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The Secret to Selling Your Art

Many artists experience the problem of how to sell their art. It seems that when it comes to selling your art, there are a bunch of secrets that only some artists know. Or are there?

The fact is that there is no secret to selling your art. All the information you need to know is freely available to you. The trick is learning and applying that information.

One thing that you might not have thought of is that “marketing” is just as important in the life of an artist as the “creating”. Or to clarify: marketing is just as important as creating if you want to making a living as an artist. If you don’t need to earn a living as an artist then marketing is not as important.

Given that marketing is necessary in order to sell art, let’s understand exactly what marketing is. Simply put, marketing is making people aware of your product.

Making people aware of your art can take many forms. In fact, the more forms the better, because the more ways that your art is exposed, the more likely potential customers will notice it. Examples of forms of marketing include Facebook updates (and be sure to include a photo so people can see your art), displays in a shop windows, workshops or artist talks where you demonstrate your art, an exhibition, a website, a sign at the bottom of your driveway, and many other forms. Essentially, marketing is anything that gets the word out about your art and lets people know that it exists.

666Notice that so far I haven’t said anything about actually selling your work. Marketing is not the same as selling. The end result of marketing is to sell your art, but marketing is the step that comes before actually selling.

So know that marketing is all about making people aware of your product, while selling is about getting the to actually buy your product. Because that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

Marketing your art involves thinking about things like pricing, location, advertising, public relations, and display. Marketing is about helping your customer find your product. Selling is the final step in the process – when the customer makes the decision to actually invest in a piece of your art.

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