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Identity Crisis, Who am I?

By the end of this article, We assure you that you are destined to be somewhat confused. Don’t misunderstand me but our job isn’t to confuse anyone by any stretch of imagination nevertheless we get constant e-mails along with feedbacks from our conferences as we do it round the country of information overload. But I can promise that this so-called confusion is where everything begins.

How many recognize that the only way to know how to get from point A to point B is to read the map. I hope you still know what a map is because my generation, we have never seen one. I’m the older X generation but the Y generation below me they don’t even know what a paper map is. Right now, it is called GPS. Routes talk to you these days, I can’t stand it, and I just turn it off since it always tells me to be circles, make a left, U-turn when I just made a U-turn!

So by the end of this article, I want you to know that I want to encourage that you do one thing. Look up at the signs since they’re on their way. If you would just open your mind and incredibly understand this article and about the Sabbath day, I guarantee you, the Almost holy Spirit will begin to move in your heart and start to recalibrate the language on the sign and help you understand the things like the actual meaning of easter because one of them may indeed say one way and many types of your life you believed that it meant to get the other way.

Consequently bear with me as we walk through this communication because some of you are going to be astounded as well as shocked or maybe even blown away at this message. I want to say that this is not our message; this comes right out of the scriptures. Therefore if you’re going to agree with myself, then we have come to a place where we notice that we are in a situation and because we are inside a crisis, we need to discover why we are in the crisis, discover what produced us to the turmoil and then find a way to get out of the crisis.

We have to recognize that we need to understand who we are, what we should are created to do, and what’s our true objective in life because then and only then we can truly serve our Creator. I hate to admit that but this is the turmoil that we have. Were having an identity turmoil.

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Easter, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

Self Esteem Activities for Adults

There are many self esteem activities for adults available today. It is important to understand that self esteem is a product of both external as well as internal factors. This means you need to work on your internal and external persona to get the right balance in life. According to the National Association for Self Esteem, adults who suffer from low self esteem are scared of taking risks. This is in addition to having doubts about their own competence and what other people think about them. The decision to work on your self esteem can lead to improvements in your work, social life and relationships. Some of the self esteem activities for adults that can help improve your self esteem include:

Idea 1: Regular Exercise

It is well known that physical exercise leads to the release of endorphins, which leads to better moods. There is a wide range of exercises you can engage in ranging from taking a simple walk to aerobic exercises. Research carried out by the American Heart Association (AHA), shows that exercise reduces the risk of depression and cardiovascular diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one in four patients who visit health facilities suffer from a neurological or behavioral disorder. According to the WHO, self esteem activities for adults can help improve physical self worth and perception.

Activity 2: Have A Positive Outlook In Life

Certain self esteem activities for adults advise having positive outlook. This can make dramatic changes in your mood overall. One way of doing it would be to note down the positive attributes you possess, and read it aloud daily to yourself. These attributes need not be important or major, and you can even include traits like having legible handwriting, or good skin. Another technique is to make yourself do something enjoyable whenever you feel moody or depressed. Such joyous activities could be viewing a good movie, hearing your collection of best music or simply getting out of the house and going somewhere.

Exercise 3: Set Challenges for Yourself

Make a list of self esteem activities for adults that you personally would like to do, or goals that you would like to achieve. If you make progress during the day towards one of these goals, you can congratulate yourself and award yourself points, regardless of whether your progress is significant or minor.

Activity 4: Stick To A Healthy Diet

Physiological factors play an important role in self esteem, and hence good nutritious food will improve your overall outlook and mood. It is common knowledge the eating grains, healthy proteins and many vegetables is good for the body. At the same time, try reducing your intake of salty, fatty, and sugary foods. As you increase your intake of healthy nutrients, you will find more energy in your body, for pursuing self esteem activities for adults.

Exercise 5: Have a Social Life

A support system of friends and people who understand you and are there for you is a wonderful thing. If you feel your social life is not all it should be, a good way to meet like minded people is to join a class or club in your local area, and you can usually make new friends who share the same interests as you. If you have friends who have the same hobbies as you, make a point of spending time with them. Volunteering at a residential home for older people, or at your local church is also a good way to meet new people and generally feel better about yourself.

But don’t stop there. If you would like to really boost your self esteem and build your self confidence, there is more you need to do.

One of the most important keys to success is self-confidence. Are you ready to find out how to increase confidence? You can enjoy a quick start resource to help you on your way. We’ve recorded some powerful tips in a video course that you can get for free on our website. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. How others overcome the number 1 most common myth when they start to build up their self confidence.

