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With Regards To Your Marketing And Advertising Is It Best To Pick Google Adwords Or Facebook Ads

If you’re one of the folks who actually want to make money from your site you’re going to discover that marketing and advertising is necessary. The cost of advertising and marketing is often more than most individuals can or are willing to pay. For quite some time folks have been using Googles pay per click program in order to produce the traffic they want.

Right now it appears that Google has some competition on this as Facebook is also offering web site advertising and marketing. Even though many of you already understand that you have two options for your paper click advertising and marketing, you’re not quite sure which is best for your needs. For people who do not actually understand the difference between these two platforms we are going to be talking about them in the following paragraphs.

Google actually has a fantastic advantage over Facebook ads and that’s the reality that Google can in fact reach more individuals than Facebook. One thing you ought to actually recognize about Googles Advertising and marketing is that your ads will end up appearing on other people’s internet sites throughout the entire online world. Another thing I should mention about these Google advertisements would be that the sites are actually targeted to your niche. Lets say for example that you’re promoting a product to help folks cope with their acne, you’re Google ads will end up on other web sites that deal with acne or other skin conditions. If you’re one of the folks who have used Google marketing and advertising for your website I’m certain you already realize that on account of the levels of competition, the cost of this advertising can be astronomical.

Facebook has a few similarities to Googles advertisements, of course in addition there are some differences which make these Facebook ads better. With Facebook you will still be able to market your products to men and women who are actually interested in that niche. So if your advertising and marketing a product to help individuals start making money online, your ad will be shown to men and women who are interested in this type of product. However one drawback from this marketing and advertising platform is that your advertisement are only going to appear on Facebook. One thing you additionally need to keep in mind is that the amount of cash that you are going to be paying for these advertisements is far less than you would pay for Google advertisements. One of the largest advantages of this is that simply because you’re paying so much less you’ll have the ability to get much more advertising. And I’m certain you know the more marketing you have the more cash you can potentially make from your marketing.

Now that you understand the differences between the two marketing platforms it’s up to you to decide which you feel is going to be better for your needs. With both Google and Facebook you are going to realize that both have their own advantages and drawbacks. At this time you have to weigh the differences and decide which system will best suit the needs you have for your internet site.

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Google’s Pay Per Click Program, Improve Your Profits with Quality Score

Maybe the most revolutionary marketing programme in history is still in its infancy but holds the promise of leveling forever the commercial playing field for large and small online advertisers alike.

It’s the Google pay per click program called Adwords and it is turning the world of advertising upside down.

We are all acquainted with standard advertising. Endless ads on cable T. V, typically about things most viewers have no interest in: little blue pills for that “special” moment; avoid your taxes with former “IRS” pros; deodorant for women; get rid of gingivitis.

And, certainly, there’s the far too expensive, poor cost-effective, Yellow Book advertising: “Let Your Fingers do the Walking.”

So little benefit at so dear a price. What a waste!

Whatever the medium in the Advertising Age, there were two constants. Advertisers were required to pay an enormous amount of money for ads which the overwhelming the majority of the people that saw the advertisements simply had no interest.

The dawn of the Digital Age changed all that.

Almost overnight, it seems, the world got connected. Thru PCs and smart telephones, people everywhere—-from Chicago to China, United States to United Emirates, Russia to Antarctica, and every country and city in between—-could use the World Wide Web to communicate with each other, see what the rest of the world was doing and, naturally, shop from the comfort of home or while sitting in Starbucks.

And, they did. From a relative drip, online shopping speedily became a raging torrent. The world’s biggest corporations took note and saw an incredible opportunity to make more profits.

And, so did Google. The planet’s most popular search engine realized that it had the power to instantly connect potential buyers with businesses that had what the consumers wanted using the same keyword technology that drives the Net.

Then, someone at Google had an epiphany. Three in fact.

The first was to offer marketers the ability to target their campaigns to people who were looking for buy the very products or services the advertisers wanted to sell.

The second epiphany was to offer advertisers the ability to pay just for clicks to their websites. Pay-per-click was born.

