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Should You Build Your Own Greenhouse?

What motives do you have for wanting to build a greenhouse? There are a variety of reasons why you might like to build a greenhouse for yourself. The very first reason is usually to grow plants to use during the cold months.The top rationale is to be able to have fresh plants over the cold part of the year. For starters, it is much easier to raise small vegetables as opposed to larger ones. Utilizing a greenhouse, you’ll be able to give starter plants a better chance of becoming full-grown as they grow in a more controlled temperature. Being able to use a greenhouse for your own experiments makes it an attractive possibility. Raising hybrid plant varieties can develop into a very interesting hobby.

If you decide to own your own greenhouse, you have to consider various factors in choosing a spot. You should locate it where it can receive a large amount of sunlight. Plants usually thrive with morning sun if constant daylight sun exposure is not a possibility. There are a couple of reasons why you should face the long side of your garden greenhouse to the south.|The lengthier side of your greenhouse must face the south for two considerations.|There’s two main reasons why you ought to construct your greenhouse with the longer side facing to the south.First would be to have the direction of the roof created to catch the rays of the sun in the greatest amount. A second reason is that when you use a shade cloth you’re only required to shade a single side and not both. To shield your greenhouse from daytime sun, you can shield it with maple or oak trees. You will have to keep in mind that the greenhouse needs the morning sun, so these trees can’t be where they cause shade at that time..

Another basic need for your greenhouse is a reliable source of water. This can be created through a separate water system or by using a hose that can easily reach to the end of the greenhouse. Then of course you’ll need some method of drainage to use along with the water source. The easy way to achieve this is to build the greenhouse on higher ground, so this way the irrigation water will drain away, and so will rainwater, or snow melt.

There are actually a number of different good structural types that your new greenhouse can look like. One uncomplicated option is to construct a lean-to greenhouse on the side wall structure of your house or garage. This is an inexpensive way to go due to the fact you’re using an existing framework, but don’t forget to face the wall so that your plants will get all the sunlight they need. A different one that is also inexpensive will be the Quonset hut. They are simple to warm up resulting from their dome-shaped structure. A third option is the Gothic Arch greenhouse which is closely related to the Quonset style with just a few variations in shape and form.

After that, there is the Classic A-Frame, which feature high, slanted sides, which causes them to be trickier to heat. You may additionally want to consider a Modified A-Frame which is not as vertical as the Classic A-Frame due to its gabled roof. Barn-Style greenhouses have straight walls, making good use of the area, and they resemble a barn. An additional type, the even-span greenhouse, is attached to one end of another building and is a full-sized structure.

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The Details Secondary Glazing And Condensation

Secondary glazing and condensation, are relative in that the glazing is done to reduce condensation on the windows. It will never eliminate it completely but does reduce it if the glazing is done correctly. Secondary glazing is placing a sheet of glass or plastic over the window to help reduce noise and condensation. It is less expensive than replacing the whole window.

The problem with this is that it will not completely get rid of the condensation and that can cause the window to rot from the inside out. The most common is the steam that covers the windows. This happens mostly in winter when the internal temperatures are higher then the external are low.

If this condensation does not dry out in a timely matter, it can cause some damage. The wood swells due to the moisture and molds will grow along with a musty smell. Sometimes the condensation will run down in to the walls, and cause damage that you will not know of immediately. Better to eliminate it before the damage starts.

When the condensation is not taken care of on windows, it can cause some serious damage. In older homes they had tracks at the bottom of windows with little holes that let the water run out to the exterior. Companies use the secondary glazing to reduce some of the condensation. This may result in the wood rot.

It your are not sure how much condensation is too much, if you notice the follow, you need to do something about it soon. The windows stay fogged all day, there is a musky smell, the condensation is dripping down the windows, mildew is growing, and discoloration has started on the walls. You may not see anything but you do notice the smell, means there is some hidden damage.

There are some things that a person can do to help the condensation to cause problems in your home. Ventilation in the bathroom to outside, not inside, drying cloths out side on lines instead in cloths dryer, hanging wet cloths out of living area as a porch. Increasing the changing air in the premises help and changing fuel to electric, as gas has moisture.