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Tips for increasing your psychic ability using the pendulum

Many intuitive people use different ways to increase their psychic abilities. There are many different ‘tool’s used to develop intuition. Psychics are like doctors. Usually it is best to find a psychic you feel comfortable with and stick with her or him. Reason? If you seek the same opinion from more than one person or doctor, you will likely get different answers to your questions. Although the answers may be basically similar, this could prove very confusing to the querent (you).

I tend to use the pendulum to facility the meditative state which sharpens my focus. Learn how to increase your inner power by reading up on that which interests you the most among the tools of the trade.

There are many types of pendulums that psychics and tarot readers use. Pendulums do not have to be expensive and can be purchase at your local hardware store.

You can use many different objects as a pendulum if you do not want to spend money. Just make sure to use something rather heavy for its size, like a piece of jewelry; heavy rings work great. The next thing you will need is a piece of string, heavy thread or fishing line about 6-8 inches long. Attach the piece of jewelry and hold it between your pointing finger and thumb. These seem to work the best because of their sensitivity.

Some people who do professional psychic readings choose a stone known as Citrine. Citrine is supposed to have clearing powers for negative energy. Also, the stone itself does not need to be cleansed or ‘cleared’ as it automatically has those properties.

How do you ask questions of your pendulum?

The pendulum needs to be given directions when you first begin. Tell it clearly that a ‘yes’ answer will promote the pendulum to rotate in a clockwise motion. When you get movement, then tell it that you want it to rotate in a counter clockwise motion for a ‘no’ answer. Don’t worry if you don’t see results right away. Give it two or three days and soon you can call yourself a Pallomancer!

There is lots of information out on the internet on how to use and construct pendulums. Be sure you are in a good frame of mind when ever you use a tool like the pendulum. It is not something you should play around with to show off to your friends. Use it with care and in wise ways to get the full potential out of it. Remember; it is not a toy and if you are serious about using it, treat it with respect.

To begin, hold the string until the pendulum dangles at a comfortable working length for you. It won’t take you long to find where it works best for you. It is a very simple technique and should be used with a serious attitude. Otherwise, you will not get the correct answers you are seeking.

In closing, know that the more you use your pendulum (for everything from food to anything you can think of) the stronger your psychic abilities will grow. Good dowsing.

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How to Get Confidence in Yourself Today

Learning how to get confidence in yourself is perhaps the most essential – and challenging personal tasks to accomplish. Many find it easier than others to attain this indispensable personal attribute. Nonetheless, persistence and determination enable anyone to win the battle for bolstered self-esteem.

People who suffer a lack of self-confidence often do so from very early in their lives. This can be the result of adults in their lives speaking carelessly and sending the message that a child is worthless. It is important, as an adult, to speak to children in ways that encourage them and build up their feelings of worth, so they can grow into adults who are assured they are loved and valuable people.

You should choose the type of character you wish to portray. Are you someone who loves to crush others’ confidence or are you the motivational type who is always building self-esteem and confidence in others? Learn how to get confidence in yourself with the right coaching and teaching as soon as possible.

If you lack confidence in yourself, then it will be difficult for you to help others achieve a higher level of confidence. It is important that you learn how to build confidence in yourself if you want to uplift your life and move forward in a positive way.

When you lack confidence it is difficult for you to aspire to great things in life. People who do not have high confidence level tend to be afraid to challenge themselves into aspiring to greater achievements. Self-confidence is one way to help people aspire for better things in life and therefore not be afraid of attempting to forge ahead with their life’s dream and aspirations whether in their career or personal life.

Lack of confidence can cause you to be unable to lose weight, advance in your career or be unable to maintain lasting relationships. It can be difficult being in any type of relationship with someone with no self-confidence. Learn how to get confidence in yourself right now.

This can be achieved by finding the right source of help. Do not be afraid to find the help you need to finally realize that you are a valuable person. In fact, I have a free video course you can use to get on the fast track to doing this.

Learn to appreciate yourself more and think positive thoughts always. Never let the ending of a relationship or a job loss cause you to lose confidence in yourself. Know your capability and self worth and realize that some things you cannot control. However, you can control how you feel about yourself in order to develop the confidence you need. Stop blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong and look for something positive out of a negative situation.

You always retain full control over your internal attitude and how you choose to react to any occurrence. Learning to avoid self-blame and focus on the positives inherent within even negative happenings offers high value in bolstering self-confidence.

Once you master your confidence, you can begin to pursue the things in life that you have dreamed of doing. Fear of failure doesn’t have to hold you back from experiencing your deep desires.

