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Find Out What Attracts Women To Men

Ever since males and females have walked the earth, they have both been trying to figure the other out. The male human species has spent countless hours and dollars on figuring out what attracts women to men. Females have been the reason men have gone to wars, deserted their families, launched a thousand ships and so on.

It is a common occurrence to see a drop-dead gorgeous gal with a not-so-gorgeous guy. As it turns out, the female race places ‘physical appearances’ towards the bottom of the list of the most attractive qualities in a Mr. This situation begs the question of why is a lady attracted to a lad. Many experts have done studies on the attraction between the sexes. Their findings may surprise you.

Girls, young and mature, are attracted to men who are happy overall. Not that a beau has to be annoyingly ecstatic and bouncing off walls all the time. But, a man who is happy will appear confident and stable. Both stability and confidence in a man are major bonus points in a gal’s opinion.

Social manners and breeding is very important to the female sex. A true gentleman who holds doors open, says “thank you” and has class is never out of fashion. In fact, the male population of today could benefit from brushing up on these habits.

“A sense of humor”, is perhaps the second most popular attractive quality a guy can possess. We’ve all heard that funny guys get the girls. This is very true, apparently. Making a woman laugh is often a straight path to her heart.

An independent man, A. K. A. A loner, makes most lasses go crazy with lust. This is nothing new on the list of what attracts women to men. There is something deliciously attractive about a man who does not need to surround himself with a lot of people and influences. When the rebel spirit lurks quietly in the hearts of men, women take notice.

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Top Pick Up Artist Tips

Men often like to approach women for dates in bars and clubs. They often ask friends for pick up artist tips to maximize their chances of success when making these approaches. However, they often don’t realize that their approach should be changed to reflect the women they are approaching and the circumstances they find themselves in.

The preparation work that goes into picking up women is usually more important than the actual event. Guys often don’t realize that a lot of women want a man to be well-groomed and presentable. When men fail to make an adequate effort, women can take offence and reject an advance before a word has been spoken.

Men should take time to choose the correct hairstyle and clothing. These are personal choices and the man should choose a style that suits his look. Women are often also put at ease with an appropriate fragrance and groomed look. Many men fail to make these essential good first impressions.

Confidence plays a huge part in the success of a pick up attempt. When guys stutter and mumble, they create a really bad impression and the attempt fails before it really gets started. On some occasions, this behavior can be disconcerting for a woman and taken as a sign of insincerity.

Finding out as much information about a woman as possible is bound to increase the chances of success. A great way to do this is by very casually and discreetly observing a few characteristics of the woman before making the initial approach. Clues to a woman’s character may be gleaned from her body language, interaction with her friends and the clothes she wears.

Practicing scripted pick up lines is a good strategy for people who are a little nervous. It can ensure the guy isn’t left stuttering with nothing to say and can be tailored to suit the specific circumstances and the woman being approached. A great tip involves quietly talking to her friends for advice on how best to approach her.

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How To Get A Good Christian Girl To Like You

Heathens, sinners, and libertines abound our neighborhoods. Without the right skills, you may end up with a wanton woman who gives into her carnal urges. In this letter I’m going to teach how to avoid these women like the Devil himself and give you the skills to find a good Christian lady.

While it might sound superficial, the Lord endowed good Christian women with a few important characteristics. One is large hips. If you plan on having a large brood of God’s little treasures, then you need a woman with big childbearing hips.

Some temptresses may pique your interest with their tight-fitting clothes and painted on face. But their dubious values and lack of Christian faith will turn you off sooner than later.

My advice is to go for chastely dressed women who don’t wear makeup.

You may be attracted to thin women but I recommend going for a woman with 20 – 30 extra pound on her. This keeps away other men and stops the Devil himself from poisoning her mind with pestilent thoughts.

Rules for your first date with her:

1) Halfway through dinner, go to the bathroom and leave your wallet with her. If she takes any money, she’s a bad match.

2) Test her compliance level. You can ask her to hold something. If she protests, she’s a little too outspoken and liberal for you.

3) Ask her if she went to college. If she says, “yes,” stay away. Chances are that her mind has been infected by the secular and liberal Left.

4) Try to kiss her. If she kisses you back the first date, you’re dealing with a loose woman who isn’t fit to be your wife.

5) Test her on bible quotes. You shouldn’t expect her to recite each one back. (If she does, she’s too smart and possessed by a demon.) But if she gets a few of them, then you’ve probably got a good Christian woman on your hands.

Test out these tips and let me know the results you get. God bless.

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Finding How To Get Your Girlfriend In The Mood At The Right Moment

If you are one of the many that Romeo seems to have left you out in the cold, then you need to read this articles in an effort to see the many advantages that are able to be had involving making a decision that will be popular and will help you come up with how to get your girlfriend in the mood at just the right moment.

