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Android Extended Battery Review

Being used to the seemingly endless battery lifetime of the BlackBerry, switching to a Google Android came as a bit of a jolt; out of the box I was only getting around 8 hrs of usage from a complete charge. A common report for a whole lot of men and women I’m sure… Immediately after some (well, a couple of weeks) of adjusting I was able to reliably get about 36 hours out of the phone however it nonetheless meant I needed to charge the telephone every day to make sure I would not get a flat battery at an essential time.

I decided the time had come we evaluated one of the Mugen extended battery packs I had read about.

I spoke to our pals at MobileFun and asked for the Mugen Power 1800mAh android battery for the Desire S. The following day it arrived in the post, and it was promptly popped out of the product packaging. The first point I noticed was that Mugen recommend the battery be completely charged for a minimum of 12 hours before very first use. It truly is then suggested the battery is allowed to drain completely before recharging once more. This ought to be repeated for the first few charges. At first we thought this was baloney, but on investigating further it’s actually to permit the handset to reset it’s battery level sensor for the greater capacity battery.

On very first charge re-charge (right after the initial 12 hour charge), it seemed to take *ages* for the telephone to tell me the battery was full. Subsequent charges on the other hand seem to be much quicker (about 90 minutes compared to nearly 3 hours at very first). This can be apparently quite standard and is just the phone performing an overcharge for a new battery.

Right after some full cycles, we decided the time had come to test the battery with some times comparing it to a Desire S having a stock battery pack.

Both phones were reset with new email accounts and twitter feeds, each had been set to identical notification update times. They were as closely as possible *identical* to each other with just the batteries becoming distinct.

Performing identical tasks on them both, the very first thing noticed was with the Mugen powered telephone, the extended batteries remained at 100% for just more than 6 hours where the stock battery had dropped one notch right after just four hours.

3 hours later under fairly high load (both phones streaming from Spotify over a WiFi connection) The stock telephone had dropped to 50% where the Mugen was still at 80%.

The next test was a couple of hrs of video gaming, eventually leaving the stock battery at 12% whilst the Mugen was at a healthy 45%.

Finally we set up the video cameras to record HD video, and after just 15 more minutes the stock battery gave up the ghost and the phone died, The Mugen phone still had 30% of it’s capacity left, pretty much exactly what we would expect when thinking of the extra capacity.

Both phones were then charged up once again for a stand by test.

Under pretty light use, with no WiFi or GPRS and notifications set to hourly, the stock battery managed a reasonable 38 hours prior to the phone went into emergency mode, the Mugen nevertheless lasted a really usable 52 hours just before emergency mode!

To summarize then, the Mugen is about 30% improved below heavy load and about 45% improved under light load; impressive figures indeed, thinking of the low cost of the battery I’m amazed HTC do not fit these as standard.

I can’t suggest Mugen batteries highly enough, specially if like me you’re continuously annoyed by the poor battery life of your Android device.

Functions: Capacity – 1800 mAh Exceeds all OEM batteries. Lithium Ion technology. 1 year warranty.

Why Acquire? Extended battery to ensure that you need to be concerned about your battery less. Among 30% and 45% More power than the original battery. You’ll be able to still maintain the stock battery as a spare for extended trips. Made with Mugen power cells. No battery memory effect.

Why Not Purchase? If you’re content with day-to-day charging. For anyone who is an extremely low use owner.

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Protecting Your IPhone With IPhone Cases and Covers

The iPhone has quickly become one of the most popular and recognized smartphones in the industry. With tons of great new features packed into an attractive package. The iPhone is one of the most visually appealing and functional phones available on the market. As a result, you get what you pay for usually as they say, and so the i Phone comes with an expensive price tag to match.

Although the price may vary depending upon the exact model you choose, any iPhone should be seen as an investment. Like any other investment, it is important to properly protect your iPhone. Accessories for your iPhone come in many different forms. The most useful iPhone accessories, however, are covers, cases, and pouches.

Though they are available in a number of trendy designs and fashionable colors, i Phone covers and iPhone cases are designed to do much more than just keep your phone looking its best. Cases, covers, and pouches are also intended to protect your valuable mobile device from accidental damage. Simply carrying a phone in your pocket or purse can be a recipe for disaster.

The LCD surface of an iPhone can be scratched, or smudged very easily by simply making contact with other objects. i Phone cases. and covers are what the Dr. ordered for protecting your iphone from scratches and dings that are not only unattractive but can also cause permanent damage. iPhone cases come in tons of styles and designs. Some are basic designs while others are much more detailed and can be attached to a belt, purse or backpack as a convenient carrier.

Snap-on iPhone covers are also a popular option. These covers are made out of hard plastic and simply snap into place over your phone. They do not interfere with normal use of the phone, and they are very easy to install. Because it is designed to cover the outside surfaces of the iPhone, the cover takes the abuse and becomes scratched while keeping the phone itself safe.

Cell phone covers come in a ton of different and very designs that will satisfy just about any taste. For those that like the clean slick appearance of the iPhone itself, the clear choice would be to get a clear plastic phone cover that will not hide the phone’s appearance. Phone covers are very lightweight and are not too bulky so even with one of these covers on the iPhone will still fit in most iPhone carrying cases or pouches.

Using a pouch to carry your iPhone in when not in use will help prevent damage that may result if dropped. While there are no guarantees that an iphone will survive a drop from high up, however the extra protection from the i phone case will help increase the chances of it surviving the impact from the fall.

Having your i phone in a case and cover while you are out and about will also help prevent damage from dropping it, because cases and covers are designed to hold and to protect the phone more. Keeping your i phone in a case is also a good way to avoid losing it or having stolen. Some cases such as Body Glove are heavy duty and even designed to help prevent water from getting into your iphone.

MyCoolCell Superstore has thousands of top of the line wireless accessories wholesale at exclusive prices for resellers, and carriers, and stock cell phone covers pouches, skins, kingston memory cards, batteries, chargers, otterbox, body glove cases, Bluetooth headsets, and much more. For consumers, go to the MyCoolCell cell phone accessories website today and save big with free shipping included.

Improve The Look Of Your Cell Phone

Over the years mobile phones have become one of the most important accessories in people’s lives. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, if you have your mobile phone with you, you can communicate with ease in a way that was not possible at all a couple of years ago. With your mobile phone you can do so much these days including GPS navigation, video conferencing and loads of other things.

As soon as mobile phones started becoming more popular, so the different accessories started hitting the markets. Protective cases for mobile phones have grown as phones have over the years. They started out focused on protecting mobile phones, but progressed quickly into enhancing the look of mobile phones the world over. There are so many different choices out there and we would like to tell you a little more about them.

The Nite Ize Cases are some of the best protective cases you will probably find for your mobile phones. The Nite Ize cases are made using a strong ballistic polypropylene with a fully enclosed base side. They have made the case in this way specifically to help guard it against possible shock damage.

The attached hanging clip gives you an ease of hanging your mobile phones in eight different positions, both above and below belt. Two extra pockets, one outside and the other inside, serves the purpose of carrying extra cards or cash things for you. The additional Tooth Ferry feature keeps your Bluetooth connectivity at the same superior level, even with the case on.

If you are looking for the best in protection for your mobile phone then you need to look at the OtterBox cases. The Otterbox case has been designed as a small fort for your phone to protect it from just about any kind of possible damage out there. It wouldn’t help much if you put it under a bulldozer though, but most things short of this. The Otterbox cases are waterproof and have touch screen defender features. There is also external Bluetooth connectivity of the Otterbox cases and they leave you protected on so many levels.

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