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How to Become a Life Coach

Are you interested in becoming a life coach? If so, you might be wondering if you need special training to become a life coach?

As a life coach trainer and former certifying examiner for one of the largest independent life coach certification bodies, my answer to the “do I need training” question is yes and no. Yes, you do need training. No, it does not have to be a particular course or degree.

Think of other service professionals such as consultants or interior designers. A consultant needs to have a high level of skills in her area of consulting, but there is not a “consulting degree”. An interior designer needs training in interior design in order to provide quality service, but there is no particular degree required. Similarly, a coach does not need a degree or certification to begin coaching.

So what kind of training do you need to become a life coach? Many people who enter the coaching field come from careers that already involve people skills – such as teaching, counseling, personal training, human resource management, business consulting, sales, health care, journalism, ministry, parenting, and social work, to name just a few.

These people can build on their existing skill base with additional coach-specific training. Depending on how well their background has prepared them for coaching, they may need anything from a weekend workshop to a 2 year program to bring them up to a professional coach skill level.

In addition to learning new coaching skills, some people will need to “unlearn” certain habitual ways of responding. For example, consultants often have great questioning and problem-solving skills but tend to jump into “fix-it” mode right away. They will need to learn how to back off and let the client develop their own solutions.

The best way to figure out what kind of additional training you need to be a life coach is to get an assessment of your present level of coaching skill. Ask your coaching school if they provide an assessment. You need an honest assessment of your skill level in order to ensure success as a life coach.

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The First Session with a New Client

As a life or business coach, or a consultant, you probably offer an initial complimentary session to new or prospective clients. Here are some tips to make the most of that session.

Before you even meet with your prospective client, you must have a system or approach that you can describe – not just “we meet and play it by ear, whatever comes up”. People feel more secure and hopeful knowing that the professional adviser has a plan.

Once you have a system or approach that you can describe, you will feel much more confident going into the complimentary session. You know specifically what you can do for the client, and you know how to sell it.

When booking the first session, make it as soon as possible. Even the most motivated people get nervous about a new venture. So book the meeting for the same day or the next day if possible, and don’t give the client time to change their mind!

Once the meeting starts, don’t try too hard. Let me explain. What I mean is don’t overwhelm your prospective client with too much information. It will only confuse them, and by the end of the session their head will be swimming.

You don’t want your prospect feeling overwhelmed. You want them to leave the complimentary session feeling clear about their next step (hiring you!), not confused by too much information.

Another important tip is to interact as a professional, not as a friend. This is particularly important for life coaches. Your prospect has plenty of friends they can talk with; what they are looking for is a coach or consultant that can help them move forward in a professional way.

During the consultation, don’t be afraid of offending the potential client – if you hear or sense something that you think might be a blind spot for them, point it out in a neutral manner. That will provide huge value to them and differentiate you from “talking with a friend”.

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What you ought to know about becoming a life coach

There are some of you who are looking to go into the field of life coaching as a career. Here are some things you should know about this though. This will help to answer some of the questions you might have about this. This might be just for you, but others of you might read this and rethink this decision.

The thing a life coach does is that they help the person to connect their head and their heart in everything they do. They make a person look at their life and the things they are doing in it. They help you to plan goals and then have you look at what might keep you from those goals. As you do this, you can formulate a plan which they help you to work through in order to accomplish things.

In order to do this, they may start by following a client. Also, they may go about and check in with a phone call. This person might also be on call as well. These are the things you will find about this job, and for some of you, this may be the perfect fit.

Once you understand what your duties in such a position might actually be, then you may start wondering how you get to fill this role. You can’t just jump in without training. If you want to have the credentials that will give you validity, you have to find schools that offer this major.

Some of you will discover that it’s possible to just get certified in this, but that means you won’t get paid so much. If you want to make a good salary, you should investigate majoring in this at a college prior to getting your certification.

Next, what lingers in your mind is how to clinch the clients on completion of the course. The openings are available to you from few psychological private practitioners. You can be also be in the rolls of cooperation’s who are deputed to their staff and have to do counseling for them in their needy hours. Such clients can be hunted through the efforts made by yourself .The said methods have all already been tried by us earlier. Life coaching is another option which can be taken as a career.

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How You Can Get Your Life Coach Degree

Life and business coaching is fast becoming a popular career choice. It offers the flexibility that many who want to be self-employed crave, and it makes a direct impact on individuals’ lives in a tangible way. While certification or a degree in life or business coaching is not required to enter the field, a coaching degree can help you build your client base and build an image as a qualified professional.


If you’re looking for an independent company to provide your training, the International coach Federation will provide training that works independently of any business or college. There are many training programs that are actually certified by the ICF, and you can be certified by either the ICF or your school.

The ICF offers three levels of certification the Associate Certified Coach, the Professional Certified Coach and the Master Certified Coach. Each level requires a certain number of professional hours of experience. The ICF offers two ways to earn certification by portfolio documenting professional experience or having completed the Accredited Coach Training Program offered by ICF-approved training programs.

Coachville’s School of Coaching

The founder of the ICF has also founded the Coachville’s School of Coaching along with the International Association of Coaching. Currently the IAC offers accreditation through an exam as well as the completion of a Learning Agreement. This will require coaches to finish professional development activities before they can actually complete the professional development activities.


Through your work experience you can earn certification, though there are also training programs out there that can provide the certification you need. There are a few programs that are not accredited, which you will need to watch out for. Remember that some schools have a coaching degree available, one being a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. If you have time, then why not go for such a degree? It will help you out quite a bit in this field. If you have quite a bit of experience as a coach however, a certification education program might actually be the best choice.

What You’ll Learn

In a certification or even a degree plan you are obviously going to gain some information on helping and mentoring people in the pursuit of their life’s goals. It all starts with you however, and you will need to learn how to instruct clients in taking small steps to reach their goals. Your ultimate goal will of course be to help people change the way they think and chase their dreams. There are some programs that help you with setting up your own business, and teach you to attract new clients

How You’ll Learn

When you look for a program you will need to make sure you get one that actually suits you. Some of the best can be found online believe it or not, and this will provide you with the opportunity to learn just when and how you want.


Although the majority of people have never hired a life coach, and many do not even know what a life coach is, the profession is growing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that the profession of human and social service assistants, the occupational category into which it places life and business coaches, is expected to grow 23 percent between 2008 and 2018, which is much faster than average for all occupations.

Life coaches with degrees and who are certified by the ICF or IAC project the most professional image possible in the life coaching field and are likely to retain more clients than those who don’t hold such credentials.

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