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Becoming A Physician Assistant: All That You Need to Know

When someone begins to wonder what it would be like to begin a career as a physician assistant, they are likely seriously considering the possibilities. If this is true, you are quite lucky because employment chances in this field are projected to grow faster than the average occupation. This is actually the case with many positions that are available in the healthcare industry. The prerequisites for admission into the program may be slightly different but most will still require that you have obtained a college degree. You will also have to pass an exam before you are able to get your license, even after you have completed the necessary education requirements. People that look in the large cities for employment will find that they have better choices than those that are looking in the rural areas.

You will have to complete certain classes before you will be granted admission to a physician assistant program. Anatomy and physiology are two classes that you must complete at least eight hours in for all schools. This requires you to take these courses in two semesters or you can take one of each and do the lab work that comes along with it. Some institutions, like UNC, only offer a combined course that is taken in one semester but this is not acceptable for most of the physician assistant programs. In other words, you have to know what you require and if certain courses from the college you are attending actually satisfy the requirements.

You should know exactly what role a physician assistant plays in the medical industry. This could mean that you will find yourself completing somewhere between fifty and two hundred hours shadowing someone in the medical field in order to meet the requirements. You should spend time with different physician assistants. A lot of schools demand that applicants have some experience hours to show for.

An important part of becoming a physician assistant is obtaining some great references. Each program demands a medical reference, and some want at least one professor’s reference. Try to get the reference of a physician assistant, especially one known to the program that you want to get into. You want to plan ahead and get your references in place as early as possible, about six months before they are due is a great target. When your references become due, the CASPA will email the people that will be providing them a form that they will fill out and either email back or mail in to the school. Check to see which means the references prefer to use, the email or the mail system.

Be sure to study so you can do well on the GRE. You should spend some time learning the vocabulary words that you are not familiar with. When you create a challenge to yourself to take one of these new vocabulary words and use it correctly a few times each day, it will help you. You should also study at least a couple of the GRE questions each and every day.

If you want to know how to become a physician assistant, you have to know that it is also based on getting your application in early. You might not realize this, but almost all schools actually reward those who get their applications in ahead of time. Some schools, like CASPA, will lower the fee if you turn in your application early and they may even call you first for an interview or an invite to the school. You should aim to be one of the earliest submissions for your essay for CASPA. Your supplemental application can be turned in to the program once they have recieved your CASPA application.

It is time to get ready for the interview! Basically, start your interview with a short (20 second or so) opening on why you want to become a physician assistant. What you say in your interview for admission into the physician assistant program of your choice must be consistent with what you wrote in your essay-it only makes sense! You want to give the appearance of confidence in the interview so practice what you intend on saying before you get to the interview and make changes to areas that do not flow smoothly. You should bring up topics like what you think a physican assistants role is in the field, why you decided to apply to this particular school, and what makes you so interested in working in primary care.

The final thing to consider is how you will present yourself when you go for the physician assistant interview. Be sure that you are dressed suitably for such an important interview which means that you should dress conservatively. For men, this means a minimum of a dress shirt, tie and slacks. For women, this means a business suit and no cleavage or short skirts. Since the competition for this occupation is tough, putting forth your best appearance is key.

When you wonder how to become a physician assistant, be sure to remember that there are many things. It involves meticulous preparation that is characterized by an emphasis on choosing the right courses, picking the right school and getting the correct references. From there, it includes applying early and making a good impression in your interview so that you can get into the program that you desire.

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A Guide To Physician Assistant Jobs

With the healthcare industry witnessing a boom, physician assistants are high in demand. Here is a guide to the Physician Assistants career which is growing in demand in both rural and urban areas.

Typically, Physician Assistants are required to complete a 26-month training program after they successfully obtain a 4-year college degree and get some job experience. After their initial certification, a Physician Assistant must complete 100 hours of continuing education credits every two years along with the successful completion of a recertification exam every six years to retain their certification to practice.

In the industry there are two professional bodies – the one that regulates is known as the AAPA (American Association of Physician Assistants) and the one that administers certification exams and tracks the continuing education credits which is called NCCPA (National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants).

In a doctor’s office, the role of a Physician Assistant plays an important part. They are supervised by a licensed doctor, but also allowed to work independently inside the doctor’s office. They are required to provide response within one hour of their doctor’s call.

The diagnosis of x-rays and the analysis of labs are included in some of their responsibilities. Also, the physician assistant can assist patients with writing prescriptions for medications or therapy, examinations, as well as helping the doctor by listening to patients’ needs, recording their history, and providing surgical assistance. On top of that, excellent communication skills need to be in a Physician Assistant’s repertoire because they will be interacting with patients most of the time.

