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The Most Vital Issues When Selling Your Corporation

Making the decision to sell a business is tough, especially after putting so much effort into building it. Thankfully, the steps to sell a business are simple. There may be any number of reasons why we decide to do so: you meant to sell it from the beginning, a changing economy, or as a quick asset liquidation. No matter the reason, the most important thing is to sell the business and get a generous return on your business’s value.

I want to talk to you about how to go about selling your business, and how to get the full value it is worth. I will explain three things you should think about when you are selling your business, so that you don’t look back in regret because you feel you did something wrong. To ensure you don’t regret your choices, here are three steps to follow:

You Need to Have Proper Value Assessment of Your Business

Before you leap into the market, you need to determine your business’s real value. Arm yourself with relevant information by evaluating your company’s true worth. You will find you are able to negotiate fairly with potential buyers and make decisions to your benefit.

Time Management

After you place your business on the market, It may take awhile to sell. The best selling scenario is one where you’ve time to wait for the best offer. Analyze how long you are able to wait for your business to sell.

Putting the Business Up For Sale on the Internet

Sellers who use the Internet can reach more people than they ever could before. You are able to reach people who are much farther away from you than you previously would have been able to market to.

With a bigger pool of potential buyers, there is a better chance you can sell your company for what it’s worth. Selling a business is a big step and requires research and planning if you expect to be satisfied with the outcome.

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Standing Out From The Crowd Through Search Engine Marketing

In a world where everyone is trying to sell you something, it’s not easy for even the best business to stand out from the crowd. Considering the fact that society has become so geared towards the Internet, a strong marketing strategy could give any company the competitive edge they need. Irritating pop-up, irrelevant sidebar ads, and mismatched search engine results merge together to create sensory overload for any web surfer. To survive, a business needs to appropriately use social media while also creating the feeling of familiarity a customer feels when walking into a Mom & Pop shop. By utilizing search engine marketing, a business can appeal to that same comfortable sense of familiarity while additionally being on the cutting edge of doing business on the web.

As a devoted Internet shopper and web surfer, I can say with certainty that I want to be able to feel some sort of personal connection with the brands I’m investing in. Especially in today’s economy, every purchase that I make is a careful investment. The age of the impulse buy is beginning to become a distant memory. In order to connect with customers and make them feel comfortable doing business with your company, a carefully planned search engine marketing strategy is key.

With so much of the world relying on social media, one might believe that it’s simple to use the tools available to gear a brand to the market they want. However, those people would be incorrect. Search engine marketing takes keywords, target demographic, and search engine optimization among other considerations into account to ensure that your brand message is reaching the most people possible and that those people are more likely to visit your page. By allowing your company to become associated with the keywords and message you want to communicate, you’re allowing yourself to do more business.

It’s possible for any business’s website to become lost in the overwhelming amount of information available on the Internet. But by taking advantage of tools at their fingertips through the Internet, it is also possible to turn yourself from a run of the mill business into a neighbor. Since social media relies heavily on terms that imply intimacy (like Facebook’s use of the word “friend”), search engine marketing can give even the largest corporation a sense of familiarity that will generate more business. A marketing strategy that implies trustworthiness can provide a company with a sense of comfort that has long been lost from contemporary business.

A world that embraces social media means a world that focuses on interaction through a computer, instantly making any relationship seem less personal. Since many people are clipping coupons and spending as scrupulously as possible, it takes a personal approach to stand out from the crowd. Let’s face it – there are hundreds of millions of websites out there and countless companies trying to make a buck. Doing business requires a specific type of marketing to make the Internet seem like the right place to find a friendly face. By optimizing your business’s performance through search engine marketing, you can be taking advantage of the best of both worlds – the vast information superhighway and the intimate feeling of doing business with a name a customer can trust.