Secondary glazing and condensation reduction may not be the answer to the problems. If it is not done correctly, if could cause wood rot in the window frames. And if it does help, it will not eliminate the problem entirely, it will reduce it. Doing preventive work is the smart way to reduce or eliminate condensation all together.

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The Best Way To Groom And Brush Your Dog

All dogs need some form of grooming, there is no question about that. Even smooth chihuahuas should be wiped with a moist chamois leather to get rid of loose skin and dirt. However, one of the main reasons for grooming your dog frequently is so that you can check him for skin problems like allergic reactions to flea or tick bites. Another reason is bonding. In a pack situation, dogs groom other dogs and are themselves groomed every day and dogs enjoy it.

Therefore, you ought to groom or brush your dog at least every week and take him to a dog parlour every three, four or six months depending on how fast his hair or fur grows and whether you can afford it or not. Having said that, you will find grooming easier if your dog’s coat is the right length, because it will not tangle so readily.

You should wash your dog every month or so and groom him at at a minimum of once week. This will ensure that your dog becomes accustomed to being bathed and handled. If this is done from the puppy age, most dogs will not only accept it, but they will come to enjoy it, although there will always be those dogs that bolt for it as soon as they see a hose and a bowl. They get to know what to look out for. If you talk to him all the time, reassuring him and occasionally giving a doggie treat, he should soon come to accept the unavoidable – that he is going to be bathed and groomed.

In fact, most dogs enjoy the grooming, although many only tolerate the bathing. Anyway, bathing and grooming on a regular basis will keep the job as simple as it can be. Once your dog is no longer a puppy, say after six months or so, you could take him to a professional groomer in a so-called ‘Poodle Parlour’. By that time, he should be getting used to the routine and he will accept the treatment from strangers more willingly too.

You could look for professional groomers in advertisements in the pet store or the vet’s or simply ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations. Finding a groomer should not be problem, but you may have to try a couple before you uncover one whose manner of grooming you like or who is flexible enough to suit your lifestyle.

When you drop your dog off at the Poodle Parlour, ask when it will be ready to be collected up. Turn up fifteen minutes early and you might be lucky enough to witness first hand how your dog is being treated and how your dog is getting on with the groomer. This is invaluable information, because it will help you make up your mind whether the groomer is getting on with your dog or not.

If the groomer is doing a good job, but your dog is nervous, you can help put him at ease. If the groomer is being a bit too rough, then you will know whether to change Poodle Parlours or just have that groomer barred from taking care of your dog.

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Indoor Plant Insects

Some insects thrive on our indoor plants rather than the outdoor ones because the central heating, the micro-climate and the lack of predators makes it an idyllic setting for them. When you become aware of an infestation of these insects, you ought to take immediate steps to eradicate them, before they spread to the remainder of your indoor plants.

These indoor insects can multiply and spread very fast in the perfect conditions of your living room. One of the most common groups of indoor insect pests are the spider mites. Spider mites come in a variety of colours, depending where you live, but the most common colours are red, green and yellow.

Spider mites are very small and so not easy to see, but they can instigate the leaves to fall off your plants, which will quickly kill it. If you suspect a problem with these spider mites, you could hold a piece of dark card under a leaf and then tap the leaf. If you have mites, some will drop onto the card.

These pests belong to the family of spiders and ticks and can be killed fairly simply with an appropriate spray. Ask in your gardening shop for either a systemic insect killer or a natural method, if you prefer. The only stipulation is that you will have to act quickly, if you have them.

Shell insects are very small, but, under magnification, look like blobs of wax on the plant’s stem. They are sucking the life out of you plants and they breed very fast too, if they are left to go unchecked. These insects will not destroy your plants quickly because they are after a protracted source of food, but as their numbers increase, they will eventually kill their host. Insecticide is the only known cure for shell insects.

Mealy bugs are a lot bigger and are easily visible to the naked eye, but they do not necessarily look like insects. Rather, they look like strands of cotton in a bunch on your plant. There are two ways of dealing with mealy bugs, you can either wash them off first with water and then spray to prevent a further infestation or just spray and eradicate them with the spray.

