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Jungle Rules: Finding the Organization or “Herd” That’s Right For You!

Jungle Rules – The story goes like this. There was a young water buffalo who was thirsty and he journeys to the watering hole for a drink. For the first time he notices his reflection in the water. He thinks, “What a handsome dude” and feels just a bit self-satisfied. As he continues to drink he notices something else. The other animals drinking look very different from his reflection. In fact, he discovers that the other animals at the watering hole look very much like the ones he witnessed chasing, catching and eating the ones that look just like him. The other guys have stripes and long teeth and seem to be licking their lips as they stare at him. For the first time he starts to realize that he is different and by no means the dominant animal at the watering hole. Instinctively and wisely he thinks to himself, “Choices need to be made right now.”

Everyone likes my story because the analogy is not lost in business today. Being the water buffalo at the watering hole is not such a bad thing if you are surrounded by other water buffaloes. Many times we find that we are something altogether different than the rest of the herd and, if different enough, there can be real danger. If you are a water buffalo in a tiger herd, your odds are not good for survival.For the record being a water buffalo is not a bad thing. Water buffaloes are not inferior or less valuable. Water buffaloes are simply different from tigers.

I have always had great respect for those people who could look like a tiger and still be a water buffalo. If they are happy and if that is where they feel they belong, my salute goes out to them. Sometimes, as we have all witnessed, it is not that difficult and sometimes it is. This article is for those who have been that different animal at the watering hole or are experiencing symptoms of ‘I’m the wrong animal’; and want or have to find a new herd.

Here is the survivor’s guide for moving onto or into the next place (herd).

Fitness (or fitting in) in the environment is not simply preferred, it is essential in many people’s lives for happiness. Just because you are not right for the environment you’re in does not mean that there is not a perfect place for you. For example, I could never be a used-car salesman because of my mental models of that type of work and that would cloud my judgment every single day.On the other hand, I could sell organizational or person development services (and I do) because I believe in what we do and know the value.I fit. As I look around the watering hole I am surrounded by animals that look a lot like me (the right herd) and share the same values and beliefs. Examine your fitness by determining the values in the herd as compared to what you value. We do this with the people in our lives we love. Why would it be different with our work? You can have it all.

Be resilient. All of us admire the people who have battled adversity and are still standing tall. Rags to riches stories abound and the high-school dropout who makes millions continue to fascinate and inspire us all. Interestingly, the more you are in the wrong herd, the more adversity you will undoubtedly face. Conversely, facing little or no adversity will make your skills dull and your senses sluggish. So, take risks, pull hard on your abilities and eventually you will end up getting hurt. Pain is a wonderful confirmation that you are alive, not defeated unless you don’t get up from the beating. Understand and practice the art of working through your emotions, taking fresh perspectives, own your contribution to your defeats and then apply rational thought and process to the next thing you do that is risky. Quick note: try to get rational before you have completely worked through your emotions following a defeat and you will find yourself set back. If it takes time to get through your emotions, find ways to shorten the cycle like talking to a trusted ally who will listen, not judge and give you feedback and perspective. We all love a Phoenix.

When you enter or join a new herd, you need to watch, listen and learn. We have quoted Covey many times, “Seek first to understand and then to be understood” and that quote has never been more valuable. Sometimes we feel like we need to make a quick contribution and we try to be valuable too soon. Relax, tell people that you want to learn from them, observe the rules of the group, feel the rhythm of the team and tell team members that they should let you know if you are not contributing enough, soon enough. Give yourself time to fit in and practice humility at your highest level.

Learn to reflectively time shift. Each day of your life learn to look back in time and size up what happened without bias, look at the current reality of today without pain or regret and look ahead at the future without fear. This is kind of tough because you have to really work at it. On the plus side, if you can do this with every personal and business situation, setback, and success, you can honestly say you are turning into the master of not only emotional intelligence but you are also turning into the master of your own destiny. This is easier said than done if you feel defeated, or inferior. Here are some ideas:

Looking back is fun if you apply perspective to your role in the past. Folks struggle with this part because it can be hard to be really honest with personal frailty but try to look at what you did well if you can. Size up the things you did right as efficiently as the things that didn’t work. If you learn this essential emotional intelligence skill and practice them every day, you will get better. To survey the past you need to really understand and accept your own behavior. Sometimes, we make too many excuses when it is simpler to own the issues as our issues and be done with it.

