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Reasons To Use Market Research Companies UK To Grow Your Business

There has been a significant growth in market research companies UK over the last two decades. Listening to your consumer base has become the most important function in terms of developing a business growth plan and finally it seems top level management are listening. There are a large number of firms out there that offer this service and many larger business and organizations perform in house testing and researching.

Without a customer base that believes in what you are offering as a service or customers that want to continue to buy your products and goods there is no way of growing as an organization. That is where market research firms come in handy.

When it comes to market research you can do much worse than to take it on board. Your customer base as well as potential customers are in a prime position to let you know exactly what they think about your goods and services and this can be an invaluable insight into the minds of the very people you are trying to hook for the long term.

You might want to test out some new products or send out a batch of surveys to see what people think about your current line of goods and what areas they think need improvement. To get a clear picture of the your market can be such an invaluable tool to move forward with.

A great way to analyse the aspects of your company that need improving upon is to hire a firm of professional researchers who are used to the nuances of day to day researching. They can advise you how to best phrase questions and which areas you might want to look at testing. They will also be in a position of strength with regards to the analyzing of data that is returned to you.

The growth of market research companies UK has meant an even greater possibility of improvement from many different business and organizations within myriad of industries.

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Tips On Bringing And Keeping Customers To Your Business

A clever way to introduce and keep contact with your potential customers are business greeting cards. They are the perfect sales tool to open door with a prospective customer. You may feel unappreciated at certain times. How often do feel taken for granted is what you need to ask yourself. When you think about your customers, you should ask yourself how much as they worth to you? When you send your customers some well-presented greeting cards, then they will feel that they matter to you.

Although quality is what most businesses focus on, relationships can make the difference. People tend to come back when they feel special and this is an important fact to remember. So get personal with your customers and they will reward you with more repeat sales and referrals than you can ever imagine.

One of the good things about business greeting cards is that they last. When people receive cards from someone they don’t expect their curiosity is aroused. Chances are they would display it in their offices or living rooms when they opened your card.

In business, business greeting cards are important and there are other reasons for this.

Oftentimes, they are more effective than initial phone calls. If you send a greeting card, then you have a reason to make a follow up call a few days after the recipient receives it. You can also keep in touch and avoid being too pushy at the same time.

With the greeting card, your customers will know that you are always there when needed.

Since your humorous and unique card will be too valuable to toss, they will then be a constant reminder that you sent them.

Business greeting cards also have advantages for customers.

What your existing will think is that you take the time to think of them.

Greeting cards are considered as a non-aggressive way of communicating. A greeting card will not interrupt their activities.

Your effort to stay in touch with them will be appreciated by your prospective and current clients.

Keeping your card short and to the point is the main idea here. You should save the lengthy conversation for initial phone contact or meeting.

Really, your greeting card can make your customers feel that you remember them and care about them. These little things are priceless. Rather than to keep a current one, just remember how much more difficult and time-consuming it is to find a new client. It will pay a lifetime dividend both personally and professionally in the end if you take the time to contact your existing and potential customers.

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The Importance of Creating Your Own Customer Persona

Most of us think we’ve got a pretty good knowledge of our target market, don’t we?

If you are a marketing executive in a large company, you have probably got a variety of demographics, psychographics, A & U reports, and segmentation studies from the best marketing consulting firms in easy reach. If you’re employed in a smaller firm, you have feedback from the field, industry reports, and some memorable stories & observations about your customers or clients.

That is not enough- – not if your aim is to slice through a muddled, crowded market and actually connect with the people who should be buying your product or service offring.

I’d better take some time to explain.

Take everything you know about your buyers at this time and put it a big pot. Go ahead: dump in the insights, reports, stories from the sales field, and everything else you’ve learned after all of these years. Now stir it up and take a sip. What does it taste like? With everything you’ve placed in there, are you able to pick any special flavour out from among all those ingredients?

Don’t stop there- – let’s slip on over to your key competitor’s kitchen. They have got their soup simmering away too. Take a taste. Is there any defineable difference- – or have they made use of the same types of ingredients you have?

So here’s my point: while you may know lots about your target audience, doesn’t the competition know similar things? And have either of you really worked to refine your understanding of who- – precisely who- – you are trying to reach?

The answer, usually, is no. What most of us do is to take all of the info we have and attempt to create a composition of our “target audience”, don’t we? But since it’s a composite, our vision is usually too blurry to be helpful. We want to go past having just a fuzzy idea of our “target audience” to creating a focused, almost-holographic vision of our most critical customer.

Here’s what I’m getting at: if I asked you if you would introduce me to your very best friend, you could easily talk for hours about him or her, couldn’t you? You’d be able to tell everything about what he likes to do, what makes him excited, what disappoints him, what ticks him off, his weird little mannerisms, how he sees the world, what he is attempting to achieve- – and we’re only getting started! By the point you are done telling me about your buddy, he wouldn’t be just “some guy” to me any more- – I’d feel a bit like I know him, in a uniquely different way than I would had you described anyone else in the world.