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The Great Debate: Why Social Media Can Be a Blessing and a Curse

From interacting on Facebook and Twitter on a personal level to businesses taking advantage a social media agency to reach a wider demographic, social networking has taken over the way that people live their life. I’ve heard both sides of the argument for why social media is good or bad for society. Many people still insist that interacting through the Internet is impersonal and the world’s reliance on technology is unhealthy. Admittedly, even I feel withdrawal symptoms when I don’t have my laptop for too long – but is it too much or because it’s so useful? Is social media and comparable technology a blessing or just a necessary evil?

When it comes to the great Internet debate, I have some contradicting philosophies pulling me in two directions. On one hand, I believe in moderation, for example there’s a time and a place for everything – updating your Facebook page to let your friends know that the local convenience store was all out of diet cola is superfluous. On the other hand, I believe in survival of the fittest, therefore I believe that a small business using a social media agency and social networking to broaden their reach and generate more business is smart. But is it getting out of hand?

After wrestling the issue of whether or not technology was consuming society too much, I opened my laptop still feeling uncertain of my answer. However, then I realized that my answer was right in front of me – I’d opened my laptop.

The reason I use my laptop so often isn’t just because I’m dependent on technology. I love to write, and being able to type on my laptop is part of my livelihood. My family lives all over the country and I can go months without seeing my three year old niece in person, but can video chat with her every weekend. The dependence isn’t necessarily on technology as much as it’s on being connected.

After all, what do people want more than connection with other people? While I don’t advocate the use of social networking in lieu of face-to-face conversation, I wholeheartedly believe that it’s wonderful when talking in-person isn’t a possibility. Businesses that understand why social media is such a powerful force in today’s society understand that it can bridge the gap between business and consumer. By skipping impersonal ads and commercial spots, a business can reach out and communicate with the community. Communicating through social media allows for a feeling of personal connection (because if it didn’t why else would so many celebrities satisfy their fans through Twitter updates?

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6 Surefire Ways To Have Record Breaking Holiday Sales

Winter smells fill the air, cool breezes send the geese on their way, and frost steals the color from fall leaves. It is definitely that time of the year again. We get out our winter clothes and head for the malls. Shopping and the holidays go together like a hand in a glove. What you need to determine now is how many of these holiday shoppers will you woo into your store. What we can do is try to search for some ways that can catch the attention of shoppers and set record profits this holiday season.

Surprise Them With a Holiday Discount When the demand for them is the highest, then you don’t really expect to find products at their cheapest. After the holidays are over, then the discount sales would soar. During this time, you can expect the “steal of a deal.” If you have a truly discounted product right in the middle of the holiday season, then you can surprise your customer. That will certainly get their attention.

Combining Products can Result to a Special Deal Two are better than one! You’ll double your sales and spike your profits in the process.

Try to Give a Freebie Let’s face it nothing in life is free, unless there’s a reason behind it. Customers do tend to scoop up freebies like ice cream and cake but you are setting yourself up for future business when they walk out your doors with a smile on their face.

Be Sure You Have a Speedy Delivery Par for the course these days is impatience. Hey, we can get online and find anything we want in a few minutes… whey wait forever to get it? The quicker you can get your product to your customer, the happier they will be. As you can see, it’s plain and simple.

Why You Should Put Off the Payment Procrastination is highly appealing to customers who are short on cash around the holidays. You have invited an entirely new class of people into your realm if you give them the option to use a credit card or make delayed payments on your product.

Try Advertising If nobody knows about the best buy in town, then what good does it do to you? How about trying to get the word out? Send out postcards, advertise it across the top of your Web page do whatever it takes to let the world know that you’re making an offer too good to pass up.

A special deal is something everybody loves. A special deal around the holidays, is like an extra goody in their stocking. Treat ’em, and they’ll love you for it!