The first thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you need not come off with a bunch of cheesy lines that many men tend to say on a regular basis. These cheesy lines will few times get you any of the results that you are aiming for. Compliments will go a lot farther.

One thing that you are able to do is to compliment the way that the woman is dressed, this can be a good point in which you can use to launch off with the conversation, the more that you are able to come up with that will compliment her dress, then the better the overall results will be in the end.

Even a comment that you think will be worth nothing can be just the thing that will trigger a positive result I a woman, this many times is one of the biggest things that needs to be looked at involving improving an existing relationship or even getting one going that you never saw coming.

Talk sweet to her and compliment her on her hair. This is many times an area that tends to get overlooked in making a bold statement that you can use to your advantage in getting a relationship up and going in the long run.

Make small talk that can be used to break the ice and in the end allow a woman the allowance to get a conversation begun with a man, there are a wide range of topic that are able to be discussed about that will afford a man the opportunity to see if this is going to be a love connection or just a failed attempt to find the perfect person.

The one ting that needs to be kept in mind is that you need to take the opportunity to ensure that the things that you say are not in bad taste and that you are saying tings that will be perceived as being romantic and not a bad attempt at making a joke that will not be considered to be funny.

Taking all of this in mind when it involves how to get your girlfriend in the mood will go a long way in the end of allowing a person the opportunity to see and experience all of the many advantages that come from taking the time to research the things that work and the things that do not.

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The Practical Way On How To Make A Girl Like You

Love is a funny thing. This is what makes people happy but it is also a problem to some. If you happen to be a boy and you have problems with girls, then this is the article for you. This write up will help you figure out how to make a girl like you.

In getting these ladies to like you, you must have in yourself talents and skills that are priceless. Of course, you do not expect to be perfect in every aspect of these skills and talents. There will really be some areas that you must work on better. Examples are humor, and the good taste and skills in music.

Humor is a big point in getting to a woman’s feelings. In fact, researches have shown that a huge percentage of women would always prefer humor over anything else. They may even prefer this over intelligence. The numbers show that it is seventy percent for humor while only forty percent for intelligence.

Practical jokes you read in magazines or books can be good but what is best is the spontaneous joke one can do. The ability to see the brighter side of things and create a good laugh about it is both a skill and a talent. Just make sure that this will not offend or hurt anybody or else it will be a big turn off.

The next thing you must have to mix with humor is a good sense of music. Singing to a lady would melt her heart but singing while playing the piano will even be better. Other instruments will of course be appealing. It will be a smooth sailing if you will be able develop or master these talents.

There are some boys who get girls through their shiny cars or amazing gadgets. The problem with this however is the reason why they got the lady. It may not really be for the love of the person but for the love of the car or gadget instead.

Getting through the heart of a lady will take some genuine effort. So always remember these practical ways on how to make a girl like you because of you and not of anything else.

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How To Be A PUA And Start Hooking Up With Women

Pick up artist – that’s what PUA stands for. It’s something you call a man who’s very good at attracting women he lays eyes on. It can be considered as an art form, and there are certain things you have to learn to end up as one. Fortunately, just about any male can learn how to be a PUA and hook up with women.

First of all, you have to consider the fact that becoming such doesn’t mean you have to end up as a player. Many women are turned off by players so you should steer clear of becoming one. What you need to turn into is someone who’s confident and in control of the situation, without displeasing your target.

Identify the kind of seduction techniques you want to master. Different situations call for different styles. What you do at the mall to lure a woman you’re eyeing is something different from what you do at a nightclub or bar. In order to have the full package, try to learn several different techniques.

Looking great on the outside is important. But feeling great about yourself is even more crucial. More than just looking the part, you also act the part. A lot of women don’t have trouble identifying men who exude self-confidence. Confidence can make your sex appeal reach great heights.

Staying right next to someone you know who’s a certified pick up artist can make you learn the ropes. If you don’t know someone like such, fret not. You can also learn a lot simply by participating in online discussions and being trained by experts willing to share their knowledge. There are also available books about the subject.

As they say, practice makes perfect. Don’t think that you can read tips on how to be a PUA and turn into a babe magnet overnight. It will take time, often causing you to experience refusals along the way. Never quit as quitters never win. With patience and determination, you can become a skilled one yourself.

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Best Places To Meet Women: How To Find A Single Woman

The best places to meet women do not always involve clubs and parties. Ladies who are looking for serious relationships do not like to date men in these settings. This reason is why men are always receiving fake phone numbers, rude refusals and polite rejections. The misunderstanding is that men who frequent clubs are players and want one night stands. However, men should approach ladies in everyday settings so they can get a sense of a man’s personality.

Sporting events are great for meeting new people with similar interests. It is popular belief that girls do not like sports, but not necessary true. Many females enjoy watching and attending games as well. Baseball games are a very social environment, which allows for great conversation. You want to scan the crowd and sit next to a couple of girls while watching the game. Engage the ladies in conversation by asking their opinion on the game.