To look at the reality of today you need to open your eyes and see the real world and not confuse what is going on right now with what you want or where you have been.

Finally, the easiest thing to do is to simply use the past and the reality of today to build something beneficial for the future.

Thanks for reading. Hope you didn’t mind a little trip to the jungle and if I were to provide a moral to the story it might be that we all fit someplace but it is up to us to find our herd. Unfortunately, if we don’t it is left to others to find a herd for us and I like to make my own choices. How about you?

Ralph Twombly – Priority Learning
Ralph is the founder of Priority Learning. He has 20 years of corporate training experience and has conducted training for thousands of managers and leaders for client companies all over New England and the U.S.

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Begin Growing A Massive Downline Now In Your Multi Level Marketing Business

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Did you know that ninety six% of all web businesses fail? That may be a big amount. Why do you suppose that is? It is as a result of most people dont know what to do, the way to do it, or when to do it. Marketing is an art. An art you could master. Actually we’re all born marketers but, through out our lives we have now actually been persuaded to repress what comes natural to us.

There are marketing methods and techniques that may turn any business in to million dollar money making machines. Stop trying to grow your home based enterprise with methods that flat out do not work. I will inform you the top four things that gainedt work in rising your home based enterprise, And but they’re continually being taught to new marketers everyday.

1. Building a listing from your warm market. That is to say family and friends. This just would not work. Even in the event you had a protracted record of people to select from, are you able to really depend on them to help grow your online business? When Warren Buffet started out he borrowed round $100,000 from his family to start his business. They invested in him and believed in him. They are all now aside of his business. You might at all times barrow $100,000 from your family or you possibly can go about it using the techniques and I describe in my free report.

2. Passing out brochures, CDs, DVD, and business cards. This doesn’t work because you have to maintain a constant supply of materials and that price money. And if you are fortunate possibly 1 out of 100 of those promotion supplies will actually be productive and internet you business.

3. three-approach calls. Your home based enterprise relays on you establishing your self as the expert. In three-approach calls your up line is the expert.

4. Lodge and house parties. You spend cash on renting the room, supplies, and the fuel driving all over town. Who can afford that anymore. And what then can be the purpose in having a home based enterprise?

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What Is The Purpose Of Legal Outsourcing On Business?

Quality: By having authorized lawyers there is a guarantee of knowledge and professionalism as lawyers are connected by expert values prerequisites. This is no different to the care you would take engaging an enterprise one on one. In case you have outsourced to a reputable firm then the concern that their services will be of lower quality is really very misplaced. The lawyers providing their services in outsourcing firms will be specialists in the areas in which they generally do business. Why would a company just offer drafting services if its lawyers were not experts? It is in contrast to the services of an all purpose firm for which the drafting, part of their services is simply one small portion of the package, and often thought of as dull and necessary evil.

Points to consider: When considering regardless of whether your SME may need this expanding pattern of legal outsourcing. Here are some issues you might think about: Can this have to be carried out by a nearby? Some tasks might be time sensitive, culturally sensitive, or need registering in person such as court papers. If you want your legal representative to do these items for you then perhaps legal outsourcing isn’t suitable for the job.

Nevertheless don’t forget the technology of email and skype suggests that tasks can be carried out quickly overseas and delivered back to you no slower than if it remained as in your jurisdictions. Also when it comes to cultural sensitivity outsourcing firms typically have had significant experience contending with multiple jurisdictions and will bring the level of legal and cultural knowledge you need provided you instruct them adequately.

