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What Makes A Good Landing Page Design

You need a landing page to actually sell something online. Anyone who has any experience in affiliate marketing will agree with this so you should definitely follow my advice. Selling something online isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it can be learned through some steps. The first thing you should do is find a good landing page design.

The best Landing page design is the kind that impresses your visitor in matter of seconds. Even a site that might have hundreds and hundreds of visitors each week might end up not selling anything because of a bad landing page. All visitors who are on the lookout for something on the web share something: they want to be impressed.

It doesn’t matter if you’re welcoming them with a video sales letter or a custom landing page;they want to feel confident that they are making the right choice by choosing you as their seller.~they want to feel as safe as they can that you are the right seller for them~they need to feel safe that you as a seller can deliver and that they will be disappointed in the product.

As a good marketer you will need to learn many essential lessons if you want to be successful.~If you want to be a good marketer you should learn quite a few essential tips in order to become successful.~If you want to taste success as a marketer, you will need to learn a few tricks.

Lesson number one is that a good design will always sell products.~The most important lessons is that a great design will help you sell products.~The biggest lesson when selling something? Nothing sells better than a good design.~The greatest lesson when selling something? Always use a good design.~Make use of a good design and that will lead to success.

Yes, it’s true what they say, that image is everything.~Image is everything and you should keep that in mind.~There’s nothing more important as your and your site’s image.~Your site’s image should be the most essential thing.~You should keep in mind that there’s nothing bigger than maintaining your site’s image.

You might have a killer product for a killer price, but if the site through which you’re presenting it is poorly made, the chances are you will go unnoticed.~Your product might be the best in the world and it might come mighty cheap, but if your site is poorly done, no one will buy it.~You might be selling the best product ever made but if your site is cheaply done, your visitor will turn around and never come back.~You might be offering the greatest product ever created but if your site is badly done, your visitor will click away and never come back.~Your product might be the greatest on the internet and it might be the cheapest, but if your site is poorly executed, no one will buy it.

So, don’t be cheap and lazy.~Work hard and study harder.~Don’t be too lazy and make sure you’re doing a quality job.~Don’t be lazy nor cheap.~Try to work as hard as you can as it will pay off.~Your work will eventually pay off as long as you do a good one.

Make sure you build something that’s out of the ordinary and very appealing to the eye and the ear.~Be sure you’re creating something truly unique that will definitely appeal to your visitor.~Always make something that is of quality and doesn’t look like a cheap knock-off of something else.~Keep in mind to create something that will attract the visitor and make him want to find out more.~Create something that will capture your visitor’s interest and curiosity.

A good landing page design will contain sentences that are relevant only to the product.~A truly great landing page design will be made of things that are relevant to the customer.~A landing page design that you should definitely use is one that makes use only of things that are important.

Don’t use big chunks of texts as visitors tend to overlook them.~Stay away from big blocks of text as they will be overlooked.~Don’t write huge paragraphs as people will never read them.~Don’t use huge blocks of text as visitor’s hate that.~People hate reading huge blocks of text so stay away from them.

Don’t bore your visitors, be as concise and precise as you can be but still, make sure you underline all the features that your product has to offer.~The biggest mistake you could make is to bore your customers so make sure you’re always precise in your thoughts and you present the features of the product as precisely as possible.~Make sure you don’t bore your site visitors with unnecessary content. Write stuff that’s important and essential for your customer when it comes to finding out more about the product.

Although it’s pretty obvious, I’ll still mention this step as many people commit this error:~Many people commit this error and they should know better:~Although they should know better, you’d be surprised of how many people commit this mistake:~Many people commit this error so make sure you learn from their mistake:~Learn from other people’s mistake:

make sure your site has no grammar errors.~proofread your site so it won’t have grammar errors.~be absolutely sure that your site makes sense and that it does not have grammar errors.~make sure your content is well written and without any errors.~be positive that your content from the page is very well written and has no grammar errors.

You’d be surprised of how analytical most of your visitors can be.~Some visitors will tend to notice every little thing.~You’d be shocked of how analytical some people can be.~You don’t want to know how overly analytical some people are.~Some people will notice pretty much everything, especially the little details.

Some will pay attention to any little detail.~Some might notice every little glitch.~Many will know right away if something is wrong.~Many will notice even the smallest of errors.~To some even the smallest mistake will hurt their retinas.

And grammar errors are exactly what turns them away from your site, as they might not find it trustworthy.~Grammar errors are a major turn-off for visitors, who might find your site to be fake.~These type of mistakes might kill your site as visitors might think you’re a fake.

So make sure your site is proofread. Again, image is everything!~Be as sure as you can that the site is proofread. Image is one of the most important things.~Proofread your site! Keep in mind that image your most vital aspect.