Spending most of their time on their feet, Physician Assistants do a vast majority of attending to and interacting with the patients. Assistants who are part of a surgical team are the busiest of the lot. This job requires the ability to handle large amounts of stress, working late, nights, weekends, and holidays and as such, is not easy. The Physician Assistant must handle all physical and mental stress with a cool and calm that does not show on his face because that may panic the patient.

The tasks that a Physician Assistant can perform vary in each American state. In order to know the exact job responsibilities for that state, you will want to refer to that state’s employment website.

The growth in availability of Physician Assistant jobs is expected to be more rapid than in other industries. The need for Physician Assistants is much higher in hospitals, clinics, prisons, and many other facilities both in urban and rural areas. The growth in demand for physician assistant jobs is expected to rise by 39% from 2008 to 2018 according to a government report published in 2008. The simultaneous evolution and cost lowering that is happening in the healthcare industry is the cause of the increased demand. Appointing Physician Assistants helps healthcare establishments lower its cost without compromising on quality of service or productivity. States too are now allowing physician assistants to perform more medical procedures and all these factors are leading to a higher demand for professionals.

The following are the factors that determine the salary for a Physician Assistant :

Specialization: Physician Assistants trained to handle complicated medical conditions like HIV or AIDS or cancer gets paid more than other assistants who can handle regular medical conditions. Having a specialization as a Physical Assistant immediately places them in higher demand and allows them to command a higher salary that can exceed the maximum figure (given below).

Area: Often it is found that the pay for healthcare professionals is lower in rural areas than it is in urban centers. Urban centers in densely populated areas pay more than urban centers in thinly populated areas. Urban areas often have a higher cost of living compared to their rural counterparts which can attribute to the higher salary.

Experience can factor into this as well. The more experience that a Physician Assistant has the higher salary that they will receive.

As per Salary.com, Physician Assistants earn anything between $75,000 and $106,000 yearly. A more realistic average would be between $65,000 and $90,000, give or take a few exceptions. The specialization factor is huge for a Physician Assistant because they will nearly always draw a higher salary. Pay differs between different facilities of which hospitals and outpatient centers will be the highest paying while government and educational facilities pay the lowest. Remember, the pay at urban centers will often be higher than the pay that is offered in rural areas.

It is also expected that a Physician Assistant’s employer will pay for their professional liability insurance, state licensing fees, registration fees, and credential fees.

Physician Assistants can specialize in critical medical conditions like HIV/AIDS, neonatology, cancer or one of many others if they so choose. As mentioned above, professionals who specialize in such critical medical conditions are paid a much higher salary. Specialization programs are offered by many schools in fields like surgery, cancer, HIV, neonatology, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and much more.

Then, a Physician Assistant can enroll for a postgraduate residency training program in areas like emergency medicine, rural primary care, occupational medicine, etc.

A Physician Assistant pay increases with time and experience. However, the assistant must always remain under the supervision of a licensed doctor.

Physician Assistant jobs have many advantages – PAs do not have to attend to med school, they do not have to go through the taxing internship that all doctors go through, and they can learn different specialties or move from one specialty to another with ease. Helping people recover from major and minor medical conditions can also a benefit to most as it is rewarding and self-satisfying to help others in need.

There are always new challenges in the daily life of a PA and no two days are the same. The requirement of being supervised by a licensed doctor will always prevent a Physician Assistant from being and entrepreneur and launching their own practice.

This concludes the guide and contains all you need to know about a job as a Physician Assistant.

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Excellent Physician Assistant Programs In California

Those looking to study to become physician assistants might also be interested in learning more about the physician assistant programs in California. The good news for students like this is that there are already nine such programs in the state of California, and they are accredited by the ARC-PA. In fact, California is actually only behind Pennsylvania and New York in the area of physician assistant programs that come with the required accreditation. The level of the program that the student chooses will allow them to receive an associate’s, bachelors, or master’s degree or just a certificate.

The student’s choice in school and physician assistant program will determine the different requirements that are necessary for entry into that specific program. As an example, two years of college credits might be required by the school before a student is even considered. A lot of the universities and colleges providing physician assistant programs in California also mandate a specific number of hours of contact with patients. Having prior experience in the healthcare field will also be beneficial. Acceptance based on a minimum GPA is another requirement that schools are becoming more particular about.

