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A Number Noticeable Features Of The Sony A100

Sony A100 or DSLR-Alpha 100 is the new digital imaging product of Sony. New achievements in development have led to the improvement in photography. Digital cameras help us improve the appearance of images using advanced technologies. This new device has several features installed in it. The characteristic of this camera are built to make the work of any photographer easier.

Images produced through this camera are attracting. The features used to capture images are more improved than before. The image sizes range from 2.5megapixels to a maximum of 10megapixels. You can capture images in three image sizes within the 10.8megapixels. Images are commonly saved in the JPEG format. Images are compressed using two compression levels before they are saved.

Some compression levels need to be used before the images are stored in JPEG formats. There are two main levels of compression. Fine compression ensures that the image size is reduced and high JPEG quality maintained in the image. Images are reduced to small sizes using standard compression. This level reduces images to low quality in order to create more space for saving images. Images can be saved in the RAW format.

Images can be taken in dark or bright surroundings and retain the details. This is because of the sensitivity settings the camera has. Lo80 is one of the sensitivity options used for images captured in dark environments. In order to keep the details of the image taken in bright surroundings Hi200 sensitivity setting is used. This setting is used to retain the details of the image in high lights.

The lens type of the camera is Minolta A mount lens. It has a eye-start AF option that senses the presence of the user through the proximity sensor. Noise is reduced when taking photos using the noise reduction technology. You can take photos in blurred visions using the anti-blur feature. The camera is protected from dust caused by static electricity using the anti-dust characteristic.

Many options are provided when using this model. It has buttons that help you reset the cameras default options. You can replay, delete or print dates using the buttons. You can format your camera and create space for storing more images.

Sony A100 allows you to install an external memory. The memory is installed in the memory card slot on the camera. It has a powered battery that is rechargeable. The device is built with a dual use connection that can be used as USB port or video out connection.

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