Other steps toward learning how to get confidence in yourself include:

1. Have positive thoughts
2. Always be well groomed
3. Be prepared for any eventualities
4. Get rid of the doubts

Self-confidence is indisputably the most imperative ingredient to lifelong personal and professional success. Help has finally arrived for those wanting to escape the bondage of self-doubt. Our free video instructional series also reveals:

1. The single biggest self-confidence myth and the secret to conquering its falsehood.

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The Israel Kingdom That Never Came Back

Deut 30 1:6 says this, “And it shall come to pass, when all these things are come upon you, the blessing and the curse, which I have set before you, and you shall call them to mind among all the nations, whither the LORD your God has driven you,

2 And shall return unto the LORD your God, and shall obey His voice according to all that I command you this day, you and your children, with all your heart, and with all your soul;

3 That then the LORD your God will bring you back from captivity, and have compassion upon you, and will return and gather you from all the nations, whither the LORD your God has scattered you.

Now what’s interesting is that you can’t say that this is Egypt. Egypt by now happened! Doesn’t that sound very similar? I would wager money on it if I did not know it, that He is talking about a prophecy about them going into Egypt and then coming out, but which simply happened! Both testimonies are connected to the account about the Sabbath Day.

This is the Jordan River, He could be talking about a future moment when they will be taken into captivity and they will be scattered throughout the planet but if they would return and come back to the particular covenant, then simply then He would have consideration on them. This merely tells that He is referring to only one group of people because verse or in in which chapter. It is the following, the northern business of Israel, who disappeared from their God who claims if My men and women (the Northern Kingdom) that nobody understands who they are. Isn’t that unusual? A prophecy with regards to people that we don’t possess a clue who are.

4 If any of you have been driven out to the furthest parts of heaven, from there the LORD your God will gather you, and from there he will bring you:

5 And the LORD your God will bring you into the land which your fathers possessed, and you shall possess it; he will prosper you and multiply you more than your fathers.

6 And the LORD your God will circumcise your heart, and the heart of your descendants, to love the LORD your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, that you may live.’

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Easter, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

2012 Through the looking glass part III

Last, but by no means least, we come to the 4th Quarter of the year. This period not only marks the conclusion of 2012, but as has been well documented, the Long Calendar (also known as the Long Count) of the Mayans ends on December 21st, the Winter Solstice. I will comment more on this at the conclusion of these astrological forecasts. There are several major events which need attention during this time. To begin, Jupiter, King of the Gods, goes into reverse on Oct 4th while Saturn, The Ringed One, enters the sign of the Scorpion on Oct 5th.

Two eclipses happen within 14 days of each other. November 13 is a major Solar eclipse happening in the new Moon. Then just two weeks later, a Lunar eclipse with a full Moon begins. All this is happening just on or before December 21, 2012.

Any long term plans, as well as, long distance travel will be affected with Jupiter in retrograde motion. Things that are common when Jupiter is in retrograde are: travel plans, unexpected harsh weather patterns and travel delays. With Mercury also in retrograde, watch your travel plans and delay them if at all possible.

It is not coincidence that this Mercury retrograde will occur on Election Day. Already confused, conflicted and confounded in its own right, the exercise of the “patriotic duty” is going to be strongly impacted by the Messenger. Communication of ideas, important information, and policy are going to be muddled and quite possibly “lost”. The possibility of wide-scale irregularities is quite high and the idea that the selection of a President and Congress could be delayed or subject to challenges and recounts is very real.

Black Friday may soon get a new meaning. With a mutual reception of Saturn in the sun sign Scorpio and Pluto in the sun sign Capricorn, they will tend to have mutual support. However, this setup also has new energies that come with it. We could expect another Black Friday type situation, only with increased severity.

When two eclipses of this magnitude and so close together happen under the already brewing circumstances, be prepared for heightened seismic activities to occur. Around the second week in November, the energies will be strong for an event of this type to happen.

The end of the Mayan calendar has long been viewed as somehow catastrophic. The events leading up to the end date (also the start of the Winter Solstice) of Dec. 21, has received lots of publicity for many years. Even if there were not such an event or ending, there is certainly the energy shifting toward and end of the old and the beginning of the new.

Astrologically speaking, the Yod is a unique and rare event when one planet quincunxes, that is 150, two other planets that are separated by only a sextile of 60. What makes this event so potent and important, is the planets involved. Jupiter is the planet in quincunx to both Pluto and Saturn. We have already seen the mutual reception between the Ringed One and Dark Lord. This will have a profound effect on the world economy and with it power struggles between nations and the “haves” and “have nots” of those nations.

