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How to Sell Art: Market the Heck Out of It!

Many artists don’t really know what it means to “market”. This article will dispel confusion you might have about marketing your artwork.

The most important thing to understand about selling art is that it involves marketing. Marketing and selling are related, but they are not the same thing. Marketing is all about making people aware of your product, while selling is about getting the to actually buy your product. After all, customers can’t buy something if they aren’t aware of it.

Marketing includes the pricing, location, advertising, public relations, and display of your art products. Marketing is about helping your customer find your product. Selling is the final step in the process – when the customer whips out her credit card and buys your art.

One word you hear quite a bit about in relation to marketing is “demographics”. That’s a jargon word to describe a practical issue: who are your customers? What gender, age, and race are they? What income and educational background do they possess? What kinds of jobs do they have? What are their hobbies? Where do they hang out?

Marketers typically combine the answers to these questions to answer the question “who are our customers?” A demographic profile (often shortened to “a demographic”) provides enough information about the typical member of this group to create a mental picture of this hypothetical aggregate. For example, a marketer might speak of the single, female, middle-class, age 18 to 24, college educated demographic.

While you probably aren’t interested in getting quite so technical (and you probably don’t need to), it is useful for you to put some thought into the “who are my ideal customers?” question. The answer to that question will help you market your artwork, which in turn will help you sell your artwork.

The reason why it’s important to understand marketing as well as selling, is that if you don’t market enough you won’t sell enough. Too often, artists just thing about selling, which is actually the last step in a multi-step process. They realize too late that they should have done more promotion. They feel so disappointed when sales are slow and it’s really discouraging. The solution to that is to educate yourself about marketing and selling, and create success the next time.

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Utilizing Your Brand To Promote Your Enterprise

Many people would agree that the Harley Davidson eagle and related brand is without doubt one of the most effective brands ever created. If you do not consider me, just identify one other corporation that has such a robust following that it’s standard artwork on the partitions of most tattoo parlors. Nothing conveys a way of brand loyalty like turning into a permanent strolling billboard for the Harley Davidson motorcycle company? So how did this company create such dedication? Effective model promotion, proper positioning within a market, and promoting to the market’s most elementary needs. What information can we collect from Harley Davidson’s promotion approach? The answer to the question is everything.

Your emblem and model characterize the elemental position of your company. It is your brand and model that persons are going to recognize. Your brand is a fundamental illustration of your organization, and it is the continual promotion of this image that creates awareness in your shopper’s thoughts space. Subsequently, regularly guarantee your emblem properly represents your group, and at all times include your logo on your correspondence, and promotion collateral.

Branding you emblem is a elementary step in securing your market. Branding requires that you simply repetitively present your specific market with your emblem while associating the image with the wares that you simply provide.

The objective is to assist your buyer in establishing a psychological affiliation with the image in order that they know precisely what the brand represents whenever they see it. The psychological relationship could be a product such because the RedX Real Estate Information Alternate or a picture and lifestyle similar to Nike and Harley Davidson. Regardless of the service or product that you simply supply, your model must create a robust psychological connection to your target customer.

You must always promote your model and logo, and may always keep away from considerably modifying it. Establishing brand consciousness is a colossal process, and every time you brand is updated, the process should be started over. Promote your emblem on your whole products, on all your correspondence, and most of all, on your entire advertising material. Make you realize, and use all accessible means to brand your self to your purchasers and prospects. The approach is dear, however when you are branded, your company is the first one to enter a prospects thoughts once they think of your product.

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Great Ways To Find Vinyl Records For Sale

Just about everyone enjoys music. True music fans that actually relish music realize music ends up sounding more attractive if it’s originating from a vinyl album. Music buffs have been completely enjoying great music produced by vinyl albums for years. But since production of audio tapes, compact discs and today iTunes, acquiring your preferred entertainer via vinyl records has grown to become more and more tedious.

The best and most rarefied vinyl records are ordered by that clever hobbyist with loads of dollars to invest promptly . Nowadays because of the decrease of record stores, locating a rare vinyl 45rpm to incorporate to your music collections has become even more complicated than previously.

In spite of the scores of challenges there can be to locating vinyl lps, there’s a lot of ways to acquire quality music on vinyl lp you’ve may have never considered, quite possibly getting hold of these particular albums on your own collection without the need for spending loads of money.