Follow all the points above and you will be fine when creating your landing page design. For more tips, click that link.

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Why a Sales Video Can Achieve Better Results

Modern society is fast paced and consumers want to be gratified instantly. As the Internet becomes the purchasing portal of choice for more and more people, marketing experts need to continually review their methods and strategies in order to reach consumers. Using a Sales Video is one of the best ways to grab the attention of potential buyers that simply cannot be bothered to read through copious technical specifications and sales pitches.

Nothing bores the modern online shopper as much as rambling sales pitches that seem to have no point. It is therefore vital to ensure that you squeeze video gets the message across without delay and in such a way that the attention is grabbed immediately.

If marketing material is not developed around a very specific goal, it may cause more harm than good. The very first step in producing a sales video should be the formulation of a clear and precise objective. It is certainly no use going on a journey if the destination is unknown.

Once one knows exactly what it is to be achieved, the next logical step is to decide upon the precise target group for whom the message is intended. By analyzing the prospective audience, it would be possible to appeal to their likes and sub culture. A target group analysis can be a powerful tool in producing a product that will work as intended.

A script allows developers and producers the opportunity to work according to a clear cut plan. With a script, time and money can be saved because all the desired visuals and audio is planned in advance. The scrip should have one single aim and that is to satisfy the objective of the project.

In order to make every penny count, it is generally best to work only with experienced professionals that understand the industry. Poor quality films simply irritate consumers and can be extremely counterproductive. It is better to spend a little bit more to ensure high quality results.

Just like no manufacture will place his products on the shelve before conducting quality control, sales videos should not be published before typical members of the intended target group have had a chance to provide honest and independent feedback. This can help to ensure that the video actually appeal to its target market and that the message comes across clearly.

A Sales Video can go a long way in increasing the visibility of a company or product, but only if it is of high quality and specifically geared towards the intended target group. This medium is intimate, speaking to individuals and consumers seem to like that. If the media is changed from time to time, shoppers may feel impelled to visit the relevant site more often.

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Why you need a custom landing page?

With the increasing popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter, every big brand or business has a page on them as this has become a necessity. By using a Facebook profile with a Custom Landing Page your visitors will find out all there is to know about you and what you do.

I’ll admit, building a popular Facebook page and getting lots of Likes can be quite tricky but with a few tips and tricks nothing is impossible. A great way to do this is to place a Facebook widget on your site and then just lay back and be amazed of how many Likes you will get.

But getting visitors to our Facebook page is not enough as you want to them to click on the Like button. And the best way to achieve this is to use a custom landing page, something that will truly raise your visitor’s interest in your page, thus he will feel the need of clicking the Like button so that he could find out more about what you’re offering.

Creating such a custom landing page is quite simple if you find the right tools and if you are aware of some marketing tactics. It’s essential for a webmaster to understand that by using sentences and graphics that will capture the visitor’s interest immediately is absolutely essential to a successful business.

Facebook has become an essential tool in building your customer base by staying in touch with them every day. Marketers, the good ones that is, know this and they use it fully!

It’s absolutely essential for you to understand that the key is to make your visitors come back every day and not just once at the beginning. And you can definitely achieve this with a well done custom landing page.

Here’s another great reason why you should use this idea: you can build yourself a wonderful email list that you can use for email marketing and this by simply putting a sign-up box on the page. Pretty ingenious, isn’t it?

Now, if you want to get started and build yourself aLanding Page Design, you should know that Facebook has a plugin that is very powerful if it’s used properly. It’s recommended that you search for tutorials on the web so you could get the hang of it quickly and efficiently! You’re not creative enough to do the job yourself?

No problem, there are other ways to get what you want. Like with most other issues, you can hire someone to do them for you. There are many great services on the web that will create you the perfect custom landing page. They usually don’t come cheap but they’re worth the money!

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Landing page design and boosting sales

Online advertisements are common for numerous size companies to accomplish various marketing needs. A Landing Page Design also known as a lead capture is one such marketing tactic to promote a company’s product or service. They can be used as a marketing strategy to tempt visitors and customers to view a site.

A standard website enables readers to exam other sites by clicking the link on the site. However, with a link, prospective purchasers are directed to other websites without purchasing from the company’s site or viewing the offer presented. Nonetheless, one of these designs places visitors directly on the company selling page allowing easier tracking of customers.

Their goals are specific such as sales, registrations, or signing up for a product or service. However, they can also be used to present specific information or reference purposes for associations, organizations or public service companies. Additionally, some companies use these pages to gain contact information for future use.

When designing them, the purposes should be of utmost importance. Keywords and advertisements should be specific to the needs of the reader and the product. The ads should be brief and reliable to boost the assurance for prospective customers.