Who will do this job best? This question is basically implying that you examine what the work you are thinking of outsourcing entails, and who you would ordinarily have given the task to. Assuming you ordinarily have engaged a nearby law firm find out if an outsourcing firm can offer the service and if they can do it equally or more effectively, they’ll also presumably do it less expensive. If you would ordinarily have given the task to a member of staff are they the best person for the job, do they have the required expertise, and is this the best use of their time? This is often the case with things like legal research regarding changes to business structure you might be planning to make, changes to the laws governing your business etc.

What areas am I investing the most in legal fees on? Can these be outsourced? Items like the drafting of employment contracts, sub-contracts, licence agreements, intellectual property applications, and many other largely drafting based tasks can be outsourced. Keep in mind legal research can even be outsourced, and this may save you and your employees valuable time as well as giving you better quality and cheaper information.

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Add a Revenue Stream to Your Business This Year Using Virtual Retreat Days

You know you need to add another revenue stream to increase your cash flow, but which one? There are so many directions you can go in, how do you know which is right for you?

You could do a telesummit; start a membership site; create a Platinum, high-ticket coaching program… the ideas are limitless.

Since my theme song is Simple and Elegant, my first choice right now is a VIP day, also called a Virtual Retreat Day.

I have done all of mine on the phone, virtually. It’s so much easier to just pick up the phone and dial into a bridge line than hoping on a plane, getting a hotel, and having to look nice to boot!

Virtual VIP days are the easiest way to do this.

In a nutshell, VIP days can be done privately or in a group setting. I have been involved in many, group and private, with my own coaches and have run many of them myself in my own business.

Let me give you some quick tips so you will see how easy they can be to attend and set up as your own.

How to Structure Your Day

I generally schedule 5 – 6 hour days. We are on an off the phone all day, with generally no call lasting more than 45 minutes. You give your client(s) their homework for that break while you can just hang, check email, whatever you wish.

1. Pace Yourself and Your Information

I know how easy it is to share everything you know about a particular subject. I know you like to ‘over deliver’ and I do too. But, please don’t. It would be so easy to overwhelm your client(s) with too much information.

Break your information down into bite size pieces, step-by-step systems to help them digest what you are teaching and sharing. Pick one topic, one primary challenge your client has and address that one only.

2. Offer Bonus Handouts

Clients love handouts, checklists, and tips. Offer at least one or two to increase the value of your day.

3. What is your upsell?

This is the perfect opportunity at the end of your call to offer another program or service you have. You want them to stay in action and hiring you will keep them moving forward. Accountability is what coaching is about, right? I also suggest you give them a great discount if they decide to continue with you either that day or in 24-48 hours.

Are you ready to add Virtual Retreat’s to your business? I suggest you sign up for one yourself so you can ‘live’ the experience of how powerful they are and how much forward action you can take in your business.

Are you ready to step up and helping your client(s) with their challenges? This is a win win for you and your clients.

Action Step: My suggestion is you sign up for a VIP day experience, mine or someone else’s, but I want you to see how beautifully they work. Once you have done that I encourage you to design your own first Virtual Retreat Day experience.

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Best SEO Practices for Small Business

Search engine marketing is simply not difficult to understand. There are several primary procedures you must take on before you begin a search engine marketing project. Anytime you set up your website, select a handful of keywords and phrases to maximize and concentrate your time on them. Attempting to utilize lots of unique keywords and phrases can result in diluted results, in which the weighting of the keyword phrases drops in the content. When you need numerous search terms, build various webpages which connect back to your other webpages.

You’ll find two primary elements pertaining to search engine optimization. The initial factor relates to the format of your website. Heading and title tags are a major element of your website’s search engine optimization results. Title and header tags enable the SERPS determine what your website is all about. Build pages that are friendly to the SERPS. Perform a little research on SEO and use several techniques with your website. If you are posting content on a regular basis, be sure to incorporate your key phrases within your articles as well as in your header tags. This makes your blog more readily found by the SERPS.