A good technique to acquire albums for your music collections is to look for yard sales in your town. Loads of people have heaps of vinyl 45s here and there in their own garage and may be thrilled to eliminate every one of them. At each and every garage sale you drop by, you should invariably ask the vendor if they have some vinyl 45s available for purchase although you don’t see any for sale.

You should have some business cards to offer the vendor in case he isn’t able to reach the obscure records she or he owns straightaway. Furthermore, you’ll definitely want to present the trader several business cards in the case he or she has a loved one with lots of vinyl albums available to buy.

Another approach to find obscure records cheaply is to always visit your closest flea market. The flea market is an excellent location to find and shop for vinyl 45s. Again, be sure you have an ample amount of business cards to give to merchants.

A number of merchants own vinyl albums offered for sale, and would quickly state they have several home. You’ll find it’s vital that you do not ever miss the chance to provide that supplier a handful of business cards to call you when he or she have those vinyl albums wanting to be sold.

Tracking down vinyl records on the internet is yet another, very popular area to acquire vinyl 45s available for purchase. Given lots of people use the internet to buy vinyl 45s now, look to spend extra cash towards your vinyl records for sale from the internet. Once more, should you have ample capital to spend and you’re simply seeking that elusive vinyl record, finishing your pursuit via the web ought not require much time. There are plenty of dealers on the internet prepared to sell his or her records in exchange for your money.

When shopping for records offered for sale, always remember if you’re not planning to do a little bit of work to buy that rare record, another individual may scoop it up and buy it.

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Finding a Good Home Inspector

After performing professional home inspections for 7 years I thought it would be easy to find a reputable home inspector for a client of mine in a different city. As I found out it is not always that easy.

My first method of searching was by using Google and just typing in the name of the city and home inspector. This did result in some listings but I was amazed that there was no clear listing of a home inspector that dominated the search. The results were intermingled with home inspection schools and training sites, how confusing for a first time home buyer this would be.

The only item that I was interested in looking for was the Home Inspectors qualifications page. This is where most professional home inspectors list their training, courses, experience and time in the profession. I was surprised by the fact I could only find one site where there were any qualifications that I would consider as being relevant.

The only downfall to the site where I eventually found someone, who I felt was suitable for a recommendation, was that they listed the individuals many qualifications but they employed other people whose qualifications were not listed. CAVEAT EMPTOR – BUYER BEWARE, so along with a referral I added the caveat that they request the services of the inspector advertised, just to be on the safe side.

Most of the Home Inspections sites I visited list their qualifications in a list which was all from the same educator, NACHI. I also belong to NACHI and have taken most of their courses. Most of the courses I have been able to complete in less than an hour. Anyone who can only list these types of online courses is not in my eyes, a professional home inspector with any experience. Many of the fancy Logos and Webpage stickers are just eye candy and really give no indication of professional training.

Choosing a Professional Home Inspector should be based on a number of factors; experience, number of inspections, qualifications, courses, previous training, professional associations, and verification of all of these items. Qualifications should be from a number of associations and not just a list from one. Provincial and Federal government qualifications are especially important as you know that they actually attended a course, participated and passed a written exam. College courses are a good starting point for a home inspection career but that is all they should be used for. The Building Code, Electrical code and the Construction Guide for Housing are the main books used for guidance in my inspections.

Most Provinces in Canada have no regulations regulating home inspectors. This puts the onus onto the home buyer who is then responsible to ensure that the prospective home inspectors qualifications are adequate to protect their investment. When you are investing hundreds of thousands of dollars you have to look past a professionally designed website to find qualifications that actually mean something and will count when it comes to protecting your investment

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The Secret to Selling Your Art

Many artists experience the problem of how to sell their art. It seems that when it comes to selling your art, there are a bunch of secrets that only some artists know. Or are there?

The fact is that there is no secret to selling your art. All the information you need to know is freely available to you. The trick is learning and applying that information.

One thing that you might not have thought of is that “marketing” is just as important in the life of an artist as the “creating”. Or to clarify: marketing is just as important as creating if you want to making a living as an artist. If you don’t need to earn a living as an artist then marketing is not as important.

Given that marketing is necessary in order to sell art, let’s understand exactly what marketing is. Simply put, marketing is making people aware of your product.