Additionally, graphics and color must be alluring and eye-catching to the reader. Too much information or clutter should be evaded by all companies. Lastly, wording must be correct and convincing.

Additional helpful tips are that color and graphics should be appealing and attractive to the customer. Clutter or too much information should be avoided. Lastly, text must be grammatically correct and persuasive to the reader.

Small, medium, and large companies create a Landing Page Design to maximize conversion rates. However, the pages should be informative, appealing, promoting, and provide the resources to build customers. An ineffective page may provide too many distractions and will not serve the needs of the customers. In addition, conversion rates may be lower and marketing useless for winning new customers.

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Why You Should Put A Squeeze Video Into Your Landing Page Design

Lots of entrepreneurs desire information on why they should put a Squeeze videointo their Landing Page Designefforts. A show like that should be used to grab the attention of a consumer. When you make your call to action into a flick, more people will be likely to respond favorably. Your video will encourage people and search engines to frequent your site.

Many people do not know what Squeeze video is. This moving picture must be truthful and quick. Its reason for existence to is to tell the shopper precisely what she or he must do now that she or he has found your material. You should construct your initiative to action in a way that is very explicit.

It is a truth that more folks would like to view a flick than glance at a set of characters. Studying involves a person putting forth energy and hours that he would like to spend on other occupations. When you make a flick instead of scribbling a large collection of symbols, you will encourage more viewers to transform into buyers. That is a good use of bandwidth on a site.

Flicks help a lot in an effort to help a page climb to the top of web crawler findings. They normally have a lot of visual impact and draw the curiosity of consumers. These features are very helpful. This is the reason why many landing pages highlight one or more movies.

When you produce content for the Internet, you want a large number of people to find and interact with it. In order to do that, you must educate and entertain them. A squeeze video can do both of those things while instructing them on the next step you want them to take. This will make your site popular with human beings.

As you construct pages that will sound good to individuals, you can be making spaces that will also be liked by engines. A web crawler may inspect a site as it picks up on the fact that more people are finding it on their own. The more attention an engine gives to your online spaces, the more inclined it will be to display them in search results for viewers.

Many company heads long for truths on why they should insert a squeeze video into their landing page design codes. That sort of show should be put in place to draw the notice of a customer. When you stick your opt in information in a show, more individuals will take favorable actions. Your motion picture will assist people and search engines in their attempts to locate your online home.

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The Chessboard Of Conversions

When you first show up on a website’s Landing Page Design, do you know what the first things to alter your disposition are?

According to consumer psychology, an advertisement with three or more colors is almost 50% more effective than one in black and white.

What does this tell you?

That even a glimpse of the aesthetics can mean the difference between an intrigued consumer and a lost one.

Each subtle difference of design will positively or negatively effect your websites performance.

The performance of your sales video, landing page design, etc., all rely on the effectiveness of the image that you put forth with the different design variables that you feature.

That said, it’s crucial that each element on your landing page design has a specific function in correlating with the rest of your website’s image.

Inconsistency and lack of value is the epidemic of the internet. In order to rise above the masses, it is your job as professional to be picky with what it is that you are publishing.

Which brings us to the main point, how does this all tie into landing page design?

Most non-corporate, “john everyman” type of websites need landing page designs, and the race to the top means that you have to do everything possible to stand out of the crowd.

A large percentage, if not all the work is outsourced. There is no possible way that you can productively work on several websites while doing all the work yourself. Not to mention the finding the time to overcome the learning curve that comes with landing page design and sales video creation.

The most common problem that I spot on low converting websites these days does not have to do with any specific elements, but how they are pieced together in the overall design.

One of the key traits of a websites functionality is balance, and when it is upset with disproportionate quality, you are hurting your website more than helping.

Always make sure that every product you purchase for your landing page (landing page design,Sales Video, copy-written script) all correlate with the overall quality of the rest of the items your website features.

If you are looking for the best, then don’t cut back on any single element.

You need to ask yourself, how long can you keep up at the pace you’ve set? Managing a website properly requires strategy and co-ordination, you must progress in a fashion that maintains the integrity of your image.

When you see a site that has one thing done very well, and the rest not so well, you immediately notice the difference and it raises doubts about the real quality of the service.

In the game of chess, it is unwise to progress your most valuable pieces, without placing your pawns defensively to co-ordinate your attacks.

This can be applied to the world of landing page design as well, if the rest of your site is not set up so that each element compliments the rest, you are fueling the prospects scrutinizing of your website.

Internalize that. Don’t apply any drastic changes to your website’s design, before it can support those changes.

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Are you killing your conversions

Do you put your prospects through too much?

If you wish for the best interaction with your demographic, your Landing Page Design needs to be crafted with a clear route to success.