California has a great number of physician assistant programs. Stanford School of Medicine in Palo Alto is one of the schools that provides physician assistant programs to those who are interested. Students who enroll in this school can take programs that will allow them to receive a certificate or associate’s degree. The Stanford School of Medicine allows students to also enroll in bachelor’s and master’s degree programs based on the options the student chooses.

Other schools in the state make good choices, too. As an example, Riverside Community College located in Moreno Valley is another option students have. Alternately, they may instead enroll at the San Joaquin Valley College in Visalia. The programs at both of these schools allow the student to earn an associate’s degree.

Further, there are many other choices in California for schools that offer physician assistant programs. Touro University, Loma Linda University, Western University Health Sciences, The University of Southern California (Keck), The University of California Davis School of Medicine in Sacramento, and Samuel Merritt University are some of the other schools.

A student must be very serious about putting in the time and effort that it takes to become a physician assistant and must make sure that they eligible to apply to the program or school of their choice. Each school, which features physician assistant programs in California, comes with varying eligibility requirements. Thus, it is recommended that students directly get in touch with the school that they have their sights set on. Each school will most likely factor in the student’s experience, academic performance and personality when considering their application.

To take physician assistant programs in California, students should remember that it is insufficient to simply finish an accredited program. Students are going to be made to take and then pass the national certification examination referred to as the Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination. Each and every state is different with respect to its laws on the practice of physician assistants. Every state has a requirement that the student passes the certification exam that is administered by the NCCPA. The title of Physician Assistant-Certified is allowed to be attached to the name of any student that passes this exam.

However, the certification process does not stop just yet. The physician assistant is obligated to complete 100 hours of continuing education every two years. On top of the education, a physician assistant is required to successfully complete a recertification exam every six years ; otherwise, they can choose to just finish an alternative program and then complete a take-home examination.

Enrolling into one of the better programs should be the goal of a student who wants to get into a physician assistant program. The better programs are the natural choice for students who want an advantage over their competition because these programs are more adept at preparing their students for the day to day challenges they will face as well as preparing them for the examinations required. Considering these factors is a must for students :

Physician Assistant Programs that have a high percentage of students who pass the PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certification Exam) are usually among the better programs to attend. Also, programs that have a large number of high scoring students on this examination should be a factor in consideration because these students’ scores illustrate their preparedness provided by the program.

The rankings of each program should indicate to the student which programs are competitive with each other academically. This information should be a guide to the student. Rankings usually indicate that North Carolina’s Duke University is number one, and the physician assistant programs of DC’s George Washington University, Georgia’s Emory University, the University of Utah and the University of Iowa following closely behind.

Students should also consider the compatibility when choosing a program. This consists of the school’s location, the environment of the campus, and ultimately the cost. Being one of the most overlooked, students must factor in the compatibility of the school with their goals. Students in a physician assistant program that is not convenient in terms of how much they have to pay, where it is located and what the environment is like will not be able to make the most of their enrollment.

Many schools in the state of California offer physician assistant programs and because of this, there are bound to be ones that meets nearly every student’s needs. Not all physician assistant programs are created equally and because of this, it is essential that the student understands each program before choosing to apply. Without this consideration, the student may be accepted into a program that will not be conducive to their style of learning. Factors to consider include the cost, location and the campus environment.

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Does The Backup Front Desk Receptionist Mean The End of Human Receptionist Profession?

It used to be that the receptionist was a vital part of a healthcare professional’s office. They were so important that they literally became the face of the facility. The receptionist was the person people spoke to when they needed to schedule a medical appointment, the first staff person they saw when they walked into the office, and the voice on the other end of the phone line gently reminding the person that they had an upcoming appointment.

The receptionist actually had a lot of things to handle. They were responsible of everything from making sure that they patient had their paperwork filled out, to alerting them that it was time to book an appointment. The longer a receptionist was with the office, and the better they got to know the patients, the more crucial they became. A good receptionist could usually alert the healthcare professional when a patient was having health issues.

Sadly, the era of the real administrative assistant is slipping away. The creation of reliable and multi-talented software programs is capable of taking over nearly everything that the receptionist did on a daily basis. Not only is the program cheaper than the receptionist’s salary, it is also not susceptible to human error, and will never call in sick. As more hospitals convert to the software, fewer receptionists are being hired.

Each year the automated programs are getting better and better. They are now so elaborate that there is not much that the receptionist did that the programs cannot. Office managers are finding that they can handle the few things, like greeting patients that are still necessary. Today’s programs make calls and maintain the appointment scheduler.

