spirit away in the beginning of the year. This will lead to good luck and well being and keep the coming year happy and evil free.

There is an entire customary parade that takes place as part of the celebrations during New Year. It is compulsory for all those who join in this parade to throw firecrackers towards the feet of the dragon with the aim to keep them awake during the parade.

Fireworks and dragon are interconnected as far as the Chinese New Year is concerned. It is a truly amazing spectacle to see a colorful dragon dance which is very attractive to the foreigners. The true spirit of the New Year celebration vibrates around the dragon dance and fire work blowing. The crackers keep going off as the dragon dances at the center of it.

The theory of firecrackers has to do both with evil as well as good spirits. Some think that the loud noise drives the evil away whereas some feel that all that noise keeps the good spirits from coming in. But the traditional Chinese faith lies in the former concept.

Chinese new year firework displays are believed to chase away evil spirits. If you would like info on different aspects of Chinese new year parades follow the hyperlinks.

Dragons of the World

Dragons are one of the most well known and famous mythical creatures that continue to capture the imagination. Dragons appear in nearly all mythologies around the globe. These large reptilian beast can be friendly but they are generally feared by all as they fly out from their abode to lay waste on civilization. The appearance of the Dragon is quite varied. Usually it is a serpentine creature with four legs ending in claws and two great big bat like wings. Dragons without its front two legs are called Wyvern, some had breasts like Vouivre Other come without arms, legs or wings and are commonly known as Wurms or Orms. In India the Dragon had the head of a lion or an elephant. In Middle eastern belief, the Dragons like Bashmu and Mushassu had many horns. Dragons live in nearly all environments such as ruins, castles, caves, woods deserts and even the ocean. In Chinese belief they inhabit celestial palaces in the sea and sky. Dragons are coloured in green, blue, yellow, red, white and black. The image of the Dragon is very famous and is depicted in book decorations, carvings, coats of arms, banners, helmets and costumes.

Many like the European ones of medieval bestiaries and of Norse mythology have bat like wings and four limbs. These are usually fire-breathing creatures that bring great destruction to mankind and live in caves where they guard treasure. They feature in Norse belief where heroes such as Beowulf overcame these terrible beast with strength and might. The most famed is Nidhoggr who lives in the world tree and is prophesized to return to the world of men during the great battle of Ragnarok. In medieval mythology the Dragons represent evil or the old pagan way that are defeated by virtue or Christianity. The Christian knight St. George is depicted killing the Dragon of the old English pagan beliefs.

Early origins of the Dragon come from North Africa and the Middle East where they lived as a species that fed on Elephants. The earliest depiction of a Dragon dates back to the 4th century BC where images of winged serpents have been found. Today there and will be many fictional stories inspired by the legend of the Dragon.

In Britain the Dragons have featured in stories from the Celtic tradition to tales to only a few centuries ago where Dragons lived in caves a wrecked havoc in the countryside. They were then defeated by a local hero brave enough to take on the Dragon.

In ancient Greece, the Dragon was a creature that guarded the Golden Apples. There are many Dragons in the myths of Eastern Europe where some would try to swallow the sun and cause an eclipse. However they only swallowed it temporarily unable to withstand the power of heaven.

Early origins of the Dragon come from North Africa and the Middle East where they lived as a species that fed on Elephants. The earliest depiction of a Dragon dates back to the 4th century BC where images of winged serpents have been found. Today there and will be many fictional stories inspired by the legend of the Dragon.

The Dragons of East Asia are very different from their European counterparts. These Dragons are celestial beings that help man or they live in the ocean and control the currents. They are more noble creatures of great benefit. The Ti’en Lung holds up the sky while Fu Tsang guards Imperial

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