Making people aware of your art can take many forms. In fact, the more forms the better, because the more ways that your art is exposed, the more likely potential customers will notice it. Examples of forms of marketing include Facebook updates (and be sure to include a photo so people can see your art), displays in a shop windows, workshops or artist talks where you demonstrate your art, an exhibition, a website, a sign at the bottom of your driveway, and many other forms. Essentially, marketing is anything that gets the word out about your art and lets people know that it exists.

666Notice that so far I haven’t said anything about actually selling your work. Marketing is not the same as selling. The end result of marketing is to sell your art, but marketing is the step that comes before actually selling.

So know that marketing is all about making people aware of your product, while selling is about getting the to actually buy your product. Because that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Marketing your art involves thinking about things like pricing, location, advertising, public relations, and display. Marketing is about helping your customer find your product. Selling is the final step in the process – when the customer makes the decision to actually invest in a piece of your art.

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Increase Your Website Sales From A Sale A Week To A Sale A Day In Just 5 Simple Steps

Not having enough sales is the most common cause of internet business failure. And the reason for this is because a lot of internet entrepreneurs are so preoccupied with tasks like building lists and updating social networking pages that they forget to make sales. It’s a lethal mistake that can cost them money, time, and possibly, their business.

The most important thing to focus on when you’re in online sales (or any business for that matter) is to make enough sales. No matterhow much money, time, and work you put in your business, if you don’t have enough sales, your business will fail.

The ideal scenario is that your site should, at least, make 1 sale a day. There are hundreds of strategies and techniques you can use to increase your sales. But which of these strategies and techniques are the best and fastest?

Here are the 5 simple steps to get you started on making at least one sale a day for your website.[vimeo:33193360;How To Increase Your Sales From A Sale A Week To [link:A Sale A Day];http://vimeo.com/33193360?pg=embed&sec=33193360]

1. Fix your site and make it work for you. Your website must be designed to serve your main goal: making sales. To make sales, your site’s functionality and form need to be in top shape.

* Functionality. Isn’t it frustrating when you come across a pretty siteonly to find that the links don’t work? Make sure all your links work and correct all errors before launching your site.

* Form. You’ll want a website catches and keeps your customer’s attention. In order to do that, you have to clearly deliver your sales message. So make sure you aboid distracting your customers with distracting elements on your site like having too much stuff like text, animation, or ads. You also have to make sure that your message is written in a way that entices your customers to take action, sign-up and buy.

2. Give your customers reasons to buy your product. It’s not enough to show that you have a good product. You have to make them want to buy it, create a need for it. You need to show your customers how your product can solve their problems, make them happier, or make their lives better.

To encourage your customers futher, you can also use the following techniques to make your product more appealing:

* Show that your product is better than other products available on the market (product reviews and testimonials),

* Show your customers why buying your product from your site would give them better value for their money(compare your prices to those of other websites or stores), or

* Give them incentives to buy your product (free gifts or discounts)

3. Run pay-per-click ads.Running pay-per-click ads isn’t crucial, but it can help. That’s because pay-per-click ads can be a very good indicator of whether your site and the keywords you’re using work. Pay-per-click ads aren’t that expensive and if you can afford them, there’s no harm in trying. You’ll see that if you’re not converting enough people from your pay-per-click ads, maybe there’s something wrong with your site. If you’re not getting enough clicks, it’s possible you’re not using the right keywords.

4. Do more SEO. SEO is important because effective SEO can take your website to the top of the search results and raise your rankings on Google. Once your rankings on Google rise, you can also expect a increase in sales.

If you dislike the constant work that comes with SEO, don’t do it. It would be more cost effective to outsource SEO to virtual assistants in countries like the Philippines where you can find an experienced SEO specialist for less.

5. Don’t stop looking for ways to make more money.There are always ways to make more money. It may take a little more time and effort, but it’s worth it. Don’t stop growing when your website starts to make money. You should always work on the following:

* Direct more targeted to your site (through more off-site SEO)

* Improving your conversion rate (improving your website and on-site SEO)

* Add more products to your site of the same value or more (create or add more products).

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Keep More Money In Your Pocket By Using A Fuel Additive In Your Gas Tank

Going green is extremely common these days because it is expected of environmentally-conscious residents. However, the fuel situation is a touch complicated because the demand is ever increasing while the supply continues to diminish. Those who drive cars have a public responsibility to search for different fuel options. This is often achieved with the use of a fuel additive that will help the car to run better over the long haul. This approach is designed to help their gasoline to last longer. Right now black rims are really in fashion now.