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Search Engine Marketing Tips

Believe it or not, there once was a age before search engine marketing dominated the Internet. While people are starting to get excited about how marketing and social media is starting to take over, search engine marketing is still the best. These days, if you want to get people to come to your website, your Google position is the most vital component. If people can locate you among the first few results for a popular keyword, you could get thousands of visitors a week. Conversely, if you’re languishing on page four, nobody is going to find you.

How Google ranks its pages is actually a mystery. There’s an entire profession which spends their entire day just to get people ranked well on Google. They call this search engine optimization, and it’s done by persons who are, quite unoriginally, called search engine optimizers. You could certainly hire an outside SEO firm to help you rank well, here’s a little search engine optimization primer so you can learn how to do this on your own.

The first thing that folk who want to optimize their web site should is determine what keywords they should go after. “Keywords” refers to the terms you would use to describe your webpage in brief. If you owned a webpage about Japanese cars, “Toyota” and “Honda” could be two of your keywords. If you include these keywords in your content, URL, and headings, you would be taking a wonderful step toward higher in search engine rankings.

After you’re done with that, the next thing you should do for fantastic SEO is link building. When somebody links to you, this is seen as a “vote” to your webpage. If the anchor text is your keywords, this is exactly what you want. If a site on a similar, your ranking is going to go up as well.

Lastly, ensure that your webpage is written in simple HTML Visual extras don’t aid you in search engine rankings, and getting people to notice you using Flash and frames is terrible for your ranking.

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Web Marketing Tips: Website Design Mistakes

As any online marketing firm will tell you, there definitely is an art to web marketing, but it’s generally a mistake to get too creative when you build your webpages. Users do not want to be “challenged” when they go to a webpage; they want to find exactly what they’re looking for immediately, sooner if possible. Therefore, when you’re building a webpage, here are a few things you’re going to want to avoid like the plague.

PDFs: PDFs have their place; if you have forms that people want to print out or flyers to share, use a PDF. However, if the document is meant to be read exclusively (or even mostly) online, PDFs are never a good idea. PDFs can’t be searched easily, and not eextremelyone has the software to read them. When it comes to webpage design, online content should be text.

Fixed Font Size: So you can’t apply PDFs, but you still want to control the user’s viewing experience. Can you make the font size fixed. This is another website design no no. Everybody is going to read your page on different screens, and for some, being able zoom in makes it significantly easier.

Images of Text: This is the damning webpage design mistake. Simply put: there is no reason your site design should feature a picture of text outside of a logo. Search engines can’t crawl them, folk can’t copy them easily, and editing them is a nightmare. Simply steer clear.

Bad or Nonexistent Search: Not every site design needs a search function; if the user can get to all your pages from your homepage, you’re probably great. But if you have countless pages, you better give the user a way to find what he or she is searching for. Make sure the search is smart enough to handle typos and that the search engine points to the right page for the results. For example, if you have a page that’s about widgets, a search for widgets better bring up your widgets page, not an endless stream of widget press releases.

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Social Media Management Tips

Does your business have a Facebook page? While it is a reality that not every business needs a social media presence, having one does you no harm. In fact, since more and more business are being lived online, every business could use a bit of social media management. Social media is a complex process, therefore it should be handle with delicacy. So, here’s a few online marketing tips to help get you on your way.

First of all, keep in mind that people are going to be commenting on your wall. It’s important that you monitor it closely unless you have a massive, active wall, you probably don’t need a dedicated person to do just this, but it certainly never was a bad idea. If people ask questions, make sure you give them great answers as quickly as possible.

But, what should do if somebody posts something you don’t want to see. Unless they’re being obviously untruthful or abusive for its own sake (an internet phenomenon know as “trolling”), you should never hide it. You should instead respond to their comments and try to rectify the situation. This way, other folk can see how good you are at customer service, and how important the customer is to you.

Also, you need to ensure that your page is continually updated with engaging, unique content. If people don’t interact with your page, they’ll eventually stop seeing your posts, which means those likes would be meaningless. So, consider a variety of strategies, such as surveys, questions, contests, or requests for comments. If your user is engaged they’re more likely to buy what you’re selling.