The loss of the receptionist is a sad affair and it is really going to change the atmosphere of the hospital. Not only will there be one less person at lunch and staff Christmas parties, but the patients are also going to miss them. Getting a reminder call from the software is not quite the same things as having a brief conversation on the phone with a friendly voice.

Administrative managers should think very carefully before they take the steps to replace their receptionist with the software. They want to consider all of the things that the receptionist handles and make sure that they are going to get a program that will fill the hole that is left behind. The last thing the office manager needs is to be left alone with an incompetent piece of software.

It is very important that the administrative manager make sure that they get a virtual dental receptionist that is meant to be used in a hospital rather than some other type of business setting. The medical program has some features such as medical or dental terminology that other programs would not need.

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Tips On How To Become a Medical Assistant

You will certainly have to consider schooling in order to become a medical assistant. These days, nothing really comes easy. You must put yourself out there to acquire what you want. In order to become a medical assistant, you must attend a school to receive proper training.

For those who have a caring personality, this career would be a great fit. The constantly growing field of medicine provides many opportunities that are available to you.You have to first finish high school if you are thinking about training to become a medical assistant. You have the choice to either engage in a 1 year program and acquire a certficate, or you can attend a 2 year program and receive an associates degree. The more educational background that you have, the greater amount of money that you will make. Medical assistants are required to take many math, and science courses.

There is a lot of medical terminology that you will need to learn for several of your classes. The information that you accumulate while at a university will prove to be very crucial down the road in your career.

You must apply to take the certification exam after the required MA program training is complete. After this, you will then have a CMA certification. You must renew your certification every 5 years, as required by legislation. There is so much available for individuals who do have certification available to them. You should not stress about getting a job because there are many health-related facilities that always need new employees in these positions. Based on the levels of education that you have, your income will vary.

If you complete a two-year program, you will almost certainly make more money which is a great long-term career decision.A medical assistant is recognized as an important team member along with those who work in hospitals, doctors’ offices, and clinics. A medical assistant’s key job is to assist nurses and doctors perform their responsibilities. Medical assistants undoubtedly play a crucial role in the medical world. An excellent tip on your path of becoming a medical assistant is to discover nearby schools that you are able to benefit from. Obtaining a solid background on your education is a big help if you are seeking for a well-paying job.

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Where Can I Receive Certified Medical Nurse Assistant Training in California

Many people these days wish to work as a nursing assistant in California. Well, several studies have shown that three from five are willing to carry out the tasks assigned to medical nurse assistants and this is perhaps due to the fact that medical assisting is probably the most favorable careers available on earth. The profession doesn’t only allow you to are employed in a medical office, but it gives you the chance to look after others. Yes, you may meet patients from different areas of life, with different illnesses and it is this virtue actually that will teach you how to care not just for yourself but also for others.

So if you are one of those thousands available dreaming of becoming a certified medical assistant in California, I quickly bet you would like to know where exactly in California learn and prepare yourself for this biggest challenge. Observe that although a formal lessons in medical assisting is not needed, many employers of today’s highly technological world choose to hire those who are competent in this specialized field. This is why actually that a number of certified medical nurse assistant training in California are now available for you to take. The certified medical nurse assistant learning California is offered in a number of colleges, universities, as well as vocational schools around the state.

Below is really a list of the reputable schools offering certified medical nurse assistant training in California, so please keep reading.

University of Phoenix: The University of Phoenix currently offers a certified medical nurse assistant learning California in three major areas of study: graduate, undergraduate and non-degree. The training is usually offered with evening and weekend class times, allowing students to continue their full-time jobs in daytime. Also, the available certified medical nurse assistant lessons in California offered by this school is usually scheduled only once per week, further allowing you to do work full time while earning their bachelor’s degree in medical assisting.

Herzing College: A certified medical nurse assistant course in California is also offered by Herzing College. The training programs offered by this school belong either to the undergraduate and non-degree areas, but all the available programs are given at the most convenient time available, usually during weekends and evenings. Apart from the certified medical nurse assistant lessons in California, the school also additional services such as job-seeking skills, job search assistance, interview development, and resume assistance. They’re offered knowing that researching these things is a plus aspect in obtaining better chances of getting hired once you’ve completed your degree.

