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How to Make a Garden Journal

If you like gardening, creating a garden journal can be an enjoyable and useful project. It is a great way to keep your important gardening details from one year to another, and you can not just write stories but you can also add photos detailing your garden. If you’d like to maintain a garden journal and have never done so, below are a few ideas that will help you get started.

Be Sure to Keep Careful Records

A part of what makes a garden journal so great can be possessing old records to reference. When you record what kinds of plants and seeds you have grown in the past, you’ll have lots of information that can help you choose what you need to plant in the future. It can also be useful to keep records of exactly what weather was like, the way your plants did, and the size of the harvest. It’s also smart to record what kinds of insects you experienced problems with, and you ought to add the periods of time of the infestations and what steps you took to counteract the problem. You’ll hopefully have the ability to improve on your present year’s garden as you refer back to your previous gardening years.

Take Lots of Photos

When you take photos of the garden, it can be helpful to you in a number of ways. Like the saying goes, a picture may be worth a thousand words. Whenever you combine your photos with your written information, you will have a far more complete story of the way your past gardens have performed. When you are printing your photos, get a few extra printed so they can be displayed in picture frames throughout the house.

Add Journal Entries

Aside from simply writing down information, you may also use your garden journal as being a type of diary. It can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity to jot down your feelings and thoughts about your gardening experiences. You should feel free to write all about anything that has importance to you. Years on down the road you’ll get a great deal of enjoyment from reading your thoughts and writings about your garden. You can even add journal entries to framed photos, simply by writing a few lines of text on the photo mat. Display these photos in picture frames, and you’ll add a lot to the overall beauty of your house.

Clips of Nature

When keeping a garden journal, it can also be fun to add small snippets of nature. A sprig of a fragrant herb, a pressed flower, or perhaps a sketch of a blooming flower all can add a nice touch to your garden journal. In fact, these small snippets of nature can also be utilized to provide a decorative touch to your house. Pressed leaves and flowers can be displayed in picture frames and can make beautiful, natural wall art. It is also a fun idea to use your pressed herbs, leaves, and blooms to make greeting cards or bookmarks. In fact, these little mementos of the garden also make thoughtful and economical gifts.

Herbs, flowers, and other botanical materials from the garden may be used to make soaps, wreaths, lotions, fragrant potpourri, along with an almost unlimited number of other creative and delightful crafts.

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