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Couple Of Things That You Should Know About Companion Planting

If you would like to get the very finest out of your garden, you need to consider practicing companion planting. This will enable you to grow healthier plants by taking advantage of the numerous properties of the varied plants in your garden. Companion planting helps you to combine the mutual advantages of different plants in one location. The selected plants will work together with each other rather than competing for nutriments.

For instance, basil or okra can be planted alongside peppers, carrots and onions. If you add marigold and catnip, your plants will be shielded from insects. Do not plant tomatoes and peppers together because they do not grow well when they’re planted close to one another. It will be less complicated for you to group your plants if you’re practicing container planting.

If you would like to get the maximum out of your garden, you have got to get as much knowledge as you can. Take a bit of time to learn about the plants which will benefit one another when planted together. It is also necessary to know the ones that aren’t compatible. Some are really valuable for getting good crops while the others are useful for keeping insects away.

When you provide your plants with good neighbors, they’ll be healthy and they will grow well. This kind of planting also aids in reducing the incidence of disease. It’s also a natural method of daunting insects. The use of insecticides will be limited when you use plants to provide natural protection. Your crop will be plentiful and your food will taste better.

Make certain that you know the plants that grow well beside each other before starting companion planting. If you plant veg that are in the same group together, they’re going to be competing for nutrients. You should also make an attempt to mix shallow rooted crops with deep rooted ones.