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The Best Video Sharing Platforms Around

Video sharing is one of the primary tools that people use to engage in social networking. Since social networking is such a vital part of so many people’s lives, video sharing has also taken a center stage role in society. Video sharing sites facilitate people’s ability to connect with their social groups, state their opinions, and distribute creative content. Below are some of the video sharing sites that are the best of the best.

YouTube is most likely the premier video sharing site on the web-at least in terms of its fame as it has almost become a synonym for video sharing. YouTube clips are a staple on social networking sites like Facebook and are used to communicate everything from important political events to music and humor. YouTube has also upgraded its services to feature live streaming for its audience.

Vimeo is another important video sharing site that can be utilized for social networking purposes. Vimeo allows users to upload, share, or view videos on a variety of themes. It has a community of nearly 1,000,000 users and if you are into alternative or underground topics, then it is worth checking out as its user base caters especially to the indie audience.

If you are interested in sharing short form entertainment then Metacafe is the site for you. Metacafe allows users to post and view original, premium edited video content and this focus on polished video products is something that separates it from other sites such as YouTube.

Revver is a social video sharing site that enables users to spread their content to others via QuickTime or FLV. Revver can be a for profit site, as it allows third parties to build video sharing sites and monetizes the content generated by users through advertising.

If you are interested in having video sharing content with large storage options then look no further than Viddler. Viddler allows users to have up to 2 GB bandwidth per month at the basic level and if users sign up for the Viddler partnership account they can have unlimited bandwidth, although they must then allow advertisements on their site.

Dailtymotion is a video sharing site that allows you to create a basic account for normal video sharing or their special Motionmaker account which allows you to share content in HD. Choosing the Motionmaker account will mean that you content is better promoted both on the Dailymotion site and in internet search engines.

Learning more about video sharing means that you can become more adept at taking part in the social networking universe-if that tickles your fancy. Video sharing allows you to spread you ideas, creativity, and life with family and friends online. Check out the sites above if you want to get better acquainted with the social video sharing!

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