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Computer Forensics

Has your network been compromised? The IT Forensics in Houston, Texas investigate all areas of computer and cyber forensics, breach in data security, hackers and vulnerabilities in servers, wireless networks, mobile devices and more. We discover and recovery any critical data with our dedicated expert teams of investigators. We have the experience, skills, expertise and specialty tools needed making us your one stop solution to the problem.

Our computer forensics team will discover and recover your critical data while eliminating the problems of entry from intruders. Whether your need is litigation based or investigative, our team of specialists are the one stop solution to capture and control the situation at hand. We are highly experienced as witnesses in computer forensic testimonies in courts all across the great state of Texas and the United States. We help industrial, corporate and residential users to recover their electronically stored information (ESI) making their life less stressful.

Computer forensics investigators are on call 24/7 to meet and exceed your expectations of recovery and to secure your network from intruders keeping your valuable information private at all times. Mobile devices such as smart phones, laptops, tablets and iPads store critical data in which we are able to retrieve even when deletion has occurred accidentally. We have the ability to recovery text messages with our digital forensic analysis.

At IT Forensics in Houston, confidentiality and security is a main focus. We are able to review, access and rebuild the security designs already established for corporations, industrial, financial, retailers and residential and provide a comprehensive strategy securing all valuable data and recovery of critical data. We are the crme de la crme of computer digital forensics leading the industry with our established innovative technology techniques and highly skilled engineers.

Wireless network security assessments utilizing our expert engineers experience will create a safe environment to access the network from any location. Configuration and review of the wireless access points preventing intruders from penetrating the network will be analyzed and captured creating a security network against any vulnerability. We are the specialist leading the industry in IT Forensics, Houston, Texas based to get the job done right the first time.

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