Lastly, the most vital part of social media management is what I like to call Facebook PR. That is, use your Facebook to deal with situations as they arise. Are you going to be found in the news positively? Tell people to check it out! Are you going to be found in the news negatively? Do the exact same thing; if there is bad news about you, you really need to tell your side of the story.

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Twitter For Business: Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid

Twitter for business is a free and dominant tool to make the public aware of your business and the products or services offered. Many small businesses use Twitter, but some use it in a way that is not beneficial to their online reputation. By avoiding some common mistakes, a businesses’ Twitter account can do what it originally set out to do: use a Twitter PR approach to forward information to the public and make them aware of why they are a good company to do business with.

The first big mistake many businesses make is by over-tweeting. Although a Twitter account should be updated frequently to produce interest, too much information (especially information that is too often not closely related to the company) will turn followers off. Twitter is based on 140 character tweets, so by nature its objective is to get information succinctly out to a public who expects little reading. If there are too may tweets, followers will be overloaded with information and will not wish to follow the Twitter account and using Twitter for business will not be effective.

Pointing to other social media sites or other places too recurrently is also a mistake and can be a pain to your followers. If you tweet repeatedly about what is happening on your Facebook page or website, your followers will think that your Twitter account is a useless place to go to find information. Also, if followers go to accounts to read up about what is happening on the Twitter page; chances are that they are social media savvy and read the Facebook page too. Usually, there is no need to point to both, unless a contest or some other event is occurring. Twitter PR and Twitter for business means that you use them successfully for Twitter-not always for other social media sites to be linked to each other.

Not participating in Twitter and the follower’s tweets is also a big mistake in the Twitter for business and Twitter PR marketing world. If a follower takes the time to reply to a tweet, ask a question, or start a conversation, ignoring the tweet is a definite way to have followers shun a Twitter account. Participation is essential for not only current followers, but budding followers as well. Nothing is more aggravating to a follower than to have their voice fall on deaf ears.

Using Twitter for business and Twitter PR as a marketing tool efficiently means evading major mistakes. Listening to your followers and what they want is key, but also following a few uncomplicated steps goes a long way to make certain that Twitter is used in a way that is the most valuable. The steps to avoid a mistake seem like a no-brainer, but so much can be done with Twitter for business that even the simplest of intentions need to be supervised.

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Push Underway to Make Mesquite Smoke-Free

Locals Cite UNLV survey findings in presentation to City Council

MESQUITE, NV- One of many fascinating efforts in Nevada has nothing related to presidential politics but it’s attaining the amount of force and awareness that would make several candidates drool.

Almost 100 citizens in the modest resort town of Mesquite swarmed their city hall this week to show their encouragement for switching their city into Nevada’s initial smoke-free location.

American Lung Association Representative Fred Toval presented a formalized presentation to City Council Members educating them of the developing support for a smoke-free Mesquite.

“We have an opportunity to set ourselves apart as a city,” said Toval, “while at the same time providing healthier work environments for hundreds of Mesquite citizens.”

Toval’s business presentation integrated data from a survey performed by UNLV proving solid support among documented Mesquite voters for city smoke-free laws. He also revealed to council members close to 3500 post cards inked by proponents, consisting of in excess of 2300 from Mesquite locals.

Smoke-free Mesquite fans say they understand the fundamental concern that doing away with smoking in casinos could possibly have an impact on revenues, which explains why they have completed a large amount of research about the matter. They say you’ll find illustrations throughout the country of smoke-free casinos that happen to be booming even though they are placed right beside casinos that allow smoking.

“This is our city,” said Toval. “We wouldn’t push for this if we believed it would hurt our economy. In fact, we think this is a great opportunity. We can become a “clean getaway” for tourists. In the meantime, going smoke-free would literally save lives here.”