A good deal can be achieved for the environment through the use of fuel from alternative sources, and this might be way more than people even think. Employing a fuel preservative is worth it, just for the life of your automobile, even if saving the environment has nothing to do with it. Saving gas, which inturn saves dollars, is an important factor but having a smooth running engine is vital as well. Any time a fuel enhancer will clean the inner parts of your engine, so that it runs better, and lasts longer, then it is more than worth it. Even if all it managed to do was stretch out times between gas tank fill ups it is worth it, but it’s even better that it serves a dual purpose.

Could you imagine the number of people who would eagerly pay a few dollars and add some fuel additive to their gas if they realized how much longer they could keep their car running? It is similar to taking a medicine that would make you live more healthy and a few extra years, how many people would do it. Individuals try things for all kinds of reasons. Merely understanding that they can be giving less money to an oil company is reason enough for certain people to try a fuel additive. A few individuals might give it a try because it is in line with the environmentally friendly lifestyle they enjoy. Others may do it when it would save them a few pennies on a gallon of gas. Some would take action if they could add two years life to their car. However you will find others who wouldn’t do it for anything.

Education may be the answer, but who is it that may possibly teach what needs to be taught where people would trust the message enough to believe it. We are now living in dirty air that could be helped by every person using a fuel additive, but how many people care. If ever the oil companies cared, they might put the enhancer in the gas automatically, and lower their profits a little bit. It appears as if it gets to be a selfish thing of simply preserving your own vehicle.

Many of the benefits that come with utilizing a fuel additive consist of improved gas mileage, a smoother running car, and less money spent on car maintenance. If more people produced a concerted effort to achieve this, we could expect to see reduced fuel usage and less pollution in our air.

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The DiSC Profile – Why Can This Discipline Create Greater Success In Selling?

As a result of my more than three decades in sales I can disclose one idea, “selling is a tough racket.” When it comes to capable sales, one unmistakable plain fact in no way changes the following fact; “the business of selling is a relationship business.” You already are familiar with all that relates to your company’s goods and service offerings, and you’ve learned the key aspects of the selling cycle.

By virtue of my more than 3 decades in selling I can disclose one point, “sales is a demanding job.” When it comes to persuasive sales, one fundamental absolute fact under no circumstances alters the following truism; “sales is a relationship business.” You by now understand all in relation to your organization’s goods and service offerings, and you’ve accomplished the crucial aspects of the selling process.

Nevertheless have you by any chance asked yourself what helps one businessperson to achieve repetitive affinity with some clients, and not others? What is he or she achieving that is leading to long-term customer relationships? How can I discover how to pull off the equivalent thing? The acceptance of the distinctive DiSC Personalities will aid you to discover and shape that immediate bond critical to stronger selling performance and closing numerous orders by adequately interpreting your customer’s purchasing behavior and allowing you to market successfully toward that customer’s behavior.

So how do you reach this rapport? By developing the cognizance of the behavioral style of your prospect’s DiSC Test and effectively selling how they buy can be your secret to fabricating that rapport and selling success. It’s as fundamental as that.

About DiSC Styles. The supreme key is to understand that contrary behavioral styles do reside among customers. You’ve perhaps observed from your own sales involvement how one sales style worked terrifically with one party, yet you got a vastly different reaction from someone else utilizing that identical means.

The key is learning how to capitalize on that background to change your natural DiSC selling method to make the prospect feel more at ease with their order selection. This improved rapport will ultimately lead to a more useful rapport affinity. This is where The DiSC Assessment becomes useful.

DiSC Styles do have an affect on the following circumstances: How a client demands of you to market to them; How a prospect demands you to bestow data; How a prospect requires the selling approach to take place; How much or how little data you make available; How a customer makes purchasing decisions.

The third key is learning how to bring into play that knowledge to accommodate your natural DiSC selling method to make the customer feel more at peace with their sales outcome. This improved relationship will in the future lead to a more preferable rapport connection.

Get An Idea About Your Tendencies and Advance Your Selling Achievements. Most salespeople tend to market to others like they would want somebody to market to them. That’s not going to work! In sales it’s essential to know by heart this canon, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and recognize it is not the way to make repeatable success. When you get wise to how to sell into your customer’s buying behavior, your ratio of completing the sale to failing to get the purchase improves dramatically. Creating repeatable sales success is what we aim for.

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Could Your Upcoming Cadillac Find You?