Author and speaker Jill Konrath calls this a “customer persona” and highlights why it’s so important:

“Years ago I attended a conference where Phillips, the electronics giant, presented a session on how they invented their hottest products. They’d made a prototypical family that represented their target audience. Then they made a ‘ficticious ‘ character for each family member, complete with the person’s age, education level, occupation, interests, beliefs, priorities, & daily schedule. Finally, to make them appear more real, they gave each person a name. When the people at Phillips discussed new product ideas, they’d repeatedly ask, “would this be something Karl would like”, or “what are the biggest annoyances in Kristina’s life?..

Shortly after that conference, I visited the VP of sales at a global medical devices company. Walking into his office, I was welcomed by a life-sized cardboard cutout of a physician standing in his lab coat with a stethoscope draped around his neck. When I asked about it, the VP replied: ‘He’s our customer, and we need to consider him in every decision we make. I’m always thinking about his needs, issues, and objectives.'”

As you can imagine,this can seriously transform your business. Start by taking what you know now and start interviewing 5-6 of the real people who represent your ideal customers. You simply can’t “guess”: direct conversations are absolutely non-negotiable to get the information you need.

Presenting yourself as all things to all people just doesn’t cut it any more, not when we are faced with a distracted, busy audience in a sluggish economy.You need to know exactly who you are making an attempt to reach, exactly what they are looking for, and precisely how to get their attention. In today’s environment, the marketers who win are the ones who can clearly see their “imaginary” friends. You can certainly be one of them.

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Finding Online Surveys To Take Is Easy

Many people try to earn money taking online surveys, but sometimes it doesn’t seem to work out for them. Actually there are many sites that will pay you quite well to provide them with the market research they are trying to find out. When it comes to new product offers, online surveys are one of the best ways for them to learn what people think.

If you have ever done or looked for online surveysbefore, you are aware that there are several places that you can join. You should first look up the site and find out if they have had any reports of scam activity, or if they simply are not a good paying site to join.

There are several legitimate survey locations that you can find out there to join though. So don’t give up the search just because you have found a few bad locations that are not offering money. Or one’s that it just takes so long before you have enough points earned to really get anything at all.

Those sites that are really helping companies with market research will usually be the higher paying, and easier to earn points on. It could easily be a full time job that you do during the day, just because of all the real sites that are able to provide you with the opportunity to earn money.

Not only that but some of the places will provide you with a sample of the product so you get to test it out, and than answer questions. It is really a great way for a company to find out if they are offering something that many people will use, or a product that will not sell.

Begin looking online today to find the spots where it is possible to earn a bit of money. If you spend a lot of time each day going to the sites, you may be able to earn quite a bit of money.

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Some Benefits Of Using Telephone Surveys

There are many different market research ways a person or a company can go about getting the type of input they need about certain products. One of the ways to gain important information from consumers about products is through telephone surveys.

A hidden identity is something customers want. Many want to be able to give out there thoughts and opinions about products without having to give up any information about who they are specifically. By knowing that this type of market research is completely anonymous, the customer can have a feeling of trust and give the answers without problems.

A wide variety of people are available for opinions. If a product or idea requires a large number of responses, this a great way to get that quota filled. With a large number of people available from many different regions and backgrounds, many different opinions can be gained from different people.

Most questions from customers can be answered. Some customers like to have more information before giving their opinion and they can ask all the questions they need when talking to someone directly. With all their questions being answered, they can give a accurate idea on their opinion of a product.

More honesty is available through the phone. Customers who speak to a person on the phone about a market research product feel more welcomed to the idea of giving their honest opinions about a product. They may have more of a feeling of trust with speaking to an actual person and can provide very knowledgeable ideas as well.

With the advantages of being able to keep open minded answers and have a huge variety of answers as well, it is easy to see how this market research type is preferred by so many. Telephone surveys make it possible to get the right kind of answer from plenty of people that are willing to share their experiences about a product.

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Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience: So Many Choices, So Little Time

As a consumer, can you cite a moment when you have many choices to choose from? You can find options for anything! Just think of the number of grocery stores you can find within the 10 mile radius from your home. How many drug stores or pharmacies are near you? Can you find a bank or a credit union in every corner? Promotional messages surrounds us in every angle and the noise they create are definitely deafening.

Now, let us observe a macroscopic view of the marketplace and the microscopic view of the various brands. The last time I need to buy a laundry detergent, I saw dozens of choices to consider. Basically, laundry detergent will not only be the product to give you analysis paralysis! It appears that each product and service in the market will always have its share of competition – and a greater number of it!

The point of this line of questioning is to get you to stop and think – as a consumer- about what it is that makes you loyal to a business or brand. What do they do that keep you coming back for more?

For most of you, the answer will be service since little else differentiates businesses in today’s marketplace. The businesses and brands that strive to keep the customer at the center of their focus will be the ones capturing the lion’s share of the business out there.

