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Free Software Download

Gen Wright asked:

uses computer technology nowadays. For students, computers take the place of typewriters in writing their reports or term papers. For office workers, they find that computers automate the manual processes, which they used to do. In this day and age, computers are used in almost every industry and by everyone. A person doesn’t need to own his/her personal computer. If he/she needs to use one but doesn’t have their own then they can easily go to a computer rental shop and use the shop’s computers for a price.

Because of this growing number of computer users and because the major computer applications may seem expensive to some, there are some people who take matters into their own hands. Armed with knowledge on computer programming, they set about making their own programs designed to handle the processes which they want the program to do. An example of this is the different text editors which have come out which can be used as an alternative to Word.

The programs which people create to make things easier are often available for download over the World Wide Web. There are two types of software programs which may be downloaded. These are the shareware software programs and the freeware software programs.

Shareware software programs are programs, which a person can download over the Internet. Its main difference from a freeware software program is that shareware software programs are often trial versions of a program. Trial versions often expire after a given number of days, hours, or after a given number of uses. These trial versions may also have only a limited number of functions available for a person to use when compared to the full version. Once the trial version expires or if a person wants to utilize the program in its full capacity, the person should buy its full version in order to continue using the program.

Freeware software is software, which can be downloaded off the Internet for free. This means that a person doesn’t need to pay anything in order to download and use the program. Some people may find it more practical to use this kind of software since this lessens expenses. Free software downloads may also include the code used in making the program. This helps the computer user understand how the program functions if he/she has knowledge about programming. It also works for the benefit of the developer since making the code easily accessible may lead to further development and improvement with regards to the programs’ growth.

Open-source software is also known as freeware. This is because open-source software was created to be shared with others and for the public’s use. The code that was used to create the program is often included once a person downloads an open-source software since this may lead to further improvement for the program. There are many types of open-source software programs. There is an open-source text editor (which functions like Word) and an open-source picture editor among others.

If a person is interested in a freeware download then he/she can easily avail of such software programs on various sites over the Internet. However, people are cautioned in exploring these different sites. Some sites may be infected with spyware or viruses which may infect the person downloading the freeware program. It is therefore recommended freeware from only trusted sites.

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