It may seem kind of obvious, but make sure to register your site with the major search engines. Many people assume this is done automatically. Check back from time to time to make sure that your site is still there and being found. Even if you are pages deep in the results, you need to know that it is finding you at some point.

Many of the popular search engines are now incorporating social media into their search results. If you do not yet have a Facebook page for your business, this would be a good place to start. If your business is a restaurant, be sure to sign up for Foursquare.

Analytics is also an essential part of search engine marketing. You must monitor where folks visit on your website. When you have this data, you realize where you must aim your energy. If you’ve got a cafe, odds are individuals are looking at your own menu. This informs you this is a part of your website you’ll want to keep new and up-to-date.

Brett M Kishkis is a web developer specializing in small companies. Las Vegas website design

Best Web Hosting Company of 2011

Wanting to find the best web hosting company that is ideal for a consumer, searching the top 10 web hosting companies for services that include the best blog hosting or domain hosting reseller web results would undoubtedly be a sensible starting point. Investigating the best reseller web hosting services available on the world wide web is an extremely popular activity as an increasing amount of individuals looks to find out more about the services. There has been a large amount of demand to find the cheapest reseller hosting facilities on the internet as many individuals try to obtain the cheapest services, however, a small price is not always the same sort of value for money which makes examining the web host rating to be of vital importance for any consumer looking to decide what to buy.

The opportunities and information afforded by domain hosting review sites and web hosting reseller review will hopefully reduce the number of bad firms operating in the industry. With good reviews, the best reseller hosting firms and best web hosting reviews will be easier to find and compare and then find the best web hosting companies or the best web hosting company.

Whilst there may not be consensus over who the best web hosting provider is, a list of the 10 best web hosting sites would be a better place to consider than accepting the word of a site that claims to be the best web hosting site. Finding the best web hosting site shouldn’t be that hard a task, likewise the best webhost reseller but a webhost review detailing reseller host information and even a host rating could make a huge difference to the final decision that someone makes.

An example of this would be a provision of an ixwebhosting review or a host excellence review allowing a comparison to be made alongside ixwebhosting reviews. This service of the best web hosting services should make it a whole lot easier to find the best web host or the best web hosting offers. Of course, regardless of the web host offers available, a lot will depend on the budget and needs of the individual client so a great review would provide a list of different criteria which would enable consumers to make a decision based upon god information.

Consumer choice is one of the best things that have come with the advance of the internet and there is no doubt that this is helping many consumers make the right choice for them. Given that people looking for web hoist information will likely have a level of knowledge about the internet, they are likely to be the consumer group who would really benefit from reading these reviews and making an informed choice.

About The Author : Matt Ewing is a staff writer for WebHostingMadness.com and web hosting industry analyst. Visit WebHostingMadness.com to join him on his search for the top web hosting companies each month.

Searching for a good SEO Company to Obtain High Quality SEO Services

Men and women owning sites that depend much on the web must always consider the value of locating excellent methods dealing with SEO. With the use of the exact SEO services, this results to increasing the number of possible customers searching the site. Aside from this, the website must get higher rank of most popular search engines to succeed. It is imperative not to ignore this subject matter.

Once you run a restrictive niche online, it is possible to have a hard time getting top ranks. Make sure to get the right support to help you succeed. The online world can offer several data that may increase the learning of people showing interest to SEO marketing. If you can hire an individual who can help you find best solutions, achieving your goals is not difficult. It just means a dependable company that give excellent services for SEO marketers easily boosts the website. Just like other types of services, one need to spend money to avail them yet these SEO services offer great earning. Part of their job is to create favorable link building services for your site. This can definitely boosts the traffic heading to your websites.

The most imperative service for SEO is to provide the website reliable keyword research. Right before using the keywords you select, it is always best to evaluate them carefully if they can bring the site on top searches. Try to consider using the best keywords only in order to capture the interest of many future clients. If you want to ensure this benefit, guarantee to work with a reputable company who handles this matter cautiously. The only way to do this is to provide in depth information to the company and cooperate during the process. The business will undoubtedly benefit from this by using related keywords that can increase the ranking.