The Finger of God, or Yod, is known for producing one of two types of energy: one that is positively powerful or very negative and has a definite blocking type of energy. The fact that Jupiter is in retrograde during this time frame and Yod in full force, we can expect expansion to be very limited in all categories, whether on a personal or world level. In many situations, everything could easily come to a standstill.

This may well be what they Mayans saw as the end times. What is known, is that times are certainly changing and how we deal with it can and will change the course in the future.

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When The Kingdom of Israel Was Split Into Two

The kingdom of Israel had been split into two kingdoms, the actual northern kingdom which was called the House of Israel and the southern business which was known as the House of Judah. The northern kingdom continuously disobeyed God which means Father allowed them to take place captive by Assyria. Then a House of Judah additionally played the harlot in 586 B.C. and for 70 years was flourished into Babylon. But following 70 years so what happened? Most of the House involving Judah begun to come back and so they rebuilt Jerusalem.

So split they fall if they are allowed to come back, the majority of Judah came back from Babylon nevertheless the Northern House of Israel never came back! These were assimilated into the nations around the world, they were taken hostage by Assyria and they had been pushed to all 4 corners of the after that known world that eventually be all four sides of the earth today. They never came back.

The key reason why we even have the Jewish customers is because the the southern area of kingdom came back! Whenever they would not have come back out of captivity, we would not hassle learning about the Sabbath day or the true meaning of easter. Many of us wouldn’t even have a bible to be taking a look at without them coming back. The rest of the tribes, they do not exist today because they never returned.

How many tribes were at the base of Mt Sinai if the commandments are given? 14! But only literally the house of Judah exists today. That’s the reason Israel is connected to the Jewish individuals and we are not educated to read the front with the book which is not bad but just the facts involving life. We believed that the bible was created to the Jews and the New Testament has been written to Christian believers.

That is the assumption, but that is not what the bible says. The bible says it turned out written to all involving Israel; only 10 tribes did not come back. So the 10 tribes were taken directly into captivity and were disbanded all across Assyria and overtime were assimilated in the nations and became what the prophecy said regarding Ephriam, Melo Ha’ Goyim’, the fullness involving nations, they became as gentiles.

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Easter, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!

2012 The most famous psychic Nostradamus

Nostradamus, born, Michel de Nostradamus, is literally, a house-hold name when it comes to predictions. Now more than ever, psychics and people around the world are studying his writings, called quatrains, because this blue planet is in trouble in more ways than one.

Nostradamus was the psychic for the French Court using various methods for predicting the outcome of external and internal circumstances affecting France at the time. He was known to use his knowledge of astrology, scrying and also thought to use trance states to induce his visions and predictions. The mysteries that surround his predictions have fascinated people around the globe for several hundred years.

Throughout his prophecies, Nostradamus uses both verbal imagery and indirect reference to disguise the meanings of his visions. His use of anagrams to hide the actual identity of certain figures and places has been well documented. Perhaps one of the most famous is his reference to Napolean:

“The blood of the just will commit a fault at London, Burnt through lightning of twenty threes the six: The ancient lady will fall from her high place, Several of the same sect will be killed. ” (Century 2, Quatrain 51) Translation found on www.sacred-texts.com

It must be noted that Paul VI died on August 6th 1978 at 9.41 pm, at Castel Gandolfo which is located roughly nine miles from Vatican City. The quatrain is uncannily accurate given that a league equals approximately 3 miles and so three leagues would be nine miles in distance.

Modern day psychics, aware of Nostradamus’ focus and the ambiguity of the dates, incorporate the prophecies of Nostradamus as a sort of macro psychic readings which helps them provide a more personalized reading for their clients. Whether the psychic readings are done online, phone, or in person, the psychic advisor can use the big picture of Nostradamus as a setting for the more personal and focused issues of the client.

The descriptions in many of Nostradamus’ most famous prophecies provide guidelines for psychics to use in seeking to answer questions relating to 2012. As online psychic sites, continue to enhance the use of 21st century technology to help psychics and clients alike, the prophetic gifts of Nostradamus will be further illuminated to provide knowledge, guidance and comfort to all who are concerned about the impact of 2012 on their lives.

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When Mercury Goes Retrograde

In 2011, Mercury will go into retrograde three times. The first was on March 30, the second time will be on August 2 and the third and final time this year it will happen on November 23. Batten down the hatches, especially in the communications department. Mercury’s retrogrades this year promise to have a punch which can last quite a while.