Implementing a service oriented approach – which means, continually asking yourself – “Is there something else I can do for my customers that will help make their lives better (easier, simpler, etc)?” – will generate a kind of business environment that will make your customers eager to engage more transactions with you.

As a business leader, take the lessons you learn from each of the companies you patronize and the brands that have captured your loyalty and begin to transfer their customer retention strategies to your business. Keep in mind that it’s important to have a solid customer service plan in place that is clearly communicated to each member of your company and don’t forget to mystery shop several times a year to ensure that your plan is being followed. Your customers will be sure to let you know if you are on the right track when it comes to getting their repeat business!

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Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience: Unforgettable You!

“Unforgettable, that’s what you are. Unforgettable, though near or far.”

These are the first two lines of the song, “Unforgettable” – one of Nat King Cole’s greatest hits. For those of you reading this blog who may not be familiar with him, Nat King Cole was a musician who arrived on the music scene as a jazz pianist who also became known for his soft, smooth baritone vocals. He was popular between 1935 and 1964, with a career that included a television show hosted by Cole in the late 1950s – a controversial move by NBC since no other television shows were hosted by African Americans at that time.

Nat King Cole died in February 1965 from lung cancer. His daughter, Natalie Cole carries on the music tradition and is a star in her own right. “Unforgettable” is one of my favorite Nat King Cole songs. No matter where I am or what I am doing, when I hear it, I stop and listen. His voice, his grace in dealing with adversity, and his incredible talent made Cole an unforgettable entertainer.

I was waiting to meet with one of my clients the other day and as I sat in the lobby of his office, “Unforgettable” was playing in the background. The thought occurred to me of how nice it would be if all of our customers thought of us as “unforgettable” – encouraging repeat business that translates to profitability.

For us to become unforgettable to our customers, we also must make our customers unforgettable to us. As a CEO, you must make your staff to:

(1) address the customers by their name, most especially if the customer is a repeat client,

(2) be familiar with something personal about the client – knowing the favorite hobby, pastime or interest, and

(3) know what your customer prefer when it comes to products and services they are buying from you.

If your company is maintaining a customer relationship management (CRM) database, retrieving some of these data are easier. However, if you don’t have any data about your customer, then it is time to do so. There are so many options that customers can choose from these days and if you are not doing any means to have a good relationship with your customers, I assure you…someone else will.

So, whenever you deal with your customers, clients, patients or members, ensure that it is more than just memorable, make it – unforgettable.

Angela Megasko is a Pennsylvania-based marketing professional with over 30 years of experience in the marketing industry. She formed the company, Market Viewpoint , to provide consulting services to organizations. The primary focus of this consulting company is a professional mystery shopping service that performs evaluations for a wide variety of organizations, internationally.

Five Reasons You might Like To Obtain YouGov For Your Business

Maybe you have considered that possibly you should avail of yougov for your business? Several people have answered “yes” and gone on to truly do it. Most folks never really consider it seriously, just go on to something else. A lot of people have no idea of just where do they start, so they never do. The component of possibly needing to complete a bit of work put others off.

Nonetheless other people have a lot of inertia to get up and respond. Hang on a moment, now! Are these arguments actually acceptable? Will they be convincing? What affirmative factors had been considered? Were both sides in the question thought of? The positive aspects do not appear to have been fully thought through.

That ought to be reconsidered. Let’s just take a look at five aspects in favour of taking steps to avail of YouGov SixthSense for your business and reassess them.

To start with, you need to understand that market research is very essential to any company. Right. You observe that any research team is capable of doing this. Yes, that is a really great point. However consider this, your company needs a comprehensive and well designed market research . Even more, you need to think about that information analysis has to be in-depth to ensure you get the exact market data like consumer behavior and ideas. These are all important aspects to help you with your company. The market is ever changing in its demands, needs and wants. This is the very cause why a comprehensive research is really essential in this aspect.

Second, your business can significantly take advantage of a comprehensive research. That’s true because most business decisions on marketing and advertising largely depend on the pulse of the present market. Among the outcomes of that is that your company can grow together with the present demands and needs of the clients.

Third, data analysis is completed by skilled experts. These people are well-trained and very proficient with the most recent market trends and conditions. Moreover, these professionals can offer useful suggestions, insights and comments to help you come up with appropriate plans and techniques to work with the current market demands! Fourth, take into consideration a leading market research company that gives precise and on-time research outcomes. This can help your company to act on market shifts right away. The majority of the time, market forecasts can make you act even before the market changes. This makes you pro-active with the shifting demands and requirements of consumers.

And finally, take advantage of the best international market research agency like YouGov. It really is best to entrust your company with the very best so you’ll be able to get the very best worth for your money and grow your business successfully.

So just take a look at those points and examine them in your mind. These factors make a relatively strong case for why you should avail of YouGov SixthSense for your company.

Just move that around in your mind for a while. Those exact same 5 aspects won over numerous others. Actually, don’t they also motivate you to avail of YouGov for your company ?

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