It can take a few weeks to get rid of any of these indoor insects, because they could be anywhere and there will be eggs waiting to hatch out – maybe in the pot plant’s soil. Anyway, once you realize that you have a problem, just stay with it until your plant recovers.

One of the first signs that you will have that you have an plague of something is that your plant will begin to look poorly and when it has improved, you can be pretty sure that the insects have been killed too.

One point to make a note of here is that these pests usually only get a foothold with plants that are out of condition anyway. This often comes to mean that they are receiving too much water, although there can be other causes too.

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How To Make Natural Insecticides

A great deal of people are trying to get away from using chemicals and nowhere more so than in the use of insecticides in and around the house. The problem is that modern chemical pesticides work, are easily obtainable and are fairly inexpensive. The same goes for home-produced insecticides, but you have to gather the ingredients and combine them together. Some find this little bit of extra work off-putting.

Boric acid is the principal ingredient used in destroying a whole horde of insects. (By the way, it is also the prime ingredient in many commercial insecticides as well, but they combine it for you and quadruple the price. If you do not trust me, look at the ingredients on the box).

Boric acid or borax is created from boron, one of the borates. Borax has been a proven pesticide for about a hundred years. It has a variety of effects on different insects, but if an insect has mandibles or jaws, the boric acid will get inside and destroy the nervous system. Some insects, like bed bugs do not have these mouth parts, so it is less effective against them, but borax will dessicate an insect if it is dusted with the powder.

To kill any insects that love sugar, in particular ants, mix one cup of sugar into three cups of water and four teaspoons of borax. Mix them and dissolve it all completely. Get a few jam jars with lids and clean them carefully. Saturate a few cotton balls in your home-produced pesticide and put them in each jar. Then replace the tops and make a few holes in each. Put the jam jars, on their sides, in the path of any invading insects. Make sure that the holes are large enough for the insects to get through.

For cockroaches, mix borax with flour, particularly cornflour and leave about where they run or you could steep a slice of bread in borax and water for the same result.

Termites can be eradicated by adding borax powder to any non-poisonous fluid that will soak into wood, propylene glycol for instance, and really slop it on the end-grain of timbers as a preventative measure.

If you want a spray for your plants, you could crush a load of garlic into a pint or two of paraffin; put the bits in too. Leave it stand for a day; sieve it and add just as much soapy water. Mix thoroughly; store in glass, tipping only what you require into a spray gun as and when you require it, because it might dissolve some plastics.

Soapy water alone will kill greenfly, just spray it on.

Another natural insecticide which will work on a lot of garden pests is ‘stinging nettle juice’. Cut down a big bunch of stinging nettles and put them in a big bucket of water, leave them for three or four weeks until they have finished fermenting (no more bubbles). Take a jar full and dilute it with three of four jars of cold water, because it is too strong for many plant life. Just spray it on. Top up your fermentation bucket with fresh water and a few nettles.

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Benefits On Why Heating Bills Reduced With Secondary Glazing Windows

Many windows are now constructed using a secondary glazing technique; which adds an additional layer of insulation for the house. When climates change, these types of windows are able to keep the heat or cold inside the house more effectively than single paned windows. There is quite a bit of information on why heating bills reduced with secondary glazing windows can be beneficial to install in homes.

Window Construction

A normal window usually has a single pane of glass that separates the inside of the home from the elements. The secondary glazed window includes another pane of glass, which is separated with a void of space. The double pane creates more insulation for the house to keep the hot or cold weather outside, while maintaining a comfortable temperature inside.

Being Energy Efficient

All of the secondary glazed windows are energy efficient. The single paned windows provide little insulation when dealing in extreme temperature changes. The double paned windows have an authenticated certificate that they are energy efficient in households.

Reducing Energy

People who switch to using the secondary glazing windows will experience a dramatic drop in their utility bills. This is because the double pane has an air pocket that is usually filled with an inert gas which acts as a buffer to the hot or cold climates outside. These windows can reduce the costs on homeowners energy bills by up to fifty percent.