The third was to flatten the advertising world by leveling its playing field. For the first time ever, anybody, anywhere, could market products or services online at prices they could afford.

The power of pay per click (PPC) web advertising rests in its capability to produce highly targeted traffic to a site’s landing pages more cheaply than any traditional advertising medium.

This targeting capability helps eliminate wasteful, pricey clicks, from web tire-kickers that only bleed your wallet instead of producing profits.

Google advertisers set the price of a keyword by a straightforward online bid process. An advertiser can influence where his advertisements will appear by the price it’s able to pay. For example, if one advertiser bids $1.00 per click and another half that amount , other things being equal, the higher bid will result in better placement.

But, this is where the third epiphany leveled the advertising field. Realizing the deep pockets of the most established, wealthiest companies could tilt the marketing advantage in their favor, Adwords added a feature called Quality Score which takes into account the quality and relevance of an ad and landing page.

Instead of simply determining an ad’s placement by the cost per click, Google uses a formula like this: Quality Score multiplied by pay per click bid=ad placement. A top Quality Score can lead to a new or small advertiser getting higher ad placement for less money than a competitor.

The lesson here: any serious Adwords advertiser, regardless of how small or how limited his budget, has an excellent prospect of profiting from the nascent Digital Age, particularly by paying attention to Quality Score.

Exploit the Digital Age to your advantage by taking the time to learn and implement the most successful online business ideas.The most important difference between most Google pros, those who profit, and amateurs, the ones who do not is often knowing how to avoid common Adwords advertising mistakes.

Web Marketing Ideas: Using Adwords PPC to Your Marketing Advantage

The Google pay per click program, the elite of Internet marketing, is perhaps the most cost effective means of advertising ever devised. Though it’s just about a decade old , it revolutionised the advertising world and today is a multi-billion dollar business.

The power of pay per click (PPC) search engine marketing rests in its capability to bring highly targeted traffic to a site’s landing pages for a very reasonable cost. When the Adwords advertising program is used correctly, potential buyers find Adwords marketers through keywords, often targeted by the marketer to the consumer.

Having said that, a profitable PPC advertising campaign requires more than simply spending more than your competitors when advertising with Google.

It is important to understand that although Pay per click advertising generates leads, it’s also vital that users find relevant information at the website page they’re directed to.

Indeed, although targeted ads and relevant landing page info are the life-blood of successful Google advertising, too many self-proclaimed marketing “experts” make wholly avoidable mistakes that reduce conversion rates and, hence, profits. For instance, one of the commonest and expensive Adword ads mistakes is to direct visitors to the home page instead of the more relevant landing page that they’re looking for. Bear in mind that searchers are likeliest to buy products or services from a company that gives them the information they sought in the first place.

Without doubt, one of the benefits of Adwords advertising is that it delivers targeted potential consumers to a very relevant landing page. Visitors who click a pay-per-click ad are searching for a particular product or service.

This targeting capability helps eliminate needless, costly clicks from web tire-kickers that frequently bleed your wallet rather than making profits.

Google advertisers establish the price of a keyword by a simple online bid process. Adwords has a valuable, relatively little known, feature called Quality Score built into it. Ads and landing pages that meet certain standards for search relevancy and click through rate are given better ad positions for less cost per click than ads or landing pages that have lower Quality Score.

We’ve all seen Adwords advertisements alongside our search engine results. Getting top placement often increases the chances that an advertisement will get clicked by a searcher and the more highly-targeted keyword ads are commonly rewarded with higher click thru rates. Therefore, a marketeer who takes the time to build ads and landing pages that increase his or her Quality Score and researches and uses highly-targeted keywords has a better chance at maximising profits from their PPC marketing program.

A successful Google advertising campaign has five components: writing a highly targeted, keyphrase rich, relevant ad; creating a high quality landing page with targeted keywords; improving Quality Score; AB split testing; and continuous refinement (getting rid of poorer producing advertisements in favour of better converting ads).

Every web business needs to make use of the best online business ideas for optimal profitability. Whether you are advertising with Google or another of the pay per click programs, one idea to learn is how to avoid common, expensive pay per click mistakes.