Apart from the best keywords utilized for the site, link building plays a huge role in keeping it on top of the ranking. With the best keywords that competes online, the website likewise connects to different sites because of proper link building. The main anchor text of your site likewise take advantage of getting better standings. The right thing to execute is to get more reliable links from other options and create several links for the webpage. Again, if you choose to hire a good company to handle your SEO tasks, you will have an effective campaign to increase your traffic. This likewise improves your profits in doing business on the net.

Some expert online marketers make use of the social media advertising. Lately, social media functions a big role in connecting people across the globe. With this, SEO service providers not only offer typical services rather promote this marketing strategy also. Still, not all companies are expert is web 2.0 as well as social media, thus be sure to choose wisely. The good records of the firm likewise an important element to consider. It is possible to increase your earnings online utilizing these easy methods.

Every Internet marketer and online business owner need to understand how SEO services works and how they can benefit from these services. To know more about this, you are free to visit link building services.

Christian Wedding Rings: Why Should Couples Opt For Them

Marriage ceremonies are extremely important to anybody’s life. Many couples wanted to display their unequaled love through symbols and in such a case – their wedding rings. Christian wedding rings have always been a symbol of commitment, fidelity, honour and love. The Christian faith has been practicing the exchange of wedding rings as early as 1200 years that was then adapted after Greek and Roman ceremonies. The Christian rings don’t only display your passion for your partner but additionally a great way to support your faith. You might not know this but there are in fact a multitude of Christian wedding bands to choose from.

The Christian rings come in various designs. That’s why many people were capable of finding the appropriate Christian ring for them. These rings have various kinds of markings that are a big factor in deciding what ring to buy. The common Christian wedding rings for men have a raised fish on them that is the typical symbol for Christian wedding bands.

Though there are no biblical references which point out that it is essential to exchange wedding rings during marriage ceremony, it has still become an important part of Christian custom to do so. Christian rings highlight their love of God with the sanctity of the matrimony. The idea behind Christian wedding practices is of both honour and simplicity that is why Christian couples can prefer wedding rings that are plain gold or silver rather than having intricate designs. These rings usually have religious quotations or bible passages inscribe in them as a reflection of affection and expression of deep religious meaning. For numerous centuries, the designs of Christian rings have evolved into numerous various types in which most have a range of precious metals and gemstones. Wedding rings these days could be found with extravagant and costly gemstones incorporated on them. In some way it’s no longer immodest to select a more intricate design since the message of love and commitment is the one which matters most.

The rings are produced from various kinds of metals like rose gold, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum and platinum which over the years slowly replaced the standard gold and silver rings. Christian wedding rings with unique designs but with traditional customs are now available. Diamonds have been the choice of gemstone to be utilised in Christian wedding bands wherein the stones are often set to reflect Christian images and symbols. Utilising several stones, it can create desired Christian images. Christian rings at present, have incorporated different stones such as emeralds, rubies, opals and many other exotic stones.

The Christian wedding bands are very easy to find particularly when you are looking for traditional rings. You could just visit your local jewelry stores and you will find numerous types of Christian rings. You can pick the rings that are simple silver or gold but with special engravings on it.

When you are trying to find a more elaborate style of Christian wedding bands, then you might want to use the internet. It is where you will find huge options for Christian wedding rings.

What Harm Can Negative Keywords Have On Your PPC Campaign?

One of the sure-fire ways of promoting a business or product is by using PPC campaigns. While it may involve some budget, it doesn’t work like the traditional offline advertising. If you want to run PPC campaigns in the near future, you may want to make sure that you are using targeted keyword phrases to ensure that you attract only those that are interested in your business.

It is true that this campaign strategy has boosted a lot of businesses, but often businesses running PPC campaigns are faced with the problem of irrelevant searches due to negative keyword phrases. It is a major source of problems for business owners doing PPC. It lowers click through rate (CTR) and increases the cost per click (CPC). Because they couldn’t find what they are searching for in your site, visitors will come and go within a second. This ends up costing you money.