It may be a little frustrating buying a new car, nevertheless it doesn’t have to be. With all the diverse choices you have, it can actually be an enjoyable experience. After you know how much money you are able to spend and have picked out your favorite models, you’re ready to test drive cars at various auto dealers. You’ll be able to pay attention to all of the sales pitches, and then ultimately, narrow your choices down to a couple, and then make your decision.It is usually a little frustrating buying a new car, but it really doesn’t have to be. There are such a number of to choose from that it is possible to make it a fun experience. Once you have determined your budget and know what type of car appeals to you, you can visit different dealerships and test drive any number of cars. Once you have paid attention to the various sales pitches, you can determine your greatest options before coming to a final decision. You can always change out the rims and tires on the car.

Whenever you take each vehicle out for a test run, ask yourself if it feels like a car you would love to drive? If you do not, then move on to another one, because there is no reason to be in too big of a hurry. If you’re not careful, you may become too centered on particular brand names and not even consider other viable possibilities. It may be a good idea to test drive some vehicles that are new to you. You may discover your ideal car by trying out something different. It may take more time than you would like to find your best car, so don’t be afraid to have a good time during the process.

Take a look at a few of the online dealerships so you can get a sense of what’s available. It’s quite likely, you will see some car makes and models you’ve never heard of before. Search on the internet to help you in looking for the best options for you to test drive. You can get plenty of information on each car, especially, all of the prices, which means you will know how to deal with the salesmen. As you’re investigating options online, you may want to reduce your choices down to five cars so you won’t have to check out as many when you visit the dealership in person. This allows you to know the cars each dealer has, together with the prices, so that you can get the best deal when you’re ready to buy.

When the vehicles all cost relatively the same price, you’re going to just need to test drive each one and see which one feels the most comfortable to you. You don’t want to buy a car that you intend to keep for many years and be uncomfortable every time you get in to drive. To acquire even more helpful data, you’ll want to read some newspaper ads and note which cars are on sale or have a special offer. In this way, when you have more than one car that you like, then you can shop around for the one that you can get for the best price.

Sometimes, when you are looking at the ads, you will end up pleasantly surprised to find the exact car you’re looking for. When this happens, you just have to visit the dealer and drive the car to see if it works for you. Frequently, after thoroughly looking at the various car options, your perfect car will find you as opposed to you finding it.

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Buying A Private Car – Will It Assist You The Next Time You Buy A Car?

This is a book that can probably save you money if you’re in the market for a used car. In his book “Buying a Private Car”, Craig G Jones gives you a qualified mechanic looking over your shoulder as you are buying a used car. The inspection checklist ensures that you will not waste time or money when you are trying to get the best deal on the car you want. Sometimes 20 inch rims make a car look even better.

Looking for a car might be more involved than just making up your mind to do so and getting it done just like that. There are lots of things to consider before making the actual decision to buy a finality. This book aims to assist the average person in receiving the information they need to keep from buying a lemon. Being a non-informed buyer, you’ll most likely spend too much money and end up purchasing the incorrect car. Should you be non-mechanical, this specific book will direct you from start to finish, through the process of buying a vehicle, in an informative, instructional manner.

A well-documented three-step method comes with this. You’ll know how to look after your best interests by checking the vehicle’s history. You will be coached how to successfully utilize the trade price formula and get the absolute best price. After you have finished this ebook, you will be confident in your ability to purchase a secondhand vehicle and feel good about the quality of your purchase. The book costs $27.00, but you will be able to download the first chapter at no cost before deciding whether are not to buy the entire book. Having a 60-day guarantee and the ability to learn from a certified mechanic how to buy the perfect car, it is well worth the price.

After you download the absolutely free first chapter, you will observe several things. First of all, you’ll learn how to pick the correct vehicles by asking specific questions. You may already have in mind what your needs are, and basically what kind of car you want. Undoubtedly, a two-door car is out of the picture for people with children or are preparing to have some in the near future. You must also be concerned about the fuel efficiency, safety, running costs, along with your needs. You should ask yourself a few questions if you don’t currently have your perfect car confirmed.

Begin with thinking about what you would like from your next vehicle in what it will do for everyone in your family, even the dog. Are you considering driving it for your business, will it be your family car or will it do double duty,and how will you divide the usage if so? Are you going to operate the vehicle for a number of years and what is going to happen to it on the weekends? “Buying a Private Car” will give you lots of questions to ask, that you would possibly never think of, saving you time and expense.

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