Air Gap

Several homeowners ask why the double paned glass is not pushed together, which creates a thicker pane of glass. The reason double glazed windows have an air buffer, is to reduce the amount of heat or cold that is transferred to the other side. Another way to think of the gap is that it swallows any tendrils of hot or cold, so it does not reach the other side.


Secondary glazed windows are found at specialty window stores, hardware stores, or through contractors. The window is customizable to have any type of framing that the homeowner wants. The initial cost of the windows is more than a single paned window, but the energy savings will win in the long run.

Installing windows with an extra pane of glass is worth the investment. Homeowners can find a lot of information on how heating bills reduced with secondary glazing windows are created. Homeowners will be able to keep their home comfortably warm in the winter, and nice and cool in the summer.

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Reduce Your Energy Bills All Year By Draught Proofing Your Home

Our planet needs to be nurtured and cared for in order for its survival because it has been neglected for far too long. One way to do that is to reduce energy consumption and it is helpful not only to the planet but also to the individual consumer. Below is valuable information on reducing your energy bills this winter by draught proofing your home before the cold weather rolls around.

One has to be extremely thorough in order to do this and no area can be neglected because even a pinhole will cause heat loss. There is no need for any expensive equipment, but the most reliable way to do so is with the use of a candle.

One place that most homeowners neglect to deal with art being external wall electrical boxes, whether they are outlets or light switches. These are certain to cause draughts so make sure to fill them with specially formulated phone sealers that are designed specifically for this purpose. To correct this problem, remove the plate with a screwdriver, fill with the formula, allow to try and replace the plate. These precautionary measures by turning off the main electrical breaker prior to beginning.

The same steps are necessary at every point of entry which includes the front and back doors, the patio and garage doors as well as the windows. This will entail slightly more effort because the moldings will have to be removed from around the frames to get to the issue at hand.

An outdoor inspection will also be necessary to uncover any compromised caulking around the windows and doors of the home. With time and weather, they can be damaged, shrunken or cracked allowing air to penetrate. Never caulk on top of another older layer, however because it is useless to do so. Scrape off the old and apply a new one.

With regards to the doors, there will probably be some issues in and around the door jamb and it will need another type of treatment to correct it. It will come in the form of insulation strips that adhere to the jamb and form a seal in the door closes to minimize any air from penetrating or any heat loss from occurring.

Use a similar product to deal with heat loss that can be occurring around your dryer exhaust at the external wall. Very often, homeowners simply attach the flexible pipe without the slightest care. If it seems as though it is well fitted, but it only needs to be treated with a bead of caulking around the circumference of the pipe, however.

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Read About How To Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter By Draught Proofing Your Home Now

It is likely that you want to know how to reduce your energy bills this winter by draught proofing your home. This is something that everybody wants to know and now you can find out. There are fives ways that you can do this – it just depends on the type of insulation you need and can gain.

Good insulation is required to make a home suitable for the winter weather. A well insulated house means that the heat does not escape and the cold breezes do not get into the home, whether through an attic or non-insulated walls. You will be able to use less energy throughout the year, especially at winter, to heat the home through so will save money on your electric and gas bills.

Draught proofing is actually something you can do without the need of spending a lot of money. In fact, it is likely that you can do it with items that are already in your home. The most common way is to put a rolled up rug in front of a door, which will stop the breezes getting in through the bottom of your main doors. This is also something that you can do with any room that you are in.

Windows are another place for the heat to escape but you can counter that through the use of large, heavy curtains to block them. However, this will not stop the cold air coming through the gaps in your window. To stop this, you will need to find old clothes or some material to plug the gaps up.

There are two main rooms in your home that will suffer from the cold temperatures more than others. The attic and the basement is where you will struggle to heat. There are usually gaps in the roof or walls that would not normal bother you, until it gets cold. There may be other rooms in your home that suffer from the cold more, which are worth looking out for.

Check on your insulation and find out the type of that you have. Cavity wall or solid wall insulation is definitely worth looking into. This will help you stop all the heat escaping through the bricks of your home. You should also consider attic and loft insulation, as this is where most of the heat will escape – after all, heat rises.

Take some time to find out how to reduce your energy bills this winter by draught proofing your home. There are a lot of options available and not all will cost you a lot. However, before you grumble about the cost, take some time to work out how much you could save on your energy bills.

