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On-Page SEO Fundamentals are Critical To Success

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Of course it does not help matters to know that your best efforts with SEO can be for naught after another algorithm change. In order to maximize your efforts, take the time and learn what needs to be done with your on site or on page SEO. As you are making your site, it is best to get the on-page SEO done right away because that is easier, and then you will be fine to start backlinking. You can make your efforts more effective when you include the following practices for on-page SEO.

Every little bit helps, and that includes using a domain name that makes good use of your primary keyword phrase. You want to make the domain readable and sort of user friendly which means not too long. Chances are that all the really good names may be used, but you can do something like insert a single letter at the end. You can always add a word behind it and get going, and as long as you’re getting a domain with the keyword in it, you’re good to go.

Writing your site content for SEO entails you follow some important guidelines for keywords. No, we’re not talking about the tags here, but rather the sentences. You will probably get better results with the first sentences of the intro and concluding paragraphs including your phrase. You can get a lot right with SEO, but of course Google will not release everything for obvious reasons.

If you are using a lot of pics and images on your site, think about how many of them you really need to have. Graphics and pictures can drag your site speed down a lot if you are not careful, and that is an SEO penalty. All images and graphics can be optimized so the file size is smaller, and you need to learn more about that if you are not sure what it means. In relation to SEO, Google is getting highly particular about the speed of a page, and they’re weighing the speed as a ranking factor. There is a lot to this whole story, and we cannot possibly cover all aspects in one little paragraph.

Be careful that you do not overload your site with heavy graphics. Graphics and pictures can drag your site speed down a lot if you are not careful, and that is an SEO penalty. Each page is a concern, so just add what you need and then test the load time and make changes if you need to do that. As we have stated, you have to care about this because you get plus or minus SEO points for your site. You want the lowest file size you can get without compromising too much on the image quality. Once you get your website’s on page SEO in place, you’ll find that everything else about SEO gets easier. Once your knowledge on the subject is where it needs to be, then you will be able to analyze sites and know at a glance how well they are optimized. The majority of the marketers don’t really care much about on page SEO, but this attitude will only spell doom for your site SEO wise. Remember that you have to continue researching and studying, and finding a good ebook on the subject will surely help you out.

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Article Marketing Techniques Used by the Pros

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If you’re involved with article marketing, you’ve had to make some adjustments in your approach since the Panda update introduced by Google not long ago. Article marketers used to have a choice when it came to how to leverage their articles. Basically you had those who chose syndication and the greater percentage who marketed at directories to get immediate search engine ranking. At this point, however, you can’t count on getting ranked if you write sloppy or poorly written articles.

Just about all article writers do the same thing, and you only need to look in any article directory to confirm that. What you will find are writers saying things in the same exact way, probably 99% of the time. Dare to do something others do not such as different kinds of article strategies. We all have our opinions, and writing something expounding on yours for whatever topic is great.

If you want to get the best results from your articles, what length should you make them? The shorter variety are anywhere from 400 to about 500 words. Long articles can vary anywhere from roughly 700 to 1000 words or even touching around 1200 words. If you want to maximize the impact of your articles, you should make them longer. To begin with, a longer article has a better chance of being syndicated by an authority site. Secondly, when you put your articles on your blog, and you must, then you are casting a wider search optimization net.

When you are writing to get paid, or have a business, then time is money which means quality work done as fast as possible. Creating an outline for anything you want to write is a smart idea and will help you. This not hard to do and will make your writing better plus more efficiently done. All articles have a primary goal based on a single item, and the article then supports or describes the rest. Unless you are merely describing a few things, you have to write so it flows well and comes together. The article has a main content body, and at the very end you need to provide a summary or conclusion.

A few years ago the situation with FaceBook advertising has just taken off like a rocket. Create your own group there, and you can do that and invite other groups to join yours, etc. So that right there opens up all kinds of possibilities for gaining tons of exposure for your business, and the reason for that is you can publish your articles, unique is best, for these groups. People will see who you are, and that is where it all begins with your funnel. All you really need to do with these techniques for writing articles is apply them. But if you stop and think about them for a moment, you will see that they are not used by many article marketers. When you write about timely topics using these tactics, then your articles will become powerful. You can take this stuff and move far out ahead of the others in your niche market.

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