Maric College: Maric College is finally on the market to give you another option for the medical assisting dream. A professional medical nurse assistant training in California is offered with this school in both undergraduate and non-degree areas. Perhaps what’s great concerning this school is that they provide the certified medical nurse assistant lessons in California in a number of campuses. But due to this, the requirements and schedules designed for the trainings is only able to be identified should you visit each of the campuses. If you are interested in this school, do your research now

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Reasons To Get Your Medical Assistant Certification Online

For many people, getting their online medical assistant certification is a means to kick start a professional career medical assisting field and never having to put other areas of their lives on hold. Do you have a busy job, parenting responsibilities, or other obligations that limit your free time? If that’s the case, seeking a certification through an medical assistant program online allows you to obtain the schooling you’ll need without taking away from other things.

Just How Long Should it Take to Receive a Medical Assistant Certificate Online?

As with any distance learning schooling, medical assistant online programs may be completed at an individual’s own rate. Consequently the quantity of time necessary to get certified will vary from student to student. Typically, nevertheless, the majority of students end their basic studies in less than a year. Those who are medical assistant specialists (i.e. experts who specialize in a specific area in medicine) will often require an extra year of instruction.

Are Online Medical Assistant Certification Programs Costly?

Tuition expenses for online medical assistant schools may differ considerably. As a rule, you are very likely to pay between one thousand and five thousand dollars for all the essential courses. These expenses could incorporate the cost of textbooks as well as other necessary materials.

Thankfully, for potential students who may be concerned with the cost of getting medical assistant instruction, most online medical assistant programs provide significant financial assistance to eligible applicants. To find out if you could be eligible for support, you’ll want to make contact with the school’s financial aid department.

Deciding on the Best Program

Identifying a program that will permit you sit for your medical assistant certification exam is just the first thing you must take into consideration when looking at online schools. Certainly being accredited is essential, but the right program will need to also offer the specific training you would like to take, hold a good standing in the nearby health care industry, and be priced at an amount you can pay for (or offer you financial support with terms it is possible to accept). Schools that meet up with all of these requirements should be regarded as excellent options in your mission to get a medical assistant certification online.

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Physician Assistant – How Long Does It Take To Become One

Different schools have different admission policies. There are some schools that will allow students to enroll if they have spent some time working in a healthcare position but most of them do require that a degree in the science field is completed prior to enrolling. Someone that has completed their degree in a science field and that has worked in the healthcare industry for a while will be almost instantly accepted. So, the point here is that you must count the years that you have to spend in getting a degree and/or the work experience.

Here is one very important piece of advice: if you are serious about getting into the school, spend some time doing some research to learn the history involved in the physician assistant position and speak to someone in the healthcare industry that can help you to be more prepared during the interview. You need to find a source that can tell you what the likely questions will be during the interview. If the admissions committee does not accept the application that you turn in then you should consider how much time you spent on trying because now you have to try to get admission to another school.

As you consider signing up for a physician assistant class, keep in mind that a twenty six month accredited course must be taken prior to beginning to practice according to the American Academy of Physician Assistants, or AAPA. This will put an additional twenty six months onto the time that it will take to begin working, and be sure that you are enrolling at a school that is accredited. The exams are administered by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants’ (NCCPA). You should see if the school can give you some additional information in a packet or in a brochure.

The Physician Assistant’s admission process requires a student to open an account with Central Application Service for Physician Assistants (CAPSA). The applications that are turned in to CAPSA will more than likely not have a quick turn around time. You will need to make sure that your application is reviewed and approved prior to starting the classes so send in the application as early as you can. You must ensure that you do not lose any time. Some colleges require students to complete other application formalities, such as applying to an affiliated or accompanying university. Once someone takes the time to review the information that has been provided to this point, they are sure to understand that they must go through years of schooling and work experience as well as following a strict plan if they want to become a physician assistant.

A test is given at the end of the physician assistant course and this will determine if they are able to begin practicing. Different states have different testing guidelines and exams. Each state is the same in their requirement for a graduating physician assistant to take a licensing exam that the state gives. The physician assistant may begin to practice right after they have passed the license exam in some states but others have more requirements. This additional time, if it is required, should be considered in the total amount of time it takes to begin practicing. The official title of Physician Assistant – Certified, or PA-C, is only earned once the physician assistant has passed the NCCPA exam, or National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants’ exam. In order to keep the “C” at the end of their PA title, at least one hundred hours of CE (Continuing Education) courses must be taken every two years and they must be tested on their skills one time in each six years.

You must push yourself to be organized and aware during each of the many steps involved in becoming a physician assistant because it does take a long period of time to accomplish. Calculate the time that will be taken before enrolling for the course and you will find that careful planning and timing can lead you to success in the profession.