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Termite Tenting Treatment

Do you have a termite concern? If you have, you should get on to it right away, because the ultimate future of a house ridden with termites is a demolished house. Termites can be got rid of, there is no uncertainty about that, but the technique you select is important. One of the means that some professionals use is termite tenting.

If you and your termite exterminator decide to use this technique, the contractor will erect a huge tent around your house to contain the poisonous gas that he uses to kill the termites within your house. The house has to be tented to contain the gas in and around your house and to prevent it from dispersing, because it is injurious to human health as well.

Some say that termite tenting is old-fashioned and just too hazardous, others say that it is the only certain way of killing all the termites in a house. Some people say that it is very dear, others say, so is a house. At the end of the day, the decision is yours, obviously, but please be aware that there are other alternatives of getting rid of termites these days, although not all are as fast-working as termite tenting.

In fact, termite tenting may be the only method open to you, if your house is about to fall down, because you will be able to get on with the renovation work that much more quickly. Other professionals do not agree, saying that if you use a slow-acting poison, you can still work alongside the dying population of termites. You would be best advised to get a couple of quotes for the work and a couple of opinions.

If you go for termite tenting, you will have to pack up all your food and clothing in air-tight plastic bags, which the contractor can usually provide. Then, they will assemble a huge loose-fitting tent around your house. Next, they will discharge a poisonous gas into your house and have it distributed into every nook and cranny by the use of fans.

This gas is harmful to humans, so you will have to move out for two or even three days and neighbours will be warned by signs to stay away from your house while it is being fumigated.

The termite tent will be removed on the second day and the clean-up operation will commence. Now the powerful fans will be used to expel the gas from your house and sensitive instruments will be used to check when it is safe for you to come back. That often takes another twenty-four hours to be definite.

Although the gas is poisonous, it does not form a film on surfaces, so when the house is thought of as clear, it really is safe. Many people worry that it is not. This fear is groundless, which is borne out by the fact that you are warned to have your house inspected for termites in your annual house maintenance programme because they can come back and you will not want another termite tenting treatment.

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The Techniques On How To Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter By Draught Proofing Your Home

The main problem that people experience when the cold weather begins to set in is draughts. It could arise from several situations such as improper setting and caring of windows. Chills has been known to reduce comfort in the homes during winter time due to too much cold . Here we are going to look at how to reduce your energy bills this winter by draught proofing your home. Therefore in the long run we will ensure that the problems that come with excessive cold do not affect the family.

Draughts are the inflowing cold wind of the wintry weather. This is inhibited by utilizing numerous means. The use of qualified personnel who can advise in this field is an example of a practical method. The utilization of sash windows in winter is also a key way of preventing draughts.

Draughts proofing houses will help insulate the home against the light breezes that usually cause the room to lose a lot of heat to the atmosphere. It also helps in reducing the carbon emitted from our dwellings into the outside world through improperly sealed windows. The long term result is that energy lost is minimized.

Use of curtains is another way in which the cold weather can be prevented from eliciting the use of heating equipment within the household which will of course up the energy bills.The use of thick layered curtains will go a long way in helping retain heat energy within the buildings since they can trap air which will keep warmth.

An alternative technique is by making use of bonding agents or froth as well as fastening of fissures by applying putty. Sealing will not allow air to pass via these fractures hence shielding out the frosty wind. In the long run it proves to be economical as heaters will no longer be required to warm the buildings, except in adverse conditions.

If one is to maximally gain from these processes, then other features of the dwelling have to be taken care of. These include the wall, attic and hollow lagging which have to be addressed to ensure the residence is kept warm in a cost efficient way.

It also comes with other advantages such as soundproofing the building thus one will never be bothered with noise from outside. A comfortable stay in the house will be ensured. The methods discussed above have thus helped us in understanding how to reduce your energy bills this winter by draught proofing your home.

Now choosing reliable and dependable sash window draught proofing professionals can reduce your energy bills significantly. The knowledgeable and experienced consultants can answer your questions about sash window refurbishment and provide you with options that will fit your budget.