The UNLV survey demonstrated 89% of registered Mesquite voters will be more likely or just as likely to visit casinos if they were smoke-free. It also revealed 87% would spend more time or just as much time in a smoke-free casino when compared with casinos which allow smoking.

“Our first concern is always the rights of everyone to breathe clean air,” said Sarah Davis, Regional Director of Programs for American Lung Association of the Southwest. “We believe Mesquite going smoke-free is a win-win for everyone.”


Scientific Approach – 400 Mesquite registered voters surveyed – Poll conducted by Cannon Survey Center of UNLV – 4.6% margin of error

General Information Regarding Those Surveyed – Nearly 75% visit Mesquite casinos one or more times a month – The majority takes part in gaming and are players club members at Mesquite casinos

The Results – 44.7 said they’d be MORE LIKELY (25.3%) or MUCH MORE LIKELY (19.4%) to attend a Mesquite smoke-free casino and 44.2% stated a smoke-free casino wouldn’t impact their odds of visitation. – Considering roughly 10% said they might be not as likely to go to a smoke-free Mesquite casino, the research indicates casinos would get a net GAIN of approximately 33% of customers who’d be more prone to visit if casinos were to go smoke-free in Mesquite. – Half of respondents (50.5%) would spend an equivalent amount of time at a casino if it were smoke-free, along with over one-third (36.4%) who will spend MORE time at a casino if it were smoke-free. – The vast majority of participants (66.2%) revealed that smoke in the casino irritates them either very much (38.8%) or somewhat (27.4%). – The most respondents (72.9%) think that city council has got a duty to pass laws that defend public health and safety [I:http://topdogfreeware.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/KendallTenney11.jpg] For additional information: Kendall Tenney 10e Public Relations ktenney [at] 10epr.com 702-476-1010

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Why Social Media? And How Can The Atlanta Falcons Use A Social Media Agency To Look Better

Why social media? Why not implore the Atlanta Falcons. They wouldn’t have won a playoff game since their Superbowl run in 1998. What else is rather confounding to the world of sports, and Football, is that every team so far to beat them in the playoffs has gone on to play in the Superbowl. From the Eagles in 2004, to the Cardinals in 2009 and the Packers just last year. This is not a rumor, or a strange coincidence, but a fact. Maybe the Falcons should contact a social media agency to change the way the team looks right now.

Not since the Falcons drafted Michael Vick has the team ever won a playoff game. Hell the last time they won Jamal Anderson was performing the dirty bird in the end zone after every touchdown he ran for. Of course what the Falcons didn’t calculate was John Elway and the Broncos coming to destroy them and roast Falcon meat after the Superbowl. That was one of the most charged Superbowl’s in recent memory as well, as John Elway made mince meat out of the Falcons defense.

Let’s take a gaze at what arose to the Falcons this weekend at the Meadowlands, can’t we? Matt Ryan, who has all the statistics, and yardage to concede himself amongst the NFL Elite Quarterbacks has never won a playoff game. Give the guy credit, him along with Julio Jones did some damage to the Giants secondary, but came up short. No pun intended for Mr. Jones.

Mr. Turner was virtually non-existent during the game. The unreal running back who usually runs for over 100 yards easy was held by the Giants defense to just 41 yards. As well veteran wide receiver Rod White also decided not to show up for the game, receiving all of 7 catches from Ryan for a total of 64 yards, and was harassed by Giants CB Corey Webster, who’s making a case for his elite status amongst CB’s in the league right now. Actually the only player who came to play during the game was a rookie, Julio Jones was the only explosive offensive weapon the Falcons had. But the rookie wasn’t good enough.

The Falcons sure could need some social media agency assistance to make themselves look better than they really are, and to get their fans pumped up for next season. It’s will be be difficult, but they can still turn their image around as being playoff busts come next season if they get their weapons to actually show up to play. The defeat of the Falcons is a good omen for the Giants. Next stop, Green Bay!

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