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Save Money and Stay Healthy by Taking Care of Your Teeth

The majority of people dream of having a white sparkling healthy smile. Discolored teeth or a lot of cavities are things that can make us self conscious about our smiles. Getting braces or having to have a root canal can make us feel demoralized. Millions of dollars each year are spent in trying to perfect the look of peoples smiles and teeth. The truth of the matter is that for the majority, simple proper teeth care is all it takes to obtain those extremely healthy smiles. It doesn’t have to be a chore or difficult to take care of your teeth. Here are some easy things to start doing right away to improve the appearance and health of your teeth.

One of the most detrimental things for your mouth is smoking. Cigarette smoke and nicotine have a terrible effect on the teeth, gums, and tongue. You’re more prone to cavities when you smoke, as this habit weakens your teeth and undoes many of the benefits of fluoride toothpaste. Among the many types of cancer smokers are prone to get are those affecting the mouth. Your mouth, of course, is only one part of your body that smoking harms. If you quit now, you can start reducing all these risks right away. Even if you’ve tried to quit before and failed, it’s still possible, especially if you join a group devoted to this issue. You’ll be glad you quit later on.

Pay attention to the color of your gums. When you touch your gums, they should have a firm feel, and their color should be on the light pink side. Many people have gingivitis, and having gums that are red or that feel too soft are symptoms of this disease. Gingivitis isn’t that hard to treat, as long as you go to the dentist. In the early stages, gingivitis is not hard to treat, but if you let it go too long it can be quite serious. You don’t want to risk damaging the bones that keep your teeth where they belong, and this is how gingivitis can cause tooth loss if you don’t treat it!

A lot of calcium is important. Most people accomplish this by drinking lots of milk but there are other ways to get calcium. Green veggies are loaded with calcium and are good for your body. If finding calcium rich foods you can eat is causing frustration on the other hand, you can chew Tums a couple of times in a 24 hour period and that can help quite a bit. Have a discussion with your medical doctor ahead of adopting this pattern. The majority of time however, your general practitioner will inform you that Tums does more than helps stomach problems: it is a good supply of calcium also, and for your teeth to remain healthy for as long as possible, they need calcium.

Taking the best possible care of your teeth takes diligence, but it’s not very hard. In fact, most of the time there isn’t any thought involved at all. It only takes some regular attention in the morning and at night, and your dentist will soon be surprised at how little there is for him to do. Still, that doesn’t mean that you can skip steps or ignore them altogether. The health of your teeth and gums is an often neglected but extremely vital aspect of your overall health. The healthier your mouth is, the healthier you’ll be in general, as the connection between dental health and overall health is now widely recognized by doctors and dentists.

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Discover Facts On CNA Certification Process

A certified nursing assistant (CNA) is the person who works under the supervision of a registered nurse. CNAs are often called nurse aids or orderlies. In the healthcare setting, they are responsible for direct patient care. They perform basic nursing procedures such as vital signs taking, intake and output monitoring, bathing patients, feeding patients, wound dressings, weight taking and all other basic procedures that patients may need at bedside. If you are aspiring to become a CNA, you have to go through the entire CNA certification process before you will be able to practice your profession.

The CNA certificate program is composed of both lectures and hands-on of different nursing skills. These will be done within the schools premises. After equipping the students with all the necessary knowledge and skills, they are then allowed to have their clinical exposure.

Students will also have to go through different trainings about excretory procedures and practical trainings. For the excretory procedures, students will have an in-depth discussion about the digestive and elimination processes of the body.

Aside from the lectures, students will also be taught about different procedures that are done at bedside. This would include simple tasks such as taking of pulse rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure and temperature. They will also be taught other tasks such as feeding the patient, bathing the patient and all other basic tasks done at bedside. During this time, students are prepared for their exposure at the clinical area.

Moreover, clinical practice will include 75 hours of actual exposure in different clinical areas. In the clinical areas, students will be assigned to their respective preceptors. These preceptors will be the one to grade the students during their entire exposure. The evaluation tool will then be forwarded to their instructors, who in turn will compute their total grade.

The certification exam was created by different boards of nursing in order to ensure that nursing assistants are highly equipped with the necessary nursing knowledge and skills which will help in the promotion of their own welfare and that of the patients. This will help ensure that they will not endanger their own welfare and that of the patients in anyway.

Before taking the exam, you have to understand that you only have three chances to pass the certification exam after having completed your certificate program. Your certification exam will include both theories and nursing procedures. If you are able to pass both categories, you will then be allowed to start your practice as nursing assistants.

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