It is necessary that you calm down and establish your campaigns negative keywords if you have any dream of boosting your business with PPC.

PPC Management- What Are Negative Keywords And What Affect Do They Have On Your PPC Campaign?

It is simple, you can’t find what you don’t know hence you have to first know what negative keywords are. Essentially, it is a keyword that allows your search to show up when it is not supposed to.

For example, if you are selling wooden holiday furniture on your website and using your ad copy to target customers who are looking for this type of product, you may be surprised to find the ad copy is also appearing to those who search for Black Forest holidays. While it may seem unlikely for this mistake to occur, it happens more often than you might think. If you really want to refine your campaign and make something out of every click that comes to your site, you will simply need to get rid of the negative keywords. In this example, it would be the word “holiday”.

Getting rid of every negative keyword will help refine your PPC campaign and thus help you gain the most from your every buck. Without taking these step, you will be burning way too much money on every useless click. On the other hand, everybody don’t have the patience to dedicate hours to weeding their keywords.

PPC Management Firm- However, there are still a couple of steps you will take to get rid of these negative keywords.

There are professional PPC management firms out there, hire one. These individuals will make sure your campaigns are running smoothly so you are haemorrhaging money all of the time. The initial cost of hiring the firm will be justified by how much money save and thus profit you can make out of their experience and expertise.

You should track your campaigns and ensure to analyze them all the time. This is how you can watch any keyword that is generating a lot of clicks without converting. This will enable you to pause and refine your ads and keywords without losing much money.

If you want to run a PPC campaign and are thinking of getting the services of a PPC management firm, you must be on the lookout for negative keywords. These keywords can destroy your budget and target the wrong customers. Reputable PPC Management Firm

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Website Builders and Hosting-Who Should You Use?

Deciding on which website builders to use creates confusion and havoc for some people who are just starting out. They are often allured by companies who set you up with their builder options and then once you have created your site you realize that for you to do the things you need on your site, you need to upgrade to their other services and higher cost hosting. There are some things you should look for before starting your site and comparing.

What To Do First:

Do a little research before building your site. There really is only 2 things necessary for you to have a web presence. I know it sounds simple, but all you need is a site and a location to put it, or quite simply, a host. The real issue that people struggle with is whether they should get the web builder first and then host it, or subscribe to a host who has a builder.

Unless you are looking for something real specific, I suggest finding a good shared hosting plan and reputable hosting company that offers a free web building option. I have found way too many times that if you select the web building options first, your hosting option may not be want you want it to be.

Template Designs:

Make sure that you have a good amount of template options to choose from. To give you a few examples, let’s look at Hostgator. With their low-cost monthly plan you can choose from 4,500 free templates that goes along with their free web building. Nice! And with the great designers out there today, you can look like an absolute pro with the exceptional templates that are being offered. It’s a great way to have a good web presence.

Monthly Costs:

As far as a shared hosting plan versus a dedicated plan, for the majority of us, the shared hosting plan is what you want. If you are committed to having a separate I.P. address and S.S.L. for more security then go for the dedicated plan, otherwise, stick to the shared hosting plan. With all the choices in todays market, you can have all the bells and whistles you need to build your site with the template you need. They are easy to use and the choices are abundant.

Making Your Decision:

Look at everything that is out there and compare. The first item of business for you should be to find a good hosting company that has excelled at customer service and 24/7 technical support. There is a good list of them out there. In addition to a low monthly hosting expense, your options to build a great site are part of the package. You can look like a pro web designer for around $3.50 per month. Don’t be stressed out or lose any sleep when it comes to your options, just select a good hosting company that brings the whole package.

Annika Quaid is a contributing columnist for “The Hosting Wizard”. She has extensive knowledge in SEO, marketing and online business. Read more about Website Builders and Hosting by touring her site now and compare the best website hosting options.