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Freeware Antivirus Software

Gen Wright asked:

AVG Free Edition has been one of the most used antivirus software ever by users who need basic protection and convenience but are under a strict or nonexistent budget. The software is rather easy to use and is not resource-intensive, which makes it perfect for older computers that don’t have enough power to run the more complex TSR antiviruses in the market. It supports the following operating systems:

– Windows XP;

– Windows 2000;

– Windows NT;

– Windows ME; and

– Windows 98

– Windows 95 is no longer supported by Microsoft, and as such, will not be supported by AVG Free Edition

There are lot of free antivirus programs available on the net and out of all of them, only a few proved to be helpfull to users. The AVG Free Edition has an intuitive and user-friendly interface, which is a definite advantage for non-techies and novice users. It does not take long to download and install the whole package. With the estimated download and setup time being estimated to clock in at less than 10 mins (slower depending on the Internet connection speed) While AVG Free Edition has always been one of the top competitors when it comes to freeware antivirus software, it’s performance is still good enough to allow it to go toe to toe with the most expensive PC Security suites. However, support is limited when it comes to free antivirus software and there are certain features that will not be available compared to the paid version.

Free updates are also available for AVG Free Edition, which can be set to allow the software to automatically update itself through the Internet at regular intervals. This helps the computer stay protected from new kinds of viruses and other malicious programs, even 0 day threats that become more and more prevalent these days. Aside from being able to scan the computer in normal mode, it is also available for use in safe mode. This would be a great help when accessing the computer in normal mode is impossible, which can be the case with some of the more advanced malware and viruses.

Here are the main features of AVG Free Edition:

1. Resident Shield: This is responsible for monitoring incoming or present threats on the computer. In case there are threats found in the computer then a notification will be displayed for the user. Though, it just merely notifies the user about the threats and does not remove it.

2. Email Scanner: As the term implies, it checks every incoming and outgoing emails for viruses that might be attached to it. The E-mail scanner works with most popular E-mail software such as outlook and Thunderbird.

3. LinkScanner: This feature will check if the link directs you to a malicious site and if it does it blocks the website and notifies you about it.

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