In order to do this, you need to restrict the amount of requirements to appease to get to the finish line.

Here is a list of things that you should never have on your landing page design:

Where did you find us?

Asking this is pointless. You are able to use a great software called Google analytics to find this out. This question may have been more useful in the past, but now it is just superfluous.

Asking for the details:

When it comes to your visitors, always assume that they know as little as possible. Don’t ask them what kind of package suits them better, as they are most likely waiting for you to answer that question.

Phone number:

This is one of the most personal pieces of information to a person. It is better to ask them personally, rather than on your website, and only if it absolutely necessary.

Superfluous questionnaires:

Be honest about how much time they will spend on your forms. Try to make them as short as possible, avoid details such as the province and city if you asked for their zip code on your Landing Page Design.

Forms and visuals:

You don’t want to distract your audience from completing your forms, especially since they have already gotten that far. Tone down the contrast that your form features, this will keep their eyes on the prize.


These can cause difficulty if the person has trouble with them. A good tip is to make them invisible and not required. If you host a “reference” landing page design, this will help you sort out the bots for they will be the only ones who submit information with the captchas filled out.

Data fields:

When you pre-fill your data fields with the requirement inside them, they tend to go unnoticed by the viewer. Keep you data fields blank so they can easily be spotted by those who a skimming over your landing page design.


Instead of reading “submit”, replace it with something they are eagerly awaiting, such as “Get your Free quote” at the bottom of your landing page design.

Social proof:

In one case study, it was shown that conversions increased to as much as double without social proof. The less information you ask; the less time wasted, the more people get through start to finish.


Take a nice long look at your landing page design, is there anything that you really don’t need?

If you can’t help but feature long forms, then divide them up into sections. This will make it seem as if everything takes a little less time.

The less work you make your audience do, the better reception you get. You should always design with that in mind, never stop searching for faster, easier ways to deal with your audience.

If you are unsure of how well your optimized for user friendliness, analyze your competition. See what they are doing right and what they could be doing better, and make it your goal to out-simplify them.

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how to Double your moneys worth- Landing page design

When setting on the mission of creating a landing page design, it can be hard to get a hold of some consistent facts to use as a mold for your design.

This is a common problem when using the internet as your reference.

So, in order to make things easier on you, I have gathered some solid info that should serve as a checklist to tap into your full potential of interacting with your market.

Much like a house, constructing a landing page design with the basics is like building without a foundation, it’s just not going to hold.

Here are the key elements:

– Each element on your page need to be snappy and to-the-point

– Ideally, you should only be using 1-2 sentences to explain a point.

– Call-to-Action should be direct and clear

– Do you make your product’ value clear?

– You need to add authority and build a trust-able image

All the points above are the primary keys to landing page design. It is important that you feature all these elements to hit the mark.

Today, i am going to into depth on the last point,

Adding value:

You have your set price. You don’t want to go any higher, you can’t go any lower. How do you make it sound good?

The primary misconception when calculating value is that it has something to do with the price, the only time when that is applicable is when you are reselling things. The value of a product is subjective to each person, and has to do with how useful something is.

– Does it cut back on time?

– Will it give them information that will take them on a different level of performance?

– Does it makes your life easier?

– Is it going to help you earn your living?

These are things that you cannot put a price on, and since each person is different, your products value will differ from person to person. The trick is encompassing as big a slice as you can in your market.

That is where you have to calculate an accurate medium on your demographics behavioral probabilities and create a landing page design that appeals to as many people as possible.

When someone is interested in your product, it is not because of what it does, it is because they understand the effects it will have on their lives.

These are the “benefits”, and though you may think this is general information,but many people seem to misunderstand the difference between features and benefits. Do you know the difference?

To explain is as simple as possible. The “features” have to do with your products operations, what it actually does. Whereas the benefits refer to the results of these operation in relation to the consumer.

Here’s an example of this relationship:

Product: ProfessionalSqueeze Video

Feature: Designed with Consumer Psychology In Mind

Benefit: Psychologically effective on Prospects

Feature: Hi quality graphics

Benefit: Public favor over competition

This concept is not too hard to understand, the problem people are have is efficiently explaining how their features lead to the benefits.

A good way to stay on the right track is by stating these in a question and answer format. Don’t keep your features and benefits separated, your goal is to connect the two for the audience. Don’t assume they will do this themselves.

The next to go over has to do with pricing.

Don’t keep one number your landing page design, if people know you have a good product, it will only make buying in more appealing if you drop their expectations of the price the deeper they get into your sales copy.

By doing this, your prospect feel like your putting money in their pockets.

You don’t have to price you product less than it already is, just start with a higher one, lower it, and then show some sort of statistic of how much less it is. People love to see the numbers on how much they are saving.

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