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Fluorescent Light Fixture And Fluorescent Light Tube

A fluorescent light tube or fluorescent light fixtureis a lamp which excites mercury vapor by utilizing electricity. In a fluorescent light tube, the light is caused by the exciting of mercury. It should, therefore, be noted that the fluorescence or light is caused by mercury found inside the bulb. Also, pertinent to note is that fluorescent light tubes save a lot of energy and are, therefore, recommended by several people. Additionally it is necessary to note that fluorescent bulbs are completely different from incandescent lamps, as far as power consumption is concerned. This is because; the forme consume less energy as compared to the latter.

When one is faced with making a choice between the 2 bulbs, it’s essential to remember the benefits and drawbacks of both. Additionally, pertinent to note is that the government of Malaysia has often encouraged the use of fluorescent bulbs as opposed to other bulbs. The biggest advantage offered by the fluorescent bulbs is that they save a lot of energy. This is mainly because; the bulbs typically use gas and mercury as opposed to electricity. The bulbs have, therefore, often been regarded as energy efficient and are recommended by authorities in Malaysia.

Additionally, important is that fluorescent light tubes don’t have filaments, like the other bulbs. These bulbs use cathodes, which send current through the mercury vapors that are in the tube. The light is produced by the lighting of the cathode and the effect of the mercury. When the cathode is lit, the mercury is pushed out of its natural orbit, thus, causing fluorescence in the process. It’s, therefore, noted that the process of giving off light in fluorescent bulbs is a bit completely different from that in the common or conventional bulbs.

Fluorescent light fixtures have different shapes and sizes. These lamps range from one hundred millimeters to 2.forty three meters for miniature lamps and high output lamps respectively. The lamps also range from straight to circular or U shaped lamps, depending on the purpose for which it’s intended. In most cases, the U shaped lamps are used for lighting in small areas or for indoor purposes. On the other hand, the straight fluorescent light tubes are normally used for the lighting of large surface areas. A few of the tubes are also shaped or made for specific purposes, for example, lighting of dining tables among others. Therefore, the purpose of the tube will be determined by how much light output it produces.

Like other bulbs, fluorescent light fixtures also have fuses. The fuse to be used will depend upon the fluorescent bulb in question. For instance, long bulbs use totally different bulbs from the round or U tube bulbs.

All in all, it is noted that fluorescent light fixtures have been established to be cheaper than other bulbs or tubes. They’re additionally energy efficient and are, therefore, fit for the environment. These bulbs are, therefore, ideal for all lighting needs in Malaysia.

KohSun (KL) Sdn Bhd is one of the leading companies involved in the manufacture of fluorescent luminaires, components and accessories in Malaysia under the brand name of K. S. LITE. We manufacture a wide range of fluorescent fittings from economical batten fittings to high efficiency VISUAL DISPLAY UNITS ( VDU ) pre-anodized aluminium parabolic louvers fittings including custom made fixtures of special design for special application.

Creepy-Crawly Fluorescent Lighting Getting Huge Popularity In Malaysia By Creating A Serene Environment

It has been over 20 years when the real fluorescent lightingshown wonders to the common people all around the world. You may experience the power, less power consumption, competitive price options and above all, the durability as compared to those of incandescent lamps. That is clearly going to benefit a number of manufacturers and producers of CFLs and other kinds of power saving bulbs in Malaysia.

In the earlier days of development and distribution of the fluorescent lights, common people assumed them to be very large in shape though they bought a large number of bulbs. But, now we are hoping for the renaissance in the area of power saving technology and it’s greatly anticipated that lighting fixtures Malaysia will create its own records in this field.

Since there are varieties and distinction within the production of Malaysian fluorescent lighting patterns, it’s quite expected that huge monetary benefits shall be accompanied after successful marketing and distribution of the effective CFLs in the country. Nonetheless, you’ll be also reaping profits from the changing market scenario in Malaysia huge variety of corporations and lighting producers are finding place in the consumer market.

There’s further no shadow of suspicion that right from 2007, individuals are finding this place heaven for selling and purchasing lighting items. Since durability and variability in the light intensity are also being not overseen while manufacturing, people are getting fans of the lighting fixtures Malaysia. Cheaper rates, easy availability, regulated government policies and huge export have performed wonders to the nation’s economy at the same time.

Malaysia offers huge variety in the segment of colours, shapes, sizes and colors with out compromising with the variability, quality and durability of the fluorescent lights. That is the biggest advantage that people are getting there. Apart from it, you’ll be welcomed with great deals and offers given you are running the business of fluorescent lighting in the nation or even outside the country.

On the other hand, the lighting industries in the nation are also recognized for manufacturing fluorescent lamps that will offer you a blue tint in white shaded lamps. This is because people all the time compare the light coming from cool white lamps with that of the clean blue sky. Although the country has registered good records and selling trends for the other business models and manufacturers of lighting fixtures Malaysia yet the lamps sold there seems quite similar to the incandescent bulbs at the same time.

You might have heard concerning the name of bug fluorescent lighting manufactured in the country. These fluorescent lamps usually have a shaded yellow tint which performs its function to keep away the bugs and insects. In fact, the yellow lighting facility of the lamps stops the insects to get attracted towards the light source thus, keeping the residential areas of Malaysia free from the bugs and insects. In fact, such lighting systems can be frequently used within the outdoor areas of the office, homes and industries like porches where insects aren’t required at any cost. The corporate recommends that there should also be presence of other bright light sources pertaining to the lighting fixtures Malaysia.

We are one of the leading companies involved in the manufacture of fluorescent luminaires, components and accessories in Malaysia under the brand name of K. S. LITE.