When a planet goes into what we call ‘retrograde’, it has the appearance of going backward in the sky. While it does not actually go into a backward motion, it does look that way from our perspective here on the Earth. Mercury is the ruler of short distance travel and communications. These are the two most important areas of your life for you to be aware of during these periods.

Mercury, the Messenger of the Gods, carried messages from the Immortals. To the ancient Romans, he also was the God of Commerce. When Roman and Greek cultures merged in roughly the 4th century B.C., Mercury became associated with the Greek deity, Hermes with the same aspects and images. In astrology, Mercury denotes communication in all forms; personal, commercial, psychical, etc., as well as, anything involving communication. Mercury also governs intelligence and the rational mind.

Communications during a Mercury Retrograde can really play havoc in your personal life, as well as, on the job. Avoid gossip and arguments all together. Your computer could have glitches or your cell phone suddenly starts dropping calls. During this time period, it is important to think before you speak and choose your words carefully, whether you are just talking, texting or sending an email.

This is not a time to begin anything new, like a relationship or job. Really avoid signing any type of contract. If you must sign any legal documents, just be sure that you really read it carefully. Signing legal papers of any kind now and you may end up having to re-do them. Make sure you know what you are signing so that it does not come back to bite you later.

Try to avoid undertaking any new projects during this time. Also, if strong personal issues develop, be aware that your words and deeds may be misconstrued. Similarly, be aware that the messages and information you receive may also be different from what was intended.

When things are obviously not going your way and frustration is overwhelming, yes, you are at the effect of Mercury in Retrograde. Everything seems to be way too slow. Bickering at home or on the job is also a sign that relationships in general are not going smoothly. Going with the flow in this case means crawling at Mercury’s pace until this lively planet starts chugging forward again.

Governments and nations alike have similar difficulties when communicating with each other. This can cause misunderstandings in our own Congress. The same thing can easily happen between nations and heads of state in other countries. Conflict is usually the result.

For those weary of a Mercury Retrograde, their can be many lessons learned from them. It is probably time to slow down and go with the flow in the direction the waters are flowing. Fortunately, Mercury Retrograde only last a few short weeks before things begin moving forward at a much smoother pace.

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Happy Easter! What Does It Really Mean?

This article will tackle some time of the kings inside bible. So the Israelites take back your land of Canaan and so they want a king. Were they supposed to have a very king? Absolutely not! Along came Saul, then David, and then Solomon. They are the three top kings of all of Israel that everyone is familiar with, even a small child know which they were. Under these kind of three kings, all 12 tribes were reigned over. This is critical to recognize. All 12 tribes ended up called Israel.

That is until finally Solomon blew it. I Kings 11:31 “And he said to Jeroboam (servant of Solomon), “Take for yourself ten pieces, for thus says the LORD, the God of Israel, ‘Behold, I am about to tear the kingdom from the hand of Solomon and will give you ten tribes.” This is the first indication of some thing incredibly prophetic that is going to hook up back to the good thing that was split. This is actually the moment. Do you remember that you have a cloth that was split and it was divided into 12 pieces but 10 visited the servant involving Solomon. It was suppose to go to his son.

Therefore 10 tribes, this is gonna be important so why does he split the idea? (verse 33) “because they have forsaken me and worshipped ashtoreth, the goddess of the sidonians… and have not walked in my ways to do what is right in my eyes and keep my statues and my judgments, as did his father david. you can easily relate to it as i am sure that at some point in your life, you as a son looked up to your dad on the ground most likely on your back and he said “son, if you want to live in my house, you are going to play by my rules”.

It is like that with our own relationships and it is the same way with Yahweh and he said “Sons if you are not going to play by My rules, you are out of My house”. Therefore he began to tear away the kingdom from Solomon, he gave 10 tribes to his servant Jeraboem.

What we have here is an incredible verse that claims that “because they worship Ashtoreth, now I never knew what and who Ashtoreth was as I was obviously a believer in my local congregation growing up. But what I learned as I looked at that, there are most kind of names Ashtarte in the Greeks, Ashtor and Ishtar, and in Language it is actually pronounced Easter time. Some of you probably shock to know that will but Easter is the bear breasted fertility goddess with the east, the sun god’s Bails wife which should change your complete thought process when you declare Happy Easter! It is not so happy coming from His perspective because we don’t even know what we are saying. Now you know the meaning of Easter.

I’m Jim Staley. It is my heart’s desire that you will be challenged and transformed through the materials and resources that are in this article. Whether its about Jewish holidays, the sabbath day, or the meaning of Easter, we want you to know the truth because the truth will only do one thing!