Twitter and Facebook are social media websites that allow members to talk to old classmates and to build new relationships. These websites provide people with a chance to pursue a relationship with a high school crush. Websites like Facebook also provide people with the opportunity to encounter new relationships.

If you decided to try online dating, then you want to be careful to not hook up with anyone with a fake identity. Nevertheless, social networking websites provide options for people who live in small towns with limited dating choices.

Grocery stores are another place for meeting single ladies. Also, Ladies do not expect to encounter their dream guy while shopping for groceries. This atmosphere allows for both parties to not be guarded and to allow their personality to shine through. Guys want to pick up single females and should be able to detect when a woman is married.

If the woman is wearing a wedding band, then she is off limits. A great way to approach a woman is by asking a question about a grocery item. The best places to meet women are not always the most obvious because love can happen by chance.

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Ways On How To Impress A Girl On Phone

A phone conversation with a female can be quite intriguing.This is definitively for males. When men talk to people in general, they try to impress. When guys talk to women on the telephone they try to attract them, here is how to impress a girl on phone. The art of trying to get attention from her works best if one acts like the female.

Talking for females is like a pastime. They seem to like it and what they talk about is what they want to hear. Talking about what she like is a good way to impress them.Conversations that lack interest are boring. What you would want is for her to engage in a conversation with you; there are ways to do this.

Putting yourself in the girl’s position is good to do.When your on the telephone with them be confident. Confidences helps and so does connecting emotionally with them. If one would do this she could get to know your personality on a different level. Asking a woman about her day and about what she is thinking would shocked her. It shows that you care.

What a person has accomplished interests people. While talking with her tell her about your accomplishments. If having a certain position at work or status is what you have, then mention it. She is sure to listen. You really just need to mention your goals as well.

Other material things like money and clothes and Jewelry turn people heads. A woman likes to have nice clothes and Jewelry to wear outside.They like it so much that they like other people who have them. Respect is often times given if you have such things.

Say maybe you have a nice vehicle, then tell her. If not, just talk about something you own that is nice and you are proud of. It is good to keep in mind what all people want in life and if you poses that than flaunt it.

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Information: Pick Up Artist Tips

Guys who constantly pursue girls are called a lot of things. A pick up artist is one.These guys constantly use words to attract female attention. Sometimes it can be good or bad. There are things guys should think about in there goal.Taking pick up artist tips can be good. One can only get better if her does.

The way you approach her is the key. This is the set up to the conversation the two of you will have. Embrace the moment and go for it. Whatever you feel is the right thing to say-might be right.

No matter how nervous you may be if at all, do not let her see it. Be bold, you should stay in charge of the conversation you two will have. T his could impress her and she could believe you might actually be worth talking to. Confidence is the main ingredient here.

When you are talking to the woman, decide what to comment on. It doesn’t matter if it is her hair, eye color or pocketbook. Girls love compliments, they feel special, that is your job.

You should want to brag to the girl about what you own. Tell her everything you have or will have in the future, There is also another great approach to this. There is something called a wingman.His job is to be around you when you talk to the female. When he’s present, his job is to talk about you character. It is like he is advertising you to the girl so she can be interested.

One must know how to get girls in a smooth and proper way. It is good to use tactics because the goal is to deliver as many lines to a girl as possible. Remembering every tip is essential for any man trying to master this art.

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Suggestions Of How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

A statement which is commonly heard is “I want my ex back”. But many will enquire on how to get your ex girlfriend back. Everyone goes through relationships and most people experienced some heartbreaks for some reason. It is very common to feel guilty, and regret the mistakes in the relationship. With the guilt comes the wish of having a chance to get things right.

You may not think that you can be reunited. Don’t give up hope though; there are many ways that you could try to get back together and try to salvage the wonderful relationship you shared. Here are a few tips that you could consider to try out and get her back. Don’t forget the old saying, ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’

To begin with, you must try to review and evaluate to problems which caused the breakup. There must always be certain reasons which troubled her. Usually, they involve insensitivity, not giving much attention, not spending more time together, and lack of trust. Once you recognized the definite cause of the problem, you need to make a way of how to get in touch with her and what to tell her.

The words you use when you approach her are very important. If the reason for the break-up was because of you, it is vital that you show her that you are aware of your faults, and that you are sorry. You need to be able to show a willingness to change. You also need to listen to what she really needs.

A small gift along with a card or handwritten letter can also go a long way in saying, “I’m sorry and want to give this relationship another chance.”. In having a plan, you can try to arrange what you do to have the best impact on her and increase the chances of success.

Persuading is not the solution. Both being willing to put an effort to make the relationship work is the key reason why she should consider getting back together.

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